Sunrise on the Knyvettian Plain - A Steampunk Safari

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    Knyvettspointe Park in the Kingdom of Orhmere is a park like no other. Explorers from all over the world returned from the wilds of Africa and beyond, with stories of exotic animals that titillate and excite all hearers. But some of the hearers weren't content with remaining that way.

    Knyvettspointe Park was created to bring the wilds of Africa and Asia to the civility of Orhmere. For those who can afford it, the park offers a 1-3 day slow train excursion in the lap of luxury through a sprawling recreation of the African Sahara, the Asian Jungle, and the forests of the Great North. Guests can witness mechanical versions of the real animals engaging in accurate behaviour, including hunting, fighting, eating and sleeping. There are even 'hunting' trips, using specialised pellet guns to bring down prey by hitting and activating a specialised trigger that will 'kill' the prey for an hour.

    The animals were created by the best and brightest engineers of the time, and even ten years later, the animals and their programmed behaviours have yet to be matched.

    But on the tenth anniversary celebration of the park, something has gone wrong. Tragically wrong. Halfway through a celebratory run, the train was beseiged and derailed by the animals of the park, killing the game master and destroying the guns onboard.

    And now, the two top engineers from the project's beginning have been called back to lead a team into the park to rescue the safari party of Board Members and Dignitaries, and to find out what has gone wrong. And why.

    The Players:

    This RP will have two GMs, both Malkuthe Highwind and myself. We will play the characters leading the team.

    There will be five spots open on the team after the leaders.

    1. Muscle #1 (Dedtoo - APPROVED)
    2. Muscle #2 (Cerulean - APPROVED)
    3. Engineering Apprentice (Patchouli K. - APPROVED)
    4. Hunter (Shavynel - APPROVED)
    5. Train Engineer (RedWinter - APPROVED)

    This is a strictly Steampunk RP. All technology must be based on pure science and no magical elements allowed. Science can be made up, but it should still be believable. All characters will be approved before they can join the RP. Also, you will be expected to post a minimum of one post per week!

    Character Skeleton:

    Team Role:
    Appearance: [An image or detailed description is acceptable]
    Strengths/Expertise: How will you help the team to succeed? No superhuman abilities!
    Weaknesses: What might make things a bit more difficult to work with the team?
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    This looks cool! But erm ... what's the difference between the Muscle and the Hunters?
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    The hunters are specifically there for helping them to track and contain the animals like they would for live animals. The "muscle" is pretty much what it says. He's the strong man who will help the others with anything that is beyond their own physical capabilities. I may switch one of the hunters for another muscle man.

    EDIT: This will include moving incapacitated mechanisms, and the Muscle can use equipment to help them.
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    We have modified our 'hunting' approach, and so we have dispensed with the electrical specialist and have revamped the team member roles.
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    Name: Camilla Del Bosque

    Age: 35

    Team Role: Team Leader

    Equipment: Carries two doctor's bags. One with all the usual engineering tools, and another with more scientific equipment such as a travelling microscope, gloves, some glass tubes and flasks, and her notes. Also carries a small strongbox with chemicals she may need to use in the field.


    Biography: Camilla del Bosque's family are relative newcomers to the kingdom. Her family's money, resources and charm helped them to quickly establish themselves among the high class of Orhmere. Camilla hopes to make her own impression by developing fuel additives and other compounds to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of steam power. With super-heated steam and special sealants, boilers could be smaller, more powerful. Batteries and electricity so far are big, bulky, unreliable and notoriously inefficient. Steam was already proven, and only needed refining. Her family's coal mining and transport business supports her research, and also her explorations around the world to discover new materials and metals.

    She has been nicknamed 'Gatita del Bosque' (Kitten of the Forest) by her family, who equate her to the solitary jaguar. She prefers to be left to her work, but like a kitten, sometimes acts surprisingly playful and friendly. When she's in the mood of course.

    Naturally left-handed, her governesses and tutors forced her to learn to write with her right hand. Her own stubbornness not to be outdone, however, she can now write simultaneously with both hands. If she really concentrates, she can write in separate languages with each hand.

    She also plays the glass harmonica.

    Camilla was one of the primary engineers responsible for developing the animals in Knyvettespointe Park. Particularly, her work with boilers, and fuel additives made the concept of long-running mechanisms even possible. Unfortunately, her work with the Park came to a stormy and confusing end five years ago.

    Strengths/Expertise: Can recite the properties, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of all metals used in engineering and has created several sealants, coatings and fuel additives to make the most common more productive.

    Weaknesses: She has a fiery temper and has little patience or tolerance for foolishness. This causes lots of arguments and she has a hard time letting go or apologising.
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    Awesome. ^^ Two more questions:
    1) Are they taking a vehicle (so is large equipment allowed) or is everything stuff they carry themselves?
    2) Was all of the park staff killed? Or could it be possible for my character to be one of the park staff that perhaps wasn't on the trip that day?
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    Name: Mr. Gescheit

    Age: 50's (And doesn't he look good for his age!)

