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  1. It's been years since the fall...everyone knows the battles. Endor. Yavin IV. The Death Star....again....the fall of Palpatine, and the demise of Lord Vader. Everyone recounts the battles the same way, but with differing details. They never talk about after though... how things weren't all that easy after The Empire was in shambles. How even still, they conspired and convened to launch one last assault on the New Republic in rage and anger of their imminent defeat. The Shattered Empire against a multitude of Republic figures...General Solo...Luke Skywalker himself..... The Empire was down, but not out.

    And then we got our moment. The restoration came. Luke Skywalker had embraced the destiny that he had so long been foretold. Luke Skywalker was the return of The Jedi. With his new destiny he began to rise and bring forth a new generation of Jedi to bring order and responsibility to the galaxy. He brought the waves of young force strong youth to planet Devaron, where he would train them very acutely in the ways of the peaceful side of The Force. The pure side. But with every yin, a yang. One of our own. Our best friend, and one of the more powerful apprentices that Luke had trained. We were all incredibly potent due to the Mastery of Skywalker.....but there was one who changed. Who was enticed by the darkness. Our best friend became our worst nightmare realized. He took on the ideals of Darth Vader and condemned all who opposed him to abyss. When Master Luke returned, there was nothing left...cinders. Ash. Bodies. That was in a near past....and now the followers of the one now called "Ren" have used his dark side for power, with this new shadow threat known as The First Order. For the rest, only a path of the unseen. Of the lost. But there was still light in the matter how scarce it was.

    It seems like a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

    Stick to the new canon that is Star Wars and while it is recommended to watch episode VII, if you have not yet the plot point derived from a small detail in the movie for this rp isn't too big anyways. Treat each other with respect and no godmodding and etc.

    Seeing as how these padawans under the strongest Jedi ever would probably be as strong as Kylo Ren and as resourceful, try not to abuse their strength in the rp by overshadowing others and certain events and places.

    HAVE FUN! Push each other in rp.

    ch0sen1 - B'Ransu San Tekka: A lost, damaged padawan served under Luke Skywalker who barely survived the Knights of Ren Slaughter. Despite the chaotic events and tragedies, she still sympathizes with Kylo as they all used to be best friends, thus sparking animosity between the remaining cohorts.

    Angelic Fusion - Orix Valen: Once under the mentorship of Luke Skywalker and a great friend to B'Ransu, he joined Kylo Ren's regime and thus fell to the dark side under Supreme Leader Snoke's influence and was enlisted as a Knight of Ren in The First Order.

    Pibbs - Maar Zhet: Adept Padawan that lost his father to Kylo Ren, and mother as well. He believes in a complete total balance of The Force, thinking that the light as well as the dark side should be honed properly with a clear understanding. This causes a rift between him and his fellow comrades.

    Classy Mog - Mako Qua: A very capable and cunning Zabrak from Iridonia that joined the Deavaron academy after his home was burned down. Fueled by the betrayal of Kylo and his Knights, he uses that tragic day as a means to further his power in The Force not in anger nor fear, but will.

    Kimsim12 - Minua'la (Meela): An mercenary arsonist reputedly known as Queen that wheels and deals her way around the criminal underbelly and seeks to get revenge for her mentor's death at the hands of The First Order. Her tongue as sharp as her blade.

    Tyran. Rekt - Vik: A Chiss agent for the First Under that has worked under General Hux for quite some time. A lone wolf that specializes in sabotage and tactical recon, his brash ruthlessness and barking ego fuels the conflict on the inside of him that still grips him from the past.
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    Age: 18-25
    Height: "
    Occupation: (either presumed dead or something)

    Pros: 5 good personality traits
    Cons: 5 bad ones

    Force Sensitive:
    Force Alignment: Light or dark
    Standard/Automatic Force Abilities: +Force Push +Force Sense +Force Jump +Force Reflex (everyone will have these)
    Force Abilities (5): (plus 5 more for alignment based powers; USE WOOKIEPEDIA and go to force based powers by alignment)



    Include Wardrobe appearance and also a real/realistic face

  3. Name: B'Ransu (Buh-Ran-Soo) San Tekka
    Age: 20
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 119 lbs
    Occupation: N/A; Presumed Dead on Planet Devaron.

