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  1. Stray Dogs Created by @DyingWillFlame, @Vin and @Skye Range

    Before the world was old enough to grasp 'truth'
    Monsters ruled the world of Man.

    Justice was born in a single being,
    called Human.

    This Human wanted Monsters an Man to unite,
    Yet the world was too young to know harmony.
    Thus the human did the unthinkable,
    he created Unity.
    Man and Monster.

    But alas it was still not enough,
    Some wished to rule man still.
    Man wished to destroy the ones who ruled them.
    Human had one final plan.....

    Together in Unity they would protect Man and Monster.
    Harmony would be born through a divided line.
    Monsters would no longer rule,
    Man would no longer slay.

    Unity would become Protectors.
    Unity would create Law, Order, and Peace.

    Now the year reigns the age of 2016 , E.D.

    Man and Monster live as one within the world, yet some still wish to cling to the old ways of the past. Some wish that humans would become food, slaves or game once more; and man wished to hunt those that should be hunted, mounted and beheaded.

    In this age,
    Monsters still spill the blood of Man.

    In this age,
    Man still hunt the monsters and carve the flesh as trophies.

    the Unity still holds and teaches Law, Order and Peace in an Organization Known as : Stray Dogs.

    A special group of young children, teenagers and or adult who strive to protect those that have done wrong within the city of Astral. They take cases that not even man nor monster could handle, members born with unearthly abilities that transcends understanding. Unwanted Stray Dogs by society and government alike.


    No, Over powered abilities.
    • All, Abilities must have side effects.
    • You can only have two abilities max.
    • Example : Earth + Fire
    • Wind + Telepath
    • Levetation + Combustion

    ----------- Act 1 | Shall We Begin?-------------
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  2. Milo hated waiting.
    He hated more than being a good for nothing orphan the most. Yet, their was nothing he could do about it now as his hands stroked the ram horn protruding out of his brown curly locks that famed his long face. Change was the one thing he never wanted to happen to him, at least drastic kind of changes that made no-sense to begin with and for a moment he had almost forgotten the events leading up to him being thrown out of the only home he had ever known.

    Blinking away the memories, Milo tired his best to smooth out the wrinkled edges of his favorite hoodie, ignoring the soft ticking of the chiming clock up ahead. The tapping for the secretaries keys as she typed up his paper work ( in fact what little he had to offer to begin with. ) and the other two kids who sat on either side of him. Nothing seemed to ease his itching nerves, as he swallowed the ever growing lump in his throat and suddenly his glasses began to fog up once more, the run temperature rose with each as he fumbled to clean them with his now damp jacket.

    "Try to relax, Milo." the secretaries smooth words rang out to him in a song like manner. "You don't have to worry anymore. You have a home here with us Stray Dogs."

    She flashed a perfectly pearl white movie star smile, neatly manicured fingers folded together as they rested on a folder before her as a single strand of curly hair invaded her heart shaped face. The room temperature suddenly returned to normal, her eyes startling lilac gazed seemed to burn within his soul as he fumbled for a few simple words.

    "Now, give Solomon another hour to finish up his job for the team. After all he is a busy man-" she paused mid-sentence as her gentle gaze rested on someone else in room.

    "Try not to break that lovely picture frame dear. It's not everyday the group is all together in a single photo."

    Milo rested his attention to a young girl around the age of sixteen years old, she fumbled to hold on to the frame with her delicate fingers before placing the picture back onto the bookshelf across the room.

    He hadn't heard her get up from the worn out chair beside him at all.
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  3. "Sorry." Emiko murmured softly as she sat back down into the worn out chair.

    "It's quite alright dear." the secretary smiled softly at Emiko.

    Emiko nodded slightly as she went back to being silent, twirling a strand of her long black hair around her finger. Her icy blue eyes stared anywhere but at the secretary, and the two people side of her. It wasn't that she was shy, she just generally had a rough time communicating properly with people. She was always shunned as a child because she was different. The other kids would pick on her, pull her hair, even beat her up. Anything to make her feel even more isolated than she already did, and it always worked.

    Emiko stroked her furry ears gently as a way to keep herself calm and not get worked up over past memories. Once she was calmed down once again, she tugged on her long sleeves, making sure her arms were fully covered. Once satisfied she finally stopped fidgeting around and just looked down at her converse sneakers, which were barely visible from her dark blue jeans. She eventually started playing with the tail of her hot pink long sleeved shirt, which was obviously a couple of sizes to big for her otherwise slender frame.

    She tried to just act natural, which was hard since what she learned about "acting natural" came from people watching. Eventually she stood from the worn out chair, and went back to the bookshelves. Looking at all the books that were shelved, while being careful not to touch anything.
  4. *tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap*

    The sound of his own foot nervously tapping uncontrollably was all Vincent could hear as he stared at the ground with his body hunched over and his arms resting on his legs. And the fact that he was wearing a gothic boot sure didn't make it seem quieter. It was as if he was in a trance and all he could hear was his foot, and his own thoughts:

    "What am I doing? Why did this happen to me? Why can't I wake up from this obvious nightmare?"

    These and several other questions raced through his mind as he started to bite his lower lip and kept looking at the ground with the hood of his black jacket pulled up to cover his entire head. He didn't even want to look at another person right now. And so he just sat there, motionless, except for his constantly tapping foot.

    Even after several moments of waiting he still never once moved from his seat and constantly questioned his situation in his mind:

    "I just want to be erased from existence, to fade away into complete nothingness, is that too much to ask? Why can't I just be left alone? Why do I have to be here? Why can't everything just STOP?!"

    It was then that a large strand of dark purple hair, longer than you would expect for a male to have, fell from the inside of his hood and into his line of sight, at which point he grit his teeth as he mumbled: "AND WHY PURPLE!?! Does that even make sense!?"
  5. Purple hair, Milo thought as the lanky teenager on his right tucked the strained where it finally belonged.

    Milo could still hear the rhythm of his combat boots. The rap-tap-tapping wasn't helping anyone as he adjusted the luggage before him. The only belongings he had left that consisted of worn out second hand clothing, a dozen comics and a mentor from his parents before their face became a hazy unrecognized blobs.

    Blinking away the wet tears as left side door flew open to reveal a team of four strangers around their mid-thirties. The first one to enter the room was a tall man at least six- foot-three, with striking skin the color of a clear cloudless morning. His cotton colored hair smoothed back that resembled a style from the mafia, his slender index finger scratched the near goatee that rested on his face.

    An elegant silk Kimono framed his body, the front parting slightly to reveal a well-constructed chest hard with muscle. A lazy right arm rested between the flaps while his left seem content within its proper place. Left hand firmly gripping the dark crimson embroded band that held most of the Kimono in place, as a elegantly designed dragon swam up the right side. Stitched together in such a way that when he shifted slightly it seemed to move.

    The light taping of his wooden saddles came to a halt in front of Milo. Golden hawk eyes studied startled faces of the children spread out before him a he left out a yawn revealing sharp jagged teeth. Milo spotted a pair of slender gills just above his shoulder blades. "You smell old, boy." He blurted out, a thick European accent rolling off his forked tounge.

    "It has been a long time since I've smelled someone of your....kind." His gaze shifted over to the teen next edition to Milo.

    "Yet, this one smells of something, else entirely. "

    The hooded teenager seemed to stiffen, under the predatory gaze of the man before him. "Yeah, this one will be yours Elfren. He smells just like you....just like death."

    The one adressed Elfren just sniffed, covered in a dark mahogany cloak. The hem tattered as if he ran through a feild of razor blades. Bandages hung loose around his neck and wrist, as a breathy sigh escaped his lips. Bloodshot eyes focused on nothing in particular for a few seconds longer until his gaze rested on the boy the man addressed.

    " I hate children, " He answered between painful coughs.

    "Elf, you hate everything that doesn't intreast you." Answered a women, her golden curls framed her heart shaped face. Her large doe eyes focused on the girl towards the bookshelf for a few seconds, before she smoothed out the wrinkles in her Victoria dress.

    "Why do you insist on giving him any kind of asignment. Dazai, you know he's just going to avoid any type of contact until the next briefing."

    Elfren wasted no time sliding out of the room, his bare feet barely making any kind of sound. Leaving the elegantly dressed beauty, a questionable canine companion and the Kimono blue colored entiminator.

    " Elfren, needs to expand his friends list. Besides I don't have the patience to train something so unstable. Plus Adelita has one more day before she can shift back into her Orginal form, Seamus."

    "Leaving me with the hurricane then Simon. " the women adressed Seamus purred, her heels clicking against the hard wooden floor as she headed towards the door. Her gaze resting on the girl with dark hair for a few seconds as she sized her up before turning back to Simon.

    "You know I had difficult challenges. The girl is just filled with hidden potential even I don't think she is even aware of. "

    "Didn't you complain just a few months ago about a challenge?"

    "Sometimes I wish your memories was a bad as Elfren."

    Without another word Seamus exited the room leaving Simon and a lump of fur huddled near the crackling fire place to deal with the guests.

    "Welcome to the Agency Stray Dogs. Today begins the start of your new lives," He paused as the Secretary stood soothing out her dark navy blue pencil skirt. She handed each of them a deep purple folder, on the front rested a sheI'll with the letters : S.D engraved on the front.