    Team Role: Train Engineering

    A tool box full of necessary equipment for train maintenance and more
    His trusty pipe and a tin of tobacco
    His awesome train hat
    A suitcase with some clothes and other odds and ends, many of them being small projects he has been working on

    Train Hat.jpg (Please look at the artist's work! Link should take you there. They deserve credit and recognition for the great work! Just look at that hat!)

    Mr. Gescheit is an inventor at heart. He loves playing with his gadgets and gears and is always coming up with new ideas. But he finds himself with a great fascination for trains. He even has a very extensive train model that he spends hours improving on. His hat is a special creation of his that the children just love. The train does run, but from time to time it makes the weight uneven and nearly tips it off his head.

    Mr. Gescheit has a German accent and sometimes slips between English and German when speaking.

    : Gescheit is intelligent, creative, strong willed, good with his hands and mind, and a skilled engineer and inventor.

    Weaknesses: He is stubborn, easily annoyed by stupidity, sometimes too blunt, and age has slown him down some in some aspects.

    Okay fixed it for the most part! Might change a thing or two here and there but here it is! And I hope the hat isn't to ridicules.

    The hat is awesome, just be warned that we'll be dealing with rogue animals, so we may not be able to preserve the sanctity of the hat...

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    1: Without giving too much away, the original plan is to go by a smaller, faster train, but you should be ready for any eventuality that may arise.

    2:The only characters we're allowing currently are team members. The bio may have him/her as being on staff, but they will still function strictly as part of the rescue team. The park is set up to run several trips at one time, so there are plenty more staff that would not have been on the lost train.
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    The Engineering apprentice wil be more a production engineer or a programming engineer, so will focus more on the animals in the park.

    Short Answer: No.
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    Woo~ Hope this is all right. ^^ Let me know if I should fix anything up.


    Name: Nellie Coulton
    Age: 31
    Team Role: Hunter

    - Steam Analyzer: Takes the form of a box. Can take a sample of air (in a vial) and condenses it by cooling (steam-powered fan). Once condensed, the sample can be analyzed with a built in microscope to determine whether or not there are extra particles due to a steam-powered mechanism. Also comes with a storage compartment for 5 vials.
    - Net Gun: uses compressed air to fire steel nets
    - Steel bolas
    - Cages
    - Compass
    - Ribbons and wooden pegs: to mark locations
    - Swiss knife
    - Binocular goggles

    Appearance: Nellie Coulton has ratty dirty blond hair that she keeps tucked in a bun under her helmet. She has tanned skin and stands rather tall. Her nose and cheeks are pointed and would draw stern, no-nonsense lines were it not for the fact she spent so much of her time smiling (less so, recently), but she also knows how to put those lines to use, often acting the serious hunter persona for her tour groups. She wears a tan dress with a white ruffled shirt underneath and a wide, leather buckle belt on which hangs much of her smaller equipment. A top her head she wears a safari helmet on which her binocular goggles rest when not in use. She also wears long leather gloves and tall, dark brown boots.

    Biography: Nellie felt as though she grew up in the wilderness. Her parents would often take her to the forests to hunt. At first, they only taught her how to track and handled the guns themselves, but eventually, they also introduced that aspect of hunting to her, too. As her parents got older and could no longer keep to the lifestyle, they moved toward the city and opened up a shop to sell hunting equipment. Nellie went to help at first, but when Knyvettspointe Park posted an opening for a hunter guide, she applied for and landed the job. She's made hunting her life, but the little pellet guns day in day out aren't what she was raised to do, so she has taken to acting different personas while guiding her groups. Sometimes she's a stern hunter, seemingly equally likely to turn her gun on her tour group as the animals. Sometimes she's acts just enough of a spaz, letting animals get a little close, just to give her tour group a thrill (and let themselves think they're better than her). But at the end of the day, she knows what she's doing.

    She's been married to a man named Garrett for quite some time now, and the two of them were just about to move back out near the wilderness where the real hunting can happen when she heard about the rescue team. She signed up without even consulting her husband which has put a slight strain in their marriage. Nellie, though, sticks by her choice since it's a necessary job, and the fact that it changes up her routine is definitely a plus. Not to mention, it would be a great way to wrap up her time at Knyvettspointe Park and why would she want to sit on the sidelines when she could be in the middle of the action?

    Strengths/Expertise: Nellie is good at tracking and navigation, and she's a fair shot.

    Weaknesses: She doesn't really plan ahead and often makes rash decisions. Sometimes will make needlessly dangerous decisions just to make things more adventurous.

  11. intrested in being one of the "Muscle men"
  12. Awesome :)
  13. I plan on becoming an engineering apprentice.
    However with Driver's Ed and an honors classroom, I might have to be working on it for a week.
  14. As long as you can keep up with the posting requirement of 1 post a week, I can give you plenty of time to finish up your character sheet. I still need one more muscle character and finished sheets from the other three as well, so you've got some time already.
  15. Name: Victor DeLoch

    Age: 32

    Team Role: Muscle

    Equipment: A pair of boxing gloves.
    A experimental set of steam-powered fists, made to increase the power of punches enough to smash through walls. (Still not fully tested.) Called "The Tiebreakers".
    A steam tank to power the fists. Back mounted, refillable and with a small boiler(slow).

