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  1. Luna and a few of her close friends talked and laughed as they made their way to another bar. That's pretty much how all of their partying went on the weekends. All of their time spent hopping from bar to bar, party to party. "Tonight has been epic so far, Luna!" Her friend Jake laughed as they walked into the club. "And the night's still young! We still got partying to do my dudes!" Luna smiled, she and her crew pushing through the people dancing and having fun. She danced with her friends for a brief moment, enjoying the atmosphere around her before she looked to her friend Monica. "I'm gonna go get a drink!" Lulu yelled over the music. Monica nodded and she made her way over to the bar. She ordered a few shots of tequila and pounded them down, checking out the people around her a little bit.

    "Luna! Come on and dance!" Monica walked over and took one of the shots setting on the table. "Alright man, I'm coming." She chuckled and got up from the stool to dance. Drink, dance, repeat. Drink, dance, repeat. Luna's cycle went on for a little bit longer until she and Monica went to sit down at a table. "Dude, I really want some onion rings and mozzarella sticks right now." Luna laughed while Monica stared intensely at a few people she saw in the crowd. Luna noticed her friend's strange behavior and furrowed her eyebrows a bit.

    "Who are you staring at Moni? What's up?" She asked. "That chick and dude over there have been following us to every single bar all night." She pointed over at the two people. "Are you sure they haven't just thought these were the coolest places to chill and went to the same bars as us?" Luna shook her head. "Well, I would have thought that, if they hadn't been to the same bars as us every single time for the past like 2 weeks." Monica whispered. "And they're looking at you, but don't look." Luna peeked over at the chick and her friend, staring at them for a little while. "I said don't look!" Monica whispered loudly. "Sorry man." Luna chuckled a little.

    The two looked like they'd be cool as fuck. Part of her wanted to ask them if they'd like to hang with them, but the fact that they'd both been following them to bars and stuff for a while made her not want to. She thought about it for a little bit, chewing her bottom lip in thought before she smirked. "Hey! You two!" She yelled over at the people. "You with the nice hair and leather jacket. Come hang out with us!" She yelled and Monica's eyes got wide. "What are you doing?!" Monica whispered loudly. "I'm making us some new friends." Luna smirked.
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    Vikki and her associate had been wandering around the bars for the past while now, in hot pursuit of the girl that she seeked. They had gotten to this bar with her, and she knew that this was where they needed to make their move.

    Sitting at the bar with her partner, she had a few drinks, all the time without taking her eye off of Luna. She was used to bar situations like this, and did frequent a few joints across town, although this was a first for her here. Luckily, her reputation easily carried sway around these parts, and even if people did not know who she was, she gave off a special type of air to her presence.

    When she heard the voice of her target calling her, she couldn't help a slight smirk forming on her face. Would things be this easy she wondered. Quickly, she downed the last of her current drink, leaving the glass on the bar before turning to her colleague for a moment.

    "Make sure she doesn't leave the front entrance if we lose sight of her. The other doors are being watched, and everything else is in place." She instructed to her colleague who began making his way out of the front of the club, taking a cigarette out of his pocket to make it look like a simple smoke break. Vikki began wading her way through the crowd over to the two girls at the table, hands idly in pockets as she approached. She grabbed a chair from another table, swinging it around to sit down on, smiling slightly as she looked over the two girls, although primarily Luna.

    "What can I do for two lovely ladies tonight?" She spoke with a crisp charm to her voice, although underneath a slight sarcasm lingered. Her smile held only the faintest trace of her previous evil smirk.

  3. Luna smiled as the girl sat down and she ran her fingers through her hair a bit. Little did she know she was talking to the girl who'd potentially kidnap her. "Well my friend and I noticed you and your other guy friend and I thought I'd ask you to come hang out with us for a bit." She played with her hands a little bit as she talked.

    "Well she did. I didn't." Monica spoke, acid in her tone as she crossed her arms over her chest. "Moni don't be an ass." Luna playfully pushed her friend. Monica could have a carefree, bitch mood all the time. And since she knew who they were talking to, she was gonna have that mood.