    "Mrs. White will be showing you to your assigned room. Dinner will be in the next four hours which gives you enough time to unpack your bags, read the manual, look over your class schedule and prepare yourself for what is to come. "

    " Come along now children, Milo collect your bags dear. "

    Milo wasted no time as he exited the room, Simon beastly gaze burned until his back until Mrs. White finally closed the door behind him.

    "Now then shall we start the tour?"

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  6. Emiko quickly grabbed her backpack, and exited out the door, eyes on the floor. Her black hair fell over her shoulders, covering each side of her face.

    "Here you go Emiko dear. This will be your room." Emiko glanced up from the floor to see the dorm number on the door so she could remember it later. Once she did that she effortlessly slipped by Mrs. White, giving her a nod of thanks before disappearing behind the dark wooden door.

    Once inside Emiko glanced around at the white walls. There was a closet on her right, along with a dresser with a mirror sitting beside it. Directly in front of Emiko, sitting in front of the only window in the room, was a desk with a chair neatly tucked underneath it. Beside the desk rested a small little nightstand, big enough to place an alarm clock and a couple of small personal items. The single bed was situated against the wall with plain light blue sheets on the bed.

    Emiko walked over to the bed, placing her backpack down and sitting. She let out a soft sigh as she opened her backpack and took out the few clothes she had, arranging them on the bed. She then took out a black leather bound book that she kept with her at all times. Feeling the leather underneath her finger tips made her smile softly as she walked over to the desk and placed it down in the middle. She then walked back over to her bag and took out an old looking stuffed bear that had obviously been stitched back together by someone who was just learning to sew. She placed it on her pillows then closed her bag, hanging it on the bed post.

    After placing her clothes away in the dresser, Emiko sat back on the bed, glancing down at the deep purple folder that lay forgotten beside her. She kicked her shoes off and moved so her back was against the wall behind her. Emiko then opened the folder and took out all the papers that were in there, setting her class schedule to the side, and reading over them.
  7. Vincent continued to stare at the floor, he was so fixated on his out of control thoughts that he didn't even acknowledge the group of adults and their canine companion when they entered the room. But he knew they were there, and he heard them speak, yet he still never bothered to even look at them.

    "Yet, this one smells of something, else entirely."

    When Vincent heard those words his brown eyes widened as big as they could.

    "He smells just like you...Just like death."

    A drop of sweat creeped down Vincent's lightly tanned face as those words sent him even deeper into despair.

    "Wh-what is that supposed mean?" Vincent thought to himself as he grit his teeth, desperately trying not to freak out.

    Shortly after, the secretary, Mrs. White, handed each of the teenagers a purple folder. And when she stood in front of Vincent, he only moved his arm to grab the folder, then rested his arm back on his leg. Even in his depression, he was never the type to be disrespectful.

    It was than that Mrs. White started to escort the teenagers out. Milo left first and Emiko followed shortly after. But Vincent couldn't even bear the will to stand himself up from the chair.

    "You coming?" The man named Simon called out, receiving no response from the boy covered in black.

    Simon rubbed the back of his head and told himself aloud: "So this one's gonna be like this huh?" Then looked towards the door and shouted: "Hey Elfren! You maybe wanna come in here and get your new prodigé?!"

    "Nope!" Elfren replied, not even bothering to step back inside.

    Just then Seamus annonces out from outside the room: "I don't know why you're bothering! We all know he's gonna do next to nothing and Adelita's just gonna have to take over! She might even have to do extra work since he'll be so behind?"

    "Well be that as it may, we don't exactly have any other options! Niether you nor I can handle two at once by ourselves and Adelita's in no position to do any teaching. I mean honestly what do you expect her to say? "woof woof bark bark" Then suddenly he's an expert?! I doubt that!"

    As Simon and Seamus argued the canine, Adelita, walked over to Vincent's side and pressed her nose on his leg. Trying to get his attention, she kept on until finally he muttered: "Go away."

    Adelita stopped and stared at Vincent for a second but he didn't get up so she just started again. After a while Vincent waved his hand at her face and told her: "Knock it off. Shoo."

    But once Vincent's arm was back on his leg, she simply started again, this time with some slight wimpering, as if actually asking him to get up. But Vincent just removed his arm from his leg and spoke louder, this time loud enough for Simon's to notice. "Leave me alone. Go away you wierd dog...wolf...whatever."

    But Adelita just kept up her actions, escalating from pushing with her nose to pushing with her head. At which point Vincent made his first audible sound since he came here, screaming: "I SAID GET AWAY!!!" As he lifts his fist across his chest and swings it only a mere inch before stopping himself.

    Vincent stared at the dog and she just sat there staring back at him, not worried about being hit. Not because she was strong, but because she knew he was kind.

    Vincent stared at his hand and asked himself: "What am i doing? Was i really just about to hit a dog?" Vincent turned his gaze towards Adelita, then began petting her as told her: "I'm sorry doggie. I didn't mean to yell at you. It's not your fault. I just want to go home."

    Adelita sat there and joyfully closes her eyes as she was being petted, wagging her tail left and right. Unbeknownst to them that Simon was currently unclenching his fist and a skid mark had appeared on the floor for over a foot, starting at the tip of his sandals. And he said to himself: "Adelita's a good judge of character. I however am not so trusting."

    "You know your fur is really beautiful."
    Vincent told Adelita who looked to her side and made a slight sound, almost like she was blushing. Afterwards Vincent stood up and left the room with the others.

    After arriving at his room Vincent's depression resurfaced so fast that it hit him like a brick and he immiedietly faceplanted into his bed, not even bothering to examine the room.

    After a few seconds of silence Vincent grabbed the nearest pillow and screamed his lungs out into it. He didn't want anyone to here him he just wanted to be alone. Then after a few more seconds he looked over and saw the purple folder he had gotten from Mrs. White lying right next to him and simply said: "Might as well." As he checked the contents.
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  8. No one uttered a single word within the confines of the empty room, breakfast was over now and a new day of the beginning of his life was starting at this moment. Already, Milo began to fumble with the student manual that rested in front of him; unsure of what was going to take place. Elfren seemed to be focused on nothing in particular as a large bear-ish dog thing rested just inched in front his feet. Finally a women bursted through the door dressed in a cream colored blouse, a tight fitted long midnight blue pencil skirt that exposed her curvy figure. Her large doe eyes scanned the room and focused on each of their tired faces, until she rested on the young lady that sat next to him. Her ruby red lips formed into a smile before she turned her attention to Elfren, lazily sitting on the desk staring at nothing in particular.

    " I am assuming you all have a pile of questions. Why am I here? What is this place? Why can't I go home?" she sang, her European accent rolling off her tonged. " The answer : You don't belong among society. "

    You don't belong among society, Her words sunk into his brain as his left hand subconsciously began to run one of his goat horns. It was already obvious to begin with considering he work up one morning with horns sticking out his head, scaring his two foster brothers half to death. He could remember the look on their faces clearly : Fear, Despair, Confusion. Yet, the answers never came. Answers that could explain what was actually happening to him and now this guest was about to explain.

    " Everything that is happening to you isn't an unstable DNA imbalance, Someone in your gene pool was a monster of some breed-"

    She began passing out a textbook with the same crest as the folder upstairs in his room, he opened the crisp pages and could already smell the new book stench. Growing excited, Milo jumped ahead to the first few pages and read the first chapter : [BCOLOR=#000000] How Everything Began[/BCOLOR].

    " Today, you will learn about the history of this Organization. Because this isn't a school, but a training facility for people like us that don't have a place to call home. This place will guide you to a new path, where outside these metal gates are people who need our help-"

    " Are you saying were a training to be a police force? Don't we have police already." Emiko spoke her voice barely a muffled tone as her face turned a scarlet red. Milo focused on the girl with the midnight colored hair as she tugged on the folds of her platted skirt with chipped fingernails. " No," Elfren spoke harshly causing Emiko to jump in her seat. " Were a lot more important than the average salary police force. Our job is to fulfill the tasked no normal task force can achieve, that goes for the F.B.I , C.I.A, and Home Land Security. We, Stray Dog protect and put order into the world that ordinary citizens can't handle."

    " In other words we take down the extremely hostile enemies that could destroy the city or any city as a whole." Milo soaked everything in for a few moments as he stared at his hands, his brain began to move on over drive until finally the words tumbled out of his mouth before he could stop himself.

    "So, since society doesn't know what to do with creatures like us," Milo swallowed the lump in his throat. " This place was created to confined us freaks into a task force to protect those that want nothing to do with us as a whole?"

    Neither of them said anything for a few moments until Elfren laughed, his laughter echoed throughout the room and caused Milo's anger to swell down until it was nothing more than a speck on a blank canvas. " Would you rather be hunted instead boy,"

    Hunted, Milo repeated slowly. " I guess being hunted wouldn't be a rational decision at his point, it still doesn't explain the fact of what we are. Why are we the way we are to begin, with and what does this Agency offer besides us risking out lives for the common man and monster."

    Elfren sat up straighter now, both hands planted firmly on the desk as he glanced over at the surprised face of his comrade. " Seamus try not to blab to Simon about this. I don't want him to think this kid has sparked my interest or anything, its been a while since anyone has ever given me made me speak for this long-" He then began to coughed, the force causing his body to shake before his attention retuned to the small bound man before him.

