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  1. Well, I've had the idea swimming in my head for a while after rekindling an interest in "The Force Awakens". After a few short hours of reading page after page of the wiki, I decided to pick up where the chronologically newest storyline left off.

    The Story So Far:

    Only recently, a new Sith Order, followers of Darth Krayt's Rule of One (the "One" being the Sith Order itself, with him at its head), ruled the galaxy after overthrowing the Fel Empire and their Imperial Knight protectors. Darth Krayt took the Emperor Roan Fel's place as the Head of State in the galaxy, and began a crusade of conquest on non-Imperial parts of the galaxy. However, with the assistance of the New Jedi Order, the Empire-in-exile, and the Galactic Alliance, the Sith were defeated. The three aforementioned factions united into a single Triumvirate, and began restoring the galaxy. The One Sith went incognito under the rule of Darth Nihl, infiltrating the Triumvirate's infrastructure with plans to destroy it from within. However, a rogue lord by the name of Wredd exposed his Order with plans to destroy it and reinstate the Rule of Two. His plans were largely successful, but he in turn was killed. Canon information ends here.

    Following the virtually complete dissolution of the One Sith, the remaining Sith Lords gathered on Dromund Kaas, a secluded world that once housed an ancient Sith Empire and one of the few safe places in the galaxy, virtually forgotten to the outside systems. There, a new rule of the Sith was forged: The Rule of Many. Since they had no Dark Lord to follow, the remaining Sith's inability to cooperate emerged, a disability formerly held in check by Krayt. But with no strong leader and the death of too many Lords and Apprentices, the remaining Darths parted ways with one rule to keep between them: There would be many Dark Lords. The most powerful Sith took this to heart and conquered worlds of their own. Sith like the Twi'lek Darth Talon dominated their race's homeworld, in her case Ryloth. Others, like the literally worldless Nagai Darth Nihl, conquered any primitive planet they could find. Weaker Sith flocked to them, and eventually many worlds fell to this new, feudal Sith order.

    The Story to Be Told:
    You are a lord of the Sith, given the title Darth by your master before you killed him. You were strong enough in the Force to take a world of your own, either through deceit or force. Beneath you are a mere handful of acolytes and your single apprentice (should you have chosen one from the many Dark Side Aspirants) destined to take your place. Alone in the galaxy, you are destined for greatness. With your armies at your command, you are envied by weaker empires. However, you are not yet strong enough to be a match for most of your Sith compatriots. Many have more developed empires which make yours seem meek by comparison, and not a few of the Dark Lords are stronger Sith than you. Some still have set their sights on your domain, hungry for yet more power. Not to mention the worried Triumvirate looming over your head, eager to stamp out the threat of the Sith for good. With no other options in sight, you seek an alliance with other warlords of your caliber in the hopes of combining your strengths. Along the way you will develop new skills, conquer more worlds, and grow to become a powerful Darth in your own right. You may even pursue some of the more carnal passions of the Dark Side. In the end, however, only one power can rule the galaxy.

    And neither Jedi nor Sith shall stand in your way.
    The Meta

    This RP, while involving the clashing of large nations and armies, is more focused on the individual Sith than the larger empires. Most planets that were dominated are located in the Outer Rim, away from the more powerful Core Worlds. And before anyone asks, THERE ARE NO PLAYABLE JEDI. At most, you can be a Dark Jedi recently fallen from the light, and can even choose more paragon options in the maintenance of your worlds, but cannot play a member of the Order itself.

    All players start out with the basic Force powers inherent in the Dark Side: Telekinesis, Lightning, and Force push. Opportunities to learn new skills and Sith magicks will be made available later in the RP.

    Any type of lightsaber, from a Lightwhip to a Double-bladed Lightsaber is available from the beginning. Augmentations and tricks can be added as you become more powerful.

    Each Sith kingdom starts with one system, which can include multiple habitable worlds.

    Canon Sith characters (like Nihl and Talon) are NPCs only, but can be controlled by anyone when the time demands it.

