Spacecowboys, Bounty Hunters and Gangsters (WIP) (Open)

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  1. Its 2058 and the world has evolved beyond what one could have imagined. Humans have managed to create ways to jump between the endless space above earth and conquer the once seemingly impossible task of colonizing other planets, no matter how far they are. It's become a business to go between planets, bringing back what delicacies or rarities they can find for the highest bidder. They now coexist with the once foreign aliens, starting families and making new bloodlines. Even with all of this advancement there are those who like to reminisce on the old days... For them, this time has only served to enlarge their influence. It's almost like a business now, an art.

    One of the biggest gangs in the system is led by Kooji, an old school gangster who is said to reside on Mars. No one much knows what he looks like since he usually sends others to do his work for him. When other gangs have big jobs they want done like knockin' off persons of interest or moving up in the food chain they go through Kooji. The only person closest to Kooji that the others get to see more often than once is Raenya. This is his "main squeeze"...and his muscle.

    If a job is worth his time and he gets genuine compensation, like, say, more territory, then he sends Raenya out to do the job. When she comes to do a job then you know you are in with The BigMan.

    This is the general idea of the short story. We can take it anyway we please to should we want to, say, become a gang leader or whatever else one would like to do. The world is practically run by gangs so keep that in mind. Character-wise, this can get pretty intense. You have the choice between 3 types of characters:

    Character Types
    These are the characters that have bounties on their heads and manage to escape the bounty hunters and intergalactic police. They obviously don't get along with bounty hunters and often end up making deals with gangsters and working for them.

    Bounty Hunter
    They are not very friendly with the intergalactic police since if the police catch a bounty before them they lose money. Some of them create teams to work with, sometimes groups. Splitting the money is a pain but there are more eyes on your side and that is helpful with the ragtag police force hunting their bounties as well.

    Their kind are the largest group in the population on most planets. Its likely that most of their bosses are under Kooji but there are some who still stand alone, of course they remain on his good side nonetheless. Within Kooji's ring or just outside of it, when he needs extra eyes they generally help him out. Most of the time.

    Think in the range of laser guns, skin phones(a chip placed under the skin that can act as a phone when pressed) and interactive holograms. Anyone with a license that covers hover cars can own a personal ship but it takes a higher level license to operate a larger ship, say for cargo or personal use. There are robots that are mostly seen in the wealthier cities and towns and vacation planets, but an android is not a strange sight to see on most planets. Teleportation devices are only authorized to be used by businesses. All things considered the technology is very advanced.

    Zedakaizer Requiem - Bones
    Zacary 'Zac' Yoxall a.k.a "Bloodhound" - Daxam
    Raenya Lynch - CrimsonMaiden

    Character Sheet(s):

    Home Planet:

    Bounty Hunter
    Nickname(possibly your bounty hunter title):
    Home Planet(all planets are colonized and there are aliens):
    Background(it can be 2 paragraphs at least):
    Ship Description(you can use a picture if you want but do include a name please):
    Affiliations(perhaps you work alone or work on and off for gangsters on your planet):

    Home Planet:
    Gang Affiliation:
    Ship(you can use a picture if you want but do include a name please):
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  2. What kind of technology will we find? Cybernetics, super-advanced weaponry, etc?
  3. I have updated my first post with the information. Thank you for asking that question because I did not remember to mention such things. This is not a genre I'm very familiar with so I will make mistakes so please do remind me if I do forget anything else. ^_^
  4. No problem. I'm just glad I can help out ^^
  5. Oh, what kind of pictures would you prefer?
  6. I'm okay with anything that isn't a real picture of a person. I'm just not a fan of using pictures of real people, it's just weird to me. Anything else is fine. ^_^
  7. Awesome. Anime pictures have always been easiest for me to work with, anyway ^^

