Spartans Journey(complete and udder improv)

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  1. (my caracter)
    Name: Master Cheif
    Look:look at my pic
    Personality: Quiet, calm, almost no fears, marine tough, optomistic.
    History:abducted child

    Ok so this thread is obviously based of halo, lol, but it is completely improv, also anyone can start there own little sub stories in this thread like a romance or a rivalry. ANYTHING GOES! except profanity of course.
    hope you enjoy!

    (story beginning)
    Master Cheif walks into center of Rota, New Spain. New spain is a country on one of saturns moons.
    He walks into the coffee shop in the town square and asks for a pumpkin spice latte. When he sits down a man in an assasins outfit walks over and sits down accross from him. Master cheif looks at him through his mjolnir armours visor and just stares. The man sets a tablet reader in front of him and says "Don't forget this." and leaves...
  2. Name: Angelica, Surname: Unknown
    Age: 20
    History: She was abandoned by her parents as a young child and was raised by a mercenary.

    Angelica sighs as she enters a coffee shop in the town square in Rota, she pulls back the visor from the front of her eyes so it rests on the top of her head instead as she looks around, she raises an eyebrow upon seeing two people sitting by a table and when she sees that something is left in front of one of the men, but she soon turns away her head and walks over to sit down by a table close to the window to have a look outside. She crosses her legs and she rests her right hand on the grip of her gun while her left hand is acting as support for her chin as her elbow is resting on the table while she's looking outside, a brief frown having formed on her face, she appears to be on-guard and lost in thoughts.
  3. Name: Silus Nomarax
    Personality: Optimistic, Friendly, Understanding, Caring
    History: Genetically engineered Human spliced with Elite DNA

    As Silus walks up to the cafe, he notices that it's not empty like it had been the last few days he'd been there.
    Upon entering, he removes his helmet, revealing his long, white hair, and a large scar across his nose before attaching it to a hook on his belt and sitting down at an empty table, eying the menu from a distance as he ponders on what concoction to order today.
  4. ((Yes!))

    Name: Noble 'Unknown' 6
    Age: Unknown
    Look: Most halo fans know him but if you don't, google it.
    History: Only survivor of the Noble Team. Nicknamed the Lone Wolf and some say he is Master Chief's brother. However, he is missing and most people believe him as a myth or dead.

    Noble 6 passed through the busy areas of Rota and stopped at a cafe. At least he could get some food to eat here. He walked in, masked by a cloak, hiding his armor completely. It'd been a while since he'd been with actual other people, he thought, looking around the somewhat packed cafe. He sat down next to a Spartan with forest green armor, before turning his head, realizing it was Master Chief.
  5. Name: Syndicate 34A
    Age: Well over 50.
    Appearance: UNION ARMY COMMANDO [Heavy Weapons]
    History: Syndicate, or Syn, is from a long line of Genetic Engineering experiments. Just like the Spartans, they are kept as quiet as possible, which is easy, since the project for custom genetically-engineered soldier is possibly the most remote site in the human-inhabited space. It also happened to be so far away from the Covenant that it probably wouldn't be found for another hundred years.

    I run across the rooftops, a large, 3 meter long experimental anti-matter rifle. At the moment, though, of course, the weapon folded itself to compact itself into a 1 meter long, stubby rifle.

    About 5 blocks away from the coffee shop, I stop approaching, and grab hold of the rifle. As I activate my stealth device, rendering me invisible, the rifle begins unfolding itself, the barrel extending out, and I set the tripod on the lip of the building, taking the helmet of the forest-green armor into my scoped crosshairs.
  6. It all happened too fast. Noble 6 had noticed the shape of a man out of the corner of his eye and swung his head, seeing a scope directed at Chief through the window. Noble 6 dived towards Chief, causing them both to tumble to the ground out of the assassin's range.
  7. I growl, to myself, angered by the intervention. As they tumble to the ground, I aim as well as I can in less than a second [Which is probably better than any other living human being], let my nueral processor make tiny adjustments before I fire.

    Even with the intervention, the shot was still off, and it was still on-target... well, maybe not a killshot, but this rifle was designed to tear through any armor, tested on SPARTAN and an Elite's armor. As I fire, I take in the look of what is probably the Spartan's back, before I slip under the lip of the building, and crawl backwards, out of sight.

