Some Gender Bending, Alittle Horror, a Pinch of Incest

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Hello Everyone, and I thank you for your time. As you probably already know roleplaying is about escape, or playing out situations that are either impossible or taboo in real life or at least that is how i see it, it is a form of creative expression that takes two or more people. I mean lets face it your basicly writing a story with another person. So in that regard roleplaying is a duet or Everyone is unique and therefore has unique tastes. I do my best to create something that interests my partner in crime after all a roleplay isn't going to stay alive your partner leaves. I enjoy powerful stories that have meaning and voice, epic adventures where the main character is forced into an impossible situation and starts out a nobody. I love the power struggles of good and evil but is it really ever as simple as that? Just like in our real world children are not born inherently good or bad. They are shaped by events in their life and influenced by those around them.
I guess i like complex characters and the idea that everyone is human and makes mistakes. Anyways i do hope you have an idea of type of stories i want to write.

I have been CRAVING a gender bending roleplay, male to female. I have just one solid plot for this genre the rest or just ideas with no filler.

Older Brother and Younger Sister switch places, more specifically bodies. The sister is approached by her demon handler informing her of her destiny to become a succubus. It is explained that her body will develop and mature as she takes in the seed of men. This will also effect her powers that begin to manifest and grow as her body will feed on the seed it receives. This is horror in the ears of the young girl who very much likes the company of girls and wishes to remain as such. She eventually convinces the demon to have her trade places with someone else and the demon decides to get twisted and switches her and her older brother. This plot as you can imagine will have alot of sex in it, with probably incest as well. As the brother is forced into the role of his younger sister and being the desire of men around him. I would very much like to play the older brother turned younger sister in this and we can edit this idea or create a whole new plot so long as i play the male turned female,

(be sure to ask about other gender bending plot ideas in the creation process)

Ghost Girl x Human Male: In some very secretive channels it is said that the living should never interact with the dead. The dead are vengeful and selfish, they desire what was stolen from them, what they lost. For if even one dead soul was ever set free it would bring ruin upon our world.

Genetically Altered Girl x Human Male: The nation's most top secret military research facility has suffered a containment breach. One thousand staff and security personnel now fight for their lives against a militarized form of rabies designed to destabilize regions and ruin whole nations. Through camera feeds the government looks on as they struggle to find a solution to the crisis. The facility is home to several different weapons being tested and developed making this situation all the more important. One such weapon comes in the form of a young teen girl who was apart of the very first weapons research program upon which the facility was created. The program had two objectives research and develop super soldiers and develop a process to mass produce them. After much debate the first objective was deemed completed as for the second a complete and utter failure. For the girl is the only survivor, brought in as unwanted infants her and the other test subjects were experimented on without mercy. Considered an accident or miracle she apart of a multibillion dollar failed program that most facility staff and high ranking government officals have no clue even exists. The girl is locked away inside the facility and is monitored remotely, within her prison to prevent injury or death. The Human character can be a test subject of a different weapon, or made immune to the rabies virus. This will make him highly valuable considering that he is a fail safe should the virus ever get loosed. I have other plans for the human character as well.

These Ideas pertain to horror and gore, I can play either or of the characters it doesn't really matter.

Other Pairings, Interests, Kinks:

Brother x Sister: I have literally i ton of ideas and situations for these two that doesn't involve them switch bodies.

Werewolf girl x Human Male: I don't have plot for this really as of yet just ideas.


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