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    Violet was shivering violently as she rubbed her eyes. Water rushed over her and coughs racked her cold body as she coughed out water she'd inhaled. She sat up weakly, struggling to support herself. The wreckage of the burning plane was several paces away, she must have been thrown from the plane. She tried to stand, but searing pain blasted through her and she collapsed. Looking down, she realized her leg had been staked with a piece of metal, but she was too weak to react. She was cold, wet, and she was bleeding. "H-h-help..." she called hoarsely. Her voice didn't carry far. Another wave crashed over her and she coughed. A few moments later she tried to pull herself out of the way of the water, but only got far enough to avoid drowning before she collapsed again. She laid there, staring at the overcasted sky as silent tears of fear and pain rolled down her already wet face. "H-h-help." she called again, her voice hoarse, wavering, and quiet.
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  2. Valentino, or V, had been excited to finally see his family again. He hadn't seen his brother in years. He was aware of the faint garble of the intercom, but wasn't listening. When the plane lurched and started heading towards the ground, he ended up in a panic attack. His throat closed up and he passed out before they made impact. He woke up sore. Then it was excruciating pain in his chest and, well, the rest of his body. He gradually became aware that he was face down in sand with the sun beating down on him. He heard a small voice calling out from somewhere to his right. He turned his head to see a girl in the water. He struggled over, dragging himself through the wet sand towards her. When he calls out, his voice is soft and pained, but audible. "Are you okay?"
  3. She shook her head feebly as a new voice spoke. "M-m-my leg.." She said, her voice cracking. She turned her head to look at the newcomer, her gaze shifting in and out of focus.
  4. "DAAAAAAAAD!!" Xemnas screamed, and opened his eyes, all he saw was the sky, and smoke, he looked around and tried to get up, "Aaahhh, shit..." He said as he held his side, his body ached he was hurting pretty bad, "Dad? Dad?" He yelled out, but only heard some saying 'h-h-h-help me' he looked as he followed the voice till he saw the 2 people, he was trying to get up but his body wouldn't let him he saw the 2 people then his skght started bluring in and out then he was unconscious, "H-H-Hel...*exhales*"
  5. Violet heard someone else, but she started coughing before she could speak. "S-someone said something." She choked out. She rolled her head forward, taking a few deep breaths before forcing herself to a sitting position, struggling to stay up. "I..I've got to move.." she managed to mumble.
  6. Uhhh my head... Axel thought as he laid on the beach, face down in the sand, What happened? He opened his eyes and flipped himself around, grunting at the pain he felt on his left shoulder and arm.When he looked down at it, his eyes went wide and he whispered, "Wh-what the hell?" staring down at the piece of metal sticking out of the middle of his bicep. With an effort, he was able to sit up using his right arm, and take in his surroundings. A few feet away he saw the plane crash and all that laid in front of him was miles and miles of deep blue ocean.
    After a short moment of trying to recover his bearings, it dawned on him, "The plane crash. Yes I remember now!" He took a look around the beach, his arm still aching. "I gotta do something about this..." He muttered under his breath. Getting up onto his feet rather awkwardly, he held his left arm across his stomach, using his right arm to support it. I should probably see if there are any other survivors on the beach. He thought. Looking behind him he saw a large expanse of jungle, and absolutely no sign of civilization. But first... He crossed the beach to the trees and pulled off a leaf. Well it ain't exactly the best thing to use, but it'll have to do. He thought, placing it down on the ground and grabbing a stick nearby. He place the stick in his mouth and gripped the metal in his arm. All right, 1...2...3! He pulled as hard as he could, prying the piece of metal out of his arm while biting down hard on the stick to prevent himself from screaming. He was half way there when the stick broke and he began to yell in pain as he continued to pull the metal out. Finally the metal slid out from his skin, releasing a stream of blood.
    Throwing the metal to the floor and grabbing the leaf he'd picked earlier, he pushed it up against his wound to prevent further bleeding. Panting hard he managed to murmur under his breath, "Now that that's done, I should see if there's anyone else" Walking down the beach he called out, "Hello! Is anybody there?"
  7. V continued to struggle to the girl. His ears were ringing. He couldnt focus because he was struggling to get there. When he finally did he pushed himself to his feet, ignoring the pain in his chest. He offered his hand and looked up to see Xemnas. He tries to speak. "Come" Is all that can come out. He keeps looking at Xemnas, while keeping his hand outstretched to Violet.
  8. Kira grunted as her eyes opened slowly. She was sitting in a seat of the plane, well what was left of the plane. Her head was against the seat in front of her. As she lifted it a horrible pain went through her body and she became dizzy. She gasped at the extreme pain and slowly brought her hand to her head. She felt the indent of a gash and when she brought her hand back down saw fresh blood on her fingers. "Crap," she said weakly. She looked at her surroundings. Most of the seats were broken and luggage was scattered everywhere. Bodies of people laid everywhere, some in worse shape then others. Large holes were ripped into the sides of the plane and the back of it was missing completely. The sound of water reached her ears and she looked to the front of the plane which was already flooded with water.

