Some Things That Just Need to Stop.

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  1. Ever come across something that society just really, really needs to stop doing? Do share.

    Considering the nature of this forum, I feel that this is an appropriate video on one pet peeve of mine. For those who are not familiar with Neurotically Yours, expect mature language and the like. Foamy is a squirrel who does not give two shits for the overly-sensitive coddlers of the world.

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  2. Pretty intense for an opinion. Honestly they're just a fun break from other books, and hell, they're great to make fun of!

    Anyways, my pet peeve, and something that needs to stop....

    MOTHER (open)
    FUCKING (open)
    SPOILERS (open)
    Please don't ruin books/manga/anime/everything else. Make it obvious as all hell spoilers are involved. Please. I'll smack you if you don't because fuck you and your ending giveaways.
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  3. Really? People get excited about what they read or watch and experience, and they want to talk about them. If you don't want to know something or don't yet know something and want to discover it on your own, you need to tell people. I used to watch Game of Thrones with some people, about once every three episodes I would make a quick mention about how a scene was handled differently, and would instantly have 5 people yelling at me to stop giving out spoilers. Seriously, If you don't want to hear spoilers, you can avoid them fairly easily.
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  4. You know what I wish people would stop doing? Bashing romantic fiction and saying it's porn for lonely, unloved women when they know little to nothing about the genre or actual statistics of readers.

    I also wish people would stop passive-aggressively complaining everywhere about a forum they're part of instead of finding somewhere else that better fits their interests.
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  5. #1: I'm quickly falling in love with your opinions.

    #2: I did that and decided to actually leave a forum to come here. It triggered a giant migration with over 40 people coming with me. Funny how deciding to do something about one's own anger and misery produces results that spread quickly.
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  6. I too remember Foamy the Squirrel from when I was an edgy preteen in middle school
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  7. Know what totally needs to stop?

    The sale of those ultra-bright white headlights. Sure, it helps you see better, but everyone else who has the misfortune of being within 10 kilometers of your hyper-concentrated death rays mistake the searing optical nerve damage they are suffering with an out of body experience and it's a wonder that they are able to see again before veneering off the road into the forest death abyss because they can no longer make out where pavement ends and mother nature's wrath begins.

    When the inside of your vehicle looks like daylight and you start to hiss and look away from every reflective surface like a vampire who got caught outside his coffin at sunrise, you know that some asshole is trying to murder you in the biggest legal loophole known to human kind. It would be less distracting and discomforting if your vehicle tasered you in ten minute intervals than it would be to suffer through being in close proximity to those assholes who spent more money on shoving coast guard grade search lights to the front of their trucks so they can make out all the detail of the deer they're going to hit because deer don't fucking give a shit when they jump out, they'll do it ten feet in front of your ass when it doesn't matter how many suns you are projecting onto the road because you aren't going to stop in time because Bambi takes a loan out on everything you love.
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  8. Foamy was always an obnoxious pile of shit, even when I was an edgy preteen.


    At least iwillpress knows his audience.
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  9. 1. Often when we critique something (whether it be a movie, song, work of art, ourselves) we focus on the negative side of things. This is so unhealthy for the psyche. Trust me, I have judged myself into a freakin' hole in the ground. Nothing good comes from it. We need to learn to reach for the positive side of things FIRST.

    2. Hating or bashing something (or someone) just because that thing or person is popular.

    Sometimes we get the kind of person who tries to dress up their hate with excuses about why something or someone "OMG SUCKS SO MUCH". Really, they're just hating because they want to be a special snowflake and go against the grain.

    Seriously. Grow the fuck up.
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  10. Okay, if it's not your cup of tea, that's your opinion. Don't read/watch it. I don't particularly like sci-fi, but I don't go around saying that people who are Trekkie's or Star Wars fanatics are no life losers who live in their parents' basement. A person's tastes are their own. If they like something I don't, I may question why, or give my opinion as to why I don't like it, but I would never tell them that they are wrong for it, or judge them.

    Judging people is what really needs to stop. So what someone likes something you don't that happens to be popular? That doesn't make them a brainless zombie. (Although, I do have to question if Justin Bieber fans have a brain. I mean really.... Anyone see the video where girls were defending him for spitting on a fan and threatening to kill his grandmother? The rumors were fake of course, but who the hell would defend someone for talking about killing their grandmother!?!)

    If something is popular, it automatically draws attention, and once it does, everyone wants a piece of it. There's nothing wrong with it, unless you're upset that they're making a profit off of something that you don't enjoy. I could see if it was something that was actually doing damage to the world, like instigating fights between races, or creating violence against a certain culture. Do I think paranormal romances are good? Not particularly, but I can understand why they have their charm. Do I believe anyone who reads romance novels is a lonely person who can't find their own relationship? My grandmother owned practically every romance novel known to man, and she certainly wasn't the type, if anything I honestly could not understand why she liked them, they completely clashed with her personality.
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  11. @Nydanna

    Umm......was that aimed at me?

    Cause.... .____. I think you completely misread what I wrote?
  12. Aight cool. Guess the misunderstanding was mine. ^_^;
  13. You know what really needs to stop?

    Abuse/neglect of the elderly

    You know? The serious stuff. Let people run around and hate on stuff like romance or Foamy the Squirrel because they don't get it, or because it's popular. That's small in comparison to the stuff that genuinely does need to stop.

    I know this thread is kind of done, I'm just putting a very serious stake through its corpse to be sure of it.
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  14. Psst, pedophilia is the attraction someone feels to under-aged people. Many pedophiles never even touches a child. It is an involuntary desire that usually starts during the early teenage years. It's not like people decides to have a sexual attraction towards children, it just happens. You're probably talking about child molestation as that's the actual action some pedophiles (and non-pedophiles) takes. Pedophilia does not equal child molestation, and child molestation does not always equal pedophilia. (Someone has to be the devil's advocate. You can read this article on the topic.)

    Back to to topic

    Personally I don't care what people do as long as they don't hurt others by doing it. Just because I don't like what they're doing or what they're reading or what their opinions are doesn't mean it's wrong or that it should stop. Personally I love paranormal romances, just as much as I love classical soulless monsters. It's just my taste.

    The only thing that society really has to stop doing is things that hurts people. Bullying, war, harassment, abuse, neglect, etc. But everything that has to do with opinion and taste, as long as it doesn't hurt people, should always be acceptable, no matter how annoying it might seem in someone else's eyes.

    (Once again I just want to remind people that while everyone has the right to their own opinion and should have the right to speak out about it, they still have no right to hurt others because their opinion differs. And there is a difference between speaking out about your opinion and harassing people with your opinion. You can do the first without doing the second no matter what your views are. Give your opinion without bashing, critique instead of harassing.)
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  15. Those goddamned "5 Things You Didn't Know About..." articles. Especially the ones that don't load as one page, but as five different pages you have to scroll through as they load for goddamned ever because of the ads on every border.

    That is certainly not journalism.

    It's not even blogging.

    It is sumbitchery. >_<
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  16. Battle it out, people.

    My NANOWRIMO plans depend on the outcome of this very thread.[/non-truth]
  17. Bonus round: every time the article title claims its contents will shock me. Stupid sensationalist clickbait.
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  18. I second that second statement.
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  19. So you "fourth" it? (;

    Or should that be "square" it?
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