    " Where considered a new type of breed, in your case kid, You were once an extinct breed. " He then turned his gaze to the young lady next to him, " Your kind is a mystery all in on itself," then he rested on the gothic kid, his lips parted into a thin line. "And we....share something else entirely."

    " All in all, most of us are from a long ancient-line just now resurfacing for the first time in the last five hundread years." Seamus interrupted, trying to lighten the attomsphere slightly she opened up her textbook to the pace Milo was on.
    " Now, Lets begin with our history. When the first human confronted a monster. "
  9. Emiko listened intently to the conversation that was being held. She had a few things she wanted to say, but the way Elfren had answered her earlier question left her to scared to speak. Though, when Milo had mentioned the place containing the freaks, she smirked. She knew she was a freak. Hell, everyone in her life made a point to spell it out to her. In fact, when she was little, she had a beautiful fluffy silver tail. It was the color of the moon, but slightly darker, and it was Emiko's pride. She loved stroking her tail. One day, someone set her tail on fire. Emiko was in extreme pain for several months, before the pain was tolerable. She still has her tail, but it's scarred and partially bald. She hates it now, but she can't hide it all the time, so mostly she keeps it wrapped around her waist, like a belt.

    Emiko had to blink away the tears in her eyes. The memories of that time was to painful to bear. How anyone could be so cruel as to take away a persons pride and joy she will not understand. Then again, she generally hates children, since she can't even begin to comprehend how they can be so cruel as to harass, bully, and practically torture another kid that's the same age. Emiko let out a sigh that was barely audible.

    "I hate children." Emiko's face turned the brightest red possible once she realized she said that out loud. Her immediate reaction was to lower her eyes to her lap, and cover her head, as if afraid to be beaten. She started shaking slightly, her eyes clenched closed, waiting for a blow of some kind.

    After a while Emiko removed her arms, and peeked up. Once she realized no one was going to hurt her for speaking out of term she looked around. "I'm sorry." she murmured softly avoiding direct eye contact with Elfren and the woman with the European accent.

    "Hm." Elfren made a simple noise in response.
    "No need to apologize. Just try to take care next time." the lady nodded her head slightly at Emiko, who nodded back, sinking down into her chair as her face turned scarlet once again.

    She had managed to calm down, but she was still shaking a bit, unable to stop herself. After a few seconds she closed her eyes, and focused intently on listening as they continued on with teaching the class. Hey silver ears twitched slightly as she concentrated on every word they had to say, trying anything to keep herself from going into full panic mode.

    Emiko had to learn really quick how to keep from going into full panic mode. Once, she made the mistake of panicking in front of her tormentors as a child, and they harassed her even more. After a while Emiko learned that if she just trained herself to listen to one thing, weather it be someone talking down the hall, or a teacher giving a lesson, she could stop herself from panicking, and thus minimize the amount her tormentors could do to hurt her even more than they already did. The trick worked every time.
  10. Vincent sat in his desk, one of three, occupied by the other two teenagers from yesterday, in an otherwise empty classroom. Those and a teacher's desk that Elfren sat in, uninterested in the teens and sitting in the chair beside the same canine companion from yesterday. Vincent sat in his chair, with his hood up just like before, and stared at his desk. The room was dead silent, until that silence was broken by the sound of Seamus bursting through the room's door, actually dressed like a teacher and walking with an out of place upbeat attitude, shouting: [BCOLOR=#000000]"ALRIGHT WHO'S READY FOR CLASS!?!"[/BCOLOR] To which no one responded but nevertheless she acted as if they did, answering to the nothingness: "GOOD!!!"

    Milo and Emiko stared at her, confused, as she sat on Elfren's desk. "I am assuming you all have a pile of questions. Why am I here? What is this place? Why can't I go home?" she sang, her European accent rolling off her tonged.

    "Understatement." Vincent answered under his breath.

    "The answer: You don't belong among society."

    Vincent clenched his fist as he heard those words. To him, hearing those words was a conformation that all of his self-doubt and self-loathing was correct, and in that single second, any small amount of self-worth he had left in the back of his mind, was completely destroyed.

    "Everything that is happening to you isn't an unstable DNA imbalance, Someone in your gene pool was a monster of some breed-"

    After these words Seamus handed out textbooks to the three of them. Emiko waited to be instructed while Milo wasted no time to open up and find the first chapter after all the Table of Contents. But once she gave Vincent his book she immediately stopped in her tracks and examined Vincent, announcing: "You know what? Sorry hoodie, I know you're a little upset and all but--" then without warning yanked his hood off of his head, revealing his dark purple hair that reached down past his shoulders and his lightly tanned skin.

    Instantly Vincent covered his head with his arms, shouting: "NO!!!" as he dropped his face to the desk.

    Seamus rolled her eyes and told him: "Oh dial it back a little bit. This guy grew horns and that girl's got cat ears. Compared to them you got off easy in the looks department."

    Seamus grabbed Vincent's arms, trying to pry them off his head, as he shouted: "No! Let go!"

    But she wouldn't let up and answered as she struggle: "We...can't...have a...class if...your hoods up...or your heads down!"

    Suddenly Vincent throws his arms forward and flings his head back screaming: "GO AWAY!!!" as he looked directly at her for the first time. And upon seeing his face, her eyes lit up in shock and all she could bring herself to say way: "What the hell?" Seamus stared at Vincent's eyes, his pitch black eyes with white pupils and a white outline around the iris.

    Seamus looked at Vincent's eyes with a look of concern, this was apparently so bad that Elfren himself and raised an eyebrow in curiosity, and even the canine beside him looked concerned. Seamus moved her face closer to Vincent's face as she told him: "You may have been hiding under that hood but we all managed to sneak a peak at one point or another. And your eyes were brown yesterday."

    Vincent, fearing what would happen next looked to the side, averting his gaze from everyone in the room as Seamus continued: "Your appearance has already been altered, you shouldn't have changed again so soon. The time in between changes is rather large, and when a change occurs it happens all at once. If your eyes were going to change soon they would have either changed at the same time as you hair after a few more months. But for this to happen now...You're rejecting it aren't you?"

    Vincent's eyes widen from shock as he directs his gaze towards Seamus and she continue: "Whenever a person monster DNA starts to surface, it's natural for them to not want it. They ask why, they get mad, they even pray for it to disappear, some even go so far as to amputate, but it always ends with them reluctantly accepting their new look as an uncontrollable fact. You're actually trying to stop the process through sheer force of will aren't you?"

    Vincent started to glare at Seamus. She was right. Vincent's hair didn't change in his sleep like you would expect. It actually changed right before his eyes. one day he looked in a mirror and his hair slowly faded from black to purple, and in a panic he tried to stop it with his mind. And it worked...for a few seconds but he couldn't stop the change. However he did remembered the feeling of delaying the process, and has been trying to reverse it every single second since.

    "Do you have any idea how dangerous that is!?" Seamus shouted. "You can't stop this change anymore than you can stop puberty! This cannot be reversed! This is what you are! What you're doing is separating your monster DNA from your human DNA. Monsters and humans aren't actually supposed to mix, and as a result it's easy to separate it through force of will. But if that happens you won't be cured! YOU'LL DIE!!!"

    "SO WHAT!!!" Vincent screamed, causing Seamus to stand up and look at Vincent with a surprised expression on her face.

    "Why should I care if I die. It's not like anyone else does. I was an outcast even before this happened. I wasn't a human, I wasn't a monster, I was a nobody. And when my hair changed, well lets just say I ended up getting all kinds of attention then. All I want is to be left alone. ALONE!!! And if I die. Well than that'll be good enough."

    Seamus began to get agitated with his words and shouted back: "So what?! You're going to run away and hide from your problems? Run from who you are?! Hide from any confrontation?!"

    Vincent slammed his hand on his desk and answered: "And what if I am!? It's not like anyone gives a damn about me! INCLUDING YOU!!! So what's it matter if I choose the cowards way out! No one's gonna care!"

    Seamus lowered her voice back down to a normal volume and calmly answered: "If that's the case..." then turned around and continued: "...Than I have nothing more to say to you."

    Seamus walked back to Elfren's desk as Vincent began to look back down at his unopened textbook. The canine companion next to Elfren looked over at Vincent and made a slight whimper as she stood up, but at that moment Elfren placed his hand on her back, stroking her fur and telling her: "Don't bother Adelita. He's a waste of effort, not worth your time. Cause at the rate he's going, I guarantee he'll be dead within the week." Adelita wore a sad look on her face as she reluctantly laid back down onto the floor and remained silent.

    And so Seamus continued with her teaching: "Today, you will learn about the history of this Organization. Because this isn't a school, but a training facility for people like us that don't have a place to call home. This place will guide you to a new path, where outside these metal gates are people who need our help-"

    "Are you saying were a training to be a police force? Don't we have police already." Emiko spoke in a muffled tone, barely having the resolve to speak after that whole confrontation.

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  11. Milo tired his best to focus on the lecture Seamus was giving to them. Elfren gaze focused on the window across from Emiko. But Milo couldn't help but glance at Vincent's apparence, his will to reject and give up so easily. Of course Milo had seen kids similar to Vincent classified as the ever imfamous: Emo's.