    Pros: Loyal/Honest/Compassionate/Adaptable/Clever
    Cons: Melodramatic/Cold/Self-Absorbed/Domineering/Sensitive

    Force Sensitive: Yes
    Force Alignment: Light
    Standard/Automatic Force Abilities: +Force Push +Force Sense +Force Jump +Force Reflex
    Aligned Force Abilities (5): -Sever Force -Tutaminis -Force Healing -Combustion -Telepathy

    Weapon: Dual Edged Lightsaber (Blue); Can also be used on one side only as a longsword discipline weapon.

    • Well apt knowledge of the force, beyond so of Jedi training almost divine based knowledge
    • capable of constructing not just a basic lightsaber, but a dual edged saber as well.
    • Reasonable pilot skills, but unmatched skill behind the gunner position of any ship.
    • Developed a love for electronics and data devices, and thus was known among her Jedi colleagues as the tech member of the posse; expertly capable of programming and networking holo based and data based functions.
    • Very VERY nimble, flexible, and agile as more so using her female anatomy to shift her body control to advanced heights.
    • Very stealthy as a result from the prior skills, capable of programming and hacking databases to erase information and also using her nimble body to sneak and hide away with the quietest of motions.

    Looks (open)



    Outfit (open)

    Lightsaber Excluded

    Bio: B'Ransu San Tekka was born on Yavin IV, a decade after the events of The Battle of Endor and The Battle of Jakku. She was raised by her grandfather, Lor San Tekka and did not know her biological parents whatsoever. They lived in a small pasture settlement where she was taught The Church of The Force, an original religion studied and practiced by Lor. There she was taught not the ways of the Force, but the extansive knowledge and history of it. She was prematurely trained in identifying objects/people/natures of The Force and even found a tree near in her neighbor's yard that was said "To have the Force as strong as a dozen Jedi". The neighbors were Shara Bey and Kes Dameron, two renowned heroes of The Resistance and served in the days of The New Republic. Everyday when she was little she would visit the tree, and study it, bask in it. She was constantly ran off the land by the neighbor's kid, Poe who claimed it was a family heirloom and she shouldn't poach. That sparked B'Ransu's interest in the Force. She was raised by her grandpa Lor until she was 10 years of age, where she reluctantly was coerced into leaving her home on Yavin IV by Luke Skywalker himself, who said The Force was great with her, and that she could become a strong Jedi. This filled her heart with pure joy and purpose, but also deep sadness of leaving her poor grandpa Lor alone. Lor then revealed that he indeed was an old agent and liaison to The Resistance, and even served in the New Republic and kept all secrets and ways of Jedi lore. It was then he was moved to Jakku in isolation in the protection of The Resistance after he retired. Thus started her journey.

    Once at the new Jedi Academy on Devaron, near an old Jedi Temple Eedit, she was shocked to see numerous other youth, some older, some younger then her already there. She was elated when her future Master Luke Skywalker removed his robe hood and smiled at them, promising hope and restoration of the order. Of the Force. She spent the next 8 years there, developing lasting bonds and friendships with her cohorts. Mentoring the younger ones, following the older ones. She became closer to some, a select few of Padawan that she was really keen of. Other than that, she was rather reclusive and refined, that mystery in her drawing more people to her. Especially one Ben Solo, whom was already an apprentice at the time they met. He became like an older brother to her, a very formidable mentor and confidant. She was surprised to learn of his heritage as well, both their families being New Republic royalty and key figures in The Resistance. As she grew, Master Luke trained them all, with Ben as his only apprentice. They trained, they learned. Luke taught them to build their own sabers, some more skilled than others, he taught them to control the Force, and to never let their emotions best them. They learned from the best. He taught them to cater their abilities around who they were as a person, and not try to be like him. Different Jedi with different skillsets, combined to be an unstoppable force. That's just what happened. The Jedi were back, and they were insane in power. And then Ben became distant, detached. Estranged in spirit. Over the last few years of his apprentice ship he begin to become more testosterone than anything. Emotional, stubborn, willful. And then he questioned his grandfather's motives.

