Supernatural Camp

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"You can ask me questions if you want. But I want to ask one. Have you had any serious reletionships? It's not a bad thing it's just distracting." Sky says nervously. She doesn't have many friends her own age let alone talk to them in a way teenagers normally do.
"Not really," Iris replied. "Have you?" She hoped she wasn't making Sky uncomfortable. The last thing she wanted to do was get herself into trouble with the trainer.
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"Yeah, I've had a few boyfriends, girlfriends. Here and there but nothing serious." Sky whispered praying that her roomate didn't hear her.
"I'm not a trainer trainer, the only time I train people is when the supernaturals arrive. That's about it." She said obviously louder than her other sentence.
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Iris could hear, but said nothing. Talking that quiet meant she didn't really want her roommate to know, and Iris respected that, pushing the thought to the back of her mind and hoping it would burst out her skull. "And then you're a student?" she wondered aloud.
"Yuro, I was only joking.." Hikaru reached out to touch his hand reassuringly.
"Of course you were..." Yuro sighed not moving an inch. Lightning suddenly clattered and he jumped up out of his skin. His eyes were now glowing amber in a sign of fear. "W-what th-ee he-hell was t-that?!" Yuro asked shaking slightly. The reason Yuro was sent here was because he basically had a fear of thunder and lightning and that wasn't right for a demon. It just wasn't..

"Yeah the rest of the time I'm a student.." Sky sighed uncertain if her room-mate had heard or not. She shrugged and lept down onto the floor and then sat on Iris' bed.
"Don't do that!" Iris panicked as the noise. Crashes in the dark, more often than not, aren't good. "Sorry, thought you'd fell," she said, blushing.
"Yuro, it's okay, it's only a storm!" Hikaru rested his hand on Yuro's arm and smiled. "It's okay."
"Oh a storm, it sounded like a death god rising from hell. Obviously." He moved away blushing.

Sky started laughing, "Yeah because that would have hurt me." she laid back still laughing.
"Could have," Iris pointed out, getting redder. "Never mind."
Sky looked up at the girl, "Hey..." She said sitting up. "I'm sorry, okay?" Sky said hugging Iris lightly.
"It's not your fault. Don't laugh but...I'm afraid of the dark. That's why my parents sent me here," Iris replied quietly, looking at her hands, thumbs twiddling. Maybe Sky would be angry? It was a stupid fear for the supernatural. The dark was often the best time. Especially for werewolves, that's when their true side came out, on a full moon. But Iris hated it.
"So? That's why most people are sent here anyway because of their fears." Sky shrugged, "You have to be odd to be number one and lucky for us supernaturals are even weirder." She said grinning. Sky gave Iris and hug quickly again and hopped up turning the main light on.
"Thanks." Iris decided she could be very good friends with Sky. It was official. Mostly because the girl made her have a sense of security. "Then what are you afraid of?"
"That is classified information, but I'm just scared of people judging everything I do. Also a lot of people think they can't be friends with me because I'm a trainer." Sky sighed leaning against the door.
"Sorry. I didn't know it was classified," Iris answered, even though she'd got the reply. "But then you aren't a trainer for the rest of it. Like...people are scared of you? But you're really nice. Well, at least, I think."