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    An eccentric woman by the alias of 'Jupiter Jones' saw fit to find a way to use her vast fortune and various connections from her time as an adventurer and a sorcerer-superhero. And that she decided, would be by opening a school in a place called Canterbury City for misfits super-powered or otherwise. Either way, they got free costumes, and rooms if they didn't live nearby or lacked shelter.

    Unfortunately for Miss Jupiter, she's stuck with B-List kids. Lame powers, few skills and all around second stringers. But did she care? Of course not. In fact, she didn't care where they went as long as someone was there to give them a little guidance when it came to getting along in life when the world was too big and too hectic for any one person to get through it alone. Especially with super-crime, inter-dimensional and time travel shenanigans and so forth plaguing these ill-equipped young people.


    Student Apps

    Items: (Anything notable. Common items like cell phones and such do not need to be listed unless they possess some unique details.)
    Weaknesses: (Weaknesses are unique flaws that affect YOUR character.)
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  2. Name: Harvey Peterson
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Harvey is a blonde caucasian male standing at 5'8" tall with an average build for a boy his age with regular exercise.


    History: Harvey Peterson was the son of scientist and adventurer George Peterson, who took his wife Lila and Harvey into another dimension being oppressed by a totalitarian government. Years were spent within this fantastic alternate dimension, until a disease took the life of his father after an assassin released a contagion on their home, while Harvey and his father were inside and infected, his mother having been out at work that day. A radical surgery was performed immediately to save Harvey, including the infusion of a form of extra-dimensional energy.

    Harvey was in the middle of leading a massive attack on the dictator in control and his home palace, when an explosion sent him back to his world. Deemed a freak for his power and a mockery for his costume and idealistic nature, he was lost for a time, until he was taken in by Jupiter Jones.


    Power-Bands- A pair of bands that regulate a strange form of extra-dimensional energy which is generated within Harvey's body. They are highly difficult to remove but if they ever are at any point, his body's energy reserves could overload or deplete itself, either causing him to waste away or implode.


    - Energy Manipulation: Harvey has been empowered by the extra-dimensional energy. He can also project energy bolts of force.

    - Flight: Harvey is capable of propelling himself through the air at great speeds.


    - Power Bands: The bands are highly difficult to remove. In the event they are, circumstances will dictate whether he will deplete himself of energy and waste away, or overdose on power and implode.

    - Energy Attacks: Other energy attacks can disrupt the flow within Harvey's body.
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  3. This looks like fun. Is it still going?
  4. If I had some players, maybe. I haven't gotten any new players.
  5. Name: Isidora Bailey
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    She looks like above minus the gun and holster. She also wears yellow pants and dust goggles.
    Isidora wears her hair in large twists, that she ties in a pony tail and let's fall down her back.

    When not in her suit, she tends to wear crop tops and skinny jeans/shorts along with either boots, flats or sandals.

    History: Isidora got her powers when she was eight and her parents took her on a trip to meet her grandmother (who she was named after) in Egypt. Her grandmother was somewhat of a recluse, so she didn't live in a town or in a city, but instead she lived by herself in a small house in the middle of practically nowhere.

    On the way to her grandmother's house, the dune buggy that Isadora and her parents encountered a sandstorm and then dune buggy that they were in flipped over. Isadora was separated from her parents and buried under over six feet of sand. The pressure of the sand caused the ground to cave in and Isadora soon found herself underground in a tomb that was thought to be lost. It was untouched by archaeologists and it held the body and belongings of an ancient Pharaoh who was favored by the Goddess Isis.

    In her fear, Isadora cried out for help until her voice was hoarse, and finally someone answered. It was the spirit of the Pharaoh and the old ruler felt bad for the little girl and wished to aid her. Naturally she couldn't leave her tomb as she was simply a spirit bound to her belongings, but she did offer the young girl something else.

    In her youth, the Pharaoh had faced many obstacles and they did not end when she came to power. So in order to keep her people from rebelling or revolting against her, the Pharaoh asked for the help of the Gods. The one who answered, was Isis, the Goddess of motherhood, magic and fertility. The Goddess granted the Pharaoh magical powers to control the elements of the land. And so the Pharaoh ruled until old age, but she did not see any potential in her successor so she did not pass her power onto them. Unfortunately, because she didn't give her powers to someone else, her magic passed with her and kept her from joining the land of the dead.

    "Now I will give my powers to you, and when your time comes, be sure to not make the mistake that I did." The Pharaoh said to Isadora before passing her powers on to the eight year old.

    After that, Isadora burst from the old tomb, using her powers over sand to propel her upwards.
    When she reunited with her parents they returned hopped on the first flight and returned to America to properly deal with the new 'situation'.

    At first everything was fine. There wasn't much sand where Isadora lived so she didn't use her magic that much. But as she grew older, she began to feel a longing to use her magic to help people, and so she took a trip to the beach and pocketed about two gallons of sand. she then set out to try and help people, but as she wasn't very seasoned to stopping crime, she screwed up.

    A lot. Sometimes she hit the wrong person and quite a few times she nailed the authorities with a clod of sand. It was safe to say that nearly everyone in her neighborhood began to think of her as a menace. Even her parents were wary of her and that causes a large rift between them. Isadora couldn't stand to live in a home where her own parents didn't support her, so she ran away from home one night.