    "Any Questions before we end this lesson here?"

    Milo's face flushed a tented read as he realised he wasn't focused at all. He was never this distracted in class and he was beginning to hate this new version slowly surfacing. Without haste he quickly jotted everything down on the board in his notebook to review later in his room. Elfren wasted no time getting up off the desk and heading towards the door.

    "Try to keep up," He mumbled under his breath. Milo was the last to leave the class as he fumbled to keep his balance all tof ether nearly bumping into Emiko. The sent of her hair rubbed against his nose for a few moment as he soaked in the strawberry-peach smell.

    "She smells so nice," Milo blinked and spoke to no one inparticular. "Did you say something?"

    Emiko was the first to acknowledge his presence as she turned around, her blue eyes focused on him. Milo held his breath as he stomach seemed to to a summer-Sault, a ring of gold wrapped around her pupil and stretched out making her blueish, gold eyes resemble about exotic flower. Her face began to flush slightly, her slim finger tugging on her ear. "No one said anything."

    Milo could barely make out Vincent's expression, his purple hair resembling a veil to block out anyone who dared tried to look.

    "You can hear me then," piked the voice and Milo jumped. Emiko glanced at him for a moment, before her hand brushed against the furry companion the size of a bear. She mumbled a greeting and the beast let out a whine before it turned it's yellow gaze on him.

    Adelita can talk,
    Milo thought, holding out the panic of someone on verge of realizing his insanity.

    "Yes, we have a link. Which means my hypothesis was correct and you are in fact the child of Apollis."

    You can read my thoughts? Is that my father's name? How old are you really, How can I even talk to you?, Milo questioned.

    Adelita took her time slowing her pace until she was side by side with Milo. He glanced up to see Elfren smirk slightly before leading then down a flight of stairs. Torches lined the walls as Emiko subconsciouslyrics gripped on to Vincent who didn't even bother to flinch. Yet his gaze poked out from the veil of his dark hair studying them for a few moments before he quickly looked away.

    "Everything will be explained after elemental analysis."

    Elemental Analysis, Milo blurted out loud and now all eyes were on him. Even Vincent stopped in his tracks to face him for the first time and Milo began to feel uncomfortable, he didn't like attention. "Er"- he fumbled only to be interrupted by the natural tone of Elfren.

    "Today's lesson will be to draw out your Elemental nature. "

    "How are we supposed to do that?" Emiko piped up, her grip still clinging to Vincent's arm. Both their attentions resting on Elfren now as he opened a wooden door to reveal a large room carved out of cobstones.

    On the ground rested a large pentagram. Each point directing toward a symbol of an element : Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Nature, Darkness, Light. In the middle of the pentagram was a time symbol.

    "Adelita, please be the example for this potion of the class."

    Milo turned around to see not a dog but a young lady more older than seventeen. Her blonde hair almost white that stopped to her sharp jaw line. A hair pin of a beast clipped to her hair as her storm gray eyes shimmered slightly with delight. She stretched, her skin seemed to glimmer before she ran a hand through her silk dress as white as an oyster peal.

    This girl, Adelita reminded Milo of the Athena sculptures he would see at museums often or in pictures. She looked as if she walked right in from the Roman Empire Era. Adelita wasted not time walking over to the pentagram in the middle of the floop, her baer feet made no sound as she stood in the middle of the time symbol. Milo held his breath as he watched her float in the air and fold up into a ball. Numbers began to pour out of her back and wrap around her.

    "Each symbol does something different to the user, you might burst into flames, be incased by solid ice. Cause a hail storm, split the room in half as a whole, pick an element that speaks out to you the most."

    "What's the point of this," Emiko questioned.

    "It's to draw out our abilities," Milo answered suddenly remembering the bits of the history lesson. "In order for us to awaken our full potential this place was constructed to enable us to harness and learn from our....talents in order to serve the ones beyond the gate."

    Elfren nodded slightly as he gestured a hand towards the pentagram. "Now who wants to go frist?"

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  12. Emiko smirked a bit and raised her hand, a bit timidly. She finally let go of Vincents' arm and slowly walked into the middle of the pentagram, the sound of her boots echoing softly off the stone walls. She didn't say a word as her tail came unwrapped from her waist and fell into sight of everyone in the room. She heard a few soft gasps and a couple of whispers, but what caught her attention was the whistle that came from Elfren. Emiko stopped in her tracks and looked over to him, blushing a bright red, but making no move to re-do her tail around her waist.

    "Badly damaged." Elfren said looking right at her, as if waiting for her to explain.

    "Yes...It is. Maybe I'll explain later." Emiko said as she started stroking her ear and continue walking onto the platform.

    Once Emiko reached the time symbol she stopped and took a deep breath, placing her arms by her side, her tail swishing nervously. After a a few seconds Emiko felt the rush of water against her feet. She could feel it rising and rising, but it didn't scare her. In fact, it comforted her. She smiled, not a small or shy smile, but a full on happy smile as she closed her eyes and let the water engulf her. She visibly relaxed as the water swirled into a ball around her, wrapping her into a ball.

    After a few seconds Emiko awoke to find Adelita standing in front of a white tree with clocks hanging from it's branches. Emiko walked over to Adelita and the tree. After a few seconds Emiko placed her hand on the trunk of the tree and looked over to Adelita.

    "Where is this place?" she murmured softly looking around.

    "It seems you're becoming more comfortable. I remember seeing you the first day. You tried your best to avoid eye contact, avoid any sort of contact, and kept that tail of yours hidden." Adelita smiled at her as she turned to face Emiko. Emiko blushed slightly and quickly glanced at the ground before looking back at Adelita.

    "I...It's just...I don't communicate well...As for my tail.....It..It was badly damaged..." Emiko seemed to shrink a bit at the mention of her tail, obviously a sore subject.

    "Hm? It's a beautiful tail. The color of the moon, but just a tad darker, just like your ears. Whatever happened before, it seems your element healed the damage done to your tail. It's just as fluffy now as it was when you first got it." Adelita said, tilting her head slightly and giving her a soft smile.

    Emiko immediately grabbed her tail and brought it around to her front so she could see it. Tears filled her icy blue eyes as she stroked her tail and placed it against her cheek. Adelita chucked softly and placed a hand on the girls shoulder. Emiko flinched a bit at the touch, but immediately relaxed realizing that the touch was friendly and was not going to hurt her. Emiko leaned in to the comforting touch and even hugged Adelita.

    "Poor child...It's obvious there have been some traumatizing events in your time. However, you can use those events and turn them into your strength. Use those events and you will find them much easier to think about as time passes." Adelita said as she gently stroked Emikos black hair. After a few minutes Adelita gently pulled away from Emiko.

    "Wipe those tears dear. The others should be coming soon." Adelita smiled gently at Emiko, who was wiping her eyes.

    Once Emiko was done wiping her tears she hugged her tail close to her body, part of it falling over her arms. She had noticed that the tree was actually quite beautiful and couldn't help staring at it, as she waited for the other two to come.
  13. And so there the girls were, both just floating there. One surrounded by numbers, the other inside an orb of water. Vincent could barely believe what he was looking at, just a few minutes ago one was a large dog while the other was clutched on his arm. Vincent remembered how when Emiko grabbed him, he was confused, but after a quick glance at her genuinely worried face, he just looked to the side and thought: "Whatever." as his face turned a little red. A sight that apparently went unnoticed.

    "I...Is she alive?" Milo asked, pointing to Emiko who he could have easily assumed was drowning.

    "She's fine." Elfren answered. He didn't seem like he was going to explain so Milo and Vincent apparently just had to take his word for it. "So who's next?"

    Milo tapped Vincent's arm. After seeing Emiko get so close to him it seemed obvious Vincent wasn't violent or mean...just upset, and so he asked: " want to go first?" To which Vincent just stared at him, not even giving a single sound in response. "I'd just rather go last. Ya know?"

    "Yeah, well I'd rather not go at all." Vincent answered back.

    "Well you kno--" In the middle of Milo's response Elfren appeared behind Vincent without a single sound, except for his voice that interrupted: "I don't have the patience for this." before he push-kicked Vincent from behind, causing him to stumble into the center of the pentagram

    Once inside, it took Vincent a moment to regain his balance, and once he did, he could feel something happening to his body, it didn't feel bad or wrong, but he could tell it wasn't "normal." He knew this had something to do with the monster DNA inside him and he wanted no part in it. Vincent grabbed his head with both hands as black circle appeared underneath his feet, almost like a shadow. But this "shadow" started to actually leave the ground and rise upwards. It was a strange sight, a two-demensional shadow moving as if it were a three-demensional object. Vincent's body lifted up into the air, as the shadow tried to surround him in a sphere, but Vincent just shouted: "No. No! NO!!!" and the shadow started to distort and look unstable. "I...REFUSE!!! I...REJECT!!! I...SAID...NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" Vincent screamed at the top of his lungs and the shadow disintegrated around him, as if caught in an explosion, and VIncent fell to the floor.

    This scene had caused Milo to cover his face, as if expecting an actual explosion while Elfren just watched with a look of horror as he stared at Vincent, lying on his knees. And the only thing he could bring himself to say was: "Ah shit."