  4. Vikki smiled lightly at Luna as she spoke, eyes silently analysing the girl. Everything she had heard about her was true, all the information dug up by the various people she had in her pocket. A party girl, who seemed to not think things through entirely, and was very spontaneous. "Well, I'd love to chill with you guys for a bit. Unfortunately, my friend there stepped outside for a smoke." Vikki explained with a slight chuckle.

    She then quickly looked at Luna's friend, Monica. She had not heard much about her, but could guess quite a bit from her reaction. She was much more knowledgeable and wary than her friend, and that would be a serious problem. She would need a way to get the two separated in order to whisk away with Luna. "It's fine, I understand if your friend here sees me as a bit of an intrusion into your partying. Maybe a round out of my pocket will help better the mood?" She then added, looking at Monica from the corner of her eye, with an ever so slight smirk mixed with the smile on her lips.

  5. Luna smiled a little bit when the girl mentioned drinks. She was gonna buy a round for them! Which was great considering drinking was one of her strong suits. Monica needed them more than anything though. She was being so uptight and a little rude.

    "Oh my god that's so nice of you! Moni could use a fee more drinks!" She squeezed her best friend, awaiting her confirmation. "I don't know man, I feel like I should just sit this one out." Monica spoke, unsure of what she should do. "Come on dude! Free drinks!" Luna shook her before standing up and trying to pull Monica from her seat.

    "Alright! Alright I'm coming!" Monica chuckled and stood up. "Yay for peer pressure!" Luna laughed then turned to the girl again. "We'll drink anything you decide to buy tbh." Luna smirked. "Oh I never got your name. I'm Luna by the way."
  6. [​IMG]Vikki couldn't help but smirk ever so slightly, getting up from her seat as she watched Luna tug and try to convince her friend to join in on the drinking. How she saw it now, there were 2 ways that she could try and play this; either get both of them captured and then dispose of the friend on the way, or simply peel Luna away from the other and get her that way. She would just wait and see what would be easiest.

    "Feel free to order what you want, it's no problem." She said when Luna suggested to let Vikki order for all of them. It would do no good to try and add something to their drinks straight away; subtlety was key. "The names Beth." She lied as they got close to the bar, hailing the barkeep over and ordering herself a drink before he turned to look at the others, waiting for their orders.

  7. Luna smiled when the bartender came over. This would be fun, and knowing who she was as a person, it might have even been a little expensive. But hey, you could never go wrong with free drinks. "I'll have a tequila sunrise and she'll have a sex on the beach. Just to start out at least." She twirled her hair around on her fingers, flirting with the bartender a little bit. If she played her cards right, none of them would have to buy any drinks for the rest of the night.

    "I wanna say thanks again for getting us a couple of drinks. It's not every night a cute chick offers to buy your drinks. More like every other night." She giggled a little bit. "I don't think I've ever seen you at this club before. Is it your first time here?" Luna made small talk as the bartender made their drinks.

  8. Once the two girls had ordered their drinks, Vikki looked at the bartender as he walked over to pour the drinks, ever so slightly shaking her head to him before looking back at the girls. That was one of the good things about this place, she had it in her pocket. Then again, that was the same with most of the places in this area of the city.

    "There's no reason to thank me, it's the least I can do for two very pretty ladies." Vikki said with a smirk, taking her drink when the bartender brought it over and taking a tentative sip. She chuckled slightly at Luna, a smile on her face. "Yeah, it's my first time here. I just moved in from out of town, and thought I'd check out some of the local clubs." She explained with a slight smile.
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    Luna smirked and nodded. "Nice! This is one of the best places to go clubbing in town! Leave it to me to show you all of the hottest places to go for a good time." She smiled and took a sip of her drink, the two of them making small talk. Over time, Luna had drank about 4 drinks and was feeling especially off her rocker. Monica on the other hand, still hadn't finished her first and was getting a little worried about her friend. "Luna, I think you've had enough, hun." Monica rubbed her friend's back, worry all throughout her tone. "N-no I don't. I'm f-fine. I think I can have like two more!" Luna laughed, holding up four fingers. "Yeah, you definitely don't need anymore sweetie." Moni responded. Luna's expression turned from happiness and fun to sickness and disgust within seconds. "I'm not feeling too hot. I think I need some air." Luna got up from the bar. "I'm gonna find everyone else so we can head out. It's been a long night." Monica said as she disappeared in the crowd of people. Luna nodded and rushed outside, the cool air hitting her face and calming her down a little bit.
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  10. Vikki smirked as she watched the two separate, getting up from her seat to follow Luna outside, as she did so pressing a small button on her phone in her pocket, simply to signal the others. Despite having apparently downed a few drinks, they had actually just been water. There was no way she was letting this opportunity go squandered. So, she followed Luna, leaning on the wall next to her outside as she lit a cigarette and simply waited. "You look like a wreck, how about we go get you laid down somewhere nice?" She suggested, keeping up her fake flirty demeanour. This would all be much, much easier if she could get the girl to come along willingly in her drunken state, although there was clearly a backup if that did not work out.

