Such is an odd living...

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But does he know about second breakfast?
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I like most. However, I have found I am most comfortable with Fantasy, Sci-fi, Fandom, and Modern.
"Order up, table 8, let's keep it moving Kennedy!" a voice bellowed.

The young man, of about 20 years, grabs the two plates. Thankfully, this would be the last serving that wasn't his. The couple seemed happy with their arrival of meat and potatoes.

Enjoy your meal, guys." He said with a nod.

With their nod, he slipped off into the kitchen.

Way to finish strong, my boy!" bellowed the voice again.

Thanks, Mr. Stone."

They exchanged a high-five. The sound of the clap could be barely heard outside. Every time Kennedy went for it, he regretted it. The man's hand felt like it was harder than his name. His hand turned red, from the force.

"Don't worry about dishes tonight. I can take care of it. It's the weekend after all." Mr. Stone declared.

Thanks, Mr. Stone."

With that, he clocked out. He wasn't as exhausted, as usual. The rain did help to calm him though. The beat of the sounds reminded him of a song. The name escaped him. His hands kept a grip on his check. It was his lifeforce. He loved the city, but when you live long enough, you realize that you can't always trust everyone. Everyone's face had something different. Some were busy, while others were almost to careless to walk. Not paying attention, the young man nearly runs into someone.

Sorry." He said quickly....
"Oi. Watch where you're going..." grumbled Krystal.

She quickly got up and held out her hand. From the look on her face, anyone could tell she had a long day. She stared at him with an unsympathetic look.

"Well you gonna get up or what?"
A common New Yorker. They blame you then help you, as if they pity you. Nevertheless, he got up on his own. He could see that she had a long day. So he didn't choose to press the issue. Instead, he decided to bring out his good side. The least he could do was not make a girl's day harder.

"It seems that we both made a mistake in pay attention. I apologize, anyways. You look like you had a rough day. Is there anything I can do?" he asked.

He offered a handshake.
She stared at his hand for a few seconds. Clearly she wasn't comfortable with approaching people. Sometimes when you live in a bustling city for too long, you don't have the opportunity to learn how to communicate with others. Not feeling any dangerous vibe from him, she decided to go with it.

After shaking his hand, she spoke with a softer tone of voice, "....The name's Krystal. You?"
Rich was actually surprised she shook his hand. Taken a moment, he began reaching for his check. His chubby, yet rather beefy, body shook a little. He signed, as it was still there. Noticing that her hand was slightly softer than his, he pulled his hand away. He didn't her getting the wrong idea, though she was rather good-looking. His mouth moves left and right, trying to find his words. He kind of looks away before slowly meeting her gaze,

"Uhh--My name is Richard Kennedy. Nice you meet you Krystal." he almost studdered out.

Krystal formed a soft smile without knowing. However, she quickly returned to her original state, feeling the awkwardness around them. She looked up at the dark thick clouds as the rain seemed to get heavier. She put her hand on her hip.

"Want to talk someplace else? Unless you want to get sick."
Kennedy grinned, his dimples showing. He almost never got sick. Though, seeing them both soak and wet, he listened to the better judgement. She seemed like a honest woman.

"Sure, did you have anyplace in mind.....Krystal?"
" bout that cafe over there?"

She pointed over to the rugged building. It wasn't exactly the best cafe in town, but it had to do for now. The lights shone through the windows. The music was barely heard from outside.

"I can't find any other open place."
"Sound good, c'mon then." He said quickly.

Without a second thought, he grabbed her hand, as they slipped into the cafe. The rain could be heard on the window. It was warm inside. The air was rather humid. Rich could feel a bit of sweat, on his brow, from the sudden temperature change. He unzips his coat, to air out his body. There were maybe 5 people, in the cafe. They were all male, in their late 20's. A elderly women calls out from in the kitchen.

What can I get ch'ya? You young people drink coffee?"

​He didn't even hear the question.

Krystal nudged Rich.

"The woman asked if you want coffee." She yelled back, "Yea, I'll take coffee."

She looked around the place. Landscape paintings hung from the bare walls. The crisp red color of the table was faded along with it's matching chairs. Fidgeting in her seat, she felt the stares of the men around her.
"Oh! Just a water, thank you." He said snapping out of it.

