Step Sisters

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  1. Reira sighed and crossed her arms.
    Today was the day her step mother and sister were moving in- finally.
    She'd met them briefly here and there, but now it was time to be a "Family".
    Reira wasn't an angry person, and she didn't hate them- but she couldn't imagine calling
    her step mom "mother".
    Her head was aching, so she went inside and took some aspirin.
    Checking her phone, she sighed again, and went up to her room to wait on the new arrivals.
    Her father had gone to pick them up.

    As she walked into her room, she straightened a out of place folder on her desk.
    Reira had OCD, and everything had to be organized and straight.
    She smiled and went to straighten some books that weren't out of place-
    organizing made her happy.

    She felt lighter and happier now, and sat on her bed to wait.
    She pulled out a book and turned on her ipod.

  2. After spending most of the morning with her mother, packing up the rest of their stuff and moving it into the small truck they rented, Clara said good bye one last time to their house and closed the door. The truck ride wasn't that long, about a half hour, and soon they were pulling up to the two story structure that the two women, previously known as Motley, would be calling home. It seemed nice and although Clara wasn't too close to her new 'family', they weren't bad people so she didn't think she had much to be worried about.

    She got out of the car with her mother and greeted her step-father before she was told to go inside with a few of her things to see her new room. Even though she was in her 20s, she still didn't have her own apartment yet and would be living in the house as well. She went up the stairs of her new home, wondering where her step-sister Reina was.
  3. Reira heard her family arriving.
    She took a deep breath and went out into the hall,
    almost bumping into Clara, her step sister.

    "Oh, Clara! Hi! I didn't mean to bump into you. Welcome.. Home. Um, you know I'm Reira."
    She smiled.
  4. Once Clara got her bearings back together, having to recover from nearly bowling her step-sister over, she looked at the little female two years her junior and smiled warmly; "Yeah, I remember you, Reira. We did talk at the wedding, remember?" she teased her, her smile turning into a playful grin, "It's nice to see you again. Oh, and sorry for nearly running you over just now, my head was...up in the clouds, haha."

    The older girl studied her new sister, her eyes growing soft; she had always found Reira attractive, a cute little thing with long dark hair and these big, expressive brown eyes peering out from a beautiful face. Her nose was cute like a button and her lips were plump and looked to be soft. At times, Clara wanted to kiss them, seeing as how she was a lesbian and very much attracted to girls, but she didn't want to freak her step-sister out, so the only ones that knew about her preference was Clara herself and her mother.

    Trying to get over the awkward silence that had settled over them, Clara cleared her throat and grinned, "So, uh...I was just looking for my room to see where it is. I hope I wasn't bothering you or anything."

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  5. Reira smiled shyly.
    "Oh- It's fine. I'm too small for most people to notice me."
    She laughed quietly.

    "Oh, your room isn't done yet. We were redoing it, so dad said you can sleep in my room. I have a spare bed against the wall."
    She smiled.

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  6. "Oh no, that's okay," Clara responded, doing what she could to keep the air light and friendly between them; they were, after all, practically strangers getting ready to live together for the time being, "So, why don't you lead the way, then? Hehehe."

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  7. Reira smiled.
    "Right here."
    She walked into her bedroom and sat on her own bed.

    The room was decorated in pale colors, the walls were yellow, the floor was made of wood.
    Her bed set was pale pink and ruffled, and she had a white vanity by the window.
    It was the bedroom of a princess- all girly.

    She smiled shyly.
    "It's kinda childish. Sorry."

    The bed Clara would be using was a twin, and it had a simple set of white on it.
    Nothing fancy.
  8. Clara looked around and laughed lightly as she shook her head, "No, I wouldn't say childish, but it definitely has an innocence to it, haha. It's cute, just like you."

    She grinned at her step-sister and sat down on the bed across from her, running a hand through her wavy black hair as her blue eyes darted around. The room was nothing like Clara's style, the girl preferring darker tones, but it seemed to represent Reira perfectly and she just couldn't help but smile at it. The room was also impeccably neat, a trait that Clara didn't possess since she sometimes just left things like her shirts and jeans and books and DVDs wherever they landed.

    "This room is super clean," she commented, removing her shoes and tucking her feet underneath her legs as she sat in the middle of the bed, "That is awesome. I can't keep my room clean for too long, mostly because once I put everything away, I can't remember where they are."
  9. Reira smiled.
    "I like pure things. It makes the room feel clean."
    She looked down at Clara's shoes.

    "Y-Yes, it is very clean. Um, I have OCD."
    She bit her lip.
    Then looked up at Clara, and back down to the shoes.