  11. Vikki couldn't help but let a small, malicious smirk curl at the ends of her dark lips as she slowly convinced the oblivious Luna into coming with her, whispering luscious fantasies seductively in her ear. She let one of her hands slowly slip around Luna's waist, the smell of smoke and liquor pouring from her mouth as she whispered close to Luna's ear. "Let's get back to my place…" Her seductive whispering ended, hand snaking away from Luna's waist, teasingly tugging at the waist of her jeans before wrapping with her hand, leading her promisingly away from the bar.

    After a minute or so of walking, Vikki turned, leading Luna down a dark alley. As she still faced away from the other girl, Vikki popped a pill in her own mouth, letting it rest on her tongue without swallowing. Then, she pinned Luna to the wall, smirking as she moved her body close, giving her a fleeting kiss that allowed her to slip the pill from her own tongue into Luna's mouth.

    After a few seconds, Luna would slowly drift into unconsciousness, obviously induced by whatever pill she had ingested. As soon as she was out, Vikki quit the act, stepping away from the girl and grabbing her body roughly, carrying her hazardously towards a car parked in the alley. She threw Luna in the boot before getting into the passenger seat, letting her colleague from the bar drive them off.

    A few hours later, Luna would eventually awake. She would find herself in some sort of cell, although tinier than those in prisons. It was literally just a bed, and then enough room next to it for a door, which was thick steel and a tiny hatch in the middle, to open. There was a single dim light hanging from the roof, and no windows to speak of.
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    Luna's face lit up when the girl mentioned a place to sleep. She really just wanted to take a hot shower and lay down in bed. It was definitely needed after how much partying she and her friends had done. It took a moment for Luna to realize that she'd left her friends. "Shit, I left everyone. We gotta go back." She spoke as the two of them walked. It wasn't long after this that she'd been pressed against a wall and kissed very intensely. If she wasn't drunk as hell, she probably would have enjoyed it. If she wasn't drunk as hell she probably would have noticed the pill that was slipped into her mouth. But it was too late now. She was already being dragged down an alleyway only to be thrown in a car. Before she could even think about what the hell was going on, Luna had already slipped into unconsciousness.

    A few hours later, Luna woke up, her head pounding from the hangover and probably the pill she'd been given as well. She looked around the tiny, confined room she was in, confused. "What the fuck is going on." She mumbled as she rubbed her head. Luna could have sworn that she was supposed to be going to that one chick's house. Beth or whatever the hell her name was. Why she woke up in MAX in an Orange is the New Black episode was confusing to her. "Hello? Can anyone hear me?" She yelled, hoping to get a few answers from someone.

  13. After getting back and throwing the girl in a cell, Vikki had taken rest herself. It was now the morning, and she felt much more rejuvenated after that night, filled with the most acting she had done in her life. Luckily, her closeness to everyone and all that was washed off with a nice hot shower, a luxury that Luna did not have in her current predicament. After dressing herself in the morning, she decided to check up on her catch.

    After walking through the halls of the building for a while, she stumbled upon the room in which Luna was held, just in time to hear her cry for help. She couldn't help herself as her lips curled into a slight smile, proud of herself for being able to perform such a feat flawlessly, with none the wiser. Part of her wondered about how Luna's little group of friends would react, probably searching frantically and in dread of having to tell her father what had happened.