    A extreme wave of nausea came over her suddenly and she vomited in the seat next to her. 'I must have a concussion,' she realized. Deciding that she had been sitting there long enough, she carefully stood up and walked into the aisle. When she put pressure on her right leg pain shot through it. She fell to the ground and yelled out with pain. 'Yeah, it's definitely broken,' she thought as she looked at her leg. Using the seats for support, she slowly limped toward the opening at the back of the plane. As she made her way out of the plane she saw a man wearing a black bandana; he was dead. She gently took the bandana off of him and wrapped it around her head, tieing it in the back. "Sorry, but I really need this right now," she said to the man before continuing her struggle to the back of the plane. When she reached the drop in the back she jumped, or more like fell, off of it, making sure to not land on her right foot. She hit the sand with a thund.

    There was rubble all around her, along with some more dead people. She looked around for something to use as a cane and settled on a splintered piece of wood. 'I need to find something to set my leg,' she thought as she lifted herself off the ground. A fresh drop of blood trickled down her face, adding to the dried streaked that were already there. 'First, I should see if there are a other survivors,' she decided and it was then she heard the faint cries for help. Limping as quickly as she could she headed towards the source of the sound. She saw the girl in the water and the boy struggling to help her. Blood clouded the water around he girl and Kira could see that she was seriously hurt. She hobbled over towards the boy, hoping that she would be able to help.
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  9. " That was the shittiest this plane ride ove...what no no " He said as he shook his head and looked down at the floor which he was hovering above, he felt around his waist and realized he was stuck in the plane seat that was stuck in a tree. He side which rattled the tree and the branch made a crackling noise " " he said slowly as he tried to slowly undo the belt that held him into this seat. Which caused the branch to crackle and then snap sending him and the seat plummeting towards the ground which was about 8 feet away. He hit the floor with a thud and the wind was knocked out of him which he regain quickly until the seat hit him dead center chest which knocked it out of him again. He let a loud heave go before rolling over on his side.

    " FUCK! " he says holding onto his chest slowly getting up off the floor, his shirt ripped and his tattoos barley showing. He walked forward stumbling around still a bit dazed he grabbed onto a tree and shouted " Hello! Anyone! " He fell to the floor and got back up slowly. " The plane must of crashed...HELLO! ANYONE! " he shouted as he stumbled out of the forest and onto the sandy beach were he heard the ocean smacking against the sand and then the sound of metal running ashore. He looked up to see the nose piece of the plane scratched up and mangled, he got up slowly putting his hand on it and said " those..people...those kids...NO! " he smacked his fist agaisnt the nose causing it to rattle and make creaking noises.

    He looked around and began stumbling on to look for more survivors which he was in luck apparently because he noticed something hobbling towards two other figures, he smirked and shouted " Hello! Survivors?! " He began rushing over towards them holding his side. He had to figure out what they were going to do and what anyone who survived could do...because there going to be here for a while and if he was to be stuck on an island he would rather do it together than have to fight them later for food. which he might probably will have to do if someone tries to steal his food he is probably going to stash for himself just incase he gets hungry.
  10. "Xemnas! Son! I need you to tell the passangers to stay calm, and to put on their masks, now!" The captain said, "Dad!" "Just fucking do it son!" He said, Xemnas got on the com and started to tell everyone to stay calm, but he knew it didn't matter. He got up to check on some of the people on the plane, but the plane kept bumping ' Turbulence' he thought to himself, he tried to work his way back to the head of the plane, but he flew up and slammed into the ceiling landinglanding on some girl, he was dazed for a bit but managed to get on his feet, he was almost their, his dad was calling him, but couldn't make out what he was saying "Get....Down!" He finally made out what he was saying "Get DOWN!" He saw nothing but land and water, as soon as impact everything darkened. 'Am I dead? Where am I?' He said to himself, he saw his dad and his family at his funeral 'No! I'm here! Mom! Dad! I'm alive!' He yelled but he couldn't get to them, 'Ok this is just a dream, come on! Wake up, Xem! Wake the fuck up!' He said. He could here people but couldn't see them 'People! Come on wake up before they think your dead!'
  11. Violet nodded slowly and took his hand, gritting her teeth as she forced herself to her feet. "Th-th-there might be others.." She mumbled, trying to refrain herself from entering another coughing fit. Everything spun a little and she stumbled a step. "S-s-smoke signal.." She thought aloud. We might be able to contact the other survivors..if there are any.. She glanced up at the man laying ahead. "Th-th-that's the capt-tain's son.."
