Supernatural Werewolf RP?

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  1. Who wants to play a real Lycan RP? None of that twilight shape shifting into a giant wolf stuff. So if anyone is interested I will throw up a plot and all the good stuff.
  2. I'd be interested in taking part! What do you mean by a real lycan, though? Do you mean the werewolves that walk on their legs like humans? :3
  3. Yes PinkArrow, bipedal werewolves will be the only playable werewolves in my RP.
  4. I'm in! hell i threw up a little exercise for making werewolves up.
  5. color me interested
  6. Alright thats three people, still need more though.
  7. Will werewolves be the only playable species? Or will there be humans, as well? Orrr... Are we just going to discuss species when we get a satisfying number of people? (:
  8. maybe vamps too? they go together like PB&J. plus of course humans.
  9. Meh... I don't really like that idea of vampires and werewolves in this roleplay. That's too common in my opinion, but let's see what @Sammael9216 says. (:
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  10. I'm interested on the condition that I can play a spider lycanthrope?
  11. Sorry Muse, not in this RP.

    Humans and Lycans will eb the dominate architype in the RP. I'm in a like mind with Pink on this one. Later on in the RP I may change my mind however.
  12. Interested, I may be. Setting, depends it does.
    How realistic are we talking? If it is really realistic, I would like to choose Human. If not, color me uninterested, and in that case I would apologize for my waste of your time.
  13. Lycanthropes, huh? What's the plot?
  14. When he says 'real lycan' he means the bipedal ones, not the shapeshifting kind. You may choose a human if you so wish; the lycans and humans will be the only dominate species at the beginning, however, he may change his mind later on in the roleplay. (:
  15. So, these lycans do not have a human form period, or do they just shapeshift into bipedal monsters instead of prissy, roided out Chihuahuas?
  16. You'll have to ask @Sammael9216 for that information. All I know is that there will just be bipedal lycans and humans. No chihuahuas.
  17. I'm undecided on the plot for the moment, however I think I will leave it to a group vote. Since I feel dead and exhausted I won't go into much detail.

    1: The Lycans in this RP were created by gene splicing, and were designed to be used in war. They escaped and are now on the run.

    2: This idea is similar to the first, however the Lycans become so by a form of terrorist attack. A portion of the US becomes infected and a city wide quarantine take effect. The goal of this plot is to simply either fight back, survive, or flee the city.

    3: This RP will more or less take place after plot #2. War eventually erupts between the quarantine Lycans and the US government. The economy crashes, the government collapses, and total anarchy rules the states. Cities become abandoned, humans turn on each other waging war, and the Lycans retreat into the more uninhabited regions of the US. The Lycans create a life for themselves away from human kind. Eventually however the humans began to organize and rebuild, yet it is not an easy task. The threat in another war between the Lycans and what humans remain is still a possibility.

    These are my ideas, they may not be glamorous but like I said I've been ran ragged these past few days and have not put a lot of thought into it. Let me now if anyone has questions or ideas of their own.
  18. Oh, definitely 1

    3 requires making an entire backstory. I'd rather experience that backstory because plot 2 sounds fun.

    2 sounds fun, but if a PORTION of the US is involved, that means more werewolves. and i wanna feel special. FEW WOLVES IS BEST WOLVES.
  19. As for your question, Yes Lycans will have shape shiffting abilities they can activate at will. Yes they will be monstrous. I do not like twilight werewolves. If you're going to make a werewolf/lycan RP at least make it badass.
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