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    ✫✫W E L C O M E ~ F R I E N D✫✫

    Allow me to start off by thank you for taking time out of your busy day to come and see this thread. Your a great person and you are amazing and don't you let anyone else tell you otherwise your sexy beast you. ʕ♡˙ᴥ˙♡ʔ

    Allow me to start off by giving a brief description of myself. My name is Alexia (please do feel free to call me Alex or Lexy ). I'm 19; almost 20 really. I've been roleplaying for quite some time. Approximately around 5 or so years. Through out those years I've experienced various types of roleplays, roleplay styles and experiments. I love the art of story telling! It's one of my favorite traits really. So, I do hope we can create some serious art here.

    Now for my preferences
    • I'm quite comfortable with playing Male or Female. Since I am a Female myself, I'd imagine that playing a Female is first nature to me. Haha.
    • I love Romance. It's always a lovely thing to have. As for pairings, well I'm comfortable with anything. MxM. FxF. MxF. I'm all over it!
    • I can post various lengths depending on my co's feelings towards it. Usually, I go paragraphs but I'm totally fine with going multiple.
    • I'm and adult. Your an adult. Were all adults. I think? Well, whatever.
    • I love making OC's for fandoms!
    • I suppose I prefer anime characters over human faceclaims.
    • I'd love yo communicate with you through out. I love making friends, so, it's only natural that I'd smoother you in love and dumb jokes. I'm good at that. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    • In the situation of multiple characters, I'm all in favor! The more, the merrier. What's a show without a cast?!
    • Activity is important but I know life can be complex. Just post when you can and don't feel as though you have to apologize for not posting every 2 seconds. Haha, its ok.

    ✫✫P A I R I N G S✫✫

    (✫=Current Craving)

    Hero x Villan
    Demon x Demon
    Creator x Creation
    Human x Alien
    Military Official x Experiment
    Foreign Exchange Student x Social Outcast
    Popular x Nerd
    Demon x Spirit

    Student x Secret Admirer
    Criminally Insane x Theropist
    Man x Mermaid/Woman x Merman
    Demon Exorcists
    Band Mates
    King x Queen
    Prince x Princess

    Celebrity x Fan
    Celebrity x Celebrity
    Celebrity x Bodyguard
    Academy Students
    Neko's/Wolves etc
    Celestial Beings
    Slice of Life's
    Detective x Spirit

    Mafia Boss x Mafia Boss
    Business Boy x Farmer Girl
    Knight x Royal
    Thief x Royal
    Hitman x Target
    Fantasy Adventure

    Pirate x Siren
    Angel x Demon
    Bounty Hunters

    And many more~

    ✫✫F A N D O M S✫✫
    One Piece


    Happy Tree Friends
    Over the Garden Wall


    Kingdom Hearts

    Death Note
    Corpse Party
    Card Captor Sakura

    Space Dandy
    Cowboy Bebop
    Steven Universe
    Adventure Time

    Eureka 7
    Jojo's Bizzare Adventure

    Until Dawn

    ✫✫P L O T S✫✫

    More to come Hehe....

    ✫The year is 3402 and space colonization is more than a familiar concept for humans. It has become so advance that every month a mecha tournament is held where all of the best mecha fighters are invited to join and fight for the entertainment of viewers all over the galaxy. From professional racers and military specialists to rich hunters and technological robots, anyone can compete as long as they have a mech and money to put up. For years, the winner has always been a powerful mech known only as THE_END. However, recently, a rag-tag team of two have began to rise above the ranks. A simple mecha driver and his/her mechanic. Together, they have defeated even the best but will they be strong enough to win the ultimate tournament and prize?

    ✫Detective (Insert name here) is one of the only known supernatural investigators within the city. He/She does what they do best. However, the detective is only able to take care of these cases due to the detectives sixth sense; conversion with spirits. Partnered with his/her deceased husband/wife, they investigate the ghosts of the recently murdered in order to find the culprit and bring the spirit to rest.

    ✫For years, the sea's have been a large and dangerous bounty that man have not been brave enough to venture into . (Insert characters name here) is an aspiring sailor who, on a voyage with their crew, is knocked overboard and into the raging waters. Certain of his/her death, they begin to black out only to find themselves on a small island. Apparently, they had been rescued by a mer-creature who offers to assist in the sailors return in exchange learning more of the human kind.

    Two competing gang leaders are fighting over control of Japan. Each day, it seems like some sort of gang activity takes place. The two bosses seem to have a "romantic" history together thus fueling their motivation to kill the other. Who will win the right to take over Japan? Who will be buried six feet under?

    Welcome to LETONA Online; a highly skilled interactive MMO which consists of a partnership battle system. Two characters (one trainer and only fighter) work together to dominate the arena. Trainers and fighters are randomly chosen and once the bond is made, they cannot change. How well will the two work together to take the number one spot?
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  2. Hello there. I'd Like to say Band Mates or Popular x Nerd is an interesting pairing I'd love to Roleplay with you. If you're up for it of course ^^.

    (Also I like how Lapis (or Bob) is your Avatar)
  3. Neato. Shall we shoot to pm to discuss?
    Also yes. Bob is my spirit animal.
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  4. Sounds good. I'll message you soon ^^.
  5. Okie dokie. I await your pizza.
  6. The mermaid plot has caught my attention! Is it still available? Please let me know.
  7. Yeah its open
  8. Send me a PM and we'll discuss :)
  9. If it's no trouble, could you send one? I'm kinda trying to get a new thing going here.
  10. =P I know we have just started a rp, but I would be keen on an Overwatch rp as well if you like? =3
  11. Woah i mean if your up for it sure. Don't be afraid to stop if it gets overwhelming
  12. it is fine with me ^-^ I have a craving for an Overwatch rp
  13. Oh ok sure. Shall we talk in pm?
  14. Yup ^-^ let's get it sorted out
  15. Alrighty. Are we going to a new one or are we using the other one?
  16. I have a plot that would work with a popular x nerd story.
  17. Hmm, i'm interested in to the fantasy adventure as well as SoL :)
  18. Alrighty. Just shoot me a pm and we can get started.
  19. I am most definitely interested in the Mafia Boss x Mafia Boss ^^
  20. Yeah violence! Wanna talk it over in pm?
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