Comin' right up."

Rich sat down, looking around. He liked the faded, worn look. What didn't sit well, with him, were the stares. Every time he turned, they would look away. It was almost like a whack-a-mole game.

So...what is it that you do?" Rich asked her, politely.
"Ah I work at my friend's restaurant. I'm just a waitress there." She answered.

Behind them, she heard several of them whispering to one another. She bit her lip and suddenly stood up.

"Sorry...I'll be back in a few...just going to the bathroom."
He smiled. They had something in common. They both run food back and forth to people. Before Rich could answer, Krystal stood up.

Here, are your drinks. Enjoy." The elderly woman said, almost shaking.

She went back into the kitchen.

"Ok, I can hold down the fort." Rich declared.

The chatter behind him, was starting to bother him. The water looked like it had something in it. Looking through the water, he could see some words. They were blurry so he tipped the glass. It was written in purple marker. The words were as follows:

Help me! The man in my cafe are not customers. They work for Big Shannon.

Rich's eyes widen, as he coughs loudly.

Instead of going to the bathroom, Krystal decided to ask the elderly women about the men. She saw that in the woman's eyes lay fear. Something she wished to avoid, yet always encountered it.

The woman said, "Please help me...they aren't the normal ones here...Big Shannon.."

Who the heck was Big Shannon??, Krystal thought. It didn't matter to her at the moment. She made a small opening and observed the men. Tall and muscular...and guns. Lots of them. She burst through the door and hit one of them, making him fall to the ground.

The glass shatters, after it cracks a head. The elderly woman hides, but not her scream. Next, was a sholderblade break and a hard take down. Then, a bullet goes through Rich's arm. His yelp echoed, throughout the cafe. The body curled up in cover.

One of the men slung him over their shoulder before she could run to him. Couple of glances were exchanged between the men before the remaining ganged up on Krystal. They tied her hands behind her back. A loud crack was sounded as they whipped her.

"We know who you are...we know your secret."
The pain his arm was. excruciating. He could not see well without his glasses. His whole world seemed to be slipping away, as more blood got on his shirt. Hope started to fade, slowly. They found them. He didn't know her possible connection, but they had reasons for finding him. The sound of whippings began to enter his mind, Richard Brian Kennedy's life started flashing before his own blue eyes. Somehow, he was able to see his future. He also seen that this woman would be apart of it, if only for a little bit. After all that has happened, he refused to let it end like this. He let out a small growl. The man goes to slap him. Reacting quickly, he slaps he man's face with the bloody hand. This gave him an opening to use momentum to throw the goon through the wooden back door. Turning back to the others, his iris color slowly overtook his puplis and his temple area.

"I am gonna shove that whip in someplace nice and tight and use you as a feather duster. " he whispered.

He second to last man pulls out his gun. Rich's eyes lights up as a ray pushes him out the front window. The restaurant grew silent, excluding the cries of the old woman.

"Ready for the time of your life?. " he asked the final.

The goon smiles goes for a final whip, but is thwarted by a quick take down.
Krystal flinched as the man came crashing down. Of all people to do this, she'd never expect him to do so. Then again, she had just met him. The men's yelp of pain rang in her ears. She looked up and almost all of the men lie face first on the tiled flooring.

She exclaimed, "...Wasn't there five of them?" Krystal looked back and forth, yet that last one wasn't found.
Rich looks around them. He counted the 3 laying on the floor. Kneeling, he unties Krystal's bounds. The wounds greatly upset him. His pride allows him to hide the emotion, as the elderly woman comes into the dinning area.

"I am not concerned for them. Are you okay? " he asked sincerely looking at Krystal's whip wounds.

Her skin looked a little irritated from the the impact.

Yes, I am fine. I am old but not THAT fragile. Time to call the police." she proudly declared, picking up the phone.

He smirks not taking his eyes off of Krystal. She just met him and she was already in harm's way. This upset him more. Helping Krystal into a chair, he goes to the broken front window.


Going to the broken back door, he looks into the doorway.

....still four...crap." he whispered.

The phone call ended. Krystal looked up at Rich. From his countanance, she could tell he seemed rather bothered.

"Yo. Something the matter?"

No answer. This time, she got up and managed to hit his head, dispite her injuries.