    Luke tried to sway him from those thoughts. Every single day. It was the same thing, Ben thinking he could control the dark side for Vader once thought. Luke then knew this had to be quelled, until his apprentice disappeared from Devaron on his own, and the next time Luke would see was too late. Luke went to search for Ben across the systems with the help of Generals Han and Leia, but while he was away and another apprentice was in charge, a dark night came upon the academy. Ben Solo was dead....and in his wake....Kylo Ren. This crippled and battered B'Ransu to her core, pleading and begging Kylo to come back, that she understands his conflict, as she's even entertained the thought herself. Her former big brother figure was now lost to something unthinkable...the dark side. What was worse....he had convinced more of their cohorts to see his way, and her closest friends, the ones she'd confided in and shared a life with, joined him. They called themselves The Knights of Ren. Kylo believed to achieve his true power he had to do what Vader never could: embrace the total unrelenting darkness, no weakness, no ties. And there was only one thing that stopped him from that. Love. He had to destroy love. His family, his friends. Everything. So he slaughtered them all, friends that were like family. They didn't go without a fight, but the Knights and Kylo's new found power was too much for them. He looked B'Ransu in her crying, wailing eyes. She didn't fight back. She couldn't. She loved him, like a sister would a brother. And he sliced across her side as she put her arms up in fear. She fell defeated, betrayed. They all did....or so they thought.

    There was one who could have killed Su for good. One of her best friends at the academy. He knew she was alive, and as a new Knight of Ren...he was obligated to strike her down. But as her dying eyes looked into his dark mask....for some reason in The Force...he did not kill her. He told Kylo that they were all indeed dead. That was two years ago. Now...she lays low. Hiding in a lost plane of the galaxy. Among the common thieves and criminals. She no longer cared about The Resistance. Nor The First Order. Not The Jedi, nor Sith. Not even her grandfather....she was just alive. Existing in a blank vessel. But for some her mind Kylo was simply misguided. Hurt. Sick. The only reason she hasn't revealed herself to him is because of the ensemble she's with now, the ones who remind her of what he did to her, and her ignorant notion of having sympathy for them. The Force has been silent for a while now....but she feels it....there's a stir. But she doesn't know what.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Stands at 5'6, with long and messy chestnut brown hair. He has dark brown eyes and thin eyebrows. Being a young man, Maar is quite thin. Most of his body weight is just muscle he's accumulated from the training his Jedi master put him through.

    Alternate Outfits (open)


    What Maar is traditionally seen wearing.

    Mandolorian Gear


    Stolen from a bounty hunter Maar found hanging around Coruscant, hired by the First Order to track down any Jedi (primarily Luke).


    Maar Zhet




    Maar Zhet the Jedi: Dead.

    Jan Orden the Smuggler: Alive.




    The Lightsaber of his father, recovered after Maar went back to Nar Shaddaar to investigate what should have been his family home. It was in quite the state, but after replacing the crystal and a few modifications, it was ready once again.


    A Sith blade stolen by one of the Knights of Ren. Maar encountered this assassin on Naboo, who was trying to locate a piece of a map said to reveal the hiding location of Luke Skywalker.

    He normally carries around both Lightsabers and regularly changes between them, but primarily choses to wield his father's lightsaber. Maar is still learning how to properly wield both at the same time.

    • DC-15 Side Arm


    Maar keeps this around as a formality. While he really doesn't need it, it's easier to have a backup plan in case somebody has Force-dampening shields and takes away his Lightsabers.


    • Maar, while a bit of a loner, genuinely cares for the people he travels with. It's not always easy to identify when he's trying to be supportive, as he's typically got a bit of snark behind his voice.

    • Maar can adapt his mindset to suit almost any situation, allowing him to survive much longer then most other Jedi.

