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  1. 3,000 light years from Tatooine an Imperial star destroyer floats aimlessly through space, a small group of stormtroopers leads four rebellious citizens to the brig being thrown into the same cell they have time to introduce themselves.

    Brylan C. Gunman
    "Hey hey hey man watch where your putting those hands buddy," were the sounds of protest that could be heard from the up and coming smugglar, Brylan Gunman. Brylan had once again gotten himself into a world of trouble after taking a job offer that he knew sounded to good to be true and found out that his cargo was filled to the brim of stolen Imp tech which made his case even worse as he tried to plead about being set up. "I swear when I find that Rodian bastard he is gonna get it right between the eyes," he huffed while being pushed along towards the cell block of the ship while trying his best to bribe the troops off, "Hey I know this great guy that can get you pure Glitterstim for only 2,000 credits man I swear." After arriving he was checked for weapons and was stripped of his guns and any other thing that was considered dangerous except for his CREDIT[​IMG] chip since he stopped the guy from reaching into his pants, "Hey now sir the only gun you'll find in there is meant for the ladies only so no touchie okay?" After that little situation and he was marked as clean they threw him into a large cell and activated the lazer field that would harm him if he tried to break out. Even though he was probably in the worst situation of his life Brylan simply sat upon the one cot in the room and started whistling as if this was just another day on the job..and for him it really was.
  2. The grey garbed imperial officer's right hand slid across Arla's lekku, the long tentacle that descended from the base of her skull. It tensed and twitched of its own accord, an act that made the officer smile all the more. Arla didn't need to be searched, not that it stopped the troopers from doing so. She had little in the way of clothing. Her green skin was almost entirely on display for she was wearing nothing buy a wide belt and a dozen bangles of gold on her slender limbs.

    Pushed about by men nearly twice her size Arla considered fighting back but where would she go? Her people had long ago learned that armour the type that the skull men wore were nearly invulnerable to stone spears and knives. While she could knock down the men, actually finishing them would be difficult. There could be a hundred men between her and freedom and worse, it looked like she'd been brought aboard one of the great sky ships that roamed the heavens and she knew nothing of how to control their flying boats.

    After enduring yet another search Arla found herself shoved into the large cell next to the human. She knew him from the cut of his clothes. His kind had come to her world for years and took advantage of her people. It was a man like him that had purchased her in trade for nothing more than a battered old hand blaster. At the first sight of him sitting on the singular cot she quickly moved away towards the far corner of the cell, ignoring the hiss of the cell's laser wall being erected, and folded her arms over her bare bosom.
  3. 231521 landing his personalized TIE fighter in the hangar bay just coming back from his latest patrol, noticed an all to familiar ship "so Brylan's back yet again, well might as well see what for this time" he muttered to himself, he finished his shutdown and climbed out of the hatch and made his way to the brig on his way he met up with a small group leading a prisoner that looked like he was from another time long before even the clone wars with long white hair and similarly white robes.
  4. A lone figure sat in a meditative pose on the ground. Her head was bowed so that burgundy colored hair flanked her neck her neck at the shoulder. Beneath the unruly bangs, her eyes were closed and her face was peaceful. She didn't even look up when the cells across from her's were opened then occupied.

    Her armed guards, one a Sith apprentice, kept their eyes on the figure through the laser barred wall. There were no fewer than three soldiers that watched her ceaselessly, as if they were afraid to blink lest she kill them in that second. When the change over occurred, the Sith apprentice stayed as lead guard. He couldn't help the arrogant smirk as he stared at the cuffed disgrace of a Sith.

    "You finally gonna do something? I can't believe how easily my master caught you." The apprentice laughed. His laughter deflated somewhat when she didn't respond. "I'm talking to you! Disrespectful little bitch. I am your guardsman! When I speak, you--"

    "You're still just an apprentice. An ant beneath my heel. You only live because I have a use for you. But make no mistake." She lifted her head slightly and stared him down with acidic gold eyes. He stepped back in reflex of the sheer hatred in those molten pools of heated gold. "You will be the first to feel my wrath."

    The apprentice gulped at her darkened tone then felt a flood of rage engulf him. "Open the damn cell! I'll interrogate her in place of my master!" the apprentice growled.