    Expect a CS from me either tonight or tomorrow :)
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  8. Bounty
    Name: Zedakaizer Requiem
    Age: 19
    Home Planet: Earth
    Background: Zedakaizer grew up on earth, alone for most of his life. His parents spent their time traveling on business, they were rarely at home, and he learned to make use of his free time. Ever since he was a child he had a knack for getting into trouble, stealing things from the neighbors at first, but then he moved into stealing things that could be sold on the black market. His strong point was hacking, if it had a computer he could get it to do what he wanted.
    One particular heist required him to break into a spaceship, unfortunately the ship was prepping for departure. It was supposed to be simple, in and out; slip past the guards, grab the score, leave a little note card letting them know they've been duped, and slip back out. He misjudged his window though and the ship took off with him inside.
    He learned rather quickly that the people on the ship were criminals, to many guns, to much testosterone. He went from the cargo bay to the air ducts, learning things by watching them, after a few days they knew there was a stowaway, and he had hacked into their ship's atmospheric control. He waited for the right time, sectioning everybody into separate rooms, locking the doors. When he had everybody locked away, he made the ship send out a message, a distress call from them.
    All those who received it thought it was their lucky day. The group aboard had been evading the authorities and bounty hunters for quite some time. He didn't know who came to the ship, nor did care, they took the criminals and thinking that the ship was broken, left it to lock up their new prisoners. When they left, the ship left as well. It was gone before they could they could track it, though they did get the identification code (my way of saying the space ship equivalent to a VIN).
    In his own time he scraped the previous paint job to hell, removing the name and call letters. He crudely painted a cat's face, and painted in bright pink, the new name. The ship is currently the focus of his crime's, everything he's doing is to get the ship personalized and ready for travel. He doesn't know how to fly a ship, but the systems on board pilot it adequately.

    Personality: Spontaneous, predatory, and childish. His lack of a parental figure has caused him to develop with out guidance of right and wrong, or social niceties so he's pretty much socially unfit.
    Ship: The [​IMG]
    Job: Thief, hacker, and black market dealer.
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  9. Bounty Hunter

    Name: Zacary 'Zac' Yoxall

    Nickname: "Bloodhound"


    Age: 24

    Home Planet: Mars

    Background: The place Zac grew up on was, to put it simply, akin to the slums of Earth. Crime was rampant and it was a matter of everyday life when someone would be killed one way or another. His slums had gotten so bad, people just didn't care about changing them, anymore. But Zac was different. Every time he would see an injustice, he would do his best to stop it, uncaring if he were to get hurt or not, and had been that way since he was a young child.

    When he was 16, he had ticked off the wrong person. Zac had been walking home when he noticed a group of three men attempting to assault a young woman. Doing what he did best, Zac had managed to run them off, only to return home to find that the men had killed his parents and younger sister. An act that was supposed to demoralize him had instead galvanized him to take on a job as a rather successful bounty hunter, one who had only eyes for the most serious of criminals.

    Personality: Upbeat, carefree, and humorous, Zac is just the guy to talk to if you ever have a bad day. However, piss him off and you'll see a side of him that would make you think he was sharing his body with someone else.

    Ship Description: The Swordfish

    Affiliations: Tends to work alone, but has a rather wide web of contacts, who provide him with information on bounties he hunts
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  10. Also, I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist using the Swordfish XD
  11. Both characters are nice! I am excited to me then in the IC.

    Hahaha! I was hoping this RP would have a Cowboy Bebop-type feel since I was in a mode to write something like it. :)
  12. I like the concept. What kind of expectations you have on posting quality?

    Is there any gangs you already have in mind or do I have ATISTIC control?

    What Is your favorite color?

    Have a plot in mind for the rp or are you throwing us in a world and telling us to have fun?

    Your avatar is cute! Did you have it made or is it from an anime I don't recognize?
  13. I like the concept. What kind of expectations you have on posting quality?
    A: Well, first of all, thank you! I expect it to be at least elementary in posting quality.

    Is there any gangs you already have in mind or do I have A(R)TISTIC control?
    A: Not really, they were more like background people in the story so I do not have any specifically in mind, no. So go ahead and create one if you like. :)

    What Is your favorite color?
    A: I have no idea what this has to do with the RP but I don't really have a favorite color.

    Have a plot in mind for the rp or are you throwing us in a world and telling us to have fun?
    A: The original plot for the story was a little constricting, or so I thought, and I don't want to stifle anyone's creativity but we could all brainstorm a plot together if anyone else wants one. Otherwise, there's no main theme unless we all do one together.

    Your avatar is cute! Did you have it made or is it from an anime I don't recognize?
    A: Thank you. It's Levi McGarden from Fairy Tail.
  14. When do you think the IC will be up?
  15. Hm... I may get it up tomorrow or Sunday. There are three of us so I guess that's a decent start. If anyone else wants to join in they can but I don't really want to wait either.
  16. How many people are you hoping to get?
  17. Actually, I wasn't sure how many people would jump in on this. There's at least enough of us to get started though. Also I'm not sure when or if my internet will be cutting off so I would like to go ahead and have it up at least.
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  18. Alright, that sounds good. Can't wait to get this started so you guys can meet the happiest bounty hunter that ever lived XD
  19. Happiest? I'll have do something to correct that. ;)
  20. Good luck. I mean, he's happy even though his family was killed. Sure, he had eight years to get over it, but still, nothing can get him down XD
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