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    Hey Everyone! F0X here with another game to chat about!!

    Right now I have been playing Street Fighter V, and I have been loving it! I am honestly really rusty, but its still great to play the game once more! From my experience so far, the game is very, very sharp with great executions that keep the game at a rather intense pace. The game is a bit more clean compared to SFIV, which sends it back to a much older Street Fighter feel. However, its not quite a fast paced Street Fighter when compared to Street Fighter 3rd Strike.

    So, what is your experience with Street Fighter, or other fighting games in general? Want someone to train and practice with? Message me and I can exchange info with you! I'd be happy to have a friend to spar with now and then!
  2. I'll be honest, characters like Necalli and redesigns like M-Bison's makes me want get back into the Street Fighter scene. I do like how despite the game not coming with everything at launch, everything they are adding into it is going to be free and unlockable.

    I just hope they add in Q cus that guy was my main and he's a downright badass.
  3. My last time playing Street Fighter was on Snes. I saw footage from SFV, it looks decent but I heard there is lack of a story presently, that one comes in June.
  4. Not really into Street Fighter (especially because of Crapcom's bullshit lately) but I might give it a try again assuming they don't pull the same shit they did with SFIV. I prefer 3D fighters like DOA and Soul Calibur
  5. I must say I have really been enjoying this Street Fighter, a bit more then IV even!
  6. Not going to lie. I could never get the hang of Street Fighter. The realistic style it was supposed to actually have might have had me pick up the game purely for aesthetics, but I think I'll stick to 3rd Strike.

    For whatever reason the 3dx2d thing hurts my head.
  7. I think they've pretty much said there's not going to be DLC, no glorified Update, but free updates that gradually add things in and to give you a chance to unlock them.
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  8. I'm not gonna complain about that but since they have such a shitty track record with DLC, people are rightfully pissed because Crapcom released an unfinished game and underdelivered. A lot of people don't trust them anymore. I know I fucking don't. They EXPECT bad practices from them.

    I've actually seen idiots compare this to Splatoon and I'm like Uhhhhh no you stupid fuck Nintendo stated that Splatoon would be released like it was from the very beginning and stated outright that more content would be added via free updates. We KNEW it was coming. Plus Nintendo is one of the few companies that can do DLC right (Amiibo not withstanding).

    With SFV, Crapcom tricked us and gave us hope for a finished SF game without all of the re-releases and shit. Looks like we were wrong.
  9. Well, I'd say the game right now is focusing on the competitive side more than the non-competitive. The mechanics from what I've read, seen and been told is that it's super solid and great. I'll post this video since this explains this mostly more than me.

    And let's not really bring Nintendo into this, since sure, they do kinda good with DLC I guess? but they aren't angels by a long stretch :p.
  10. I'm not very competitive (except maybe in DOA) mainly because the FGC is an absolute shitfest and EXTREMELY biased.

    No company is angelic. No shit Sherlock. Just look at Konami!
  11. I mean, many gaming communities are a blend of really good and really bad. I have been to some really big name fighting tournaments and watch as many on twitch as I can. I don't think the community is as toxic as something like LoL. Fighting games are very much about honing your still to be the best you can be, and that is all there is too it. Sure knowing a meta helps but at the end of the day you have to hone your mechanics and get as good as possible in order to do well!
  12. Yes true and I'm kinda in the DOA community which is pretty nice. But I really cannot stand the FGC as a whole sometimes. One thing I can't stand is that there are little to no 3D fighters in the FGC. Other than DOA and Tekken (which I consider 2.5), there are none at all. Virtua Fighter is most likely dead sadly :(
  13. How is it that just because there are less of a genre it makes the community bad? 0.0
  14. Because it makes the community biased towards said 3D fighters. ESPECIALLY DOA! If I hear one more fucking person bitch and whine about the fanservice, I'm gonna explode!! I want an even number of 2D and 3D fighters so no one will be left out.
  15. Well, DOA is very much about fan service, but so are nearly all fighting games. However, 3D fighting games has lost popularity due to them not selling as well over the past 10 years, and them not doing well in the E-Sport scene. Not everything in the world is equal and fair sadly, and a company isn't going to keep making a product that doesn't sell well. =/
  16. I call BS because Tekken is 3D and is the best-selling fighting game franchise of all time. So no 3D games have NOT lost popularity. E-Sports is just a pile of shit. Especially EVO. Also people are being hypocrites about DOA to the point where certain costumes are being banned from tournaments but yet they don't do that for Tekken, Street Fighter, or Mortal Kombat.

    Actually yes a company will keep making a product that doesn't sell well. PlatinumGames anyone? Not every company has AAA standards in terms of sales.
  17. Soulcalibur V (2012): PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
    Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune 2016-03
    2011 Tekken Tag Tournament 2
    Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown – Arcade (2010), Xbox 360 (2012), PlayStation 3 (2012)

    I wasn't sure if you counted Smash here, but we haven't seen a whole lot of 3d fighting games recently. Tekken 7 is supposed to come out soon, though its the first game on console to come out since 2011. And, in all reality, Streetfighter dominates the 2d fighting game scene. Like, there isn't another one besides SkullGirls, but that isn't even close to the same level. Capcom is very successful with Streetfighter, but that doesn't mean there is a huge influx of 2d vs 3d fighting games. You see SF more because its successful. That still doesn't mean that 3d fighting games aren't out there.
  18. Street Fighter only dominates it because it's the oldest in the 2D genre (and because of SFII) and Crapcom is only successful with it because of longtime fans (and fanboys). That still doesn't excuse the fact that Crapcom has screwed up every single IP they own and SF is one of them. Their DLC practices and the BS they pulled with SFIV proves my point. They haven't changed not one bit and I see no signs of improvement. Also Crapcom pays people to get SF in tournaments. Shady anyone?

    Namco might make SC6 (otherwise they wouldn't have done that character poll on FB. Not to mention their recent projects with SC have all flopped and they finally realize we want a REAL SC game!) and SEGA is having financial issues which is why we haven't seen VF in so long.

    My point is this: Until I see Dead or Alive and other fighters that aren't SF, Tekken, or Smash being represented properly at events like EVO (Yes they can do that. They just don't want to because of how stupid they are.), I refuse to take the FGC and E-Sports seriously and they have no excuses whatsoever. Screw popularity and screw sales. Put fighters in that people are requesting and get rid of games that people don't like anymore (SSB Melee I'm looking at you!). They're only going after what's popular just to stay relevant. They're bandwagoners and I hate them with a passion.
  19. I think you forget the fact that E-Sports is very much about making money. They are always going to promote what is most popular and most relevant. If the other games start getting more player investment than the other games, that is what will show up! But, until then, the most popular games will continue to be played at major tournaments again and again.
  20. And that's the problem. The minute companies start caring about money, quality is lost and they become greedy bastards, not giving a rat's ass about consumers. Look at EA and Activision. Which do you want: quality or quantity? I want quality. Dead or Alive IS relevant and TN is still supporting DOA5: LR which isn't even that old and yes it sells. E-Sports just doesn't want to show it because they're stupid, biased, and don't like fanservice. This is why people don't like the competitive scene and the FGC as a whole. See my point now? Fuck money and quantity. Quality is what's important and without that, E-Sports is worthless.
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