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  1. A cruise liner in the ocean has exploded. Almost everyone on the boat has died, save a few people who managed to escape the boat in time. They have all somehow made it to land, and that land happens to be the same island. Now, with nothing but their own clothes and the food supplies that came with their boats, they must survive alone....until someone finds them. But for some reason, no one comes, and for some reason, the planes passing over do not notice their fires. Why? Each person has something in common, memories of a laboratory experiment that they should not know about. A laboratory experiment that had something to do with genetics, and cloning. Has the government purposefully stranded these people because of a secret they should not know?

    Jump on in!

    You have survived an explosion. You have managed to get to dry land, a small unexplored tropical island. You meet other survivors, and after introducing yourself, you talk, and realize that you all have vauge memories about a laboratory experiment, something to do about cloning. Now with this information, along with few supplies, you must survive with your newfound friends until someone notices....if they notice.....
  2. Artemis remembered the screams, the thick chemical smell, the crates, the cloudy look in their eyes... It floods her mind. She dreams of it. Repeating, repeating. What could she do about it, here in this island, stranded, unreachable? Some of them were sick or wounded. Many have died. All connected to an experiment.The experiment.
    She forced herself to snap out of her mind and into to living world. The sun was out, it was time to gather and hunt.
  3. Cold...cold and dark...electricity? that was what his memory was off, metal crates and and electrical currents it was terrible it just destroyed him every time he thought of it. He woke up when something big brushed under him while he woke up in the water " fuck was that..." he looks under the water and notices a shark swimming by who thinks of him as stranded food. He quickly swims into shore before something happens to him, he stands on the shore removing his shirt wrapping it around his head as he looks around. " Well were here Mica " Mica was his name and he often referred to himself.
  4. Hal slowly stumbled up from the ground. His mouth was dry. He was on the shore, warm water lapping slowly, his eardrums seemingly accustomed to the sound. But there was something else, playing in the back of his mind. A syringe. White robed hands pushing, holding. A green substance... poisonous to the eyes. A hand brushed against his face, realising there was a lot of stubble growth around his jaw line.

    Finally stood up, he raised an arm to shield his eyes from the sun. There was another man, and a woman looking around too.

    "Crap." he cursed under his breath. The explosion. Of course. How many had... survived? He looked to the other two, not far away from where he stood. They looked similarly disorientated, lost in the aftermath of chaos. "Are you two... okay?"
  5. Brandishing a spear she just sharpened, Artemis walked towards the beach. Being she scout that she was, she collected some berries and plants she thought was edible on the way. The humid air brushed her sweaty skin as she trekked downhill. Trees, thick and thin, sprouted from the clayey ground. Then vanished as she moved on.
    Suddenly, the sound of a voice traveled to her ears. There were others on the island! She ran to the beach. A figure stood dripping wet from the sea water. She approached him cautiously not far from them another figure struggled to stand saying, "Are you two... okay?"

    "I'm fine, who are you if I may ask?"Artemis replied, running a hand through her jet black hair.
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  6. Chess stiffened and woke up. He was laying on the side of a small grassy hill covered in palm trees and ferns. He watched the people meet from afar, and then got up, stretched, and walked towards them. Where was he? The last thing he remembered was....he frowned. "Where are we?"
  7. "YEAH! Hey guys! Look over here!" Clem whooped and splashed in the water, tumbling towards the shore abreast an incoming wave, all while the others were just standing there. Didn't they know they almost just DIED? They should be celebrating! Not wandering around like a bunch of lost puppies! Suddenly Clementine's wave decided it'd had enough of her catching a ride, and she went rolling along the shallows the rest of the way.

    Spitting the salt water from her mouth to the beach in a majestic arc, Clem ran up to the disoriented group in a flurry of electric blue hair and soaked clothing. "I call leader! No one's called it yet, right? Because I just did." She kicked over a piece of driftwood and struck a Captain Morgan stance, laughing. She felt just as indestructible as ever, and not even being stranded was going to bring her down.
  8. he looked at the gathering of people who were just in some sort of wreck he just sighed as the girl come out the water like a kid running for the ice cream truck he sighed again and said " Maybe we should start with names first? and then decide what were going to do " He looked at the group and then at the water running his hand over his nose to wipe some of the moisture off it. He chuckled as he fixed the head wrap he made from his shirt and continued to listen on to the group
  9. "Hey guys I'm Artemis. Artemis Ride." she said, feeling a little bit closer to civilisation. Handling out the berries that she picked on the way. She noticed questioning faces as she handed them out. "And yes, they are edible. Scout's honor." she explained, holding three fingers up.
  10. She didn't fail to notice that the guy who wanted everyone's names didn't give them his first. "Clem... Well, Clementine. But I think Clem is easier." She grabbed some berries from the girl's hand and stuffed them into her mouth gratefully, even before she claimed that they weren't poisonous. Clementine felt the juice running from her mouth mingling with the water droplets on her skin, before dripping into the sand. She chewed happily, deciding that she liked the girl. Anyone who brought Clem food was an instant friend. Tucking a cerulean strand of hair behind her ear, she puckered her now berry dyed lips thoughtfully. "Isn't Artemis, like, some sort of Greek myth or something?"
  11. Artemis beamed. "Well my parents loved Greek mythology. But for some strange reason I like adventure and since Artemis was the Greek goddess of the hunt and the wild... well, I think it suits me." rambled Artemis, "Nice hair by the way." The blue haired girl, now known as Clem, was quite friendly and Artemis took an immediate liking to her. She took a quick survey at the surroundings and asked, "So, any idea where we are?"
  12. "My name's Hal." he answered. There were a few people now. Groggy looking, some upbeat, some not so. "But... what happened? I think I remember something."

