Soul Eater

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  1. In a long lost cavern, lost to all mankind.

    "Wraharha!" A loud inhuman laugh was roared, echoing off the walls. Another scream was heard, a loud piercing scream from what seemed to be a small child. Then it was gone. A dimly lit fire, left flickering, as everything went quite., all that was left was the snapping of the wood of the forever lonely fire. As the light danced on the walls, it showed blood splattered across, a stroke of blood almost like paint, though, not a single body. In the shadow, lurked a being, hunched over, and with large clawed hands, a grin was seen in the dim light, as the dark figure, disappeared into the night.

    A Kishin was risen again, Shinigami-Sama was messaged immanently.
  2. Lucy grabs her sister's arm and runs up the steps.
    Lulu screams. "Sis? Whats the rush?!
  3. Drak shadow follows the 2 siblings
  4. Lucy reaches the top of the stairs admiring the sunrise and the city set before them.
  5. Cobalt would be seen sitting out in the hall asleep his weapon shaki would be siting next to him waiting for him to wake up so he could be enrolled. He would soon open his eyes just as shaki would say " Bout damn time you woke up i told you to get some sleep lastnight but no you had to go out AGAIN! " cobalt would yawn as he would give shaki a blank starejust before he spoke " Well i got bored and plus look on the bright side i know where alot of witch's are liveing now . "
  6. Lucy looks over at Cobalt with her eyes narrowed. "Witches?! WITCHES?! You don't know the meaning of witches!" Storms off.
  7. Cobalt would raise his eyebrow. " Who the hell was that shaki? "shaki would stand as he said " I have no clue but maybe if you would follow her and ask her you may just find out who and why she just did that.. " Cobalt stood too his blue scarf would fall behind him as he would then pick it up he would then follow the girl who had just practicly exploded at him " Hey what cuased you to explode on me little girl? "
  8. Lucy laughs. "You have no clue do you? The black hair the blue web looking eyes. Sound familer?"
  9. " Um not really im well not really fully awake so please keep explaining. If you may. "
  10. Lucy sighs. "Ever heard of Arachne? The witch that died 15 years ago?"
  11. " Nope never heard of her. Why? Should i have or something? "
  12. Lucy nods. "Yes. She's a big reason why there are weapons. She created weapons by using other witches souls. She also was my mother."
  13. " Oh so she is the reason why i have shaki with me to this day hu? "
  14. "Yeah but it must of been passed down from one of his parents. She was also a crimal to the witches and the DWMA."
  15. " Oh? Well then why would she be a crimanall to the DWMA? She helped us get our weapons to destroy the kishin's and what not. Diddn't she or atleast thats what it sounded like you said... "
  16. "She also joined forces with the kishin and tried to engulf the world in maddness. Im Lucy and Lulu is my sister and weapon."
  17. " Ahhh im Cobalt and this is mky best friend and weapon Shaki. "
  18. Lulu smiles. "Nice to meet you. Are you new here?"
  19. " Yes I am i'm enrolling here today hopefully me and shaki will be good at what ever missions we are given. "