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  1. Mischa's alarm sounded, loud and shrill. She slammed her hand on it, turning the sound off but trapping the device in an ice cube. Dammit, she thought, running her pale hand over the ice cube. The ice immediately melted away, leaving her alarm clock intact but slightly damp.

    Before she could freeze anything else, Mischa picked up her dove gray gloves from her bedside table and slid them on. The insides of the gloves were immediately coated in a thin layer of frost, securing them to her hands. Mischa stood up and walked across the room to her wardrobe, tracking footprints of fine snow over her pale gray carpet. Mischa dressed in an ice blue pair of skinny jeans, a flowy white shirt with long sleeves and pale gray high heels. She pulled her blonde curls into a high ponytail. Mischa checked the weather forecast for her school; it would be snowing today. Everyone else would be freezing cold, but Mischa would be right in her element.

    Mischa grabbed her backpack and descended the stairs. She looked out of all the windows she passed; if it would be snowing in America, the landscapes of her Russian home were frozen solid.

    [BCOLOR=#808080]"Hey, Mish,"[/BCOLOR] said her brother, Paul, as she entered the kitchen. He was alone, eating cereal.

    "Hey, Paul," said Mischa. Her Russian accent was a lot softer than his. "Are Mum and Dad still asleep?"

    [BCOLOR=#808080]"Yeah. They said to tell you to just go to school,"[/BCOLOR] said Paul.

    Mischa grabbed an apple from the fruitbowl, said goodbye to her brother and stepped outside into the violent snowsnorm. Mischa, of course, could create something a thousand times worse than the harsh weather, so she was not fazed. Her portal to school stood in the back shed. She stepped through the portal and emerged in school.

    Like the weather had promised, the school was covered in snow, though a lot calmer than in Russia. Mischa took her usual seat on the edge of the fountain -- the water had frozen solid -- and proceeded to wait for Mattie.

    Isaac, dressed in his regular outfit of sharp black leather, stepped through the portal in his foster home, the home of the representative who had taken him from the orphanage in Britain, into the school. Aurora Nova was covered in snow, which would have caused many other students joy and excitement but just made Isaac fret wet socks. Glad his boots were so thick, Isaac tugged his jacket closer to his body and hurried in the general direction of the library. Isaac sighted Mischa, the ice girl, sitting on the fountain in a thin outfit that probably would have caused any other person to contract hypothermia. Weird, he thought.

    The library was warm and deserted. Feeling the heavy weight of the cold leave his body, Isaac sighed in relief and crossed to the mystery shelf. He searched for a novel.

    Love dressed in dark purple skinny jeans, thick boots with fluff on the inside, a long-sleeve black shirt and a thick, woolly sweater. She knew the outfit would not be enough to shield her from the cold, but she would just have to make do. Love, growing up in Australia, was not used to the cold much; she lived in the part of the country where it barely ever rained, the ground was cracked from the scorching sun and not having a sunburn or tan was very rare. Love sighed, fluffed her hair out so it covered the back of her neck and slipped on a scarf. She pulled out her phone and composed a text to Terry.


    Love stepped through her portal, which was in her bedroom, and was hit in the face with a wave of cold. I am going to die, she thought, hurrying to the library. She stepped inside and hurried to the corner where she usually sat with Terry.

    Lewis threw on the first clothes he found in his wardrobe. He had never been one to give a shit about how he looked. Not even bothering with his hair, Lewis quietly walked out of his house, careful to not wake his mother, and stepped through his portal in the backyard.

    The weather hit Lewis, but as he had grown up in Germany, where it could get quite cold, he did not suffer as much as some of the students he passed. He took out his phone and sent a text to Angelo: HEY, COULD YOU HURRY UP AND GET HERE? HOMEROOM STARTS IN FIFTEEN MINUTES AND YOU ARE NOT HERE.

    Ivy had been at school for half an hour already. She had no interest in hanging around at her foster home, where her caretaker tried to stamp the negative feelings and affinities out of her. Where her caretaker tried to make her a good girl.

    Stepping into the library, Ivy wondered if she was the only student who actually wore her super costume to school, minus the mask. Granted, her own costume was reasonably less slutty than most of the other girls'. In fact, her own outfit could probably be classed as a casual outfit. But they were at Super school, right? You'd think more people would wear their costumes.
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  2. Terry Jensen
    Terry groaned as her alarm clock went off, and proceeded to repeatedly smack her side table until she finally found the alarm, grabbed it, ripped it from the wall socket, and threw it across the room, forcing it to be silent. Sighing, she rolled out of bed, got to her feet, and showered in about ten minutes, dressing in a loose light purple sweater, a gray hoodie, dark gray jeans, and her black beanie perched on her head. She grabbed her phone and checked it, realizing she had a text from Love and answering her best friend.

    'Ugh, same. I'll be there as soon as Mattie gets her fucking butt moving, our aunt insists I wait for her in the morning' Terry shot back in answer to her friend. "MATTIE! GET YOUR BUTT MOVING!" Terry knocked on her twin's door and then kicked it open, dragged her sister out of bed, and left her on the bathroom floor wrapped in her blanket. "You better be showering as soon as I get back up here, Love's waiting." As Mattie began to perk up at the mention of her best friend, Terry left the bathroom and headed downstairs, grabbing a piece of toast and putting jelly on it and then cramming it in her mouth, washing it down with some coffee. She brushed her teeth and then leaned by the door, tapping her foot on the floor impatiently.

    As she waited, Terry made preparations against the cold, slipping on a pair of maroon knit gloves and wrapping a gray scarf around her neck and putting on a pair of boots. She knew it wouldn't protect her as much as she wanted from the cold, but it would have to do. Finally, Terry brushed her teeth in the downstairs bathroom, and when Mattie still didn't make an appearance, she scowled and then made her way outside quietly, stepping through the portal in their garage--they only had one car--and appearing outside the school. Terry's scream of "JESUS FUCK IT'S COLD" could be heard by anyone around as she scurried up to the school and ran inside, heading right for the library.

    She made her way to the corner as she began unwrapping her scarf and pulling off her gloves, arriving at the corner and waving with a glove-free hand. "Morning, Love," she said to her friend. "Sorry about taking forever and a day. I finally decided to just abandon Mattie. She takes forever in the morning, goddamn...anyway, hey."

    Mattie Jensen
    Mattie groaned as she was dragged out of bed by her twin, perking up only at the mention of Love, the person she considered the worst influence on her twin. Sighing as Terry left the bathroom, she got to her feet, returned her blanket to her bedroom, and then made her way to the shower, where she proceeded to take a rather long shower and then dress in a light gray long-sleeved shirt with a moon and wolf on the front of it, a light purple hoodie, blue jeans, and a pair of gray boots.

    She began to head downstairs when she heard the door shut very quietly. "Wha--TERRY!" There was no one else that could have been. Mattie ran out the door, not bothering with breakfast and regretfully thinking about the coffee she wasn't having, and dashed into the garage to find her twin gone. "Dang it....our aunt is going to be pissed if I tell her...I guess I just won't tell her." She sighed.

    Terry had been doing more and more things like this of late--breaking rules and such. Shaking her head, Mattie made her way through the portal and dashed up to school, shoving her hands into her pockets and wondering why their portal dropped them a few feet from the entrance of the school. It was freezing! She made her way to the fountain and found Mischa. "Morning!" she said to her friend cheerfully.

