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  1. I was thinking of doing a vampirexhuman rp, with the plot going along the lines of either of the two:
    1. A bit like Twilight (but let's NOT roleplay Twilight please, lol. This is just where I got my inspiration), with our characters having a random encounter. They could start to see each other more, or maybe your character would stalk mine if not, and my character eventually finds out YC is a vampire if it's not revealed.
    2. My character is sold off to YC as a blood slave, and maybe they could actually start to form romance? Or maybe YC could have a brother, and it turns into a love triangle.
    Some other, modern romance type rp ideas:
    1. My character is adopted into a foster home that houses a set of parents and their son. I was thinking maybe a romance could form between the two? I don't know, anything could happen!
    As it's probably obvious, these are not thoroughly typed out. I didn't think these completely through because I don't like be restricted to a script when we roleplay. Those are just some beginning/midpoint/ending, optional ideas.

    Some things to know:
    - I love playing NPCs, and really love it if my partner plays NPCs as well! Those could be used in either of the ideas above.
    - I really appreciate partners that can reply in the speed of light, or at least somewhere near that, rather than one post a week. If life is busy, trust me, I really understand. But let me know you're before we start to roleplay so I'm not sitting here, staring at my phone and being impatient lol (:
    - I play females and humans unless it is requested otherwise of me. For my own two ideas above, I would like to play that. But if we try out a vampirexhuman rp of yours, I don't mind to switch roles!
    - If you aren't digging the two ideas above, but you have some vampirexhuman rps of your own you want to try, LET ME KNOW! I would love to try them out with you! The only thing though is that I would like to play the human and female. I can do the other however if you really want me to.
    - Romance/libertine is optional in these rps, and I usually leave it up to my partner to decide what we do regarding that. So really, it's what you want to do!
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  2. I like the foster child one or the female vampire. I'll be honest here and say pg 13s are a pain in the ass for me becaus I'm 28 so the pubescent cutesy stuff kinda bugs me. So I mainly stay in the libertine section. Ican be funny, sweet, romantic and maybe a bit of a smartass.

    Another thing is, I write post. Not sentences, I mean decent sized paragraphs with structure. The reaso I am putting this out there is because I've met quite a few people who wrote one sentence with no real detail in it so I told them I could work like that.
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  3. Yeah, I write paragraphs too! One/two liners bug me but I'm usually able to put up with them. The tipping point for me is when there is no grammar, text talk, and I can't understand anything lol.
    You won't have to worry about that stuff from me.
    If you decide you're ready to rp, just shoot me a PM and we can get started! :D
  4. Oh my God, totally! One liners kill me! I sit there blinking at the screen like "WTF was that? WTF did I JUST read?! How am I supposed to respond to that?! " Then I count to ten, which, really doesn't work cause the lack of input is so appallingly apparent.
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  5. Still looking!
  6. I want to rp with you
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  7. Yaaay! A person! Finally lol

    Ehem, anyway, thank you for your interest! ^-^ Is there a certain plot you wanted to do? Or would you rather me send you a PM first and we discuss it there, if you don't want to here?
  8. either number 1s
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  9. well the vampire number 1 more so but both number 1s sound good
  10. Cool, okay! I'll shoot you a PM!
  11. Hey I like the foster home one? Would you like to RP.
  12. Why yes I would! I'll PM you!
  13. If this is still open I would like to RP with you.
  14. Yes, this is still open!
  15. I'm interested in the first theme you had with the random encounter but if you have a lot of people doing that one I don't mind the foster home one.
  16. I only have one of the first enounter one, and I'd be happy to rp with you! Want me to shoot you a PM?
  17. Hello, I would love to have a Vampire rp, perhaps 1-1?
  18. Sure! Want me to PM you?
  19. Mhm
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