Star Wars: Episode VIII

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  1. Since we don't have a general Star Wars thread, I figure we'll need one for each film. Let's kick this one off with a major announcement for the sequel:

    Star Wars: Episode VIII to Open December 15, 2017 |

    I consider this to be good news.

    Episode VIII's release pushed back to December. I'm glad they're spacing them out a little because by May of next year we would have gotten 3 Star Wars films in 18 months.
  2. I hope the next star wars movies have as many "mm whatcha say" moments to make into funny vines.
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  3. It's like those companies that pump out a game sequel every year. I want to wait-- it makes the eventually viewing that much sweeter. But oh well, Disney's gonna do what Disney's gonna do.

    I've heard it will have more "WTF" moments, though. So that's nice.
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  4. Clone wars. Favorite prequel.
    Empire strikes back. Favorite original.

    The flame has yet to sputter out just yet.
  5. I rather they space them out a little really. Rogue one is gonna be inbetween them so it is all good.
  6. I personally think that for greater longevity they space them out. Star Wars is no longer an event, it's a custom because up until 2020 we're getting one each year which makes it prone to franchise fatigue. You watch, people will feel Marvel's age in ten years.
  7. Great. This way I can trick my poor ass into thinking that I'm spending less money on movies.
  8. Not to mention adding to your Christmas expenses ;)
  9. Assuming they're assinging different teams to the movies (So Rogue One and Episode 8 staff are different people) I'm fine with the release times.
    They'd be seperate projects with a few years invested into it.

    If it's all the same group though? No... In that situation my hopes for it will be low because that's the biggest indicator of a cash cow.
  10. The films are indeed separate production units but Star Wars like anything any other fashionable brand in that its style can only be marketable for so long. Just look at how the craze for a lot of wizard or vampire related fiction has cooled in recent years compared to the late 2000s. The same will happen to Star Wars eventually but that's not for a while yet. We have the best to look forward to until it gets to that point.
  11. Dat Christmas money.
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  12. I'm just looking forward to seeing what part Benicio Del Toro will be playing.
  13. We have the entire expanded universe to suggest that people don't get tired of Star Wars easily.
  14. The expanded universe, while popular, answers only to one class of fan. Disney are no doubt looking to a far broader spectrum of target audience. Hence, their first contribution to Star Wars was the safest they could have made.
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  15. Excuse me as I run around my apartment making TIE fighter sounds. I love my goddamn Star Wars.

    I'm really invested in this new trilogy. I thought The Force Awakens was a fantastic proof of concept for revitalizing the series, so I'm actually hyped for a new movie for a change. I don't know anything about Rogue One but I plan on seeing it.
  16. Disney is using some in house talent for Rogue One. The Screenwriter for Rogue one is also doing the Screenwriting for the last part of this season, and next season's Rebels cartoon. Their is rumored to be a tie in coming. Princess Leia has been shown in the trailer for the episode in which the same screenwriter is taking part in. (I think. If I remember the press release of the top of my head)

    God I want to a Live Action Ashoka so fucking bad!!! Come on Disney!!!! Do it!!!!!
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  17. No jedis. Its about the legendary strike team that aquired the plans for the deathstar :D. So it takes place during the height of the empire.
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  18. I'm sold! I'm reading that Tarkin novel set 5 years after the Clone Wars, so that in between time is super neat. :D
  19. Poor Camera work, but this is the only Rogue One Trailer so far.

  20. Oh, also a bit off topic.
    But since we're talking about Rogue One/The Death Star.

    Technically, it's a movie of terrorists.

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