Star Wars: Shadows of The Empire

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    Title Crawl
    Shadows of The Empire (2 BBY)

    A great darkness has fallen across the galaxy. The Galactic Empire's reign of terror appears unstoppable.

    A young Luke Skywalker has perished on the hostile world of Tatooine. With no other option, Ben Kenobi agrees to train Princess Leia as a Jedi Knight.

    With Civil War drawing closer, heroes and villains converge to fight for their cause. The Empire grows eager to extinguish the fires of rebellion, before they consume the entire galaxy...​
    The Galactic Empire
    Basic Info:

    Authoritarian humanocentric dictatorship
    Leader: Emperor Palpatine
    Capital: Coruscant
    History: The origins of the Galactic Empire lie directly in the end of the Clone Wars. With the Old Republic victorious over Separatist forces, few could have expected the horror brought about by the Galactic Empire. Its first show of brutality began with the Jedi Purge, a policy in which thousands of Jedi were exterminated per Order 66. Although handfuls of Jedi survived the event, the Empire would go on to commit other atrocities. Genocide was commonplace as various alien species were deemed 'inferior'. Propaganda remains necessary to assure the public that the Empire exists to bring justice, when in reality, it is a corrupt and vicious regime bent on total domination.
    The Rebel Alliance
    Basic Info:

    Military resistance movement
    Leader: Mon Mothma
    Capital: Dantooine
    History: Historians are quick to point out that the origins of the Rebellion start with the rise of the Empire. Various politicians were quick to distrust the gradual decay of the Old Republic, and it didn't take long for them to begin secretly plotting against the Emperor. Early victories, won through effective guerilla tactics, caused considerable damage to Imperial forces. However, the Rebel Alliance was itself burdened with innumerable problems. Soldiers were often poorly trained, supplies were difficult to gather, and building a navy to rival the Empire's was an impossible goal. These rebels were united in their desire to free the galaxy and restore democracy, and this desire continues to inspire many throughout countless systems.
    The Zann Consortium
    Basic Info:

    Crime syndicate
    Leader: Tyber Zann
    Capital: Ryloth
    History: Founded by the notorious criminal Tyber Zann, the Zann Consortium is both feared and respected by the galactic underworld. Smugglers, assassins, bounty hunters, pirates, and mercenaries make up the majority of the Consortium's members. The organization acts more as a business than a political faction. As a nuisance to both the Empire and the Alliance, the Consortium practiced in offering protection for planets that claimed neutrality in the Civil War. Granted, the worlds that did succumb to the opportunistic syndicate later found themselves victims of extortion. Profit remains the guiding force in the organization, and it is the undisputed master of the black market.

    Home Planet:
    Ability to use The Force:
    Loyalty (Empire/Rebellion/Consortium/Neutral):

  • Rules:
    1. Thou shalt not defy thine GM.
    2. Thou shalt receive great punishment for any violation. Namely, a warning, and after that, removal from the RP.
    3. Thou will only create custom characters.
    4. Keep thy force powers humble; no, this isn't the Force Unleashed.
    5. Mary Sues will be ejected through the air lock. No exceptions.
    6. Honor thy GM and Co-GM. Although the story is an alternate timeline, please try to keep consistent with the Star Wars universe.
    7. No bullying or trolling other players. You know the drill.
    8. Your character does not have teleporting powers. Remember that when jumping between planets.​
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Name: Qota Dema
Race: Zabrak
Age: 42
Home Planet: Iridonia
Ability to use The Force: Nonexistant.
Personality: A bit triggerhappy and often belligerent. Can be kind to those he likes, but is almost never kind to strangers.
Loyalty: Rebel Alliance
Occupation: Pilot/boarder
Qota, born and raised on Iridonia, was never one for pleasantries. He dropped out of school very early and joined a small mercenary corps. In his early twenties, he was still a bit green in regards to combat when Order 66 was issued. He was present during the executions of several Jedi and was almost killed himself as a wildcard element. Naturally, this didn't foster any love for the empire. He went into hiding until the founding of the Rebel Alliance, shortly seeking to join. Since then, he's proven a decent addition to his squadron, though he's not anything very special skill wise.​

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Name: Duvnar Magnum
Race: Gand
Age: 32
Home Planet: Narshadda
Ability to use The Force: None
Personality: Ruthless, Calculating, Impatient and Alcoholic.
Loyalty (Empire/Rebellion/Consortium/Neutral): Whoever pay's the most.
Occupation: Bounty Hunter and Smuggler

Duvnar grew up on Narshadda, his father having been an officer for the Republic before the days of the Empire. However as a result of Gang Violence Duvnar ended up losing both of his parents at a young age, and was forced to fight in Gangs to survive. In which he prospered, taking command of his own Gang at the young age of 16. In his time as a Gang Leader he began taking Gang work for the Hutts and Exchange in order to make some extra money. He soon found this work to be far more entertaining than Gang Life, so the first chance he had he left the Gang behind him with another lead, investing all of his time into the more luxurious work of collecting Bounty's and Smuggling goods off world.
Extra: Has a Professional Skill Level with Blasters of all kinds, but is most at home when using a Vibroblade or Vibrosword. He wields them to such a Calibre he has been called "The Jedi without a Lightsaber" at times, despite not possessing any force sensitivity himself.
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Sorry wasn't watching this thread properly. I'll get a character up over the weekend!


I love star wars entirely, would it be alright if I had made a Grey Jedi by any chance, I haven't made a character for one yet and I have been dying to try something like this possibly
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