    Nelsea Adair
    Nelsea grumbled as her alarm clock went off, but she didn't have a volatile reaction to it like some of her sisters might have. Sighing, she tried to determine whether today was a good or bad day, but so far it just felt neutral--well, at least that meant a good start. Nelsea got to her feet and made her way to the bathroom, showering and dressing in a loose T-shirt with a comic book reference on it, her gray fleece hoodie, loose black jeans, and her black Converse.

    She headed downstairs to breakfast, where she was bombarded with good morning's and hi's and did you eat yet's and one shout of 'I'm making pancakes so you have no excuse' from her eldest sister Halida, who was older than Casey by, as she always reminded everyone, ten minutes. Nelsea grinned and proceeded to play around with the sister closest in age to her, Ashbelle, while they waited for Halida to finish making her pancakes. Finally, Halida called for Nelsea to come get some food, and Nelsea headed over, scarfed down her pancakes, and then headed to the backyard, which was where they kept their portal. She yelled a goodbye to her family and then made her way through.

    Some people who knew Ashbelle and the others questioned why Nelsea was the only one who'd gone to this school, and Nelsea didn't really know the answer, but for some reason all her sisters had gone through public school. Only Nelsea had been lucky enough to go to this school--although in the freezing cold she was currently experiencing, she had to wonder if it was luck.

    Nelsea entered the school and made her way to the library. She spent most mornings in the library, reading various things from the fantasy section.

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  3. Alex woke to the sound of his phone alarm. It beeped and vibrated off the shelf next to his bed. Eventually, it fell onto his face. "God shit." He mumbled to himself. He unlocked the phone looked at what all the alerts were for. Seven freakin' amber alerts in the middle of night warning of flashing flooding in the surrounding areas. Looks like the weather is bad no matter where he was. He turned it off and resisted the urge to throw it across the room.

    Quickly, he took a shower, got dressed and gathered his things. He double checked to make sure his "Power bag", as he called it, was filled with the necessary figurines for the day. It was a satchel filled with lego bricks that he used his powers on. Satisfied, he walked over to his closet, where the portal to school was. He entered through into the schools cold air. Oh son of a... He thought as he looked back at the already closed portal. He had forgotten his jacket and was now standing in the freezing snow. Today wasn't going to be a good day. He turned on his heel and ran as fast he could inside. The warm, heated, air was inviting. He made his way to the comfort of the library. His classes started a little later than others, so that was usually where he went before class.
  4. Julia Marie Huntington

    A maid with a breakfast cart went over to the bedroom’s glass window and pulled open the soft white curtains, letting in the blinding sunlight of the morning sun fill the room. “Young mistress, it’s time for you to wake up” the maid said, slowly approaching her and nudging her shoulder.

    Julia slowly opened her eyes, adjusting to the sudden brightness of her room and sat up, rubbing the sleepiness out of her system. She then swung her feet out of the bed, sitting up straight and letting her feet dangle as the maid dragged the cart in front of her.

    “Good morning, miss. Today’s breakfast is scones with fresh fruits, accompanied by Darjeeling tea” the maid informed while setting down her breakfast with trembling hands. She watched the maid’s movement, her blue eyes flickering with curiosity and mischief. She must be the new maid she thought to herself. Maybe a little fun won’t hurt her she concluded.

    Julia picked up the tea cup and instantly turned it into crystal, breaking and shattering as the tea spilled on her lap. “Oops!” she giggled, watching the maid getting all flustered and quickly grabbing a cloth, wiping the tea off her night gown. The expensive tea cup is now a hundred pieces of glittering crystals on the floor. She let out another giggle, she just loves messing with the new maids, and their reactions are always priceless.

    “Is today the start of my classes?” Julia asked after her fit of giggles, the maid picking up the shattered pieces of china. “Yes, young mistress. I have informed your parents that you'll be gone in half an hour. Do you want me to help you prepare?” the maid politely asked “I’ll be fine. Please resume to your duties” Julia ordered while standing up, grabbing a scone from the plate. She watched the maid curtsied and leave the room, dragging the cart along.

    It was quite normal for her to show her powers in the household. After all, her maids and butlers sworn secrecy about it and will be turned into crystal statues if they dared disobey. Smiling, Julia went into the bathroom for a bath then chose a winter outfit to wear to school.

    “Have a nice day, miss” the maids chimed and bowed as she reached the end of the staircase wearing her pleather pants and a sheer cream button up blouse her with black heeled ankle boots. “Thank you. Take good care of the manor while I'm gone” she ordered as she wears her grey fur cape and then went inside the portal to school.

    Upon arriving at school, she already gained unwanted attention. Is it really weird to be a famous model and a superhero? She thought to herself and briskly walked to the library; her long blonde hair flowing behind her as she glanced around, looking for Isaac through rows and rows of shelves. Finally finding him, she silently crept behind him and gave him a big hug, softly whispering in his ear, teasing him “Morning, Newton~”

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  5. Diana S. Kureger

    Character Reference

    Inhaling deeply, Diana tilted her head back as sweat rolled down the side of her face and neck. She was probably sweating in a few other places, and smelled like shit, too. That was the price she had to pay though, willingly, to make sure she could put up some sort of fight. Letting out a raspy cough, the redhead was quick to lower her head, lest she choke on her own breath. In doing so, she experienced a brief lightheadedness, nothing that would put her down though, so she was quick to reach out for the bottle of water she kept near.

    Trying not to jostle her head about, she uncapped the bottle and tipped it gently into her mouth. As the deliciously cold liquid soothed her dry throat, the headache began to cease. Finishing the water in record time, Diana turned to the doors of the gym, and as she walked out the doors with her bags and an extra pair of clothes, she tossed the plastic bottle behind her. Not watching as the bottle was flung in the garbage can.

    ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
    Before she went off for school, Diana made a quick stop back home. In her room, she was quick to throw off the sweat drenched sports bra and shorts, in exchange for her signature - practical and quite modest - clothing. Standing in front of her mirror, Diana quietly assessed herself, ignoring her mother's calls of '5 minutes, Diana!'

    The redhead had a long, deep blue scarf draped over her shoulders, with red gentle curls just over it. She wore a rather loose gray top, loose enough to not suffocate her or irritate the muscles that rippled underneath, but tight enough to show off the slightest of her tall figure. Covering her legs were deep blue jeans, similar in color to her scarf, and unlike her top, these jeans cladded her legs tightly.

    Satisfied with her appearance, the redhead headed for the front door - after biding her mother a quick goodbye of course - and quickly strapped her boots to her feet, tucking the bottom of her jeans neatly in. With another quick 'goodbye!' Diana headed for the portal, trying to stay silent, lest her mother lecture her once more about walking around the house with her boots on.

    ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

    Stepping out of the portal, a sense of ... something, washed over the redhead. Perhaps it was just the concentration of intense superhuman power, but everytime Diana stepped onto the school grounds, she could definitely feel something shift in the airs.

    Looking around, there seemed to still be a bit of people here and there, unevenly spread, but it told her that classes hadn't started yet, so she still had time to herself. Just for a bit. Looking around more closely, Diana was quick to spot familiar faces, but decided that perhaps it was too early to be forced into polite conversation and playful banters.

