Supernatural Camp

(I'm caught up. Can my character be coming to help train?)
(May I join as well? I've been watching this thread today and I've read everything but I felt that it was a bit too late for me to hop on the train.)
(Yes everyone can join. You can join anytime you want.)

It was early morning. So early, in fact, that the sun hadn't quite finished rising yet, which left a brilliant mix of pink, orange, and yellow hues. Blake stepped off the bus, and sighed. "Back here? Why did they assign me this place?!" He thought to himself.
Sky approached a late comer that looked like he was pissed.
"Um...hi." She said quietly still observing the boy. "Everyone's in the cabins and it's pretty late, like really late. Actually it isn't that late." She rambled talking fast. Sky stopped herself and brushed her hair out of her eyes. She looked down shyly.
(It's morning. I even said it was morning.)

"Hello. Name's Blake, and I'm supposed to meet someone named Shizaku or something like that. Also, its morning." Blake spoke very seriously, and very boredly. His blue hair was up in a short ponytail.
(Yeah but it my last post I said a siren went off say everyone needs to get some sleep.)
"Dunno what the time is." Hikaru checked his phone.
(Correct, so I figured I'd jump ahead to the morning.)
"Oh..I'm Shizaku, a siren went of a minute ago saying that it was late and everyone had to be in there cabins. But since you've obviously been here longer than me. I guess you're right." She stated sarcastically as she was not in the mood to deal with this guy.


Yuro sighed. "I know you're pissed at me." He muttered turning over to face the wall.
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(It's fine I just didn't realise that you did a time skip)
(I should have been more clear. That's my mistake.)
"Yeah." he simply stated, bending down over the top bunk to see Yuro.
Yuro didn't make any movements and just deeply sighed.
"Look, I'm sorry-" Hikaru muttered his unfinished sentence.
Yuro hopped up quickly and hugged Hikaru it only lasted for a short time but it didn't really matter. "Don't worry about it." he grinned.
Hikaru blushed a bright pink colour and smiled at Yuro. "So we okay then now?"
"Yes of course." Yuro said cheerfully. He went to turn of the light his eyes instantly turning into bright burning red globes.
"Uh.. you okay?.." Hikaru looked cautiously at him.