  12. " ohh say can you see by the .. shiit shit shit shit... " Alex was in the bathroom when the captain spoke.. he tried to hurry out cleaning his hands by then it was too late they were headed down .... he got out the bathroom and was tossed around . his head hit a seat and he was knocked out. he woke up the the cold water hitting his face .. he was floating on a piece of the plane about 10 yards in the water.. there was an even bigger piece layed over his legs... between his head and his legs .. he thought his career as a pro in the world of parkour would be over .. he slowly raised his head and saw land .. he smiled." im alive" he whispered ans he raised his left arm. he had enough energy to keep his arm up for a while. he jus lay there thinking he would sink with the metal and they would never know little did he know the water at that spot was only 3 feet deep
  13. Violet blinked a few times, trying to clear her dizzy vision as she looked around. There's one-me, two-the guy helping me, three-captain's son, four-the girl limping... She rubbed her eyes a little, trying to see if she could see anyone else. There's someone in the water-five....someone over there-six....and someone is calling from the trees-seven. She took a small breath. "I-I think there's s-s-seven." She said hoarsely. Her throat felt like it constricted against every move she made.
  14. the tide started to pick up I saw my body moving closer to land thank you lord.... I was close close enough .."help I cant mov my legs " the hand that was in the warter grazed the ground .. I begin to pull my body even closer . but I still couldn't .. move I just sat there not moving I could feel my legs but.. I stopped thinking I just raised my arm "help help IM alive"
  15. As Kira neared Violet she saw the extent of her injury and frowned. She heard yelling from behind her and glanced behind her shoulder. She saw a man running towards them, holding his side. He didn't seem too badly injuryed, considering that he was running, so she brought her attention back to the girl. She stopped when she was just out of the reach of the waves. "Here, sit down so I can take a look at your leg," she said to Violet. She slowly lowered herself to the ground, wincing a little. Her bangs were clumped together with dried blood, and, as she pushed them to the side, she heard them crack. 'Seven survivors,' she thought. 'I hope they aren't all badly injured', she looked sadly at the smoking plane. She sighed and shook her head. She didn't have time to grieve, right now she had to focus on keeping the everyone who survived alive. Hearing a voice from the sea she saw the boy floating on the piece of plane. "Someone go help him!" She said loudly to whoever was listening and pointed at the boy. She wished she could help him herself, but her broken leg prevented her from doing so.
  16. He pulls up Violet and pulls her to the shade of a tree. "Can't have anyone with sun poisoning, can we?" He places her against the tree "You can call me V." He turns around and notices the guy floating in the ocean. 'I can get to him.' He goes to the water and swims out to the floater. He grabs the piece of the plane he is on and pushes him towards the shore.
  17. Kira realized that V had a good point. She took a deep breath and hoisted herself back to her feet. She slowly limped over to Violet and then carefully lowered herself back onto the ground. "My name's Kira," she said and smiled, trying to comfort the hurt girl. She looked at Violet's leg, the piece of metal was stopping most of the bleeding, but there was still quite a bit of blood leaking from the wound. Thinking quickly, she took the shoelace off of her right shoe and wrapped it tightly around Violet's leg just above the injury. 'It's not like I'm going to do much walking on that foot anyway,' she thought as she tied the shoelace to keep it in place. She contemplated what to do next. She wasn't a doctor and in first aid class they teach you not to remove the object and just wait for the ambulance, but that wasn't really an option here. She bit her lip, trying to recall her anatomy class. 'There are a lot of arteries in the leg and if we take the metal out we would need to stop the bleeding quickly, otherwise she will bleed out,' she thought to herself. "Hey, I need someone to try and find a needle and thread... and some cloth... a lot of cloth," she called out as she examined to injury more closely.
  18. She nodded at V. "I-I'm Violet." She said quietly before going quiet. Violet stared at the tree branches above. She was done, exerted most of her energy, now focusing on staying awake. She didn't want to pass out, not now that she knew there were others.
  19. Valentine's eyes shot open as he came to consciousness. He remembered being on a flight, from which he would transfer to another and get to Ukraine. He fell asleep. Then he remembered being awoken by the plane shaking violently, the captain's voice, and then the plane went down. He luckily had his seatbelt on, but hit his head on the seat in front of him, somehow rendering the hulk of a man unconscious. As he looked around, he felt the warm sun on his face, heard the crash of the ocean waves. "This is not Ukraine." he joked, trying to take his mind off the now present pain in his side. He leaned up, and saw he was bleeding. "ебать." he cursed to himself. He touched the wound, flinching at the pain the action induced. He discovered it wasn't that deep. A scratch compared to the guy next to him. It seemed the man the giant was laying next to was impaled by a large piece of shrapnel. He sat up, and shook the sand out of his hair.
  20. After the shoelace was tied by Kira, Violet raised her hand. She was tracing the tree branches, using her mind for something so she'd stay awake. She'd traced about 2 branches when she started coughing again, wincing with each one. What is going on? She thought to herself. She'd never had a problem like this before, and nothing seemed to be wrong to make her cough.