    Carefully stepped around, and in between different people, Diana silently made her to the library where she figured she might find some sort of inner peace with herself before the day began itself. Again, familiar faces popped up just about everywhere, but fortunately for the redhead, she found herself a pretty empty table. Granted, there was once other person - but it wasn't like they were going to send her away, were they?

    Out of the corner of her eye, she saw something else entirely. Some one who seemed to be in their costume, someone blonde, and beautifully terrifying in their own right. Feeling a familiar and old dark string inside her heart pull and strain, Diana carefully redirected her gaze. Temptation was there alright, for the blonde girl, and also the darkness her mother hadn't quite successfully pulled away from her.

    Shaking her head, Diana only pulled out a small trinket. Setting it out on the table, Diana only watched on as parts of it began to emit a soft glow, while the separate double helix's began to move. Of course, the small trinket did no harm as it was trapped behind power-reinforced plastic, but it was one of those things that soothed the inner struggles she had by just watching the cycle run to and fro.

  6. Elias Wheaty

    I see the universe before my eyes; a flashing pang of each blip of life.

    And then it's gone with reality. Dark. Black. Empty eyes.

    Elias jolted forward, a low rumble in his throat that turned to a gasp. Beside him, the digital clock rang a familiar melody before it stopped, then started again. A high, unsettling tenseness sat low in his stomach and before Elias lifted a finger, the clock shrieked loud. It fizzed out, jolting along the surface of the table until it came to a stand still to die. 5:43 a.m. flashed once before the blue letters faded. That gave him plenty of time for a morning jog, maybe breakfast if he hurried his shower along.

    "Elias," a knock at his door caught his attention, "It's almost seven; you're breakfast is ready. I expect to see you at the table by then."

    Of course, with his luck, no doubt he'd be late today. A strangled groan parted his lips and Elias stood to retrieve what he'd need for his shower. Used to taking the minimal amount of time, Elias sooner exited the bathroom with a towel strapped to his waist as he'd entered, with minutes to spare in order to change. Minutes to spear, however, didn't mean he could waste it rummaging through what to wear—not like he did that regardless. A simple black, cotton tee and a pair of slim fitting jeans was all he needed.

    The smell of eggs and bacon wafted through the tight corridors; if the shower hadn't woken Elias up, that aroma alone could. It seemed he didn't know quite how hungry he really felt and the protest of his stomach caused Elias to pick up his pace. Two plates sat neatly at the counter top, likely for him and whoever cooked the meal. It seemed regular. Average. Guess that was to be expected, as usual.

    The small facility they kept him in gave the illusion of a happy, middle class family, fitted with a perfectly cultured lawn and garden and lovely white, California brick—all smiles and model, American dream style. The outside held that illusion well and anyone deciding to step beyond the front door represented that with impeccable flare. Inside, however, told an entirely different story with its sterile walls and clean, out of the magazine furniture. It looked like a house, sold like a house, people knew it was a house, but it felt nothing like home. Everything seemed forced and delivered, which in all seriousness they didn't really lie about. All of it felt entirely too contrived, though, and, on days like these, it usually didn't take long to bring down Elias' mood. At least the people posing as his modern family dropped the facade smiles in place of genuine ones. A few years time and liking the job, i.e. watching and guarding Elias, didn't come too hard. It took those few years for Iris to give in, but, like the others, she no sooner caved to his goofy smile an wide eyes. She even took to calling him Bambi from time to time. Usually that either meant she was sucking up to him in order to get him to do something or it was one of those special occasions.

    "Finish everything you needed to?" Daniel, the man posing as his father, asked over his shoulder. The man's body muffled the blaze of sizzling meat, but the smell filled the entire kitchen.

    Elias gave a curt nod, head tilted toward the plate. Of course, the moment he began shoveling food in his mouth was the exact one Iris, the agent they disguised as his stepmother, gave a heavy smack to the back of his head. "Mouth closed; slow down; elbows off the table," her voice came out as stern as ever, though the gentle smile on her ebony features betrayed that, "If you think we're going back and doing that entire etiquette course again, you've got another thing coming, boy."

    A closed mouth hum of agreement was all Elias could spare. He gave a thick swallow and washed down what he could with the milk by his side. "Yes ma'am," he muttered, pulling his back straight and nervously watching Iris while she took to rummaging through the fridge. As if the boy's nerves were palpable, Iris quickly turned around to match his stare. Well, maybe it wasn't her oddly realistic motherly intuition and more like the orange staining her jumper. She raised a brow.

    "They're just evaluating how far you've come," she sighed, ripping a long line of paper towels and wadding it up to dab at the orange juice, "All you need to do is relax and show them exactly what you've been trained for."

    "Because this," Iris gestured to the stain and then pointing to the loosened bolt on the fridge—woops, "Is—"

    "Don't forget this," Daniel turned around to display the hot grease splattered on his torso. He'd been hunched forward in order to dodge getting burned.

    Iris merely rolled her eyes and continued, pushing a hand against Daniel's torso. He huffed in pain and shed the ruined wear, soon disappearing into the hall. "Is unacceptable," she said with a tight lipped frown, "Let those kids trip you up and you might just get someone killed." Iris shook her head at the panic stricken face Elias drew, "Not... you know what I mean. Someone's going to get hurt if you let this get to you. If things aren't going as they had planned for you, all they're going to do is pull you out for a week and get you up to par. It's hard, grueling, but it won't be the death of you. No one's going to hurt you here; we've had enough time to be able to trust you, Elias. You know that." With that, she turned and motioned to the closed off room in the corner. It looked as if to be a pantry, but the school's logo plastered on the door made it much more than that.

    "Now, finish up and get to school. And don't forget your lunch this time," she stated, gesturing to the box to her right. They may not have been willing to give him regular things from, say a Walmart, but at least they provided him with far better materials. Even if they had the agency's logo plastered onto everything.

    Regardless, Elias gave Iris a nod and waved to Daniel the moment he slunk back into the kitchen. With a half eaten breakfast—that talk kind of shook away his appetite—Elias would likely starve by the time lunch rolled around. With that in hand, he set for the portal locked inside the spare closet.

    "Dear birdy," a soft hum of approval lifted her plump lips, pushed upon by a reddened, skinny finger, "you are but the light of our perfection.You know this, right?"

    "They call me a monster," the quiet huff a child just below her echoed within the white washed room.

    A simple 'tut tut' came from what could be assumed as the mother, her hands coming down to drape across the boy's frail shoulders. A redness splattered his clothing, all tattered and mottled with dirt. She licked the pad of her thumb and swiped it across the boy's cheek, smearing a streak of pale, pink skin in its wake. "The dead can no longer have opinions, dear; they know nothing but the darkness now. What's a monster without a crowd?" she gestured to the vast emptiness of the space before the, "and I see no crowd before us."

    The boy blinked, "The dead are a crowd."

    "They are."

    "But the dead have no meaning."

    "They don't."

    "But what about a prince? What is a prince without subjects?" the boy looked up and the mother smiled.

    "Well," she snapped her fingers and a sickening echo of a hefty ton of dead weight filled the room. She gestured to the pile before them, and she crooned with a chuckle at the lifeless bodies slouched and weighed down upon each other. "They will be your subjects," and she smiled so dearly, "And you, dear bridy, will be a prince. Of this universe and the next after." And the boy smiled with her.

    The portal groaned, a protest across the dimensions, before coughing the boy out.