    And that was when Jupiter Jones found her and took her in.

    Items: Her dust goggles have tech inside of them that make it possible for her to see the heat emanating from living beings.
    Sand pouches - Little pouches that hold emergency sand.
    Powers/Skills: Sand Manipulation
    Weaknesses: Water- It makes her sand heavy and muddy and hard to lift.
    Wind - It makes her sand hard to control.
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  6. Name: Shiva Hollandale Cheveyo

    Species: Human Medium.

    Gender: Male.

    Age: 18.

    History: As a child with four other brothers, he managed to get tied in along with their schemes. It was an accident, really. They didn't think that anything would have happened if they fooled around, honest! Shiva, simply five years old, didn't know anything about Ouija boards. He was pulled into a closet with his four brothers-- Allen, Harvy, Levi and Boe-- and there, they told him that if they played the game they would talk to ghosts.

    "Ghosts?" Shiva thought. "Ghost's aren't real. They're fake! Made up!" He insisted to them. They told him otherwise, telling him that ghosts were the realist thing out there. They started the game, with Shiva taking up the left side to his brothers. They played, but as they did, Shiva chimed in with his questions.

    "Are you real?" "Are you fake?" "Are you a ghost-liar?" "Liar liar liar liar?"

    Well, needless to say this angered the spirit. Needless to say this angered all spirits, but mainly this one. The ghost was insulted, and because he was, he cursed the boy with eyes that worked a little too well.

    He was able to see the ghost of his dead dog by the time the day was over. He was never able to stop, and he never stopped blaming his brothers, either.

    Items: A long long long long LONG scarf.

    Powers/Skills: He can see and communicate to ghosts, spirits, things of the dead, corpses, and anything dead. He can nurse things back to health quickly and easily, but he also has an issue with almost causing the deaths for some things. He can also levitate and levitate objects around him-- not on his own free will, though. He has his friends on the other side help him with that. Lastly, if he allows it, one or many ghosts can come into his body for either fight against evil or for it.

    Weaknesses: He absolutely hates ghosts. He can't stand something so unnatural as 'talking to the dead', but because he is the only one who can see the spirits, they seem to bug him the most. Sometimes, he comes across evil spirits and they try to manipulate him into doing Death's work.
  7. @Tazelwurm: Good sheet so far. I'll take your character for sure.

    @Dip: Excellent Sheet! Definitely accepted.
  8. Name: Kenna Montano
    Species: Human-Mutant
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    History: Kenna's parents were professional fences. When Kenna was about twelve years old, she was going through some of the items in her basement that were meant for "re-sale." She was interested to find that someone had actually brought in an X-ray machine, and switched it in. It was only for a second, but some part of Kenna that had been dormant was now activated. An itching in her eyes, a tingling under her skin. She coughed and could see the bones in her hand. Kenna told her family about her experience, and they took it as a sign that the machine was special and would fetch a high price.

    A casual remark from Kenna to her friend Bonnie, whose father was a policeman, was the beginning of the end of their career. Kenna was is high school then. Her brother Andrew was 20 and lived on his own as a professional mechanic. Her brother Leroy had just turned 18 and was part of the family business. After the evidence was gathered and the adults were arrested, Kenna was sent to live with Andrew, who wasn't exactly pleased that his little sister had moved into what had been the laundry room in his apartment. But he heard about Jupiter Jones from a co-worker, and remembering Kenna's comments about being able to see bones, thought she might take the girl off his hands. She did.

    X-ray vision - Kenna can see X-rays. She can also beam hem from her eyes if she squints, though not with enough strength to do any serious damage.
    X-ray aura - Kenna can produce a small field of X-rays around her. Again, not enough to do any serious damage, but enough so she can see the bone structures of those around her. The stronger the X-rays, the more calories it expends.
    Kick-boxing - Andrew has been into kick-boxing since he was in middle school, and has taught the basics to Kenna.
    Electromagnetic Immunity - Kenna doesn't even know she has this, but she is immune to all forms of light damage, not just her own X-ray emissions.
    Stealth - Kenna knows how to stay under the radar.

    Weaknesses: Kenna is from a criminal background. She is not above stealing, lying, or even killing if she feels that's what needs to be done.
  9. Your sheet seems pretty good, you're in.

    I'll get the posting area set up.
  10. I've got a pair of interdimensional twins I could throw in, if that's alright. Or my girl with distructokinetic powers.
  11. Feel free to post a sheet or two for any of those characters
  12. I'm not sure what we on the plane are supposed to be accomplishing, or even who's in the pilot chair.
  13. Same here. I actually thought we would be starting at the school and getting to know each other or something.
  14. Sorry about that, I wanted to try an intro where the characters didn't know each other yet, but were thrown into the frying pan early on to start on their teamwork.

    EDIT: I've done a new post that skips through the Blimp Pimp's invasion and takes the team back to Miss Jupiter's place to get properly acquainted.
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  15. @AAB

    I'm assuming that by Isildura you meant my character, and I wanted to let you know that her name is Isidora, not Isildura. Honestly, Isildura isn't even a real name.
  16. Sorry; I fixed it. And spellchecker seems to agree with you.
    But anything can be a real name. I think Isildura is a pretty name.
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  17. I almost want to join this, but I'm not sure the character concepts I'd have would fit particularly well. Still, i might as well ask: Is there room for one more?
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