    Any race besides extinct and/or extremely rare species (Taung, Diathim, Rakata, etc.) are acceptable.
    The Rules (in present form)
    • GM rules all, blah, blah, blah.
    • No bad manners.
    • The RP is Intermediate-Adept. Enforceable by background check.
    • Disobeying the rules results in you being wiped from existence in the RP.
    • I implore you all to double-check grammar and sentence structure. Ties into next rule.
    • More a suggestion than a rule: Try not to enter IC posts from a phone. On the OOC, I really don't care, but IC posts should be entered from a computer to keep it all clean.
    • Try to be on by a weekly and/or daily basis to keep things interesting.
    • Talk to other people to keep things interesting.
    • Give notice of absences before going on them, so we can plan ahead for it.
    • If you join this RP, don't go join another and then claim that you can't do this one because you're "overworked". You started here first, and are abandoning it for something new. Either own up to it, or don't do it. Conversely, if you joined something before joining this, I recommend that you not. It's not fair to me or the other GM if you decide to drop one of the RPs and claim the same reason.
    Further Notes
    • This RP is still a work-in-progress. Any suggestions or encouragements are gladly accepted.
    • Furthermore, this is more of an interest check than anything else. Please comment for conversation, to show support, and to display interest.
    • Finally, and of most importance... Mandalore is mine.
  2. Yo. Find this very interesting. Just a few things to make clear. At first you looked up all this info on the wiki and learned about the world and era right?

    Also, now i've seen and know a bit about the Sith you talked about but around when is this era? Like from how far forward is it from the movie about?

    Also do you mean Mandalore the planet or person is yours, or both?
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  3. One, yes indeed.

    Two, Luke Skywalker is a ghost. 'Nuff said. In all seriousness, it takes place about 143 years after Episode IV (in nerd lingo, 143 ABY, or 143 years After the Battle of Yavin).

    Three, the planet. My character is going to be doing some conquest of his homeworld after a certain incident involving underhandedness by a general, the death of the previous Mand'alor, and the assassination of said general who rose to be Mand'alor.
  4. Hm, alright. That helps a lot. Well then aside from the wiki and the movies have you played any of the games?

    Also idea on about how many people should join? Too many people could make it too complicated.
  5. Force Unleashed I and II, and I've seen a lot for The Old Republic. I've got the game, but I've never actually gotten it on my computer.

    Probably around four or five people, including me and you.
  6. I've played those two games before and SWTOR. Know about the plot and everything. Those amount of people should work. So any thoughts onto the posts? Will it be like one or two a day if not longer?
  7. Whaddya mean?
  8. Eh well i suppose it would depend on the people but for the rp how many posts would be a day?
  9. As many as you can crank out. If you can only do one, make it a big one to cover past mentions of you or to make it worthwhile. If you can do more, keep them short but converse frequently. To start out, we're all just introducing our characters and what we have as assets.
  10. Hm, alright. Just making sure.
  11. Cool. So what kind of character were you thinking of?
  12. Hm, i suppose i do need to think of the race and such for this kind of era but i was thinking of a sith who is well skilled in science and making powerful abominations along with search of ancient technology in his goal to make stronger ones and eh possibly with cloning in his attempt to clone force sensitives. Thoughts?
  13. Ah, Sith alchemy! I was wondering if people were going to do that. Force-sensitive cloning, as you might remember from FU2, is difficult, though. The Emperor might have done it, but he'd been studying the practice for years, and even then his clones were a tad screwy. The only one who ever did it right was Vader with his Starkiller clones.

    Fun fact, the guys that came before the Sith or Jedi, the Je'daii, actually made a flying rancor using a primitive form of Sith alchemy. Called 'em rancor dragons. At least one person rode one.
  14. Hu... interesting.
    Anyway as for the force sensitive cloning i was making it a work in progress. As in none stable yet. Perhaps used later in the rp to be revealed later. Till then he works on other wild species and improving them and maybe making new ones etc. Dark artifacts and such.
  15. Maybe a fire-breathing space worm?
  16. That... could work i suppose. Eh exact experiments can be discussed later.
  17. Cool. I was going for a Mandalorian who had manipulated the previous Mand'alor, Yaga Auchs, into killing his predecessor Chernan Ordo. Following that, one of the few people who knew of the betrayal, Hondo Karr, embarked on a quest to get revenge for the murder of his father-in-law and his leader. At the climax of his quest and assassinating Auchs, my character succeeded in killing Karr, revealing the Auchs Conspiracy (minus his part), and taking the title of Mand'alor for himself. In doing so, he reintroduced the Sith into Mandalorian society with a new breed of Mando-trained acolytes.

    Beyond that, my character would focus most on conquest, honor, and glory, some of the oldest Mandalorian values. At the same time, he'll introduce Sith ingenuity and trickery into his society. On a more intellectual level, he will search for stronger Sith weapons, such as ancient Warblades or starships.
  18. Hm, interesting... will probably need to look up most of those people but interesting. Perhaps my oc would be part of that introduction of sith stuff in a more hidden level with increasing mando troops power.
  19. What, like genetically engineering Sith Mandalorians?
  20. Eh possibly at first just giving them a boost in basic stats Possible side affects later on.
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