    The prince.


    He gasped with a hand clutching his face before bending over to hurl into the snow. A few students passing by gave more than a few disgusted comments. He could only mutter his apologies and trudge his way to the nearest trash can. It took a few moments to regain his composure, heavily relying on the barrel to carry his weight. When the cold finally bit him and the courtyard stopped feeling so damn hot, Elias carefully lifted himself back onto his feet. A swallow chirped above him, catching his eye as he rose, then plummeted down into the canopy of trees dotting the school boundaries. Elias frowned in contempt.

    This, no doubt about it, ranked as one of the best days of school yet. Ooh, the sarcasm dripped from his very subconscious.

    No point in wasting time, Elias found himself at his locker door, already sprung open with his books neatly arranged in side. Now would have been the perfect time to have some kind of companion to talk to. Those visions—whatever they'd call them—kept popping up unexpectedly. They frequented him more often the last few days and Elias would give anything to have something mindless to block it all out. Not a soul found him even that little bit interesting to interact with. Or, maybe they just didn't like him. That seemed far more logical.

    Elias grabbed what books he could fit into his backpack and stuffed the lunch box inside before slamming the locker door shut. He stood there, though, unsure of what to do but wait like he always did for the next class to take up his time. And then he'd go back home to yearly evaluation. Joy.
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  7. [​IMG]
    It was nearly 7:55 am and a male slept on the hard floor which was cushioned with blankets and such. A loud alarm rang from an iPhone 5s that rested over a small table beside the body charging and The suns bright brilliant rays had hit him directly in his closed eyes through a window that was beside him. His eyes pinched closed shut even harder as he slowly flipped on his back while groaning loudly and tiredly, alarmed by both the rays of the sun and the alarm he had set up. He tried to go back to sleep but couldn't help feeling anything but sore And squished tightly to the wall. Dismissing the feeling he faces his side while still sleeping and grabs his phone, throwing it across the room recklessly."Erghhhh... Shut up." He groans through his breath and soon stretched his legs out on the bed kicking something off with a soft 'thud'. Probably a pillow or a heap of clothes or something.

    But he heard a very specific text tone that he gave to his best friend, often mistaken to be his actual brother or even gay lover and immediately responded to his phone. He crawled over to where it was hiding and shoved his hand underneath the couch, blowing and cleaning the phone as he stared at the screen:

    [​IMG]DIPSHIT[​IMG] (3)

    Yep, 'Dipshit' was a loving nickname for his best friend, Lewis.


    Angelo tried to ignore the text, thinking it was only the weekend and typed in response:
    HI BRO.

    They had a really cool bromance. With that, Angelo immediately knocked out on the floor again.

    Then footsteps were heard as the blanket flew off of him. A sigh escaped the woman's lips as she looked over her practical-husband and her son, taking a seat in front of the two. Angelo was sleeping on the floor, Or at least trying to as he ignored her, while his father had literally taken the whole couch. Seriously, she knew they could catch her scent even while sleeping, she knew that they were aware of her footprints and presence, So how the hell could they even sleep through her aura? For several seconds she waited for a response as the iPhone continued to go off and the woman eyed the many dogs which were around them. Literally--there was probably about 8!

    "BOYS!" Waverlyn shouted irritably. Immediately, the voice which the males was ever so responsive too came to their ears and Angelo found himself up wide awake and standing hurriedly. He seemed very confused and surprised at that--Flustered you can say. Was that the word? Yeah. Flustered."FUCK--WHa--SHIT-! I MEAN--." The male slurred tiredly with his words as he noticed it was his mother. Although he seemed keen, his speech spoke otherwise. The voice of Waverlyn seemed to trigger Alcide, his father up as well, and he huffed his shocked behavior away."What the hell honey?!" He snapped surprised. Waverlyn widened her eyes with attitude about to come out and Angelo smirked."You done did it now dad.~" He taunted as his father snapped his jaws at him ever so slightly, causing Angelo to snicker.

    "ANGELO MARTINELLI HERVEAUX--YOU BETTER GO FUCKING SHOWER RIGHT NOW YOUNG MAN AND GO TO SCHOOL! YOU'RE FUCKING LATE!" She snapped, before his father slowly smirked triumphantly, eyeing down his own son with amusement."You were say--" "AND ALCIDE HERVEAUX WHAT DID I FUCKING TELL YOU ABOUT TRAINING ANGELO? AND BRINGING ALL OF THESE ANIMALS? OUT! I WANT THEM OUT! THIS ISN'T A SHELTER--AND I TOLD YOU SINCE LAST WEEK HE STARTS SCHOOL TODAY!" The woman was doing frantic angry hand gestures, her italian accent showing ever so slightly. She was infuriated."HES ALREADY LATE! FUCKING LATE!" Said the woman as she rested a hand over her forehead turning away and sighing. Seriously, being with two wolves was stressful! Angelo ran whimpering ever so slightly as his father stood there. Ok, yes he was an alpha. Totally dominant... But against a woman's wrath--Especially his fiancé, Waverlyn? His wolf ears were laid back and he quietly shuffled away frustrated himself for no reason into the upstairs bedroom as the dogs followed him to leave.

    Angelo showered, taking 15 minutes to get ready. He frantically threw on some clothes: A white long sleeved fitted shirt which had thin navy blue stripes and dark gray sweats. Running down the stairs and nearly tripping as he landed and was about to hit his head against the wall harshly. "Woah--FUCK" he uttered. However his mother with her cool motherly instincts immediately turned and had her hands directed at him. Before Angelo knew it, he was floating about 2 inches off the stairs and was a full inch away from the wall. He opened his eyes and peeked through his arms, letting out a harsh sigh of relieve."Thanks mom." He said."God dammit Angelo." She sighed, turning her son over as he was floating and getting him away from the stairs. She then waved her hands opposite from each other, Horizontally and Angelo landed on his feet as he held his bag over one shoulder."I'm going now. Cya later." Angel stated, as his mother opened a portal up. Angelo grinned brightly at her before leaving, and he stepped into the portal disappearing.

    - - - - -
    Angelo arrived at school in front of one of the portals. He yawned. To bad he didn't have time to eat breakfast. Shit, he had a ravenous appetite too so school breakfast would't fit him personally. Not to mention--He would hunt the birds outside. But the thing was that, girls won't dig it. Or guys... Anyone for that matter. The male walked to his locker and rolled his eyes. Yep, sure it was his fault but he couldn't help better his skills with his dad at shapeshifting and such! The scrolling of the padlock can be heard as he went through the code and shuffled some things into his bag quickly and grouchily. Now people will find him having BMS -Bitchy mens syndrome he called it- and the male slammed his locker before leaving the room and going out into the halls. He pulled out his phone.



    After spamming lewis multiple times, the brunette walked through the slightly filled halls which weren't necessarily crowded yet.


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  8. Hex

    Jesse had already been in the breakfast nook eating something he spruced together when his parents walked out of their bedroom to start their day. They were kind of surprised to see their son was up this early as he normally slept in everyday whether it was a school day or not.

    "You're up early," Jesse's dad said sternly as he made his way to the coffee pot that had already finished brewing the fresh Folgers coffee that had been on a timer. The scent of the coffee floated throughout the kitchen and into the rest of the house. Their house was nothing short of extravagant. Both parents being big hot shot lawyers and big time superpowered individuals, it tended to pay well.