    • Maar is an amazing leader and often takes charge in dire situations. He knows how to step out of the spotlight when it's required, but most of the time, he's ready to command.

    • Maar is actually a big softie on the inside, he just normally puts on a hard front due to his troubled upbringing.

    • Maar is rather mature for his age, almost more so then others. Despite being among the youngest of the surviving Jedi, Maar's knowledge and experience makes him just as valuable as the others.


    • Occasionally suffers from "Sith tendencies" (over confidence, sudden fits of rage, jealousy overpowering his thoughts, etc).

    • Tends to rush into things without really thinking them through (most of the situations he has to get out of, he inadvertently created due to a lack of fore-thought)

    • While Master Skywalker praised Maar for his skill with the Force, he still isn't the strongest Jedi in the galaxy. He's also a little too confident and tends to let his guard down a lot.

    • Maar considers himself a 'Grey Jedi', believing that through proper control of both the Light and the Dark, both sides of the Force can be taught without fear of one side gaining more power then the other.

    • Maar often keeps to himself and rarely puts his faith in others. Only a few people have managed to gain his trust, but Maar doesn't really trust them entirely either.

    Force Sensitive:


    Force Alignment:


    Force Abilities:

    • Force Push

    • Force Sense

    • Force Jump

    • Force Reflex

    Breath Control

    Detoxify Poison

    - Light Side -

    Force Stun

    Jedi Mind Trick



    • He is an adept pilot, very skilled at flying pretty much all types of fighters. He's also had some training with Pod Racers, Swoop Bikes, and even a few old Rebellion Ships such as the X-Wing or the Y-Wing.

    • Maar is very good at lying, even without the assistance of the Force. Normally, he can get people to believe whatever he says, but it doesn't exactly work on everyone.

    • Maar has been taught many of the primary languages in the Galaxy. Primarily though, he knows Ryl, Huttese, Bocchi, and most codes used by Droids.


    Son of the Jedi Consular, Jan Zhet, Maar was a surprise to both the Jedi and his wife, Corrida. Being trained during the age of the Empire by a Jedi who had managed to escape Order 66 on Dantooine, Jan learned everything he could about the Force in hopes that he would one day assist in the fall of Emperor Palpatine. However, when Jan's Master was located by Darth Vader and killed during the final days of the Jedi Purge (4BBY), Jan fled for the planet of Nar Shaddaa. The strong dark side energies emanating from the planet provided a useful cover for the Force aura surrounding him and three years before deciding to leave Dantooine, he met his wife Corrida (3ABY). Before leaving for Nar Shaddaa, Jan and Corrida got married. However, they had not planned on having a child before they arrived on the planet, having travelled as refugees and found a small isolated home in the slums. Maar's conception was a shock to the couple, but a blessing nonetheless. As the months passed and their son grew larger, Jan found himself having to use the Force in small doses in order to survive by stealing food and clean water. Nobody was willing to hire the Jedi because of his refugee status, but also because he had been arrested four times for theft.

    At nine months in her pregnancy (4ABY), Jan and Corrida were amazed to hear that the Empire had been completely destroyed and the New Republic was launched. Thankful that the Empire would no longer search for the Jedi and try to eradicate them, Corrida and Jan made plans to move from Narr Shaddaa to Naboo and raise their baby in the perfect home. Jan learned word of the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. Skywalker was looking for new Jedi across the galaxy, so Jan called Luke to announce his existence. Skywalker was pleased to hear another Jedi had been taught in secret like he was and arranged for a transport to Devoran for his initiation into the new Jedi Order. When Luke learned of Jan's son, he requested that Maar join him as a Padawan learner and become the first in the new line of Jedi. Jan, although skeptical at first, agreed to the Jedi Master's terms and let Maar join the ranks of the Padawan academy. Jan stayed on Devoran with Luke, being inducted as a Jedi Master, and helped train the Padawans. Maar formed a friendly relationship with the young B'Ransu and Ben Solo, both of whom would become close friends during the time they were training. While Ben and Ran were more like brother and sister, Maar was always there for the two of them like the childhood friend down the street: always spending time with the two of them and sharing in their adventures.