    Milo removed his arms from his face and looked to see Vincent looking.............normal.

    His eyes had become brown once again and his hair was a common black color. Due to it's length Vincent quickly noticed that his hair was black, then he stood up and looked at his reflection in the orb of water surrounding Emiko to see that his eyes were no longer pitch black. He then began to let out a nervous laughter as he told himself out loud: "Heh ha...I...I did it...heh ha ha. I reversed it." To which Elfren was quick to dash his hopes, answering: "'ve just made it so much worse."

    "What are you talking ab--AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Vincent's questions were quickly interrupted by intense pain over every inch of his body. This had never happened before. He's never felt this kind of pain. Suddenly his hair started to convert back to the purple color it had previously been and the black in his pupils began to spread over the brown of his eyes like a disease leaving his pupils white once again. The blackness began to spread to the whites of his eyes, then began to leak out even farther than that. The blackness left his eyes and began spreading across his face, covering him like a suit and erasing all of his facial features, making him as blank as an unfinished doll with just eyes. His mouth had completely disappeared and his screams while muffled, were still quite audible. And the blackness didn't stop there. It traveled down his neck into his clothes, then after a few seconds came out his sleeves and colored his hands black.

    Vincent fell to his hands and knees and began panting extremely hard, and so now that the transformation had stopped Elfren took it upon himself to take a few steps forward and scold him. "This is what happens when you reject. Ya know Simon got his abilities when he was about your age. But he didn't turn blue until he was twenty. Rejecting your DNA doesn't reverse the process. It speeds it up. Because when your monster and human sides split the monster side remains dominant. The more to tear yourself apart. The more your monster half take control. And when you finally succeed in ripping your two halves apart. you won't become a monster or a human. You'll just rip your body apart into a bloody mess."

    Vincent didn't even look up at Elfren as he answered, his voice still muffled by the blackness: ""


    As Vincent let out that last word the area on his face where his mouth should have been, began to violently rip open like tearing flesh, forcing a mouth hole where there wasn't one before. The blackness around this mouth hole ripped in the shape of teeth and inside was only a tongue, meaning this was no mask over his face, but rather...his new face.

    Vincent let out another deafening scream when suddenly a circular shadow appeared underneath him and started to rise out of the ground once again.

    "CRAP NO!!!" Elfren shouted as he lunged forward. "I have to disrupt the Pentagram." He thought to himself as he went through the air, but before he could do what he wanted, Vincent was already surrounded by an orb of complete darkness which then floated and took it's place besides the other two orbs. "Damn it. Too late."

    "What do you mean?" Milo asked, confused by what had just happened. "I'm not sure if the change was just physical, or if his mind was also wrecked. If he goes on a rampage in there. Things could go real bad."

    "How bad?" Milo asked, afraid to hear the answer.

    "You die in there, you die for real, bad."

    "What!? Well turn it off than!"

    "Can't. If the pentagram is disrupted while he's in a hostile state of mind. He could literally explode."


    "Yeah. And a darkness explosion is arguably worse than a fire explosion so...not good."

    "Oh my god." That was all Milo could think to say as he stared at the orb of darkness that now housed his classmate.

    "Yeah." Elfren's simple response did nothing to help Milo accept the situation. Then, as if nothing had just happened, Elfren gestured towards the pentagram and continued: "Whelp your turn."

    "WHAT!?! ARE YOU INSANE!!!" Milo screamed fearing for his safety. "You just told me he could kill me! OR EXPLODE!!!"

    "Yeah so you have to go in there and warn, as well as help, the girls."

    "Why can't you do that?!"

    "This process is more complicated than I have time to explain. I have to stay out here and monitor the situation, as well as keep the pentagram in tack. So get in there and tell Adelita to cut it short." Elfren explained as he pushed Milo into the center of the pentagram.
  14. Milo didn't have time to back away as both his feet landed within the middle of the pentagram. His breathing becoming heavy until a voice whispered in his head to relax. It was true, as he let out deep slow breaths and glanced at Adelita, Emiko, and Vincent's orbs. He couldn't worry about himself anymore, everyone's lives were in danger at this point.

    The rush of roaring wind made his ear pop, his clothes began to ruffle and he began to float in the air. It felt right, this wind felt right to a point that Milo couldn't really explain it. The sound of thunder crackled as Milo could barely make out Elfren, the man backed away slowly his sharp dead eyes held a sense suprise and a hint of wonder.

    "and I thought that Emo kid was the only one to pack a punch," his spoke out loud more to himself as Milo started to glance behind himself. The wind whipping around him as the sound of cracking thunder made his ears hurt.

    "Don't look yet child, we're not ready to meet face to face just yet." It instructed and suddenly Milo felt extremely sleepy.

    "You will see me very soon, my brother. Watch over me until the day that I reveal myself as a whole."

    Milo awoke to the smell of grapes, the bright glare of the sun tickled his face. Adelita and Emiko glanced down at him, a bright smile before her gaze rested on something else entirely.

    "Is that what I think it is," Emiko blurted out her shy nature seemed to vanish as she bent down to examine the infant sized sunburn colored egg.

    "Do we all get Dragon eggs?" she squeaked gently touching the smooth surface. Milo wasn't sure what to expect at the egg resting on his arm, on the way the wind seemed to tickle his skin and ruffle his hair on a constant manner.

    "Only Milo is blessed with such an honor and at such a young age-" She paused as aneeded inhuman screech erupted through the air off in the distance. Milo suddenly remember as he stood up, knocking Emiko over in the process. Without thinking he blurted out everything that happened before helping Emiko up and apologing. But it didn't help the pale look on either Milo's and Emiko's faces.

    Yet, Adelita held herself up straighter an angry gaze on her face. She turned to Emiko and spoke. "That idiot, this wasn't supposed to happen. Now, I'm going to have to speed up our lesson and cut the lecture of the elemental zone short. Emiko,"

    Emiko hand pale hand connected with Milo's tanned one. Her free hand clutched to her chest as Adelita motion her head to the left towards a waterfall a couple of yards away. "Head toward the water fall and wait for Simon and Seamus. I will deal with Vincent, you two be careful and Milo protect that child with your life."

    Milo didn't bother to give Emiko a word in as he pulled her along towned the waterfall in the distance. Both of them stumbled along dodging dead logs, branches and the like. Bits of Emiko's hair stuck to her flushed face as eh struggled to keep up, her clammy hands began to shake uncontrollably. Milo glanced back at her exotic eyes and willed her to keep going just a tad. Suddenly she let out a high pitched scream as a black figure materialized in front of them both.

    Milo had no time to think as he shoved the dragon egg in her arm and pushed Emiko toward the river.

    "Milo!" She screamed, her free hand outstretched, fear overwhelmed her as she stared. Milo mustered the best bravery smile he could as a sharp pain ripped through his right arm and flung him across the forest. He let out a muffled cry as his nails dug into the ground as he struggled to get up. He could barely hear the splash and prayed Emiko and the egg was safe.

    Without a second thought, he stood up ignoring the intense pain. The creature let out a screech, it's insect wings protruded out of its back as it hovered over the ground. Tears of purple escaped it's slit eyes as a voice wailed out of its mouth in the form of a scream.

    "Just leave me alone. I reject.......just-LEAVE!"

    Milo picked up the nearest stick, his right hand lay useless. Twisted in a weird angle as the beast lunged forward, it's wailed cries splitting tree branches.


    "Get to the waterfall Emiko," Milo mumbled under his breath. "For all our sakes."
  15. Emiko stared at Milo for a few seconds, fear and tears clouding her vision. She nodded quickly and ran with the egg in her arms as fast as she could to the waterfall. Once there she dropped to her knees, holding the egg, unable to control her breathing. She was shaking and doing everything she could to keep from crying out.

    "H-Help...S-someone...Help..." Emiko tried to scream, but it came out as a rasped whisper as her breathing was extremely heavy. Emiko was beginning to get dizzy from the lack of oxygen her body was receiving, but willed herself to stay awake.

    "HEY! SNAP OUT OF IT!" Emiko turned her head towards the voice. IT was Simon trying to shake her out of her almost catatonic state. "Good, good. You finally registered me. Alright, listen. I need you to just calm down. Just look at me and take a few deep breaths." Simon said as his gaze softened and his grip loosened on her shoulders.

    Emiko nodded her head and started to try and take deep breaths. Eventually her breathing was under control again. Fear still clouded her eyes, but she wasn't panicking anymore.

    "Good. Listen closely. Stay right here. I'm going to go help Milo and Adelita. Don't worry, you'll be safe." Simon smiled gently as Emiko nodded, still shaking pretty bad.

    Simon nodded slightly, and ran off to help the other two. Emiko watched on, scared that Vincent might come towards her and the egg. 'It's alright child. Use me as a sheild. Just think of a strong wall surrounding you and I shall come to protect you.' Emiko heard a voice whisper to her, yet there was no one around.

    "Whose there?" Emiko whispered softly. 'I am behind you my dear. Just listen to me, and you will be fine.' Emiko didn't know why, but she felt as if she could trust the voice, so she did as she was told. She stared forward and pictured a wall of water surrounding and protecting her. Emiko's eyes widened slightly as the water from the river and waterfall began surrounding her, at first in small streams, but Emiko began picturing larger streams of water stacking on top of each other, and sticking to each other like glue in order to make a shield.