    "I couldn't sleep," Jesse said as he forever kept his resting bitch face from moving. Just by first glance one would be slightly intimidated and scared to approach him. Good. Jesse was the embodiment of bad luck. He preferred to be alone and didn't want any friends. He would rather people fear him than think he was weak. He already got shit when he came out as gay his freshman year of school. Now being a senior, he could give two fucks about anyone or their bullshit opinion.

    "Was it the nightmares again?" Of course his mother was the heart of the family since him and his father were more the assholes. With gaining similar powers to his mother, he would acquire his father's personality. He used to be a villain after all. "If they get worse, we might have to send you to-"

    "You're not sending me anywhere. There's nothing wrong with me," Jesse snapped. He gulped his orange juice and stomped out of the kitchen and up to his room, slamming the door behind him that caused his mother to jump. His dad just shrugged and went on with his business. Even though they were nightmares, he didn't want to tell anyone. He didn't want to see a therapist or 'get help.' He was perfectly fine other than the fact he belonged to a family of superheroes. Totally normal.

    Jesse walked over to his closet and opened the doors that looked as if it led to a void. There was no void, only his clothing that was nothing but black colors. Black like his soul. He took out a long sleeved black shirt and threw it on, rolling up the sleeves to his elbows. He inched into some black skinny jeans and slipped on his black pointed boots. Topping it off with his long brimmed fedora, he succeeded in looking like the wicked witch he was. He took one last glance in the mirror and winked at himself while adjusting his hat.

    "Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the baddest bitch of them all?" Chuckling to himself, he grabbed his giant men's Coach bag and walked out of his room and out of the house, ignoring his parents who were talking in the dining room area. The portal in his area was located in his backyard behind the shed. Letting out a loud belch that tasted like orange juice, he walked through the portal and ended up in Aurora Nova High school.

    Jesse, aka Hex, aka the Witch, walked down the hallway strutting in his expensive black boots. People who were in his path quickly scattered as they all stared and whispered as he passed by. He raised an eyebrow at a boy who failed to move out of the way so he could get to his locker. Jesse's eyes glowed blue and he waved his hand to activate his ability, causing the boy's books and papers in his hand to suddenly fall on the floor and scatter everywhere. Such horrible luck. The boy quickly fell the floor tor retrieve his belongings on the floor.

    "Oops." Jesse smirked as he stepped on one of the papers the boy was trying to grab and continued onto his locker. Next time he should move the fuck out of my way, he thought.

  9. "Hey," said Mischa to her friend Mattie. She smirked. "You look cold," she said. Mischa slipped one of her gloves off and casually leaned back, placing her bare hand on the flat, smooth surface of the fountain. She melted the ice, returning the fountain into its previous cascading waterfall. "I, for one, am not cold."


    Isaac immediately tensed when he felt someone embrace him from behind. Instinctively, a thick plume of his paralysing mist appeared on the palms of his hands. But before he let it loose on the person hugging him, Isaac realised that person was Julia. Isaac had very mixed feelings about Quartz. She was beautiful, definitely, and very enticing. But Isaac didn't even know if he was capable of feelings towards her -- many people had debated whether Isaac was a sociopath. Isaac certainly had very little interest in a romantic or flirtatious relationship.

    "Newton?" said Isaac, turning around in her arms. "Why Newton?"


    "Hey, it's okay," said Love, shivering. "If I had a sister, she'd probably keep me waiting all the time too." Experimenting, Love rubbed her bare hands together very fast. Little sparks of electricity flew around, but she immediately warmed up. "Hey, look, my powers actually come into use for once!" said Love. She stepped closer to Terry, allowing the heat from her hands to warm her friend, too.


    Lewis groaned when he received about forty texts from the same text tone; Angelo, the dickhead. Lewis immediately started walking to Angelo's locker, knowing his friend would be there. Sure enough, there was his best friend, walking down the hall. A smirk cracked across Lewis's face. He took a run-up, bolted down the hall and launched himself at his best friend, tackling the other boy and pinning him to the bleached linoleum floor.

    "I WIN, MOTHERFUCKER!" screamed Lewis, pinning Angelo to the ground. "TAP OUT!"
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  10. Terry Jensen
    Terry stepped closer to her friend. "Oh my god, you're amazing. I love your powers right now. It's so cold in this place, jeez..." And cerebrokinesis wouldn't do much to keep anyone warm. "Sometimes I'm like nine thousand percent sure they're trying to turn all the students into icicles, I mean haven't they ever heard of heating? Oh well. At least you have powers that come in handy in the cold, it's pretty ingenious how you managed how's your morning been?" Terry knew it had only been about an hour, but all the same, she wanted to know how Love was doing. Terry's morning had been fine for all the time it had been going on, and she hoped Love's morning was going about the same.

    Mattie Jensen
    Mattie glanced at her friend. "Well, aren't you lucky. I'm freezing, and pathokinesis isn't about to do anything to keep me warm. You're lucky with your powers....they're suited for this kind of weather." Mattie shivered and wrapped her coat tighter around herself, wondering if the school had even heard of heating, and then smirking to herself as she realized she and Terry consistently said the exact same thing about the school and its heating, or lack thereof. "So, Mischa, how's your day going so far? Terry abandoned me on our way to school," she rolled her eyes, "again. Have you seen Diana yet?" Mattie often complained about her sister and her various antics to her friends and anyone who was willing to listen. Usually followed up by begging for advice on how to reign her sister in.

    ((...brain malfunction here
    @mechtat ))
  11. Hamish J. Holmes

    For the past week or so the lab had been in a quite state of tension. Every test of physical, medical, and physiological stability we're all in preparation for this particular day. Ever since the proposition was made for Hamish to attend 'public education'; trials and examinations have become significantly more arduous and time consuming. It was safe to say that even after all these years the higher ups did not trust him at all. At least without supervision. The strict regulations and overly exaggerated consequences were perhaps their way of expressing their irritations upon him passing the required tests with flying colors. Now however was when the last and final experiment was to take place. So far Hamish has been able to appear just about anywhere in the labs which at the very least takes up several miles of room to and from his body. The current distance he was about to attempt was from a whole separate country all together. His goal was a 'Super Hero' high school found in North America. All that lay between him and his first public experience was a few hundred upon thousands of miles.

    Teleportation has become quite a cinch since it is his main use of transportation but something like this even made Hamish question his abilities. Especially since it was 'vital' for him to appear exactly a feet or so away from a portal in order to look as if he had also used it. Of course no portals were set up for him to actually access in the labs as they were strictly forbidden from the premises. The maps and in depth atlas' were all he had to go on to decipher an exact location. If he somehow failed this trial, even by a few meters, then they would be forced to 'shock' him back into his body and that's all there was to it. No trip, no public education, until several more years of study and calculations were made. Years that Hamish didn't have.

    Besides that was his reluctance to let his 'caretakers' down. He knew it was their job to observe his abilities but the efforts they made to also raise him as a child did not go unnoticed. They were a kind bunch and has grown to be more like a second family to him as the years went by. Mainly because they rarely bothered to enforce the rules given to contain him as the head scientist found them just as ridiculous as he did. Dr. Leckter was the closest person Hamish could consider as a friend and maybe in certain circumstances, a father figure.