    The memory was painful though. Was he injected with something? A scientist? A laboratory... or a medical room? That kind of place never failed to instil fear. What had they done to him before he woke up here?
  13. Clem preened herself proudly. Her hair had only been blue for a few weeks. Before it had been purple, then neon green. She doubted there would be a secret stash of hair dyes anywhere around here though... Her mind went briefly to the berries before "Hal" smashed her reverie. The memory instantly blackened her mood, and for that she decided that she would like to punch Hal in the neck for bringing it up. "A bunch of people died and we didn't. What about it?" She snapped, fists clenched at her sides.
  14. A shiver went down Artemis' spine. She knew what they were talking about, everyone knew, she could see it in their eyes. The white coats, the little ones who had hell for a life for some scientist's amusement and the chemicals. It was pin-drop silent. Artemis solemnly stepped up and asked for the rest's names. The silence was killing her.
  15. " I Guess is should tell you guys my name since i asked the question...My name is Mica " he then looked over at Clem snapping at Hal he smirked and chuckled a bit before he said " Did you want to die?....did you save anyone from the wreckage?" He paused looking at her with a puzzled face " Do not look back on life with an attitude to die, move forward with what life has given you " nodding he decided that he just made no sense and clasped his hands together saying " Anyways lets try and find a place to settle because...this sun is not the place for me "
  16. Chess had stood silent for a long time, watching the others. He had never been that social. But now he was here, alive, after that explosion, with memories of...he shivered. Then he turned towards the others. "My name is Chess. Short for Chester." Chess was also short for something else. Cheshire. Chess had a knack for dissapearing, for fading away from a conversation. He never really stood out, but that was because he chose not to. He wasn't shy, he just disliked....human contact. But now he was stranded on an island, with nowhere else to go. Time for the Cheshire Cat to reappear with a smile.
  17. "Hell no! I didn't want to die then, and I don't want to die now either!" Clem whirled away, kicking a mound of sand and sending it up into a spray. No, I never saved anyone. Looking out for anyone but yourself will only get you killed. She didn't say it aloud, wouldn't. The shame of it all made her feel like retching. How dare some stranger think that she would give her life away? Clem had made it this far, and she was too stubborn to call it quits now. Behind her she heard the quiet, unextraordinary introduction of Chess. Turning back to the group, she took a moment in the silence to straighten her tattered clothes before blurting, "Well... Anyways... I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I'm hungry as fuck."
  18. "Food or shelter? Which first? Maybe we could split up into groups. One for food other for shelter.Okay?" Artemis asked, " Who's gonna get the food hand's up." Hands rose. She, to be frank did not know what to do, it was improvisation. But she knew it was'nt the time to be idle. The afternoon sun was burning. In a few hours, night would cover the island.
  19. Chess turned away then. Of course he wasn't looking to make an impression. That wasn't the reason he had introduced himself. The girl named Artemis seemed to live up to her name, and already had found food. She was quite the survivalist. Chess walked up to the place he had awoken on and sat down and watched the group. He then pressed a hand to his head, as if he was trying to keep those horrible memories back, memories of needles, cold voices echoing through the room, the cold feeling of metal pressed against his back.....A man in a mask and black goggles behind a glass partition watching the....What was it? An experiment? Was Chess the test subject? Whose memories were these? The memories seemed to come out of nowhere, and suddenly Chess felt a sharp pang in his head. He groaned and moved deeper into the forest, where he sat down on a rock. The rock was covered in moss, and most of the plants around it were tropical. Then Chess realized what had happened. Not the memories, but on the boat. He remembered getting up at night, walking out onto the main deck of the cruise....then something moving out of the corner of his eye, then a thwack, and then Chess had passed out. Chess opened his eyes. He had been knocked out the day of the explosion. Why? Had someone caused the accident on purpose? Everybody was dead, and now he was stuck on this island. The sun was setting, and the buzzing of some kind of insect started. He swatted at some gnats and mosquitoes, and decided to return to the group. He felt the urge to tell them about his recent discovery. The cruise was sabotaged. Somebody wanted them dead.
  20. As the quiet kid started to walk away Clem shouted after him, "Hey! You can't just leave when we're supposed to be working! Asshole." She muttered the last part under her breath. Looking back to Artemis, she grinned reassuringly. "Don't worry, I can do enough work for the both of us." She was made to be strong, the rolling muscles hinted at under her skin proving so. Clem needed to be strong now more than ever, not everyone here was as positive as she was. They all had memories. The only difference was that Clem seemed to be the best at suppressing them. "I'll find food. It's my best quality."