Stalingrad, 1942.

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    Setting: The story will start at around mid-1942 and will continue until the Soviet victory over Stalingrad (February 2nd, 1943). The story will focus on the hardships of the civilians inhabiting Stalingrad during the almost year-long battle. Be warned, this is not a safe place. Your characters may die, likely in a horrible fassion. However, your character will only die with your permission, and you will be allowed to create and play a new character to enter the RP if you wish.

    Characters: I would like for most of the characters to be civilians, perhaps teenagers. However I MAY allow for one or two characters to be actual soldiers if I feel the party cannot defend itself too well. The character sheet is as follows:​
    Name: (Self Explanatory)
    Age: (Self Explanatory)
    Gender: (Same as those two ^)
    Appearance: (Pictures are allowed, but must also have text describing features that don't quite show in the text EX: height)
    History: (Pre-war history of your character, as well as what led them to where they are now.)
    Notes: This is my first Roleplay on this site. I have RP'd before, but not in a while and I may make mistakes. If I do make a mistake, please send me a PM and I will be more than happy to fix it.
    I expect posting at least Once per day. I am a patient woman, but not for days at a time. If you do stop posting for days at a time, and have not sent me a PM as to why you are not posting, I reserve the right to take over your character to advance the story.
    I control major NPC's, but feel free to control your own, as long as they are not major to the plot.
  2. Name: Alya Kapitolina Pavlovna
    Age: 7
    Gender: Female
    4'1", 50 lbs, always wearing a scavenged Soviet tanker helmet.
    History: Alya is an orphan of the war, her parents killed by German soldiers at the start of the war. She was migrated to Stalingrad, and was living at the Orphanage when the German's began raiding the city. She is quiet and tends to sneak around the city at night, finding food to keep herself alive.
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  3. Name: Andrei Kirillovich
    Age: 14
    Gender: M
    Appearance: 5'8 and always wears a black, torn jacket. About 131 lbs.
    History: Andrei was born and raised in Stalingrad and lived in the poorer side of the city. He lives with his younger brother and mother, his father and eldest brother (deceased) in the army. He has a cold demenor and blunt with his words.
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  11. Name: Nikolai Darvo Alexandre Luzchezke (Pronounced Loose Check ski)
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    6'1, 198lbs, Well built after living a rugged life as a hunter.
    Several Tattoos of various religious sayings across his back and shoulders.
    History: Raised outside of Stalingrad by his Uncle and Aunt, he grew up hunting rabbits and foxes in the woods around the area. His Uncle was taught well and passed down his knowledge of the land and the proper way to hunt and kill things down to Nikolai. By the time he was 17 he was far above average for his age. He knew the war was getting closer to home and grew fond of the idea of defending his home from the Nazi's. When the Nazi's invaded his Aunt and Uncle left their home and moved with many of the fleeing refugees, however Nikolai stayed behind with his Uncle's Damascus Filet, a Type 26 revolver, and a Mosin Nagant. He moved into the village with some of the boys and older men that were of fighting age.
    Russian Damascus Filet
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