Star Wars Invasion of Earth (Possible)RPs

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In the height of the Clone Wars, a large wormhole mysteriously appeared within the Belkadan system. A CIS patrol stumble upon the anomaly and lunched a probe. To the astonishment of the captain, the probe's findings revealed what appeared to be a whole another galaxy. Moreover located further in the newly discovered system was the third planet to a nearby star which showed signs of life. Following tests by additional probes not only confirmed it but showed it was surprisedly populated by humans.

The captain reported the evidence back to command, which needless to say caused quite the stir among the Separatist Council. In the wake more probes were sent into the wormhole, gathering new information about this second galaxy, specifically the world called Earth by the local human inhabitants.

While containing vast amounts of resources the planet was heavily urbanized and divided in nation-states. Also Earth's technological capabilities were limited to the degree they couldn't even colonize their own moon. These facts interested the Council greatly especially the likes of Nute Gunray and San Hill. They saw newfound opportunities to harvest worlds for resources in the new reality, one without the Republic.

Initially Dooku was greatly reluctant to even entertain what he believed to be a diversion from the war effort. However, following a secret discussion with his master, the Count changed his mind. Subsequently the entire Belkadan sector is locked down, and the CIS began mobilizing a expedition fleet to go through the wormhole.

Meanwhile on Earth the appearance of the large wormhole near Pluto had been known for quite sometime since September 22, 2018. After the initial fascination wear off many months later the phenomenon was being taken for granted by most. So when in mid June of 2020, unknown anomalies came out the evidence would take time for any space agencies to be notice due to technical limitations. By then it would be too late.

The Separatist expedition force lead by the ruthless Rukra went through the wormhole after it was proven to be safe to travel ships through. As soon as they entered, they hacked Earth's electric communications and warning systems, masking their presence for the time being...



Greetings everyone while I'm already RPing and making preparations to RP some others stories I thought to try this out. Originally this concept was a interest check for a possible group rp. That didn't work out to be completely honest. All the same I still find the idea interesting enough to give it another go, this time in one on one storylines.

Now here are some ground rules.

1) To be honest I'm not into smut RPs. However, if there is romance(I prefer MxF) in a thread that we're rping together it can have fade to black scenes between characters. Although I would prefer to focus on character development when it comes to IC relationships especially in friendship/comradeship or family bonds.

2) As for my pace of posting, if it can vary from fast to slow depending on the situation in rl. If running into extended delays on my end or lost interest I'll let you know. Feel free to do the same.

3) I can write from two to a few more paragraphs. Don't worry I'm not grammar Nazi nor an elitist that demands complete perfection. Because honestly my writing style has its faults and so I have no right to judge others for it. But please no one liners. A paragraph or two would be more than acceptable.

Of course before we get into details there are a few points we need to address to go over some may suggest the Separatists wouldn't use outright military aggression to takeover an independent/neutral world but rather subtle means. While it is true in some cases but look I would have to respectfully disagree. Here is evidence of so in the Clone Wars series;

-The occupation and attempted genocide of the Lurmen colony on Maridun.
-The enslavement of Kiros' population.
-The overthrow of Onderon's King and the planet's subsequent occupation via puppet regime.
-The attack on Scipio.

In all these cases the Separatists invaded neutral worlds and communities. So not too much of a stretch for the CIS to disregard with negotiations and take what they want. Especially with a politically divided and isolated world like Earth.

Sure it would be wiser if the CIS conducted a PR campaign to win over Earth with trade and such but wouldn't as thrilling in a roleplay.

Yes, I'm aware that sw tech can vague and wishy washy in some aspects but it hopefully could be worked out for these possible RPs. If you have questions feel free to ask them.



This will be current era Earth but with a few alternate aspects.

-A mysterious wormhole is formed linking Star Wars galaxy to this alternate reality. That eventually leads to Earth being discovered and studied by the CIS.

-The year is 2020 like in RL and it starts during the summer and 20 BBY in the Star Wars galaxy.

-As an alternate version of Earth none of the political leaders in RL such as current presidents/prime ministers/and various heads of states are in charge. Rather fictional characters will take their places. References are fine and such but the main focus is on individuals from all sides who will be affected by the coming events.

-Star Wars franchise does not exist on this Earth but other the numerous pop culture subjects like sci fi and fantasy both in literature or media are still around that can used for references.

-With the 'permission' of Count Dooku an expeditionary fleet is send in to seize control for resource harvesting to support the war effort back in the home galaxy.

-In overall command of the operation is by the highly aggressive Admiral Rukra(a female Zabark) in conjunction with an representative working for the Separatist council.


RP Prompts

With that out of the way time to display some proposed ideas. They can be modified if it proves to be necessary. Some new ideas maybe added as well. Here what I got so far.

Star Wars Invasion: Liberty or Death) Near Los Angeles, USA, a town(fictional) find itself swept up in the middle of the world wide invasion. My character will be someone who lives there and your character can be another local or someone who happen to be passing through for whatever reason. Our characters and others(NPCs) must work together in order to survive the chaos and if possible fight back.

Star Wars Invasion: Path of Warriors) Not is only the Separatists are bringing in the droid army to subject Earth, but hired numerous mercenaries for support as well. These include Zygerrian slavers, Transdosen Hunters, pirates/gangsters of various species and some Mandalorian warriors(exiles not associated with Death Watch nor Duchess Satine's paficist group.) I'll be RPing a Mando who is sent in to carry out special ops to support the invasion of Earth across various locations on the planet. You can rp a Mando as well if that is your wish or a different kind of merc as long it make sense in Star Wars.
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