Soul eater ( Legends of the star clan )

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  1. Cobalt star is seen standing ontop of a building looking down spotting three kishen down below. " Hmhm looks like we have our work cut out for us shaki. " He said to his katana in his hand, the katana glowed as it turned into what looked to be a human. " Yup. We sure do. " Shaki said as he smiled his razor sharp teeth glinting in the dim moonlight that was gicen off by the luaghing moon in the sky. Just then shaki returned to his blade form and dropped into cobalt's hand, cobalt jumped from the building landing right ontop of the bigger keshin sticking the blade through the keshin's neck makeing it flail about before dieing, he then looked to the other two that have allready tooken on a defensive stance. " Hmhm who's next? " He asked as he twirled his blade in his hand switching it to where the blade was faceing his arm, he kicked the second keshin in the stomach makeing it bend over. He then kneed it in the face hearing a crunching sound he smiled with satisfaction as he then brought down the blade to the back of it's head sqewering it's head killing it instantly. " Now now no need to run off without meeting my friend shaki now that is just rude! " He exclaimed as he through the blade at the running keshin sticking int into it's back cuaseing it to tople over paralyzed. He walked up to it slowly as he retrived his blade and slowly ran it over it's back. " Now that's better. " HE said as he lifted the keshin's head to him and smirked. " How pathetic.. " He said as he crushed it's skull scrambleing it's brains killing it intsantly. He turned around as shaki returned to his human form and looked at each of the souls they now nees to collect. " Hmhm we did good tonight. " Shaki said as he picked one of the sould's and ate it, he went around to the other two and did the same then returned to cobalt's side. " Well thats numbers 50, 51, and 52. Only 48 more to go. " Cobalt siad as he smiled then shakir rang in. " That and one witch soul too. " Shaki said licking his lips like a rabid dog.


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  2. The moon gleamed over the blade of her Bisento Spear, Hiro, as SilverStar held him across her shoulders, using her wrists to balance him out. She approached her target from behind, the soles of her boots muffling the sound of her approach. Her prey remained oblivious until she swung Hiro down from her shoulders, slicing them clean through. The blood splashed onto her boots as he enemy fell away from her spear. She spun Hiro in an attempt to fling away the blood, but it did little to help. "Disgusting," she whined. "Why are people so messy when they die?"

    Hiro glowed in her hands and she released him as he transformed into a tall teen with oil black hair. He fixed his scarf around his neck and folded his arms. "I doubt you'll be very clean when you pass on," he commented as he pulled his fingers over a strand of soaked hair. "You're lucky you don't have to bathe in it." He looked up at the red, floating kishin soul that had seperated from the corpse and sighed. "A penny earned I guess..." He plucked it from the air and shoved it into his mouth. "What number was that again?"

    "Fifty," SilverStar replied. "Why can't you remember how many souls you've eaten? You're the one eating them." She sighed and started walking ahead of him. Her long, braided ponytail sway behind her like a cat's tail. "You're hopeless- I'm the one doing all of the work while you just enjoy the ride."

    Hiro walked after her and linked his fingers behind his head nonchalantly. "You don't have the stress of eating all of those souls though. I think we both have our own responsibilities here. As partners we shouldn't argue though. I respect you, alright?" He pushed her shoulder and she whirled around and punched him in the arm. "Ow! You're pretty strong for a girl too."

    SilverStar shook her head as they rounded a corner. Hiro snatched her back as a dagger flew past her, scratching her forearm. She wiped the blood from her arm and turned on him with a gleam in her eye. He obeyed her silent order to transform and she caught him in mid-air. SilverStar ran around the corner, shouting as she swung Hiro to end her opponent with a single fatal blow.
  3. Cobalt smirked as he heard the carnege his sister Silver star was creating. " Well lets go meet up with silver. " Cobalt said to shaki as shaki nodded and followed cobalt down the way. He soon rounded the corner to where she was and smiled. " Haveing fun are we? " He said as he looked at all of the blood shed. " Nouthing like a midnight snack of kishen souls eh Hiro? " Shaki said as his jet black eyes looked up to the sky just as he placed his hands into his pocket his red hair flowing in the wind.
  4. SilverStar looked up from her latest killing to see her brother smiling at her. She wiped the blood from her face and released Hiro to snack on the newest vulnerable soul. "Hey Shaki," Hiro replied, licking his lips. "I heard you and Cobalt making a mess earlier too. How many souls this time?" He walked up to his fellow weapon with a smirk.

    "I wouldn't be surprised if you two were way past our number," SilverStar said as she approached her brother. "How can you guys go crazy without getting filthy? It's kind of gross. What are you two up to out here anyway? Not just playing around are we?" She gave CobaltStar a teasing smile.
  5. Shaki smirked " We are at fiftytwo. " He said as he luaghed lightly. " We make our cuts clean and presise sis. " Cobalt said as his eyes return to their normal shape. " It's just how we are and we were out on a mission to eleminate the keshin in zone B. " Cobalt said as he rubbed the back of his head removeing his bandana from his mouth since he no longer needed it for now he wasn't going into stealth mode yet anyways.
  6. "You are intense," Hiro chuckled. "Silver and I were goofing off until we happened upon a nasty scene. We're at fifty-one now. Not to shabby if I do say so myself. Your sister's strength is swinging until she hits something," he said to CobaltStar with a grin. "You'll be cleaning blood off the floor forever."