    "Remember, the entrance is approximately 0.2 longitude west of the entrance gates. It doesn't matter if your off by a meter just as long as you can get there in once piece"

    "Don't worry, I will"

    It was surprising how confident some people could sound when there was enough doubt in their mind to fill an entire room. Now that Hamish was actually faced with the daunting task, he was inadvertently having second thoughts. Apparently Dr. Leckter could read his mind quite clearly as he offered the boy an encouraging smile and ruffled his hair up a bit. It was supposed to be a gesture that was meant to soothe him but of course he didn't feel a single thing. Not the warmth, not the touch, just nothing. The simple thought behind the action however was enough to calm his nerves. There really was no other way of finding out if he could do this without actually attempting it first.

    The polished white tiles of the laboratory floor made no sounds as his black sneakers metaphorically pressed against its surface. Maybe if they had actually been 'real' they would have squeaked on the pristine exterior. The form that he had chosen that day was of his current self. It would have been decidedly strange if had gone to his first day of sophomore year as a nineteen year old.

    The weather forecast as well as the labs personal weather beacon predicted that snow would be falling all day that day. So he opted for a thick wool jacket over a white long-sleeved dress shirt. A thin, navy blue scarf hung loose around his shoulders and reached all the down to the pockets of his denim pants. All in all it was a set of perfectly inconspicuous garb. From the edge of his vision lay his physical body surrounded by beeping monitors and miles of cords, tubes, and wires. No matter how many times he's done it, the strange sight of looking down at your own unmoving body would never be anything but strange. In the back of his mind Hamish wondered if this was what it felt like for people who have died.


    His name immediately pulled him back to reality. Turning around, he realized with slight surprise that the crew was all there. The doctors, the nurses, of course the scientists, and even the tech guys. It had been quite a turn out when the official party had been announced. He had been adamant about the whole thing at first since he hardly thought that his first day of school needed much of a celebration. In the end he agreed with the whole ordeal when cake had been mentioned. It wasn't that he was able to eat any himself but he knew for a fact that Dr. Leckter had a secret sweet tooth. Although despite his reluctance he had to admit that the party hats were a nice touch.

    "Bye everyone"

    A chorus of good byes and several raised wine glasses followed his response. If he didn't know any better Hamish could have sworn that some were even getting teary eyed. With a final little wave and a small smile towards Leckter, he seemingly disappeared into thin air.

    The sudden bright light momentarily blinded him as he blinked in confusion. It was all the more disorienting with tufts of whiteness clouding his vision. After a second of two of adjusting to the new surroundings, Hamish realized that the blinding light was the sun (or what was seeping through it from the cloudy sky) and the apparent 'whiteness' had been none other than snow. The portal buzzed with life just a few inches behind him which he immediately moved to side step in case anyone else should appear and find themselves passing through his illusion. It had been another surprise that he had successfully appeared right on the X-mark. The next goal was to enter the main school building and locate his locker where his backpack had been placed in. It had already been packed several days in advance with the essentials needed for school and typical objects a teenager would usually be in possession of. It really was just more for authenticity then anything else.

    Although just the site of people. People his actual age momentarily distracted him as he gazed around in wonder. Apparently each of them also had a unique power that they were able to tap into. Hence the name Superhero High school. Even the falling snow easily captured his attention. Holding an open palm out, a tiny snow flake landed on the vibrating particles. It refused to melt since his temperature was just as cold as ice if he didn't attempt to replicate a human's normal atomic vibrations. It rested comfortably in the middle of his open palm as more and more of its brothers and sisters congregated on the ice-like surface. Even then it was impossible for Hamish to feel the cold. Tilting his hand, he let the white frost fall to the ground before stuffing his hand in his coat pocket. He hoped no one had seen that little display since it hadn't been exactly normal. Then again he wasn't sure the definition of normal accurately applied here.

    Studying the surrounding students everyone seemed to be huddled neck deep in their jackets and fast walking towards the nearest building. The only person seemingly just as comfortable with staying outside as he was looked to be a blonde haired girl near one of the school's frozen fountains. He momentarily wondered why and his curiosity was promptly satiated when she unfroze the waters solid composition. Well that clearly proved the school's 'superhero' authenticity. Adopting an unnecessarily brisk walk with shoulders casually hunched, Hamish followed the crowd into the main school building. He blended into the masses perfectly except for one albeit small detail. Unlike the white puffs of warm breath escaping those around him he had visibly nothing of the sort making it seem as if he wasn't breathing at all. Although it was such a minor detail that it would take a rather observant person to notice.

    Once inside he found his locker among a cluster of others. The lock hung loosely on its side and he reached a hand out to open it when a sudden and disastrous realization hit him. He had never been told what his combination had been. With this many witnesses around he couldn't just phase through the solid metal and memorize his backpacks contents without undoubtedly attracting spectators. Besides the fact that replicating all his items through illusions could be a high risk decision. What if the teacher asked for them to turn in their papers? It would be hard to explain why his didn't really exist. Teleporting back was an option but he really didn't want to risk two return trips to and from separate countries in one day.

    That just left him awkwardly standing in front of his locker, a look of complete contradiction on his face. Sometimes Hamish really could over think things when he could have just easily asked for a key or combination number from the main office.
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  12. Love rolled her eyes at her friend. "Babe, of course they're trying to turn us into icicles," she said. "The principal is totally a supervillain. And Mischa Vauschen is in on it, she makes all the snow. She's totally a real-life Elsa." Love rubbed her hands together faster, generating more heat for she and Terry to share. "My morning's been pretty fucking boring."


    "Diana? No, I haven't seen her, but she's probably in the library," Mischa said to her friend. Mischa noticed a boy -- one she had never seen before -- standing in the cold weather, allowing snowflakes to land on his hand. This boy was the only other student not to rush inside at the splinteringly cold weather. Mischa wondered whether he also had ice powers, like her. The boy began to walk inside, and Mischa turned to Mattie once more.

    "She might be at her locker," continued Mischa. "Shit, I just remembered, I have to clean my locker." Mischa stood up, slid her glove back on and punched Mattie lightly on the arms. She recognised the jolt of cold that went through her friend when she touched her, despite the gloves she wore. "Go the library and see if she's in there."

    Mischa walked away, leaving Mattie by the fountain. She stepped inside, into the hallway her locker stood inside, and saw the snowflake boy from outside standing in front of the previously empty locker to the left of Mischa's. The boy seemed to be flustered, staring at his locker in dismay.

    Mischa had always been one to lend an almost overhelpful hand, so she strolled toward the boy, intent on assisting him. And, she thought, he's pretty cute.

    "Hey," she called before she reached him, so as to not startle him. She reached her own locker and leaned against it. Although only a small part of her right arm and her face touched the red metal of her locker, a thick, crystalline coating of intricate ice began to climb up her locker like ivy against a wall, or roses on a trellis. Mischa didn't even notice it. "Are you alright?" she said. "You seem flustered."
  13. Julia Marie Huntington

    "Hmm? Did you say something, dear?" Julia asked with an innocent smile on her face, her voice as innocent as a child. She just loves to mess up with Isaac. With his reclusive behavior, Julia's mischievous side is greatly attracted to him. She's isn't really planning to have a romantic relationship with him, but she's a seductress. She wouldn't mind to have a few men fall at her feet. But for now, she wanted to be friends with Isaac, and being a tease is her way to deepen their love-hate relationship.