    She slid the hatch in the door open, her eyes looking through with malice in them. "The catch of the day is finally awake." She said with a malicious smirk. "Did you enjoy your sleep?" She asked with a smug grin.
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    Luna's expression turned to one of even more confusion when the girl referred to her as "the catch of the day". She stood up slowly, fearing that if she moved to fast she'd get an even worse headache than she already had, and would probably throw up. "Oh yeah, I loved sleeping in a cold, dark, damp, cell with a bed that felt like sleeping on nails and cardboard. It was fanfuckingtastic!" She spoke sarcastically, acid replaced usually chill and happy tone. Luna was pretty pissed since she could have been in her own California King bed and gotten in the shower before hand, but instead she was most likely drugged, and thrown in here by a woman who she was feeling pretty skeptical about now. Her tone changed from acid to a more straightforward "I wanna know what's up" one. It also had a bit of sadness in it.

    "I feel like throwing up, I have a headache from Hell, and I feel disgusting. I just wanna know what the hell is going on. Does my dad know where I am?"
    Her tone changed once again, this time to one of worry and a bit of self-loathing. "Fuck man, he's gonna be so pissed. He probably thinks I'm dead in an alley somewhere." She ran her fingers through her hair as she paced back and forth in the tiny room. She might not have always showed it with her actions, but Luna was such a daddy's girl, it was crazy. She'd do anything to make him happy, except stop being such a party girl. Although she did wish that he was there for her more, instead of always working and being out of the house all the time. They practically lived in a huge mansion and it seemed like she was the only one who was there. All alone. With no one. It was sad. She'd do anything to help her father and make sure she was okay, and he'd only check in on her every once in a while and give her money when she complained that he wasn't around or there for her.

    The thought of her father and friends worrying about her made her stomach hurt even more. The constant moving didn't really help either. Before she could even try to stop it, Luna gagged and coughed, eventually blowing chunks all over the floor. She held her stomach and groaned before slowly looked over at the girl who was peeking through the door. "Sorry." Luna spoke softly, pain in her eyes.
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  15. Vikki simply watched and listened as the girl rambled on inside the cell, her voice venomous. Well, after all, it was acceptable, being drugged and locked up after a night of partying wasn't the nicest thing to have happen to you. "You're not in the best of situations, are you?" She asked with a smirk. "So I'd advise keeping that acidic tone for another time."

    Then, she couldn't help but laugh, not some small chuckle, but full blown laugh, when Luna expressed worry for her father. Vikki honestly doubted that her father reciprocated the worry, but it showed that she would work exceedingly well for the purpose that she was intended for. "Your dad doesn't know where you are, yet. But I plan on letting him know real soon…" She explained, turning away when the girl puked across the floor of the cell. Once again, understandable, in the current situation.

    Turning away from the door, Vikki shouted down the hall. "Someone come clean that up, then bring the girl." She demanded in a very commanding voice, looking through the door one last time at Luna. "See you soon." She smirked, turning and walking away.

    After a brief moment, the large metal door lurched open, and two people stood in the way. One was a man, quite small and scrawny, armed with a mop and bucket to clean up Luna's puke. The next was much more threatening. A female with a shaved head, half her face tattooed and tattoos all across the remainder of her exposed skin. However, the most threatening thing would be the pistol resting on her hip, and the assault rifle hanging from the strap on her shoulder.

    The woman came up to Luna, grabbing her arm tightly. "This way." She said simply, her voice menacing and malicious as she dragged Luna, whether she protested or not, out of the cell and down the hall.
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    Luna furrowed her eyebrows when she said that her dad didn't know where she was yet, but she'd let him know. Clearly, she knew her and her father, but that didn't really explain why she'd kidnapped her. This was all still really confusing, and still, no one had filled her in on what the hell was going on and why she was here. By the looks of her, the woman who was dragging her down the hallway wasn't going to give her any information. And looking at the gun strapped to her side, Luna didn't really wanna ask. "I like your uhm..." she hesitated for a moment. "Tattoos." She continued. She probably wasn't up for small talk, only business, but there was almost no harm in trying.