    Appearance: Dark hair, a large mustache and sideburns. Slightly scarred face and a broken nose, both from beatings and experiments. Tall and well muscled. Mostly dresses in a dark green suit, with a darker overcoat and a matching top hat. When using his Tiebreakers he mostly just wears his pants and his undershirt, to not damage his clothes.

    Biography: Victor is a unprofessional pugilist, who does some experimentation on powering his punches with steam on his free time.
    As a child, he was violently bullied, and figured that standing up to the bullies was the best option. So he trained and got back on the bullies. He kept himself fit all through school, and when the time to get a job came, he decided to use his body. So he started boxing, or rather, the noble art of pugilism. He was moderately successful, never quite reaching the top, yet earning enough for a comfortable living. As he kept giving and receiving punches, he started having moments of what he thought of as pure brilliance. And in his free time, he started acting on these moments, and started experimenting on a set of steel fists, with mixed success.
    He decided to take a trip to the famous Knyvettspointe Park to try having another moment of brilliance, to hopefully get the Tiebreakers working.

    Strengths/Expertise: Strong, due to his pugilism background. Occasionally has moments of "pure brilliance".

    Weaknesses: Not very good at using weapons other than his fists. Easy to anger, and easy to get into a fight. Not the smartest man most of the time.

    So yeah. A boxer who also works on making himself a pair of big fists to punch things better :P

    (Great character! Approved!)
  16. I will be able to do that.
  17. Hey, thanks! ;3
    Can't wait to go around beating clockwork lions to death with my FISTS OF STEEL! :D
  18. actually you may have to take me off the list sorry not sure I'll have much time for it next week
  19. Aww, I'm sorry to hear that, Chronos!
  20. Name: Gabriele (Gab-rrree-yel-lee) Verrazzano<div style="float:right;margin-left:8pt;width:25%;height:25%;"><img src=></div>
    Age: 37
    Team Role: Team Leader

    He has a contraption strapped to his head with multiple lenses that magnifies his vision on multiple levels since he tinkers with the smallest things on mechanisms and needs it. He doesn't have the best eyesight and if he doesn't have it while working on anything mechanical, he is as blind as a bat.

    He has developed a mechanical "arm" that doesn't use steam, and is all pulleys and brakes. Its only use is carrying the third of his standard three packs and is worn as a backpack. It normally carries the second of his two toolboxes, but only the one that keeps the more crude tools.

    He has one compartmentalized pack that carries personal supplies, mainly fuel and rations just in case the supplies carried by the Muscles get compromised in one manner or another. He has two toolboxes, the one carried by his mechanical "arm" that keeps crude tools and a smaller one that houses specialized tools.

    Gabriele comes from an indistinguished family in the kingdom. They were never poor, nor were they ever living in the lap of luxury. They got by fairly comfortably, but seldom enjoyed the comforts of the rich. Regardless, Gabriele was ever an intelligent young boy and was quick to make a name for himself, fixing mechanisms for neighbours and anyone who knew him for cheaper than otherwise. It helped augment his family's income and was partly responsible for Gabriele's education.

    He was quick to find the ire of the other engineers who made their living on the same thing. The enemies he made were bitter about losing customers to a fledgeling boy, and brought their concerns before one of the minor courts. Fortunately for Gabriele, a certain Lord was quick to see the child's abilities and saved him, providing him with funds for an education, under the condition that Gabriele work for him.

    It just so happened that this lord would become part of the board that owned the safari, and because of his reputation, Gabriele was quick to be assigned to the lead engineering team. Over the next few months, Gabriele developed the system. He was the one that created the programming for the animals, but it was Camilla who made sure the animals could run the program indefinitely.

    An unfortunate turn of events five years past left Gabriele's relationship with the lord strained and caused him to leave the safari of his own volition.

    Incredibly intelligent and good at solving problems, there's a reason Gabriele was chosen as one of the lead programming engineers for the safari.

    He is forward-thinking and likes to prepare for most eventualities, which was why he incorporated a mechanic into the animals' programming that would allow them to be shut down in such a case. Unfortunately, it has yet to be seen if the system would actually work.

    He is level-headed, an essential trait in anyone who does a lot of problem-solving as a living. Programming steam technology can also be dangerous from time to time, and level-headedness lets someone do fewer mistakes.

    Forward-thinking is a double-edged blade. Gabriele always finds himself thinking of the worst case scenario first. Others would see it as foolish, and others would see it as being overly-cautious, but it is Gabriele's nature.

    He gets far too absorbed with what he's doing when he's dealing with work and ends up being oblivious to much of the outside world. In addition, he is extremely detail-oriented and often fails to see the larger picture.