    Letting go of the hug to face him, her nose clearly get a whiff of his scent that sent shivers down her spine. "Why do you smell so good~?" she suddenly asked in a seductive voice, taking a step forward towards him "I bet all the girls want to have a taste of you... I want to have a taste of you" she stated, taking another step with each word until his back is leaning on a bookshelf, her body blocking his way. She stared at his eyes with her crystal blue eyes, biting her bottom lip to stop the giggles from coming but failed miserably after seeing his reaction. "Pfft... tehehe. You should have seen your face... it was priceless!" she giggled, ignoring the shushing of the librarian as she giggle even more. "Don't worry dear, I won't eat you....yet" She then stepped back to give him some space and with an evil smile gracing her lips, she walked away out of the library after having her fun.

    Walking down the hallways with her shoes clicking with every step she takes, she smiled at everyone who greeted her, her cheeks starting to hurt. Ugh. Why is everyone being so nice to me? she thought to herself as she headed to her locker. She admits that being a senior has its perks; being popular among crowds, your name known around the campus, getting invited into exclusive parties and being adored by young freshmen boys, showering her with gifts every day. She wasn’t complaining but sometimes, it’s just too much for her. She’s a villain for Lucifer’s sake! She was supposed to be feared not loved. Sighing heavily, she opened her locker and a flood of envelopes immediately greeted her, the tiny envelopes gushing out and spilling on the tiled floor “Ugh. Not again” she groaned, too tired to deal with the love and fan letters so early in the morning. She quickly fished out her phone and scrolled down, leaning herself towards the locker. “There you are~” she cooed, composing a quick text message before hitting send.

    Pet Dog:dog::bone::bone:
    Hey Angelo, I baked some fresh doggy treats for you! Come and get it~
    She was hoping that Angelo would help her out with the letters and finds her immediately using his sense of smell. Besides, who can resist a fresh batch of fresh baked doggy treats?

  14. Alex had grown bored in the library, having read everything he cared to. A bored Alex is a mischievous Alex. He left the library and made his way to his locker. It was in one of the busier hallways. From his satchel he retrieved a small red pickup truck made from lego bricks. He placed several soldiers with guns in the back. He whispered to it. "Time to have fun." He concentrated on the truck and made it and its occupants come to life, but stay in their small plastic toy form. One of the soldiers slowly turned his head and nodded. He set the truck on the ground and it screeched down the hallway like a bat out of hell. The little soldiers in the back shot their weapons up at the giant heroes and/or villains. Of course, being so small they couldn't do any damage. Alex had a good laugh as the everyone freaked out as a sentient truck drove between their legs and over anything that was left on the groun, including some poor guys science project. Alex considered himself a neutral, but at times like this he questioned it. He was waiting for someone to use their powers to zap the toy. A good laser beam or blast of ice would do it.
  15. Terry Jensen
    Terry smirked. "Yeah, and then Mischa and the villainous principal will have a bunch of life-size icicles to do God knows what with. Goddamn, though, someone should complain to the principal or something, they've got to learn about what the heck heating is and get some in this godforsaken place. Hey, maybe that's the problem--maybe this is one of the circles of hell. Isn't the seventh layer supposed to be freezing cold or something?" She rolled her eyes. "Mattie taught me that one." God, her sister was a nerd. She loved her, but she was a huge nerd with way too much knowledge. Terry smiled slightly when Love rubbed her hands together faster, generating more heat. Love's powers were literally a godsend right now. A pyrokinetic walked by at that moment, holding a flame close to him, and Terry sighed. Lucky people whose powers were useful against the cold. "Yeah, my morning's been pretty boring too, except for the part where I dragged Mattie out of bed, that was fun." It was a daily routine for the twin sisters and Terry would be lying if she said she didn't kind of find it amusing how Mattie refused to get up unless Terry made her. Especially when Mattie was supposed to be the responsible one.

    Mattie Jensen
    Mattie nodded when Mischa said she hadn't seen Diana yet, figuring that was about to be expected since she usually did go to the library first. She shivered as Mischa punched her on the arm but grinned at her friend anyway. "All right, I'll see you later. I'll check her locker first and then the library, see you around!" Mattie got to her feet and headed inside, going to Diana's locker first. Finding no trace of her friend at the locker, Mattie hung around for a few minutes to see if Diana would show up there, and then, deciding that she wasn't going to, she made her way off to the library, looking around for Diana and finding her at a mostly empty table with one other person there. Smiling, Mattie made her way over. "Morning, Diana!" she said cheerfully to her friend. "How're you?"

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  16. [​IMG]

    Being tackled down the hall as soon as he was walking away from his locker, Angelo was surprised by the abrupt weight he felt pinning him down. Fangirl? Fan-guy? School bully? No. It was his best friend, Lewis."I WIN, MOTHERFUCKER!" Shouted the other male as Angelo wriggled his wrist. His things were beside him, and the male huffed stubbornly."IN YOUR DREAMS YOU SHIT. I WAS OFF GUARD AND DIDN'T HAVE BREAKFAST." Angelo shouted back in response. The two were always very very childish with each other. "TAP OUT!" Lewis commanded."HELL NO." Angelo quickly responded. To bad he couldn't turn into a fox without stripping his damn casual clothes off! Angelo quickly decided to have the strength of a lion and pushed himself up forcefully. He then followed up with pushing Lewis off of him and crawling back around. His phone sent out a text tone and he got up, walking over to Lewis and helping his male friend up. He didn't put in much effort to hurt Lewis or anything and proceeded to bend down in order to grab his bag and phone. He checked the screen, cleaned it against his shirt, and checked the screen again."Ugh.." Groaned Angelo as he tilted his head back, putting his backpack on fully and correctly.

    The male showed his phone screen to Lewis, showing him the text from Jules."Seriously--It kinda gets a bit irritating." He shrugged."Sometimes I think she's blonde enough to forget the fact that I'm an actual human with two legs and arms." said the male jokingly as he looked back at his phone and texted his.. Well she wasn't a friend nor enemy to him.. His lady-whatever she is to him back."Ugh, now? Where are you?" He texted. Well, there wasn't a point on asking really and he had attempted to sniff after her but failed."Y'know, if you want me to find you--Try giving someone a piece of your clothes or something to give me so that I can actually track you. Animal's can't magically track my instinct without the scent of another." Texted the male."Where was the last place you stood?" He added. Angelo tend to spam others by accident and have last-second thoughts but no one seemed to mind and he yawned.

    The male proceeded to slowly walk down the halls."Come with me." He invited looking over his shoulder at Lewis as he was trying to catch her scent. I mean, he knew her practically long enough to know that her scent never changed. Then he snapped his fingers and kept wriggling his finger as he pointed at the ceiling."Oh---She's smarter than I thought." Uttered Angelo rather amused as he un-pocketed his phone to review the text."Dog treats...Fresh. I can smell it now." smirked Angelo as he flicked his phone and put it back into the pockets of his sweats proceeding to walk down more rows and columns of the lockers as he was meeting Jules.

    "There you are missy--Didn't need your help. Smarter than I thought you were for a blondie." Grinned Angelo with a smirk of amusement as his words of sarcasm and shrewdness spewed out.