    The grip that she'd had Luna's arm was sure to bruise. Luna bruised pretty easily considering her blood was kinda thin from all the drinking and drugs. Oops. "Is there any way that you could loosen your grip a little bit? I'm not gonna run or anything. I'm betting you're a pretty good shot with that thing, so I'm not taking any chances." She spoke and pointed to the pistol. Luna was a runner. She'd had plenty of run-ins with the cops where she had to take off, and she'd gotten pretty good at it. She'd even perfected running in heels, which worked in her favor since they were her shoe of choice. The gun was the one of the only reasons that Luna wouldn't run if she'd been let go of. That and she didn't know her way around this place or where she was even at.

    All she wanted to know was why she'd been kidnapped, how they knew her father and when she could go home. That was if they were going to let her go home. She definitely wouldn't mind a shower either. Luna felt gross before, but having just thrown up added to the feeling. Getting answers was the number one thing on her to-do list though. How did they know her and her father? Then it clicked. What Monica was saying about the chick and her friend following them, rang through her head repeatedly. They were following them! If only Luna had listened to her, she probably wouldn't be in this predicament.

  17. Indeed, the woman dragging her was in no mood for small talk, and simply huffed at Luna's attempt at such. When it was asked of her to loosen her grip, a small, sadistic smirk curled at her lips and her grip tightened, almost lifting Luna off the floor as she was dragged. The woman knew she could land a shot right between Luna's eyes from behind if she did try to run, but that would defeat the purpose of the kidnapping. And, if there was one thing to know, it was that no matter how menacing, strong and skillful you were, it was to never cross the boss. Ever. Vikki may have looked normal and chill, but under that mask, she was the most ruthless, menacing person within the city. That was why she was leader, and the menacing tattooed female, was not.

    Soon, they made it to a room. There, Vikki sat cross legged on a table, a camera set up on a tripod next to her as she faced an empty chair. Her gaze turned to her thug practically carrying Luna in, and her lips turned into a small smirk. "Put her in the chair, then wait outside." Was all she said to the thug, who did just that. The chair had no restraints, and was a nice leather, comfortable seat.

    Once Luna was seated, Vikki's focus turned to her. She scanned the girl with her eyes, a slight smile curling at her lips. "So, pretty thing, would you like to get the question time or the filming time out of the way first?" She asked kindly, idly twiddling her fingers as she eagerly awaited the response from Luna, who was still very much free from restraint. If she wanted to, Luna could definitely try and escape.
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    Luna looked around the room for a second before looking back at the girl in front of her. She took a moment to ponder the question she'd been asked before answering. Filming or questions? While she loved being filmed for just about any reason, Luna really wanted to get answers to the question that kept racking her brain. "Let's start with questions." She sat back in the chair. "Filming can wait." There were so many unanswered questions that Luna really wanted answers to, and apparently, she was going to get them answered. Finally.

    "So, how do you want this to go? Are you gonna just fill me in on what the hell is going on and what your plans are, or would you rather I ask you questions. Trust me, I have a ton." She played with her hands a little bit, looking into the eyes of the girl sitting across from her.

  19. Vikki listened to what Luna had to say, all the while a slight smirk tugging at the corners of her lips. "If you have so many questions, I think I'll let you ask whatever you want." She said simply, leaning back slightly in her own seat. She imagined that Luna had a whole range of questions, since the little girl probably had no clue what her father had done to cause her to be in this situation, or where she was and who she was even with.

    "Fire away." She said. In truth, she was interested to see what it was that Luna would ask first. Gauging a person's priorities through questioning was always a good way to get into someone's brain, know what worries them the most. Usually, it was typical things like 'Where am I?' or 'Who are you?', but sometimes you got some more selfless people who worried about others knowing about them.
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    Luna chewed on her bottom lip for a little bit as she thought about what she would ask first. There were about a ton of questions she had. Who was she? Where were they? However, she wanted to get the number one question out of the way. "How do you know me and my dad?" She probably thought that Luna would ask who she was or something like that. But Luna was sure that she could go a while without knowing that.

    Luna really wondered what she or her father had done to 1:Get the attention of this chick and her thugs and 2: what she wanted with her. But those were questions she'd save for later.
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