    But, years later, when Ben transformed into Kylo Ren, Maar felt a horrific sense of betrayal and anger towards the former Jedi. Ren and his First Order assaulted the Jedi Academy, slaughtering anyone who resided there. Maar eventually found himself face to face with Ren after taking down a number of First Order Stormtroopers, and the two duked it out in an epic brawl. Maar managed to subdue Kylo for a time, but the Knight of Ren destroyed Maar's Lightsaber (he owned a blue own during his Padawan years) before he could escape. Once the First Order and Kylo had departed from the temple, Maar emerged from his hiding spot and tried to locate any surviving Jedi, eventually stumbling across Master Skywalker and B'Ransu, among many of his fellow Padawans. Knowing Ren would be back, Maar set out with B'Ransu to go into hiding, knowing that she was more then capable of handling herself, but fearing for her belief that Ben Solo was still somewhere within Kylo Ren. Maar believed it to be true, for during their fight, Ren ordered his men to stand down and even spoke of how he respected Maar, going so far as to attempt to recruit him into the Knights of Ren.

    But, as they wandered through the destroyed academy, Maar stumbled across the body of his father. Jan's torso had been cleanly severed from the rest of his body; only a Lightsaber could cut that cleanly. Knowing who was responsible, Maar vowed that if Kylo couldn't be saved, he would personally see to it that the borderline Sith was cut down like a rabid Bantha. Out of respect, Maar took his father's Lightsaber and, with B'Ransu and R9-64 in tow, he left Devoran forever, travelling the stars in an attempt to remain hidden from the First Order.


    • Maar owns a custom-made R9 droid with the designation number "R9-64". Maar often calls him 'R9' or 'Niner'.

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  5. Name: Orix Valen
    Age: 19
    Height: 6"4
    Weight: 214
    Occupation: knight of Ren; former Skywalker Padawan



    Force Sensitive: Yes
    Force Alignment: Dark
    Force Abilities (5):

    Force Lighting (Ability): Able to channel the force Lighting.
    Force Destruction
    Force Drain
    Force maelstrom (Ability): Calls down a Force storm encompassing an area of twenty feet.
    Force Affliction


    Expert Medical Training- Orix's chosen path has led him to a side of the force that can revive those in distress through the darker ways of the force. Outside of the force Orix is trained in physical and medical procedures.

    Pilot (Moderate-High)- Although an excellent pilot he can still be outclassed by those more seasoned than he is. He is not a fighter ace by any means of the word.

    One Handed Weapon Defender- Orix is adapt at defending with a single light saber.

    Force Master- Orix has delved into much of what the dark side offers him more than the lure of a light saber. This being the case the force flows freely through Orix. He is limited in his light saber combat aside from defensive techniques but gains impressive abilities to wield the dark side of the force as a weapon. (Hes not offensively trained well with a saber.)

    Slicing- Orix is trained in the art of slicing and is able to break into many of the secure places across the galaxy

    Light Armor Proficency- Due to his inability to trackle foes in direct saber combat he prefers to wear lighter armor weaved with specific fabrics to aid with his movement and protection. This being so he is able to move freely without constraints.

    Unmatched tactical and strategic knowledge leave Orix with the ability to think of plans fast and is unmatched in tactical space combat.

    Lone combat and survival. Orix was trained and raised in a environment that caused him to have to adapt and survive. Futher training during his jedi training hardend this skill.



    Bio: (I will keep his childhood a secret that will influence some things in the future.)

    It had been some time since the events that had led me to this place had transpired... the events of that day haunt me but one good aspect came out of it. Perhaps it is a redeeming factor of my participation.. but never the less what had been done will never again happen again. For those that we hunted will no longer be among the living. Only the strong survived.. only those that wished for more survived... and those that could earn more.

    -Unknown Time Earlier-

    The noise of screaming was heard. Standing among the many scattered dead I was in charge of checking to make sure they were dead. My mind reeling from the acts committed around me I simply focused on what was at hand. We had to be sure all were dead... none could survive that weren't among us. Looking around I felt drawn towards a body to see that it was still alive. It was obvious she was still trying to crawl away and I moved closer to get a better look at who it was.