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  17. Diana S. Kureger

    Character Reference

    Hearing her name, Diana turned her attention away from the trinket and up, right at Mattie. Her expressionless face quickly melted into a smile as she nodded, "Hey Mattie, good morning," the redhead replied quietly, and a little more slower than she would've liked. Looking back, she probably was a little more tired than usual, "I'm fine, thanks," she chose to tell a small white lie. "how about you? Have you come to regale me with tales of how Terry woke you up this morning?" the redhead continued, with a sly smirk. The blonde often came running with expressive stories of how her sister pulled off 'irritating' pranks, or even 'ridiculous plottings'. It was something Diana had gotten used to as the year went by, hearing the blonde's troubles, and sometimes offering advice ... not that Diana offered anything concrete.

    The sisters seemed to have some sort of solid balance between them - even if they did pull all sorts of fights and arguments. Obviously, Diana wasn't given the whole story ... and she hadn't even met the sister for gods sake, but no one would deny that it was all pretty entertaining. To some degree.

    "Before you do so, though, mind telling me if it was Mischa who decided to be kind and helpful and share her ice with us?" The redhead asked sarcastically, taking the edge off of the biting remark with a raised eyebrow and crooked grin. "If not, I'll have to make a mysterious disappearance during first period to find and take care of the source of it," she added ominously - though she later reflected that she may have been a little serious about that.

    Waiting for Mattie's answer, Diana looked around once more, sweeping her eyes around the library and watching as people began to trickle out - though they were just replaced with more people coming in. Very odd, especially today. She'd just write herself off as lucky, having found the one place where it wasn't too crowded and gave a little more privacy than was necessary.


  18. Mattie Jensen
    Mattie couldn't help cracking a grin at the mention of how Terry woke her up, although she was still feeling a big indignant about it and promptly launched into, "She dragged me out of bed and left me on the floor of the bathroom! At least she left me my blanket this morning, but honestly! Oh, and she yelled at me first, of course. She came shrieking into my room and then dragged me out of bed and it was so unfair. And I'm going to get her back for it somehow later...and then after she did all that, she still left me behind even though we were going to walk up to school together! Not that it's really very far from the place we land through our portal, but still. I swear she plans these things deliberately every day." Mattie tossed her hair over her shoulder with a pretend sniff as if to say her sister was a barbarian, which she did jokingly say sometimes, although she never meant it--she was, in reality, very close with Terry, and she loved her sister dearly. Although she did make a habit of regaling her friend with Terry tales.

    Refocusing on the conversation at hand, she grinned at the thought of Mischa 'sharing' her ice with them all and making everything freezing. "Honestly, I'm not sure. Maybe the principal just forgot what heating is!" She rolled her eyes. "I mean, it's almost as cold inside school today as it is outside! There must be some new kid with uncontrolled freezing powers or something, I swear. But I'm pretty sure it's not Mischa...invite me along on this mysterious disappearance, okay? I want the heat back too. I miss it." She smiled, half-joking, although she really did want the heat to come back--it was freezing in the school today! Mattie couldn't help but grin at the thought of Terry, probably complaining about it herself. God, she and Terry were way too much alike sometimes...although this probably just came from the fact that both of them were used to not-freezing weather.

    ((@White -- Chocolate ))
  19. Julia Marie Huntington

    Julia silently tapped her shoes as she waited for Angelo. "Just whe--" before she can even finish her sentence, her phone started to go crazy as his text messages started to spam her inbox. She didn't even bother to read every single one of them because she knew that he'll find her eventually.

    "What is taking hi--" before she could even finish her sentence, a blonde joke was already thrown at her by no other than her pet dog, Angelo. Raising an eyebrow with her arms crossed, she smiled wickedly "Wow, guess I just have to throw these delicious crisp freshly baked doggy biscuits made out of the finest ingredients. Ahh, such a waste~" she teased, showing him one biscuit before crushing it to crumbs and throwing it in a nearby trash bin. "By the way, do you smell like dog pee?" she teased even more.

    Julia always find Angelo...charming. His sarcasm and his personality always makes her heart pound loudly, as if its about to explode any minute. She admits that she have a slight crush on him and she's trying her best to hide it but sometimes, it's just so hard to do so! His irresistable smirk always won her over! Calming her pounding heart, she looked at him and gave him the bag of treats "Anyway, here's the doggy treats. I was hoping that you could help me with the letters but never mind." she stated, picking up the letters scattered on the floor and stacking them neatly before stuffing it back to her locker. Sometimes, she thinks that she really is a dumb blonde, making him come to her so that she can see him using a petty reason. Grabbing her stuff, she closed her locker and smiled cutely at him "Sooo... can you change into a puppy so I can pet you? Please??~ Ooh! I also wanna walk you around campus with a leash~" she teased, fluttering her long eyelashes towards him as she showed him a pink collar and a leash.

  20. Zoe woke up to the smell of ham and eggs. Her stomach screamed with want and need, and she dragged herself out of bed. Instead of walking down the steps like a normal person, Zoe portal traveled (portal-ed) to the kitchen, grinning at her dad who was wearing a ridiculously frilly purple apron over his super suit, and cooking a spectacular breakfast.

    "Ah ah ah," He said mock sternly, wagging his finger in her face. "Brush your teeth yet?" Zoe pouted and shook her head. "Doing that right now!" She stated, and portal-ed her upper half into the bathroom and washing up. She returned to the kitchen and showed her dad her pearly whites. "Breakfast now, pwease?" She asked, giving him puppy dog eyes. Her dad laughed and slid her plate towards her.

    When she was finished with breakfast, she gave her dad a hug and a kiss before running upstairs to dress and then jumping into the school portal in her closet. She always wondered why the school had put the portal in her closet, and sometimes she wondered if some weirdo was watching her run around in her undies, but her father assured her that if someone were he would end their existence in a flash. Her dad was so freaking awesome.

    When she got to school, Zoe squealed inwardly. She was looking forward to everything the school had to offer. Not that being home schooled by her dad wasn't fun and all, but she missed having friends and there was only so much she could talk to her dad about.

    Striding into the school Zoe headed straight for her locker, she hoped she would be able to open it on the first try. If not she would just look at someone else's locker and use that as a reference to portal into hers. But she really didn't want to have to do that, it was hard decorating your locker if you can't even see in side and Zoe had brought a heck of a lot of locker ornaments.

    She stopped in front of her locker, and smiled at the blonde guy next to her. "Hi!" She greeted cheerfully and began to spin the dial on her locker. "To the right three times, then turn to the left--wait no, no--to the right?" She tried to pull her locker open but it held fast. She must have done it wrong. She tried again, spinning the lock to the right three times, then putting in her combination, "Left, right, right? Damn it!" Again her locker door wouldn't budge, and she was starting to get frustrated. "Right, left, right, left--DAMN IT I PASSED IT!" She seethed and tried again one last time and finally her locker popped open. She made a mental note to right down how she had done it.

    "And now for the decorations!" Zoe squealed, and reached into her bag only to find...Nothing. She had forgotten them at home! "...That's right I put the bag on my dresser!" She exclaimed and created a small portal in front of her, she stuck her hand in and reached into the black space for a minute or two before pulling a shopping bag filled to the brim with sparkly locker decorations out of it. She closed the portal and began slapping magnets and mini white boards all over the walls of her locker. She held the bag out to the guy next to her. "Want some? I think I brought to many, haha."

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