    SilverStar shrugged. "A soul's a soul Hiro. Anyway, that's pretty cool Cobalt! I've actually been kind of lax on missions lately. Before long you and Shaki will be at one-hundred while Hiro and I are still struggling past fifty-five. Good luck to you two. What are you up to now? We were heading back home."
  7. " So are we. " Cobalt said as he smiled. " Hey wanna stop by the rammen shop first to grab a bite to eat? " Cobalt said to his sister while his stomach growled, he hadn't eaten in a while due to him going a on a stricked diet.
  8. She was about to take him up quite generously on the offer when she suddenly remembered her disposition. "As fun as that sounds I'm kind of cover in someone else's blood. Can I wash up and we'll come back out to grab some ramen?" She held up her red hands to show him. "I don't think that would be good for anyone's appetite."

    "Or we can leave you to your girly habits and go get ramen. You can catch up later. I'm starving!" He waved her off with a smile. SilverStar glared at her weapon. "You hair is soaked with blood! Your not really gonna take him anywhere looking like that are you CobaltStar?!"
  9. Cobalt cringed as his sister screamed. " Ok ok ill wait up. " he said as he looked to his left.
  10. "Thank you! Let's go Hiro, you're a mess." They went back to the small apartment they called home where they often enjoyed the thrills of being away from the rest of the clan. It got lonely sometimes but Silver had Cobalt and they each had their weapons. SilverStar took the first shower as quickly as she could then let Hiro in the bathroom. She changed from her combat attire into a casual one-piece of fishnet and faux leather. It was thin enough for her to maneuver around in case of an attack but casual enough for ramen. She braided her hair back up and changed her shoes. Hiro dried his dark hair and threw on a vest with pants of the same material as SilverStar's outfit. He washed off his boots and put them back on. "Ready when you are meister," he called to her from the front door. She rolled her eyes and went out the door.

    As they walked down the street either was looking for the other Star Clan members. There weren't many ramen shops in town but they were mostly indoor shops and she wasn't sure if their were any ramen carts around. "I hope they waited for us," Hiro said with a sigh. "I'm starving~!"

    "Stop whining! How can you call yourself a Star when you whine all the time?" SilverStar then began to lectured him all the way to the ramen shop.
  11. Cobalt met up with silver dressind in his usuall attire which conssisted of black trip pants, black t-shirt, and his favorite black hat. " Well which one sis? " He asked as he pointed out three right dow the street from them.
  12. SilverStar stopped her lecture to ponder the question, much to Hiro's relief. "I'm feeling like some tonkotsu ramen tonight. Meat!" She thrust her fists into the air. "Meat! Meat!" Hiro joined her in chanting loudly. It was a good thing the streets were scarce that night. "Come one Cobalt! We need some protein~" She grabbed his arm and ran to the nearest ramen shop. Hiro laughed at his meister's sudden change in attitude as he ran after them. She was the strangest girl he had ever met, for sure. It was a good thing she had someone like CobaltStar to keep her head in the game.
  13. Cobalt was practicly being dragged but yet he was running right behind his sister. " Sis we passed like two ramen shops allready and i'm pretty sure they had meat there. " He said as shaki kept up behind them just alill ahead of hiro.
  14. She stopped suddenly and let go of CobaltStar. "Please take your sister to a wonderful ramen bowl full of meat," she whined, hugging his arm. "I'm so hungry I can't think! After a night like tonight I need something really good."
    Hiro shook his head as he walked up to them behind Shaki. "How do you deal with her CobaltStar? She's so annoying." He smirked at her glaring expression. "If we don't find somewhere to eat soon we'll end up cooking tonight."
  15. Cobalt luaghed as he just walked a few steps to the right and opend the door to a ramen shop, the smell of beef chicken shrimp and many other good stuff waffed out of the door and to each and everyone of their nose's. " Mmmmm shrimp. " he said as he walked in with his sister still clinging to his arm.
  16. SilverStar quickly took a seat when CobaltStar stopped at a table. "Food~ I need nourishment!" She leaned on Hiro when he sat next to her. "I'm so hungry you guys." Hiro pushed her away from him, forcing her into an upright position. "Well we're here now so calm down." She groaned until someone came to take their order. Hiro ended up ordering for her since she had become incapacitated by hunger. He then turned his attention to Cobalt and Shaki. "So, how have you been doing as far as training?"
  17. " Well training wise we are done. " Cobalt said as he smiled due to him practicly graduateing from DWMA.
  18. "Really? That's awesome. I still train with SilverStar or by myself. There's always someone stronger than you. I have to remember that and try to get stronger. It's kind of a weird when you think about. I'm sure you don't have worries like that. Silver certainly doesn't." He laced his fingers behind his head and sighed. "What about you Shaki? Weapon to weapon."
  19. " eh i have no worrys, i know cobalt will weild me correctly. He hasn't let me down yet and i don't expect him to anytime soon. " Shaki said as he smiled.
  20. "Yeah, yeah that's sweet and all but where's my ramen~?" SilverStar whined. Hiro sighed. "How about talking to your brother? It's not like you see eachother everyday. You have no clue how lucky you are Shaki."

    "I'm sorry," Silver said. "Fine, how have been? Soul collecting is going well I see." She sat up suddenly, her eyes shining with curiosity. "Have you heard anything wierd lately? I'm not looking for anything in particular, just what you may have heard through the grapevine."