    'Good my child. Now, just relax. Keep picturing this strong wall and you shall be safe. I promise you my child.' the voice said as it seemed to disappear, as if being blown by the wind, yet there was no wind blowing. Emiko did as instructed however and kept the wall of water up.
  16. All Vincent saw was darkness, that was all there was, and so Vincent closed his eyes, and when he opened them, he was in an open field. A large meadow that stretched out as far as the eye can see. He looked around and couldn't help but ask: "" despite the fact that there was clearly nobody around. And upon realizing this fact he called out: "Hello?! Is anybody there?!" But when he received no answer and saw no one, Vincent fell to a sit and couldn't help but start laughing. "Heh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha." He than placed his black hand over his black monstrous face and spoke over his laughter: "There's no one here...I'm alone....I'm all alone." Vincent fell on his back with his hand upon his face and continued: "I'm alone...just like I always wanted." as a lone purple tear left his eye and dripped down the side of his head. "Now it can be like I don't exist. And no one will suffer because of me."

    Memories filled Vincent's head, memories of his parents fighting. The memory of the last time he ever saw his father. The day he left in a fit of anger and never came back. And his mother blamed him for it.

    "It's not what you think!" "Vincent isn't my son?! HOW CAN IT BE ANYTHING OTHER THAN WHAT I THINK!?!" "No...please don't go! I love you! I've always loved you!" "Don't you dare say that! Don't you dare say you felt how I felt. True love. The love that some people spend their entire lives searching for but never find. I truly believed I had that." "You did! And I felt the same." "If that were true you wouldn't have cheated on me." "I never cheated on you!" "DON'T LIE TOO ME!!!" *SLAP* " hit me?'ve never..." "Yeah...I don't hurt the people I care about." *SLAM*

    "" "You...this is all your fault...if you were never born...none of this would have happen! IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU AND THAT...THING!!!"

    Vincent stared at his now black hand as he spoke out loud: ""That thing" I never understood what she meant by that. Until the day my hair changed. It was obvious I wasn't human. Humans can't do things like that. I finally understood why I was an abomination. Someone who should have never existed. Someone who should have never been born. Someone who should just disappear."

    "Why do you hate me?"

    VIncent heard a voice that he had never heard before and immediately sat up to find the source, but saw no one. "WHO'S THERE!!!"

    "Why am I hated? I didn't do anything. I was only born. Why is that a crime?"

    "WHO'S OUT THERE!?! WHERE ARE YOU!?!" Vincent shouted in confusion as he rose to his feet.

    "I just want to live. Why is that wrong?"

    "GO AWAY!!! I WAS FINALLY ALONE!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" Vincent shouted in desperation at the voice.

    "Why do you reject?!"

    Vincent grabbed his ears, not wanting to listen and shouted: "NO!!! Stop talking about that! I don't want to be a monster! If I wasn't a monster my parents would still be together! I could have had a normal life! I could have had friends! But I'm not! SO I CAN'T!!!"

    "If you accept, than you can be happy. We could be happy."

    "I don't want to be happy if it makes everyone else miserable! If me going away can make them happy again than so be it!" Vincent stares at his hands and tries to retract the blackness, but by the time it reaches his wrists it quickly recovers his hands and turns his previously block colored human hands into black claws


    "I don't want to be a monster! I WANT TO DISAPPEAR!!!"

    At that moment Vincent screamed a deafening scream upward into the air, screaming one long scream longer than physically possible. And in the middle of that scream, that darkness surrounding him started to tear off his human body. His human head started to surface out of his monstrous mouth as if it were like a suit. And at that moment, his screams sounded less like a monster's and more like a humans. But after only a second, the darkness chomped down returning his face to the monstrous form that it was, then he crouched down grabbing his stomach. And after a few seconds of silence he stood up once again screaming louder than ever before with his arms outstretched and causing a pillar of darkness to shoot into the sky from his body like an explosion. That pillar than changed shape into an extremely large dome of darkness surrounding Vincent, the size of a large coliseum. That dome remained inactive for a few seconds before suddenly a black creature walked out. It's eyes were crying purple tears as it echoes a voice: "Leave me alone!" then numerous other creatures, identical to the first one, begin emerging from the darkness all screaming the same thing:

    "Leave me alone!"

    "Leave me alone!"

    "Leave me alone!"

    The first one than utters it's voice once again "I reject" and sprouts insect wing out of its back. At that moment the others all say the same thing and also sprout similar wings. Then they all start to scatter, flying off in different directions.

    "And so than he just pushed me in and now I'm here." Milo told Adelita wrapping up his explanation

    "That idiot, this wasn't supposed to happen. Now, I'm going to have to speed up our lesson and cut the lecture of the elemental zone short. Why does Elfren have to be so impatient. Well I suppose if we're lucky he hasn't actually lost control."

    Then, as if on cue, a large pillar of darkness shot up into the sky in the far off distance. And all Adelita could say at that point was: "Ah geez."

    Meanwhile outside Simon and Seamus approached Elfren in a panic as he sits in a meditative position, while so angry a vein is popping out of his head. "We got your emergency message! What happened?!" Elfren turned his head to face them and shouted "WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENED!?! DARK BALL OVER THERE LOST HIS SHIT!!!" agitated by the whole situation.

    "Did he lose control?"

    "I don't know if he lost it before but he's definitely losing it now. Just look at him. The darkness around him is getting distorted. If i wasn't out here he would have exploded already."

    "I see." Simon confirms. But as they began to step forward Elfren ordered: "Hey! One of you switch places with me." "Hell no!" Seamus answer highly upset. "This is clearly your fault! We're not letting you go in there and make it worse." "WHAT!?!" "You knew that kid wasn't right in the head. You should have talked him down and explained what this was. Did you even TELL him that in the in the Elemental Zone his connection to his monster side would be so strong he could actually communicate with it?! Hell I bet you pushed him in without warning didn't you?" "Oh that kid was a time bomb and you know it!" "Yeah but you clearly sped up that time! I knew i shouldn't have left you alone with them." "Don't-"

    "Enough Elfren! You're not coming." Simon interupted. "Why not?" "Don't get me wrong. In a fight you're the first one I'd want in my corner. but this isn't about fighting. This is about talking down a kid that clearly need help. And that's not exactly something you can do."

    Elfren looked away from Simon's gaze and simply responded: "tch Fine." And Simon called back: "Don't forget to make sure we appear at the emergency meeting place." "Yeah, yeah, the waterfall. I know."

    Simon entered the circle and became surrounded by an orb of water just like Emiko and when he awoke he found himself at the waterfall and saw Emiko, exhausted from all that had happened.

    Shortly after, Seamus appeared and ran towards Simon and Emiko. "EMIKO!!! Emiko what happened!? Where's Milo and Adelita?!" "Adelita headed towards this black pillar that shot up. And...and Milo was attacked by...THAT!!!" Emiko screamed as she pointed to the sky.

    Simon and Seamus looked tow where she pointed and saw the flying black figure in the sky screaming: "I don't want to be a monster! I WANT TO DISAPPEAR!!!" as it flew towards the group at an intense speed. "Ah great." Simon said sarcastically, aggravated by the situation. Simon then pointed his free hand behind him, directed at the waterfall and quickly waved it at the beast causing a splash of water to quickly float off the waterfall and at the shadow creature, severing it's head right off it's body. The creatures head landed right at their feet and Emiko could help but stare in horror and announce: " killed him." "That wasn't Vincent." Simon announced as the head disintegrated, then he continued: "Dakku Marru's don't fly. If it was him this would be so much easier." "Wh-what are you saying?" Emiko asked, not understanding how this wasn't the her classmate even though it resemble him quite a bit.

    And so Simon explained: "Dakku Marru's can only create an inescapable area of absolute pitch black darkness where literally nothing can be seen, even with the strongest of eyes. They use it to trap their prey as well as play pranks on people. But since we're part human we can use our powers in ways our full monster counterparts couldn't even imagine. We can even go so far as to create life...kinda." "Incoming!" Seamus shouted cutting his speech short while pointing at a dozen more shadow creatures flying towards them.

    "Let me give you a demonstration." That was the last thing Simon said before he jumped above the river, and raised his hand into the air, then from that river a giant shark made entirely of water shot up and Simon landing on it's back, as it swam through the air as if it were a real shark in water. Simon stood on the sharks back and held a chain made of water with his free hand that he held like riding rails that went to the inside of the edges of the sharks mouth. Simon than guided that shark and proceeded to chomp each shadow creature, destroying them all with one bite each, never stopping for a second as each one disintegrates in the sharks jaws. Simon than guided the Shark down to Seamus and Emiko and informed them: "I'm going to go find Milo. He's probably surrounded at this point. You stay here and guard Emiko" "What about Vincent?!" "Adelita should be heading towards him. I'll meet up with her after I've brought Milo here." "Alright" And with that Simon rode his giant flying water shark into the distance.

    Seamus than looked over at Emiko and told her: "Might want to do something to protect yourself." And Emiko simply responded: "Ok." As she summoned streams of water to act as a protective wall.

    After some traveling Adelita stood on the edge of a cliff and saw the dome of darkness that now housed the real Vincent, watching as the dome itself slowly grew bigger and bigger and swarms of those creature poured out.

