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  1. Hey! I've been having an idea for a fantasy setting. In an ancient world, the land has been divided: Those with the gift of technological advancement, those born with the wonders of magic, and the warriors who stick to the classic way of warfare. I haven't formed a clear plot yet, but I would like to see if anyone has any interest. Thanks!
  2. Super interested, and can help with plot generation :)
  3. Interesting! I'd like to help as well.
  4. Oh, dear me. I didn't realize anyone commented, I apologize. I've refined the plot a bit, but I would like some help to tune it out a bit. Thanks!
  5. Would users be able to bring their own race creations into your thread idea?
  6. Feel free to post your ideas, but I'll have to approve it before it can be used.
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  7. That works. Let me just get my friend online in a sec so she can post her idea and what not on here. Then, I'll spill mine.
  8. 8D This does sound fun, m'dear Havoc. Thanks for the link. O:
  9. Aight... I'll go first: basically, the race I had in mind are desert-dwelling versions of halflings. They are rather exotic in terms of behavior and how society works, going off of an old caste system. Their big on trade, including a rather magical and exotic fruit they grow in their homeland called the Celestial Figs. I have a general brain dump of their race and region. Though, I'd definitely would work with you if you're interested in this race and what not to fit your world you have in mind. I am such a sucker for steam punk.
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  10. Okay, so some info:
    The tech users are dwarves, the magicians are elves, and the regular warriors are orcs. Humans are essentially free to do with what they wish, though other groups view them with suspicion.
    So yea, I think that will work fine. I also think that maybe adding gnomes, who tinker and pawn off their loot to those involved.
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  11. Cooli. I wouldn't mind having these gnomes be sort of rivals with these desert halflings. Be funny as hell actually if they regularly competed, in a sense, to have the most business and wealth in their region/area/land mass/words. And, that works mang with the rest of the races. =w= / Hopefully Kathairein gets her race info up shortly.
  12. Oh, also:
    A greater threat, lurking in the shadows, looms over the warring world. However, those blinded by hate, greed, pride, or insecurity are too ignorant to properly recognize this.
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  13. Hehe, I do love a good steam punk fantasy. And I figured that magic might have something to do with elves, so hopefully this works alongside them...

    A race called Lindals, based on giants, whom live in clans. Reclusive in general, they are inherently spiritual beings and are known for their relationship with nature. Their magics are drawn from the elements, earth and rock and plant and even magma. They have ancient traditions, ceremonies and beliefs, but they are not the stiff, unyielding behemoths some legends draw them up to be. Their ingenuity and creativity can be seen in their workmanship (their homes are one with their environments), their craft and their problem solving. They are larger than humans, (pure-blooded Lindals can be up to 9ft tall if male), but because of their hardworking, generous nature, they can be entreated to assist outside of their homelands. Stonework, construction, earthwork, crops, so on. They are incredibly strong, carry traits of their clans unique to themselves (tree-dwelling clans versus cliff-dwelling clans, et cetera); Lindals are magical, but practical in their use of it. No potion brewing, spell casting from these folk, for the most part. xD It's rare, but half-breed Lindals exist, although they generally prefer not to leave their clans for too long.
  14. These new ideas are awesome. I like the ideas of these new races, I have one of my own (Kinda):
    Muls, the hybrids of humans and dwarves. These unfortunate people are often sold as slaves, due to their enormous strength. They're as tall as humans, but immensely muscular. Muls usually sport no bodily hair whatsoever. They've a mix of natural traits from both parent races: They have the pride and devotion of dwarves, with the flexibility and cunning of a human. Muls are generally seen as outcasts, and can be found put to work in dwarves mines or forced into battle among orcs. Many of them don't bother with magic, though the few uprisings they have had have been bloody and dangerous.
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  15. Interesting! The Muls and Lindals sound like they could get along, honestly. xD Oh boy, bloody uprisings. Lindals are pretty much pacifists, for the most part. Although I have a character in mind that's half-Lindal and grew up with humans (or whoever has warriors/knights if there are knights) after a certain age.
  16. I'm planning on playing multiple characters, some who come and go, some who stay, others who,pop up from time to time.
    Anyway, I gotta go.
    Speaking of which, the permission to play multiple characters will be allowed. Tomorrow I'll create a thread for everyone to introduce their characters. Anyway, good night.
  17. Woot! I'm excited mang. xD I love being able to create races and do new twists on existing ones. Can't wait to see the thread up and what not.
  18. Yay! Sounds awesome so far. Good night!
  19. I hope it's not too late for me to join!
  20. No, of course not. I will make the character thread in half an hour, so if you have any race ideas then go ahead and introduce them here.
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