    "I'll do no such thing. Darth Loas was very clear and specific, Sir." The head soldier declined. A smirk played on her lips as the soldier continued, "Darth Kandosii is to stay in her cell under constant armed guard. No one may enter the cell except himself." The soldier recited. Darth Kandosii chuckled quietly and flicked a little lint off of her black armor. Her lightsabers had been taken, as had her normal armor. She idly vowed that both offenses would be paid in spades to Laos, but for now...

    "How does it feel, Apprentice? To know that as we speak, your master is much more interested in my return rather than your training?" She asked him. The apprentice's face grew more and more red. "Oh, I am sure that he will want the Sith Council to watch his interrogation and reprogramming of ME, rather than show them the results of your training." She watched as his fingers twitched. "Mm. As much fun as this is, I do have an interrogation to prepare for. Run along now."

    "D-Do you know who I am you wench!? I am--"

    "No one important." She said as she closed her eyes again. "Do tell you master to make sure my old master is there. I wish for him to see my strength." She made a mocking gasp, "Oh that's right...I killed him." She laughed as the apprentice stormed off.

    The guard looked over his shoulder at his prisoner, " really THE Darth Kandosii that Darth Laos seems to think you are?"

    "That is up to debate." She answered after a few seconds of silence. The soldier began to say something else, but decided against it. He returned to his post and vigil, his hands shook slightly on his blaster rifle.
  5. Annyr fought the troopers that were literally dragging him to the brig all while struggling to break his shackles "I will kill each and everyone of you" he shouted before reverting to tusken for the umpteenth time "Yeah keep it up and you'll have a little accident before we reach the spice mines of Kessel, you stupid animal" one of the guards retorted "savages how can they exist without space ships or any of the other things we civilized folk enjoy?" Another asked "it doesn't matter once we find where they're hiding they won't be around to find enjoyment from the tech" the first replied as they unshackled Annyr before throwing him in to a cell with two others across from a sith or at least that's the way he read her from just a glance in her direction before turning his attention to his cell mates a human and a twilek both he'd seen plenty of on tatooine most of the latter in service to Abba the hutt and the former on farms that many in his enclave had raided and torched for thinking them savages and not making a deal for water vaporators, Annyr walked to the corner opposite the twilek and just stood there thinking of an escape plan muttering some of it just loud enough for the other to hear while the rest was in tusken.
  6. "Unhand me you brigands! You call yourselves respectable gentlemen?! Poppycock, I say! Where is my legal representation? Allow me to contact the Barrister's Chambers to discuss the legitimacy of these charges!" complained a rather peculiar looking droid. It wore a monocle, had a mustache and spoke in a clear English accent. The guards that escorted the droid and its "owner" looked as if their patience had worn thin. "Z-3, there isn't much point in resisting, so you may as well comply and get this over with quickly." In stark contrast to the droid, the human that was being escorted to the brig was far more compliant. His weapon had been taken away from him, the force had been taken from him, but he held the gaze of someone who had not been defeated yet. Yun Ohn was once a Je'daii in a time long forgotten, but he was little better than a lone spacer for hire now. He knew that there was little he'd be able to do with just Z-3's help. Although it'd been some time since he needed them, Ohn found himself yearning for allies. "Very well Master Ohn, out of deference to your judgment, I shall surrender to the will of these cud-sucking pond scum." The droid received a shock with a powerful stun stick, but Yun couldn't stop himself from chuckling. Truly, Z-3 didn't change for anyone. Just as the droid was about to come up with another snide remark, they arrived at their destination, in time enough to see a rather disgruntled sith storm off angrily, complaining something about "insolent wench" and "the next time." Typical minor villain speak.

    The mercenary quickly glanced across the brig, immediately noticing the variety of people held within. It seemed as though the Sith had been quite busy as of late. As the guards removed the shackles that bound him, they opened the containment field of the brig and allowed he and his droid entrance. Now that he was free, he rubbed his wrists, trying to relieve the pain from the tight restraints. He could have broken free if he wanted to, but where would he be? Up shit creek without a paddle. Ohn sighed softly, quietly resigning himself to his current situation. While one could say that everyone held in this brig was noteworthy, his eyes were immediately drawn to the twi'lek. While she wasn't a Lethan, she certainly looked like Arali'yha. Seeing her huddled in the corner, wearing nothing more than a belt and bangles, made him feel a bit of sadness. Once the containment field was restored, he removed his coat and walked over to the twi'lek. Though it had been some time since he'd spoken it, he hoped that the Ryl dialect he used wasn't completely different from the dialect the twi'leks of this era spoke. Still, because he lacked lekku, he would never be able to truly speak the language. "Here. Please, take it." Ohn said as he averted his gaze out of respect. He gently placed his coat beside her, hoping that she wouldn't be too hesitant to trust him. Though, he would completely understand. Humans were difficult creatures to trust.