    To my surprise she was still alive. I felt my hand begin to my towards my light saber but hesitated and looked around to see if anyone was still around. Knowing that I was alone I made my choice. Moving way from her I opened another door to a room once secured. Looking back at her I knew her only chance was through that door. Grabbing her I brought her into the other room before standing up and walking to the door.

    Removing the face mask from my belt I raised it up andplaced it into the partial helmet I wore. The hiss of pressurization could be heard before a respirator voice could be heard "Goodbye." I said before closing and sealing the door. Putting both hands on the back of my hood I pulled it up and began to walk back down the hall way finished with my task.

    Opening my eyes the helmet began to give me a read out of everything nearby. It wouldn't be long now after all. I was being sent out to hunt down rebellion andrepublic occupied planets... much like a inquisitor... to bring union to something that harbors dissidence. My mind was set and my goal was in reach... but I needed to know.. what of the survivor.
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  6. Mako Qua
    Mako Qua



    160 lbs.




    Force Sensitive:

    Force Alignment:

    Standard/Automatic Force Abilities: +Force Push +Force Sense +Force Jump +Force Reflex (everyone will have these)

    Force Abilities (5):
    Alter Image
    Alter Environment
    Animal Empathy
    Protection Bubble
    Force Healing

    Lightsaber Combat - Adept
    Traakata (Style)- Adept
    Force Control - Adept
    Force Alter - Intermediate
    Force Sense - Intermediate
    Bio Science - Master
    Physics - Adept
    Tracking - Adept
    Medicine and Herbalism - Master

    Usually disguises coloration through the Force.



    Mako was born and raised on the planet of Iridonia, at least, for a fair portion of his childhood. He was eventually found in the remains of a small destroyed Village with a couple other children, and taken away from the wreckage. After traveling for some time, they discovered the newly created Jedi Academy created by Master Luke Skywalker. Upon joining up with him, he immediately discovered the latent potential that Mako possessed, and began training him to become a jedi.

    Mako developed many friendships during his time there, and his mind was ever tested against the Force and morality. The code, as they were taught, always seemed flawed to Mako. In fact, more often than not, he openly disagreed with them. However, he believed in doing right, and wanted to maintain his ties with his friends and mentor, so worked hard to maintain and develop an understanding of each of their viewpoints as much as his own.

    Unfortunately, it just wasn't meant to last. With the betrayal of his former ally, Mako's ideals, as well as his very grasp on the universe around him was tested, and subsequently flipped on it's head. Mako was furious at his betrayal, and had never been able to truly forgive him, and likely never will.

    From Devaron, his surviving allies fled, some sticking together. Mako himself, however, chose a solitary exile to the planet Kashyyk, a jungle planet where he could be alone amongst the trees and the wild creatures of the world. He remained in contact with a few of his former allies, if only to know that they were safe and well. He now waits, sensing a coming storm that threatens the very Galaxy itself.
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  8. We have four, right? How about allowing up to two more? Still even, and we can allow for another person or two for the opposition, or just non-force-sensitives.
  9. Yeah I agree definitely no more force sensitives. So two more okay, what about you guys @Angelic Fusion @mr_pibbs ?
  10. Two more non-force sensitives sound good.
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  12. We got two more coming! More details soon, non-forcies and will probably come across one of our characters.

    I'm excited for this rp if you didn't know.
  13. As am I as I can finally play an unchained 'Dark' force sensitive.
  14. You may have an ally, I'm not sure yet. He wants to either work for Hux or have been tasked to Orix's force. Or he may take another direction.
  15. Wooo. Ill wait to post until others do.
  16. I'm waiting on a certain someone coughPibbscough lol

    I'm stuck until then xD
  17. Thank you for allowing me to join! I'm quite excited.

    Now...what to do with a non-force sensitive. This will certainly be fun. xD I'll have that character up as soon as possible!
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  18. Is this full? I want more star wars in my life
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