    "His power's out of control. That dome's way to big for a beginner. If he doesn't stop, his body won't be able to handle it and will rip itself apart. And if those creatures don't stop, he might just take all of us out with him. However, while those creatures ARE coming out of the darkness, they're not actually inside. Rether they're made of that darkness instead of actually living in it. So if I could just get in there I'll be blind, but safe."

    Adelita mentally prepares herself for what she is about to do, doing some slight stretching and telling herself: "All right. I can do this. I just have to find him in there. Shouldn't be too hard, it's a meadow after all, it's not like this is a forest with stuff I could crash into everywhere. And remember, the only thing visible in a Dakku Marru's darkness is the one part of the Dakku Marru itself that isn't black. So when I get in there...just look for purple."

    Adelita takes a few steps back and says out loud: "Alright lets go!" before sprinting forward at full speed and jumping right off the cliff.
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  17. Milo wasn't sure if he was going to die as the black figures hovered over him. The wet tears did little to help him see anything as he struggled to move not only his right arm but his leg now twisted in a weird angle. He sucked in gulps of air, each slight movement cause his body to shake violently as the creatures kept chanting over and over : Leave me alone.....Go Away......I just want to disappear.

    More than anything Milo wanted to punch Vincent in the face. He had melt lots of selfish people during his sixteen years of life but this was beyond cruel. Just the taught of Emiko, Adelita or even Simon and Seamus getting just as badly injured was something he didn't want to think about.

    I just want to disappear.......go away.....leav-

    "Shut up," Milo screamed hemail felt the ends sides of his stomach turn. But he ignored the pain as the salty tears continued to fall. "I hate you, Why couldn't you just accept what you are? Why can't you think about other but yourself?!"

    Milo kept screaming and the wind began to pick up. The trees around him began to shake violently as twigs and leaves began to hover off the ground. He ignored the growing pains as the wind howled but he kept screaming insults until a load roar cut him off completely. Milo stored at the massive beast as large as Mt. Everest wings speed out in an archer and eyes the burned of sapphire.

    A dragon made out of wind, Milo whispered as the dragon let out a spine tingling screech that caused the dozen black creatures to explode. Covering him in a glob of sticky black goo, Suprises after more suprises.

    The dragon vanished in as Milo struggled to move his head to the sound of Simon's voice.

    "Easy hot shot," he cooed. "Don't move, your critically injured right now."

    Milo felt a cold wet hand brush against his face as his body began to slowly relax. He suddenly felt very sleepy but forced himself to stay awake as strong arm lifted him off the ground. He felt no pain at all,

    "Emiko, Adelita-"

    "Their all safe, Emiko is with Seamus and Adelita is taking care of Vincent."

    Milo nodded slowly and neither of them spoke for a long period of time. Milo was greatful for Simon and just wanted everything to return back to normal: Without Vincent.

    "I know you pretty peeved at Vincent's right now," Simon replied as he glanced down at the plan child in his arms. His chocolate brown curls turned an off white color as he struggled to swallow.

    "Right now, Vincent needs all the support he can get on the state he is in. Locking up your resentiment and hatred won't help anyone to get out of here, Milo."

    Milo said nothing yet knew Simon was right. Anger wasn't going to fix anything at this point as much as he wanted to just be angry at the one person that ruined his whole experience.......

    Milo finally let out a sigh as Simon gave a toothy satisfied grin. "Oh, dear lord."

    Seamus blurted out as Milo felt himself be lowered into something fluffy. "We need get him into medical care, Simon stop wasting time and let's get to Adelita." She then turned to face Emiko and added, "Watch over Milo. Everything will be over soon."

    Emiko nodded as she placed the dragon egg in Milo's arms. She took a seat next to him, her silver tail gently brushing against his now deathly pale skin. Seamus mounted on the water shark and before Emiko could open her mouth the shot through the sky. She frowned a bit before her eyes rested on Milo's as they both stared at one another for a few minutes before he opened his mouth to speak once more.

    "First day on the job training and I'm lying here half dead. This wasn't in the student handbook,"
    Milo then gave a light hearted grin as a laughter escared Emikos lips. She paused slightly a bit embarrassed an suprised at the sudden fit of laughter before her face turned a bright red and she joked :

    "Did you check in the back of the book?"
  18. After a while of silence Emiko looked up to the blue sky. She could hear what the shadows were saying. About wanting to be left alone, and wanting to disappear. She smirked a bit as she shook her head, her tail coming to a rest in between her and Milo.

    "Ya know....I can understand where Vincent is coming from." she murmured softly as she pulled her knees to her chest. "There was a time when I felt the same. I would of been happy to die, to disappear. Anything that would of ended the massive amounts of torture, pain, and endless cycles of abuse from kids my age, as well as people who were supposed to care for me. Those feelings led to me self harming. It was what made me feel better." Emiko said, a sad smile appearing on her face. The memories of a time long ago surfacing.

    "It only relieves the pain for a short time." Milo whispered softly, as he looked over to Emiko. Emiko nodded a bit in agreement with him.

    "Indeed it does. However, at the time that didn't matter. It was relief. Relief I never thought I'd feel." Emiko looked up to the sky once again. "One day this stupid kid and his buddies were beating the shit out of me. Burning me, kicking me, anything and everything to do harm to me. Finally, they stopped. I wasn't even able to move when they left. I laid there, wishing for death to finally take me away. Something in me told me that if I died, then they would win. So, even though it hurt like hell, I stood. I made a promise to myself that day. I promised myself that no one would ever see me cry. No matter how much they beat me, they wouldn't see me cry again." Emiko said as she gently rubbed one of her arms. She laid down on the ground beside Milo.

    "I was 15 at that time. So, it was only a year ago that I finally accepted the monster part of me. I don't see it as a curse any longer. Just a part of me that sometimes I wish wasn't there, but is there weather I want it or not. So I understand where Vincent is coming from in that regard. He was a lot stronger than I was though. He fought it for as long as he could. Granted, it doesn't excuse the fact he nearly killed all of us, but he doesn't necessarily deserve to be hated either." Emiko said, as a tear fell from her eyes. While yes, she doesn't know either of them very well, but she feels she can trust Milo. Which is why she told him that story.

    "I don't have a right to speak for Vincent. I don't even know if I truly understand him. It's only fair that he's given a second chance." Emiko murmured softly as she sat back up, hugging her tail close. She closed her eyes and let her ears twitch. She sighed softly as she stroked her tail.

    'My poor child...The things you have been through...I'm sorry for the pain you've been in...' Emiko heard the same voice from earlier whisper to her softly. She was to panicked earlier to realize that the presence of the voice seemed familiar for some reason. Emiko glanced around the area, but no one was there but Milo, his egg, and her. She wondered if it could of been the water that was talking, but quickly dismissed the idea. I must be tired to think that water is talking to me now. Emiko thought with a slight shake of her head. It has been a long morning after. She wouldn't be surprised if it was already dark.
  19. Adelita jumped off the cliff and fell through the air, on her way down one of the flying shadow monsters flew up to her and attacked with its claws, screaming: "I don't want to be a monster!" But before it could hit her Adelita grabs the attacking wrist with both hands and wraps her body around its arm, performing a flying triangle choke. As she chokes the shadow creature, a second one flies down from above and stabs at her with its claws. Adelita pulls on the arm she's holding, so hard that the creature actually rotates and the attacking shadow creature ends up stabbing the other shadow creature in the back, bursting right out of it's chest. Shortly after, the one that gets stabbed disintegrates and Adelita drops through the air once again.

    Adelita lands on the back of another flying shadow creature and kicks the insect wings on its right side so hard that they rip apart and remove its ability to fly properly. But before Adelita can even be bothered by that fact, she jumps off the creature, and lands on another one, that turns around to attack her, but she lands on its chest, snaps its neck, and jumps off in one quick, fluid motion. Adelita roundhouse kicks another creature in the face before she jumps off it, landing on the back of a shadow creature so hard that it actually flips upside down and Adelita immediately launches herself down towards the dome of darkness. Adelita skydives towards the dome, and just before she enters, another shadow creature bursts out right where she was about to enter from, but Adelita punches it in the face, pushing it back into the darkness with her fist, along with her.

    Once Adelita enters the darkness she saw nothing but darkness, she can no longer feel the resistance of the shadow creature pressed against her fist. Adelita saw nothing but darkness, she couldn't even see her nose on her face. It was as if she had her eyes closed and she could only feel the sensation of falling.

    "OhcrapIcan'tseetheground." She screamed in a serious panic as she braced herself for an impact that she couldn't see coming and almost immediately she felt the sensation of her body crashing onto the solid floor. She felt her body crash and roll along the ground until she finally stopped and lied on the ground. "Ok...ow." She said as she slowly picked herself off the floor and started wandering around in the darkness.

    Adelita walks aimlessly through the darkness, never seeing anything except that darkness for several minutes. "Geez, it's so dark I can't see my hand in front of my face. So this is a Dakku Marru's darkness. A darkness so bad even the light of a fire couldn't get through. Man it's a good thing I'm not in the middle of a forest right now or I'd have slammed into like a hundred trees at this point. Now where is Vincent? His purple hair may be the only thing allowed to be seen in this darkness, but it's not like it glows in the dark. This could take longer than I expected. But will it take longer than he has? I can't let that happen I have to save him, before he kills himself."