    After he placed his coat down, Yun walked away and sat near the tusken that had been brought in before him. This placed him across from the Sith-looking woman who Yun surmised, was the cause of that apprentices' earlier frustration. While he could not feel her power through the force, just by a warrior's intution, Ohn could tell that the apprentice couldn't defeat this woman if he'd trained for a thousand years. It was just a matter of innate talent. Looking around the room one last time, the former Je'daii was hopeful. There were quite a few unknown factors locked away in this brig. Was putting them all together really the best idea? Well, he wouldn't complain. Yun then closed his eyes and began to meditate. Although he still wasn't able to feel the force, after years of doing so to gather his thoughts, it became a force of habit, something to calm his nerves while he waited for the opportune moment.
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  7. 231521 felt somewhat ashamed that he used the stun stick on the droid seeing as it had a unique personality programmed into it but he didn't like being called scud sucking pond scum, when they finally reached they brig he deftly sidestepped the sith apprentice that was now storming out he didn't want to be the target of his anger, he then waited for the barrier to be put back up before approaching the cell he watched as the latest inmate handed his coat over to a twilek in one corner then move near a tusken in the opposite corner. "So Brylan what are you in for this time?" He asked the smuggler he had somewhat become friends with, even though he was an imperial trooper it wasn't like he couldn't have idle conversations with civilians.
  8. Brylan had been making a head count of all the people that came in to the cell one after another making him a bit curious on what they had all done. "So we've got an almost naked twilek, a sith badass, a prep boy droid, the obvious mysterious figure with a interesting past, and finally a sand mummy..yup I hit the jackpot with this group alright," he thought sitting up on the cot and looked up hearing the sound of a familiar voice. "Well well didn't expect to see to see you here Shiny how's it going man," he asked walking towards the gate glad to see that he would have at least one guard around that wasn't a total prick. After his question he could only smile, "Oh you know just getting set up by some local drug lord like always so same old same old," he replied hoping to find a way out of here soon since he had a deadline to meet his contact to recieve his credits seeing as how in a way the mission was completed.
  9. Kandosii opened her eyes again at the sound of a rather...interesting droid. She chuckled a little bit at how creative its insults were. She stood quickly, which immediately alerted the guards that were watching her. She didn't seem bothered by their trigger fingers as she stared down at one of the forms whom was meditating. The pose was familiar...if nothing else, that lot would make for a good distraction, but she doubted the Twi'lek would be able to fight effectively.

    It wasn't too soon when a small group of guards made their way to Kandosii's cell. One of them carried a package while the ranking officer dismissed the others. The previous leader hesitated, but left when the command signal was given. Once the guards were gone, one of them pulled a gun on the soldier while the other opened the sith's cell.

    "We got your signal, Master Kandosii. As you ordered, Ma'am." The leader carefully offered her the heavy
    package, which she took easily.

    "Your loyalty will be rewarded, Captain." She said before she opened the package. She quickly put her armor on until only the helmet was left out of place.

    "Thank you, but please forgive me. We couldn't retrieve your light sabers. Darth Laos carries them."

    "It is fine. You have served me well." She said to the helmeted man. "Free the prisoners." She said to him. "Laos needs to remember that he isn't the only Sith with a plan." She said with a dark chuckle before she placed her mandalorian helmet on. "Systems are good. Good job in removing it, Captain. Now go. I want a cruiser waiting for me when I get to the hangar."

    "Yes ma'am!" the Captain and his men saluted. The man that held a gun to the guard as he talked with the prisoners didn't move.

    "Back away and put your weapon down." He ordered as another guard went to unlock the prisoner's doors.
  10. 231521 didn't even consider the blaster aimed at the back of his head a threat nor the man holding it he had already started reaching for the door control when the shield to Darth Kandosii's cell was turned off he knew the offences for this set of prisoners was to minor an offence to be held any longer "Brylan take these three to the Egret" he turned to look over his shoulder AW Kandosii " do your thing then meet them in the hangar my men have already assumed control of a star destroyer and i shall escort you to it from there you can do with it as you see fit, I will however miss all the beautiful toys the empire has" he then turned off the shield "and Laos is in his quarters third floor from the bridge"
  11. Arla wasn't sure what the man was doing, offering her a coat. Perhaps he thought she was cold? Then again, these humans had strange views. Her own people didn't bother with clothing. What was the point in concealing one's body when one lived in perpetual darkness? More than likely he was doing so, not out of any sense of generosity, but to sooth his own conscience. Either that, or it was one of those gifts that involved a perceived debt.

