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This is a supernatural camp, people are sent here because they want to be the best supernatural they can be or they aren't good enough. There are only some small rules.
1. You can't kill people off unless you have permission.
2. No explicit sex scenes. (but they are still allowed.)
3. No judging of gay characters because they are allowed.

If you find anymore rules please tell me.

The Camp.
It was a normal day in the camp of supernaturals. The sun shone high in the sky and it was a warm and beautiful late spring, early summer day. The flowers were in bloom, the birds chirped their morning song, and the camp was just starting to stir from their slumber and prepare for the day in the hard working day of supernaturals. A guard was busy with the shift change allowing those who'd worked through the night to get some well-deserved rest from their diligent watches all night, and the kitchen was busily working to feed the supernaturals in reward to not be killed.

Sky was just waking up to the sound of the birds and a soft knocking on her cabin door. She opened her eyes sleepily and looked through the mess that was her black raven colored hair. She left it untied at night when she slept. She sat up in her thin, summertime linens she stretched her arms out to either side to get woken up. "Yes?" She asked already knowing the answer she'd receive because it had been rehearsed every term since the supernaturals started coming.

The guard who's name was Pete's voice came from the other side of the door. "The supernaturals have arrived, should we start training?" He asked. He was standing just on the other side of the door awaiting the answer.

Sky got up moving to her wardrobe and began to search through it for a specific outfit. "Yes, I'll start training soon." She spoke.

She smiled and donned her clothing. A simple pair of black skinny jeans, some scuffed up boots, a plain, brown belt, and a basic top. Atop all of that she wore a brown cloak over her leather jacket. Leaving the hood down.

With that the guard left. Sky walked to her mirror and brushed her hair before tying it back in a neat ponytail with a leather strip then she pulled the hood up. She donned her sword as well, but he kept it well out of sight under the cloak.

She walked out of her cabin and into the camp taking a deep breath in.


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"Excuse me, are you Sky?" a shy-looking small girl of about fifteen, smiled underneath her mass of ginger hair. "I'm Asteria.."
She was wearing a pale blue button-up shirt and black skinny jeans. Her hair hung loose, covering half of her face.
Sky tucked a piece of her hair that had strayed from her ponytail behind her ear. She looked down slightly.
"Hi. I'm Sky. What do you need help with?" She spoke smirking slightly. Sky glanced around the camp whilst messing with her cloak hood before returning eye contact with the girl.
Sky tucked a piece of her hair that had strayed from her ponytail behind her ear. She looked down slightly.
"Hi. I'm Sky. What do you need help with?" She spoke smirking slightly. Sky glanced around the camp whilst messing with her cloak hood before returning eye contact with the girl.
"Er.. I-I'm just wondering where to go, I'm new here.." she stuttered and smiled up at the taller girl. "H-how long have you been here?" Asteria scanned the camp with her bright blue eyes.
-This is Asteria, but with blue eyes instead-
"Oh I'm a trainer, so I've been here for a while, just wait by the camp-fire. I'll be there soon." Sky states and points to the campfire. She wanted to warn the girl that she can be a little more harsh than she is in person..That's why a lot of people are scared of her but she isn't really like that.
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Asteria wandered over to the campfire and sat down, warming her toes and watching the flickering amber flames.
Sky yawned once more and streched. She walked over to where the new supernaturals stood and raised her voice.
"Okay, let's get this training started!" Sky yelled. "First of all, if you think you can get away with anything consider yourself wrong." She rose a single finger towards a boy at the back staring at his shoes. "Pay attention or you might as well not be here." She growled walking nearer to him. Sky sharply turned around. "My name is Sky, and I will be your trainer."

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Asteria gulps and pays close attention to what her trainer is saying. She didn't used to be so shy, but when she arrived at the camp she felt so nervous. She didn't want to do anything wrong. Quickly she glanced at the boy who hadn't been concentrating and he flashed a quick grin at her. She smiled back and held up her hand in an awkward wave.
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Rikyo stepped off the bus with a duffle bag slung over his shoulder, as he made his way over to the campfire. He took out on of his headphones as he saw what looked like the teacher step up and start talking. He also noticed a smaller girl that looked slightly younger then him.
She moved closer to the boy and smiled at him, "Hi, I'm Asteria." she whispered when Sky's back was turned. "Who are you?"
Rikyo looked down at the younger female. "Nice to meet you asteria. My names rikyo." He held out his hand with a smile on his face.
She took his hand in hers and blushed "Nice to meet you too."
"As I was saying..." Sky trailed off. She wasn't actually much older than anyone here. "Who's ready to start training." She smiled slightly but then hid it.
"I'm ready." she whispered, suddenly shy again. She tucked a loose strand of hair back and smiled.
"Select your weapons from the cabin behind us." Sky read the line in her head she said every term. "Oh, and fighting in the allowed." She chuckled.
Asteria picks up a bow and arrow and smiles at Sky. "This okay?"
"Whatever you need to survive." Sky smiled, her weapons already hidden under her cloak.
Asteria cocked her head on one side. "Survive?" she said and laughed. "Sounds dangerous. I like it."