    Meanwhile, back at the waterfall one of the shadow creatures violently attacks Emiko's wall of water screaming: "Leave me alone!" as Emiko sits behind it with an injured Milo. "Hey. You think that water wall of yours is going to hold?" Milo asked, concerned. "Want me to be perfectly honest?" Emiko asked, reluctant to answer. To which Milo responded: ".........yeees?" now worried about the answer. And so Emiko told him: "I don't think so. This is the first time i've ever done anything like this. I doubt it'll last llong." "Ya know what? Next time I'm just going to ask you to lie." Milo responded and Emiko couldn't help but let out a slight chuckle from his joke, but quickly stopped herself, feeling that it wasn't an appropriate time to laugh.

    Emiko listened to the wailing of the monster as it screamed: "I don't want to me a monster! I want to disappear!" And so Emiko spoke to herself out loud: "I wonder, if things had gone slightly different for me, if I had thought I could turn off my ears and tail with just willpower...could I have possibly ended up just like him? Could mine and his positions easily be reversed? Could I be the one going on a rampage, hurting people? Yeah...I suppose it could...this could have easily been me...wait...this...could have easily" Emiko stared at the monster bashing against the solid water and wondered: "To be that really what he wants?"

    Adelita wanders through the pitch black darkness for some time before she finally sees something. "Is that...OHMYGODISEESOMETHING!!! That can only be him!" and so Adelita ran to what she saw, and closer she got, the clearer it was, Vincent's hair drooped down over his unseen face. The hair was several feet above where she was and so, once she was close enough, she jumped up to it and, using his hair as a reference, wrapped her arms around where she belived his neck was to keep from falling. "Vincent! Vincent can you hear me?!"

    "Is someone there?" Vincent's voice spoke from the darkness.

    "Yes it's me. Adelita! You probably don't remember me all that much since you've only seen me for like ten seconds, but I'm here to help you."

    "Go away." Vincent answered. "I'm finally alone. No one has to suffer because of me anymore. I'm finally away from everyone." Adelita was surprised to hear these words, he didn't know what was going on outside. "Vincent you don't understand. All this running away isn't solving anything." "I'm gone. I'll never bother anyone again." "No Vincent you don't understand. It's not too late. If you can just accept who you are, this can all stop." "I can't accept who I am...because who I the suffering of others. That's why I need to disappear, so that I won't hurt anyone anymore." "No Vincent that's wrong. The only thing that's hurting others, is your rejection. All of your rejection has caused your powers to run out of control. If you don't stop and just accept who you are, you'll kill everyone!" "I'm...going to...kill everyone?" "Yes so you need to stop!" "I I can't just run away." " you understand!" "No matter how far I run, my mere existence will hurt others, even when no one's around." "UH...NO THAT'S NOT WHAT I WAS TRYING TO SAY!!!" "I can't just disappear. The only way to stop the suffering...IS TO DIE!!!" "NO DON'T DO THAT!!!"

    And so Vincent let out a loud scream in pain as he fought against his own power. This was it, the breaking point, he felt his bones breaking, his skin tearing, and his blood leaking, it was all painful, but he refused to stop. "NO VINCENT DON'T DO THIS!!!" But he just kept screaming at the top of his lungs as he tried desperately to turn off his own power.

    At that moment Emiko stood up and walked to the creature trying to attack them and tried to talk to it. "Hey. You're name's Vincent right? Can you hear me?" But it just kept bashing and screaming: "Leave me alone!" "If you can hear me, tell me, is that really what you want?" "I want to disappear!" Milo could only turn his head to follow her as he asked: "Emiko what are you doing!?" But she kept walking and answerd: "Something someone else should have done a long time ago." before addressing the shadow creature once again "Vincent if you're in there...there's something I want to tell you." Emiko walked and stood right in front of the wall of water looking directly into it's purple watered eyes and asked: "Would you be willing to listen to me." And at that moment the creature's words suddenly changed: "I don't want to hurt anyone!" "Vincent?" "My existence means the suffering of others." Emiko placed her hand on the water wall and spoke. "Vincent listen to me. I think you-" but at that moment before she could speak. The creature flew away, as if being summoned somewhere else. "Is that good?" Milo couldn't help but ask. And Emiko answered with an honest: "I don't know."

    Simon and Seamus flew on the back of Simon's water shark towards Vincent and Adelita, the shark killed every creature that got in its way with a single bite with its powerful jaws. "We're almost there!" Simon yelled. But suddenly all of the creatures immediately turned around and flew away from them. "Did Adelita do it?" "Were about to find out." And after a few second of flying Simon and Seamus notice something growing so large that it casts a shadow over them and they're forced to look upwards just to look at it. "I should have let Elfren take my place." "Yeah."

    They watch in awe as a colossal, black creature, the size of a mountain, began to rise, standing on all fours and letting out a loud roar. All of the flying shadow creatures flew to it and upon contact fused with it, adding their mass to the already enormous beast. Simon and Seamus watched in awe as it started to walk. "Uh...Simon...what is that?" "I...I'm not sure. It's similar to something Milo did earlier. But that was made from acceptance and having a connection. I've never heard of someone summon such a beast from a rejection. For it to go this far, he should have died already." "You think Adelita's still in there." "Most likely. So while she's working on the boy inside we have to do our part and handle the monster outside."

    Suddenly Seamus notices something disturbing: "Um...Simon." "Yeah." "Is it me or does it seem like it might be heading..." "Oh no."

    Emiko sits beside Milo who can't help but ask: "Hey. What were you going to tell that thing?" "Oh...nothing." Suddenly their conversation is cut short from the intense feeling of the ground shaking. Curious about the cause Emiko stands up and looks out in the distance. "Oh my god. Uh...Milo..." "What is it?" "Um..." "Actually on second thought...Emiko...please lie to me right now." "Um...ok...there...ISN'T a giant enormous monster heading straight towards us." "..................You're a terrible liar."
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  20. Emiko froze as the giant monster seemed to glare into her very soul. She could barely hear MIlo call out to her, she blinked her mind completely blank until suddently she was knocked over.

    She rolled on her back to see Milo in a fit of coughing blood. His ragged, dirt and blood crested clothes made her heart sink further into her chest as a black hand reached forward. Milo struggled to stand up straight as his legs wobbled in an effort to sheild a girl he knew nothing about.

    Without thinking Emiko stood up, her feet feet moved toward Milo as he finally began to fall forward. She didn't care that both of them would be crushed by Vincent's massive demonic hand. Emiko didn't want Milo to risk everything for her but together maybe they could talk sense into Vincent.

    Emiko held Milo, his soft hair ticked her face as Vincent's grip closed around them both. She let out a pained gasp, Milo couldn't even make a sound as she stared down at him. "Milo stay awake for a bit longer. I promise....I-I have a plan."

    She watched as Milo let out short, quick breaths as the soared together higher in the sky now. Emiko ignored the beast as he stared at them both and it wailed : I can't just disappear. The only way to stop thesuffering...IS TO DIE!!!"

    "Vincent, Vincent it's me Emiko,"she shouted.


    "Yes, Yes Vincent Emiko," she spoke as tears left her eyes.

    C-C-rying, Emiko?

    Emiko shook her head as a smile left her lips, she was trembling now. Milo was barely breathing now as he forced himself to stay awake.

    "Milo, Milo needs your help Vincent."


    "Look at Milo, Vincent. Please just help him." Emiko pleaded.

    Adelita let out a scream before covering her mouth. The tears wouldn't stop as she looked at the state of the young boy, a sense of guilt seemed to flood withing her before Vincent spoke and willed her back into the task at hand.

    "I do need to die, Adelita. Look what I did?!?"

    Adelita couldn't say anything, the shock was far to strong and it was to late to realise her mistake. The Image of both Emiko crying helplessly keeping Milo awake in his monsterous grip. She glanced at Vincent, the purple tears now flowing rapidly a she lifted his knees and began to cry. "I killed someone because of what I am."

    Killed, Milo?

    Emiko laughed a genuine smile left her lips as she answered. It was something Adelita didn't bother to consider as the words left her very lips. "No, Your rejection did."

    Vincent looked up, his sweaty damp hair stock to his face as he spoke. "My Rection?"

    "Accept yourself, slowly learn from your monster side and we can get out of here Vincent-" She paused as Milo shifted ever so slightly, his words bearly a muffled whisper.

    "Please, help...." Milo gasped for breath as his shaky hand touched Vincent's beastly one. Vincent stared at the image before him through the eyes of what he had created, he let out a started gasp. Milo's shaky hand brushed against his face as he huffed out the last few words he was going to make before sleep took him. ""

    Milo, F-F-Friend?

    Emiko laughed, unaware of Simon and Seamus watching from below. Milo rested his head back once more and finally closed his eyes. His hand went limp, Adelita watched speechless for a few moments as Vincent struggled to keep a grip on Milo's cold hands before it disengratedoesn't leaving him with nothing at all.

    Come on Vincent, think. Accept yourself to save Milo, Adelita prayed within her heart as she inched closer to Vincent and without realising what she was doing. She embraced him.
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