    Finally, she got up, grabbed the shoes, and placed them neatly on the shoe rack in the corner.
    "I'm sorry! I couldn't handle it!"
    She said, hiding her face.
  10. Clara giggled before getting up from the bed and gliding over to Reira, removing her hands from her face and placing her hand on top of her head in a comforting gesture; "Hey, don't worry about, it's okay. I am kind of invading your space after all," she assured her, standing straight to look her in the eye, "Maybe it would be best if I slept in the living room. I have a friend with OCD and her room is her private, must-not-mess-anything-up space; I know how tough it is for her to handle messes and I respect that and in regards to that, I don't want to give you a panic attack just because I'm messy because, to be honest, I kind of am."

    She laughed again before giving her step-sister a hug, "Sorry for freaking you out. I didn't meant to."
  11. Reira smiled happily at Clara.
    "No, it's fine. I like having a roommate."
    She gave Clara a hug.

    "I'll just probably clean up after you, but I don't mind too much. I enjoy it."
    She stood up and went to her closet.
    "I'm gonna change, and then maybe we can go swimming. We have a pool in the gym area of the house."

    Reira pulled out a pale yellow and white bikini, and took her shirt off, hung it up, and then took her bra off,
    letting her DD breasts free.
    She sighed happily.
    "I hate bras."
    She hung that up too.

    Next was her dress/shorts.
    She unhooked them, and pulled them off, then hung them up as well,
    and in one quick motion, pulled off her leggings and panties.

    She put them in the dirty clothes basket.
    Reira had a little triangle patch of hair down there, but it was soft and curly looking.
    She slipped on her bikini bottom and then her top.

    "Do you need to borrow a bathing suit?"
    She asked, smiling, as she grabbed a pair of sunglasses and a bottle of suntan lotion.
  12. "Nope, I'm good! Luckily for me, your dad warned me ahead of time that you guys had a pool so I packed my swim suit in my overnight bag," Clara replied, grinning at the girl before rummaging through said bag; she had to thank every deity she knew for her ability to keep it cool when struck with a beautiful girl's naked body. Her step-sister definitely had a figure to die for and it made Clara want to touch her all the more, to run her hands along that smooth, pale skin, but again, she didn't want to make things weird if she could help it.

    Standing up, she pulled out a light green bikin set and layed it out on the bed before getting changed. She stripped down until she was naked, having always been comfortable with her curvaceous body to reveal it without being self-conscious, and fit herself into her swim suit, the top of her bikini fitting snuggly over her C-cup breasts. When she turned, there was a flash of well-trimmed, curly dark hair above her womanhood before it disappeared behind the bottoms of her bikini, the bottom cheeks of her rounded rump revealed slightly because of it. Grabbing a towel, she turned to Reira and smiled.

    "Well, I'm ready to go when you are!" she declared, presenting herself to the girl.
  13. Reira smiled.
    "Let's go then!" She said happily, and walked out the door.

    The gym area was downstairs, so Reira led her through the house, down the stairs, and through the kitchen.
    The pool was indoors, but the walls were glass.
    She put her towel and sunglasses down, then began to put suntanning lotion on her body.

    "Hey, Clara, could you get my back please?"
    She asked, smiling and putting her hair up in a bun.

    Reira was trying hard to bond with her step sister- she wanted to have a good relationship
    with this family.
  14. "Sure," Clara replied, grabbing the bottle from Reira's hand and squirting the substance into her palm before applying it to her shoulders and back, "So Reira, forgive me for asking if it's too personal or none of my business, but I'm curious; do you have a boyfriend?"

    Clara wanted her step-sister to be comfortable around her to talk about whatever and to show her that she was easy to talk to.
  15. Reira sighed and moaned quietly.
    It felt good to have her back rubbed.

    "I don't have a boyfriend at the moment."
    She shrugged.
    "What about you?"
  16. "You don't? I find that hard to believe," Clara laughed jokingly, taking more sunscreen and then rubbing it down to her lower back, massaging it in thoroughly, "Guys must be killing to at least get a date with you, haha. As for me, no lover, haha."
  17. Reira smiled over her shoulder at Clara.
    "Well, I just don't have time for a boyfriend. But you're gorgeous, you should totally have one."

    She smiled as Clara finished up with the lotion.
    "Want me to do you?" She asked, holding the lotion up.
  18. "Sure, thanks," Clara replied, handing over the bottle and turning around to offer her back, "and, to be honest, I wouldn't want a boyfriend anyway."
  19. Reira poured some of the lotion into her hands, and inhaled the smell.
    It smelled like coconut.
    She smiled.

    Slowly, she put the cream on Clara's back, rubbing it in circles gently,
    on her neck, her shoulders,
    then to her back.
    When she got to her lower back, she rubbed it slowly on Clara's hips as well.

    "Why wouldn't you?" She asked quietly.
  20. Clara felt herself blushing for two reasons: Reira's question and her hands that were working at her lower back. She shifted a little bit, taking deep breaths to hide force her red face back to normal before a pleasurable sigh escaped her lips as those slender fingers touched her skin.

    "Well...hehehe, I really don't want to freak you out, Reira...but I actually 'bat for the other team', if you know what I mean," she confessed quietly.