    [[Syndicate is armed with shields, a shockwave-generator, meaning that he can have the affect of a shotgun, without actually having any projectiles. He also has armor that is equal to the latest versions of MJOLNIR, and doesn't have an organic brain. Instead of an organic brain, he has a computer. A Nueral Processor; he can process information faster than any human being, and therefore, has better reflexes. He has flawless memory, and a rough translator lets him understand most languages.]]
  8. ((He sounds too OP Tbh))

    Noble 6 visor went crazy as he grabbed Master Chief, rolled over and saw the bullet pierce the ground. He took a look at the window and noticed the assassin gone....
  9. Silus jumped from all the commotion, falling out of his chair onto his back.
    As he returned to his feet, he noticed a small hole in the window, realizing that if he'd been a few more inches to the left, he would have had his grey matter mapping the walls.
    "What the frell was that?!"
  10. Noble 6 lay on the ground, his hood now fallen off and exposing his armor. He didn't speak though. Slowly, he got up and picked up the bullet, investigating it in front of Silas. Hopefully, he wouldn't recognize him.
  11. Silus stared as he recognized the armor of the man in front of him, taking a moment to come to terms with reality.
    "6? You're alive?" He said as he couldn't even believe his own eyes that the Lone Wolf was still hunting. "But everyone said you died on Reach with most of the rest of Noble Team. How'd you survive?"
  12. Angered, I move back up to the edge of the building, and set the rifle up again, faster this time. Sighting in on the one who saved my target, who I now identify as 'Noble 6,' I curl my finger around the trigger, and fire again, aimed directly at his hip.
  13. Before Noble 6 has a chance to answer, his visor once again goes crazy as he turns around and barrel rolls to the right, the bullet skimming his hip. He burst out of the coffee shop onto the busy roads before identifying the assassin on top of a nearby building. He breaks into a sprint and starts to climb up the building, pulling out his magnum.
  14. ((Ok, now you're just godmoding. You're evading like 3 rounds from a very experienced sniper that is targetting with a computer, as well as human intellect. Really, the only way that you could dodge these rounds is if you moved before Syn even aimed, because he targets and locks on so quickly. Whatever, I'm just going to shoot you.))

    As Noble 6 starts to climb, heading straight for me, I become very conscious about how stupid he is. He literally just sprinted at me, and started climbing up towards me. I sigh, my short break causing the barrels to skew to right, making it obvious I'm not going to shoot again. Then, of course, I bring it to bear again, and shoot him in the leg, the knee to be exact. That should send him to the ground, destroy his leg, and pretty much make him stop running.

    ((And if you somehow avoid this, then it really is god-moding, because you're running STRAIGHT AT A HIGHLY-ACCURATE WEAPON WITH A HIGHLY-EXPERIENCED SNIPER. It's next to impossible to dodge an experienced sniper today, and you're dodging an even better sniper rifle with even faster rounds 2 or 3 times in a row?))
  15. ((You're the one with an extremely OP character and I think everyone else in this RP will agree. I just refuse to be shot by an OP character. You actually write in your posts what the fuck is actually gonna happen to me. It's my character. Let's see how you like it.))

    The bullet hits Noble 6's leg and he falls to the ground. He aims his magnum right at the assassin's head and fires. It should pierce through his brain and kill him.
  16. ((How am I overpowered? You're getting mad because you're getting shot at by a sniper, and you're out in the open, and you just RUSHED a sniper. Any moderately-good sniper in a good position could hold off an entire enemy regiment for days, maybe even weeks. I am a long-range soldier, and you are trying to rush me. And a single bullet from a handgun wouldn't go through a Spartan's or an Elite's armor, and this is a combination of the two. If I were wearing a Marine's armor, or no armor at all, then yes, I would die.))

    ((You have to think strategy. Fighting a sniper does not include rushing him, and expecting to kill him before he even touches you.))

    With little time to react, the bullet smashes into my armor's shields, killing the upper-torso/head shields, and still retaining enough force to jerk my helmet around, from the bullet hitting the back of my helmet. The force of the weapon knocks me off balance, and I fall on my back, dazed for a moment as my Neural Processor reorients itself. Another hit to the head like that, and I don't think my helmet will be in good shape..." I pull back from the edge of the building, to recover. I activate the rifle to fold and compact itself to its smaller form. It can still be used, just not nearly as accurate, but it'd do in close range.
  17. ((Alright, I agree and I can see where you guys are coming from. Is this guy known though? John-177 and Noble 6 are known to be the two most lethal Spartans, stated by Dr Halsey, herself.))

    Noble 6 rolls out of the way, just in case another bullet would come flying out of nowhere. Pulling himself up, the Lone Wolf still manages to run but is unable to sprint due to his injured leg. He had to try a different approach as he hid behind a building in the period of time the assassin was down.
  18. [​IMG]
    Name: Spartan 56
    Personality: Tough, Quick, very cold hearted
    History: He had been left on the battlefield to die for even though he was told no man behind, causing him to then turn on the spartans and join up with an assassain. He is a very skilled fighter which came out the top of his class.


    Spartan 56 came running up from behind syn " dont worry i got this " He leapt off the height going towards the falling or victim, his shields on high as he came closer and closer to noble 6. But noble six got to the ground to quick, slamming his fist into the ground it shattered around him as he stood up in the dust cloud " Come on noble 6, i thought you were dead like me " a smirk under his helmet.​
  19. "I've been Missing In Action, not dead." Noble 6 replied, before suddenly swinging a fist into 56's visor. He, once again, equipped the handgun and aimed, ready to fire.
  20. Ducking beneath the swing easily he double fisted noble in the chest from underneath his swing, sending him only sliding back away from him before taking cover from his aim. " Oh so thats what they call it? "
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