    Still, she took it. If they got out of this place she might be able to trade it or sell it... or something. She understood the concept of money. She'd seen it exchanged often enough in the cantina where she danced. Of course, first she had to escape, and that would involve determining what sort of people she was-

    All her half formed plans were suddenly made moot. Apparently the human with the golden eyes in the adjacent cell had a number of those in this tribe in her thrall. They had freed the woman and ordered their cell open. That had proved remarkably easy. Unfortunately, it also meant that these humans could not be trusted. If they could betray their tribe they could betray anyone.

    Rising up, letting the jacket ride on her slender shoulders she listened quietly, seeking more information. One thing about fighting in the eternal dark was the art of patience.
  12. Annyr crouched as soon as the cell door was open something was off but he watched and waited he saw the uncertainty in the twileks eyes though she stood he sat back watching the relations of the others and what came next he didn't like the sixth who dawned mandalorian armor it made a saarlac into a kraayt dragon both of which deadly in their own right.
  13. To be honest Brylan wasn't that surprised at the sudden prision break since a sith being held captive on an imp ship usually didn't last too long as he learned from experience. Of course sticking around the watch a sith go to work wasn't such a good idea either meaning that he was taking the advice to bolt on the double, "Alright ladies, gentlemen, and droid if you don't wanna be stuck on an exploding ship in the near future follow me to the nearest exit." After saying that he patted Shiny on the shoulder thanking him for letting him go once again and began his trip towards the docking bay. As he was running he just remembered the fact that he left Grek on the ship, "Well here's hoping that she survived somehow since I do need someone to fly us out of here."
  14. Yun sat completely still, taking only the faintest breaths, focusing not at all on his surroundings but a pulse. Trying desperately to listen to it. Not his own pulse, but the pulse of the force. He clawed desperately in the dark; trying to listen for a voice he could no longer hear, upon beauty he could no longer see. Like the many times that he'd tried before, Yun found that without Ali'yha, he was truly deaf to the force. At least with his blade in hand, it was like a whisper, just beyond the edge of hearing. But as he was now, it was a deafening silence. The Je'daii drew himself away from his meditative state, as he sensed the anxiety of guards behind him. There wasn't killing intent per se, more of a fear of death or a survival instinct. As he opened his eyes, he saw that the woman with the amber eyes had orchestrated an escape with the help of insiders. Well done. He then looked toward the male the sith guard referred to as "Brylan." He seemed very much like the "loveable rogue" sort, that would get on your nerves, but you just can't bring yourself to hate. Such people were mysteries, even to those who mastered the force. The twi'lek, well, it appeared that she had taken the coat. It was more for his own satisfaction, rather than being noble. It bothered him that someone who looked so similar to Arali'yha, was practically naked, so he gave away his coat. His eyes finally drifted to the tusken. He seemed rather young to be locked up on an Imperial ship, but Ohn figured that life wasn't so kind to everyone. He knew that fact well.

    The Je'daii remained silent as he watched the situation unfold. Z-3PO on the otherhand, did not. "I thank you for your most gracious offer, sir, to you as well, Madame. And to you Imperial fellows, I do apologize for referring to you as cud-sucking pond scum. You are now semi-sentient amoeba, worthy of praise." Yun shook his head at Z-3's remark. He really did not like Imperials. Seeing Z-3's behavior, always made Ohn curious about the person responsible for his core programming. He must have been nuttier than a ewok turd. The mercenary stood up, followed the moving group and bowed his head toward both parties that Z-3 had mentioned. "Indeed, we are grateful. However, if I might trouble you, would anyone of you know where our belongings were taken? I cannot leave until I have retrieve something." While it might take away a few precious moments, Yun would not leave without Ali'yha. He'd sooner die on this ship than leave it behind. Of course, he wouldn't be so reckless as to drag others with him, but that was where he stood.
  15. 231521 pointed toward a door opposite the way they came in "your items are in there" he said "oh and mind the traps they're meant more as a deterrent than lethality but can still be annoying"
  16. The young woman looked over the prisoners slowly. Her eyes drifted from the punkish rouge type towards the Droid. Her lips twitched up in amusement but said nothing. Her gaze then landed on the tusken, then narrowed when she came upon the barely clothed twi'lek. She clenched one hand and set her jaw before she turned on her heel.

