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  1. Hello all! So, another gaming thread here and this time @Phantom General has been stealing my time to play Starbound!! Okay... So she really isn't stealing it because I used to play Starbound A LOT a while back, but its so much more fun to play with friends.

    Which brings me to my next point!! If there is anyone out there who would like to join in on the action, feel free to PM me and I'll add you to our community!! Right now we have 4 players including myself, but we could certainly use more! All we ask is that you be respectful of people's things they make, and just have fun!!

    @Cassie Homes @Iridescent Iris @Greased Smitening @Kaldoro @Dakup @Oliver Queen @Coma @Izurich @IceQueen @Touch of Insanity @La Tortuga de la Muerta

    Just tagging friends, but anyone is welcome and ENCOURAGED to post here and share their thoughts about Starbound. I'm probably gonna share some screenshots of Phantom's hard work!! :)
  2. Might be interested. I've enjoyed that game immensely since its release (and death, rebirth, etc).

    No internet for the past nearly two weeks has kept me from playing anything though. But my steam id is kiarrn, either way.
  3. *looks around and raises hand* Maybe?
  4. Great!! I send you a friend request on Steam, so when you're up and running let me know and I'll give you the info!

    Dawn!! We'd love to have you if you'd be interested!! PM me so I can give you the details and such :)
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  5. Looks cute. I might try
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  6. Let me know if you do! =D
  7. Here is what @Phantom General and I call home~

    Behold (open)


    I gather the stuffs, she makes it awesome!! =D
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  8. Unfortunately I am not interested. Sorry, Fox. Thank you for the offer nonetheless. :)

    You guys have fun now!
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  9. Gosh, I remember playing on a Starbound RP server. Their capital planet was a massive metropolis. Made my PC wanna cry just standing at the tele-port.
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  10. If I get enough people, I may look into hosting on a bigger server, though, I do have a pretty powerful PC. I just don't want my internet provider to start asking too many questions. =P
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  11. Mmmmmmmm! Maybe! I'll have to look into it haha!
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  12. So you added some stuff while I was asleep, huh. I occasionally go out and get stuff, too you know. This is just what it currently looks like I have expansion plans in the works for a few new rooms.

    Give it time, we only started playing a few day ago and I have plans to turn a world into a thriving colony for all races.
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  13. The game is rather great, albeit still lacking alot of features. ITs still in BETA, but its alot of fun nad looks gorgous for a 2D game of its kind.
  14. I've never played it, I'm gonna have to look it up and try it. Is it on steam?
  15. It's basically Terraria in space without the exploration stuck to one map and no cool rpg aspects.

    Soundtrack is pretty amazing too.

    Yes, it's been on steam for well over a year now.
  16. Excellent game, albeit still very lacking in terms of features. ITs very basic with lots of cosmetic stuff at the moment. Love it to death though. GOt 200+ hours of it played

    Here are my two places of dwelling. Both on a fairly new charachter.

    My humble sub-oceanic base
    Base (open)

    And my starting planet/Colony/Manor

    Colony (open)

    @Windsong: ITs becoming a very differnet beast all together. They are adding generated quests and churning out a shit ton of changes. To call it terraria in space does both games a disfavor I feel.
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  17. I'm downloading it
  18. I love this game. Sign me up, I would love to destroy everything you love play on a server with REAL HOOMENZ
  19. I'm done downloading. I'm gonna jump it.
  20. Do I have you on steam. I should add you on steam.
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