    "Escort them to the hangar. Captain, take the command of the Star Destroyer until I return. And see that the Twi'lek makes it there safely." Her voice seemed menacing, even with the mechanized projector in her helmet. "You know what the consequences will be should an Imperial even breathe upon her." The man saluted firmly then hurried over to the cell. "You." She pointed to the oh so helpful Imperial soldier that had supplied the Star Destroyer. "With me. Your callousness in defying your master, while commendable, intrigues me in a way that very few want to. Lead this man to his belongings, then take me to Darth Laos and his whelp." She practically ordered.

    "The rest of you may do as you wish. Just know, that this ship will explode in minutes. I will not be responsible for your deaths." Kandosii grunted as a blaster rifle was handed to her after she thrust out her hand. The soldier in question scurried back to the line of waiting escorts.
  17. The order from kandosii nearly fade 231521 guffaw but he managed to stifle it to a mere silent chuckle as he lead yun and annyr to the confiscated items and disabled the traps, he then returned to kandosii's side
  18. While the man's chuckling was very much unwarranted, as she didn't say anything funny, Kandosii refrained from outright killing him. Instead, she took her irritation out on the guard that had been guarding the confiscated items. The man was barely able to hold up his rifle when she waved her left hand. His rifle went flying from his grip before an invisible hand lifted him off the ground by his neck. The paralyzed man wasn't even given the chance to face his attacker, as Kandosii didn't even give him a glance before choked him to death. She let his body drop to the ground in a heap then flung it from immediate view with a Force Push. She sighed happily at the sound of the body as it hit the wall. Not even a five seconds later, the body hit the floor.

    "Do be quick, yes? I have an appointment with a grossly grotesque, idiotic excuse for a Darth. And his equally stupid whelp." Kandosii looked over her HUD as she waited as she began to run a weapons check.
  19. The mercenary nodded in response to the Sith's words. While she was a bit harsh, she seemed to have a "kind" heart. Or at least, the makings of one. Still, twas not his place to stick his nose into other people's business, so he took up the offer to be escorted and retrieve his things. A moment later, Ohn was escorted by the helpful Imperial and was able to retrieve his belongings, most important of which, was Ali'yha. Without it, he felt like a shell of a man. "Thank you." he said to the Imperial soldier. It was easy to forget that even those in the Empire had family, loved ones that they cared for. To people like that, it didn't matter who was in power, it just mattered that they made enough to get by and support the people they loved. And for the ones you love, oft times, you are willing to sully your hands, do things you aren't proud of. It was a vicious cycle, brought upon by the best of intentions. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions, isn't it?

    Z-3 on the other hand, remained with Darth Kandosii. He figured that his master would return prudently and they could escape this wretched vessel together. As the droids audio receptors picked up Darth Kandosii's comment, Z-3 remarked, "Ah, by whelp, would you happen to mean the apprentice with a face scrunched like a kinrath pup's? Indeed, he seemed like the sort of minor villain one finds in period dramas. Who says, "Insolent Wench, I'll get you next time!" aloud to themselves, other than minor characters doomed to oblivion?" The droid said to the woman who'd orchestrated this escape. It was somewhat odd how Z-3 just casually interacted with others, but the droid had no sense of danger. Z-3 didn't want to get on the bad side of Darth Kandosii, but he didn't change for anyone, even if it meant being decommissioned.

    Not long after Z-3's comment, Ohn had returned with the Imperial soldier and looked toward the amber eyed woman. "Will you need assistance? I'd be happy to help." Yun wasn't underestimating his savior at all. Rather, he was simply looking for a method to repay his debt. He didn't care much for owing others a favor, so he was looking to pay it back early and square things away.
  20. Annyr had retrieved his gaffI stick from confiscation and had barely caught z-3's remark "I know not of kinrath but he did look like the ass end of a saarlac which says something seeing as saarlacs never leave the pit that is their home" he said patting the droid on the shoulder he; oddly enough; felt a sort of kinship with the droid
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