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  1. this is for my friend Rachel, please just me and her. This has pokemon, but is told at a mature level. so death, blood and all those lovely things. though, it will have childish happy moments as well.
  2. I'm here, yo! Rach is in the house!
  3. Love you Rach! alright, how should we start this?
  4. I don't know. How about an origin story for Syrus, Goneril, and Regan? That could be cool.
  5. gotcha!
    Syrus's they weren't born it that world as i said before.

    In a lightened meadow, the wins blows faintly and the sun shines. chirps from bird pokemon can be heard nearby, bug pokemon crawl through the field as well.
    Syrus wakes up..his head empty..he lays on the ground and looks to his left and right. "hm...." he looks down at himself, with nothing on him. "my brother...he must be playing trick one me.." he stands up slowly, his red hair is short and curly, his eyes white as an egg shell. "Gornelia..." he walks over to his sisters body and nudges her.
  6. Goneril: *Stirs* Hm? Where are we? Where are our siblings?

    Regan: *Wakes up and sits up* What's going on?
  7. Syrus frowns, "sister...that's what i hoped you could tell me.." he looks around. "we-we've woken up, unclothed and unarmed...i assumed our brother was playing a trick on us.." he looks at her. "would you have any part of it?"
  8. Goneril: I know nothing. Where is our brother?

    Regan: Do either of you know where we are?
  9. Syrus shakes his head, "Soach is playing games with us.." He looks up towards the sky, "i could usually tell by reading the constellations..but this sky.."
    The sky above them is pure white, not showing anything through them.
    Syrus, "i can not see through it.." he sits down on the ground.
  10. Goneril: Then we are lost.

    Regan: I...I think I can at least make us a shelter.
  11. Syrus looks around the field, holding up his hand. "no need..Regan. your sight is best right?" he points over to a far part of the meadow. "do you see it?"
    A small log cabin is perched in the middle of three trees, no light can be seen from the inside. Freshly cut stacks of wood rest on the front porch.
  12. Regan: Yes, I see it. It looks cozy. *She walks toward it*

    Goneril: Be careful! We don't know who may live there.
  13. Syrus turns to her, nudging forward. "shall we?" he asks, tilting his head.
    A strong wind blows through, blowing at their faces and hair.
  14. Regan: *Gets to the door of the cottage and knocks*

    Goneril: If it's abandoned, maybe we could live here.
  15. Syrus sighs, "why is that..? this place is not our earth..our home." he looks into her eyes. "can't you feel, the winds are..more ancient then that of ours.." he steps up behind Regan. "sister, where is your patience?"
  16. Regan turns to him. "I just wish to get warm and get some food. Do you not also?"

    Goneril feels the air. "It does feel strange. I don't need my powers to tell that.
  17. Syrus nods, "for now, that might be best..." he opens the door and walks inside.
    They walk into a one roomed wooden cottage, a wool bed in the far right corner, sitting next to and empty fireplace. a small tin bucket on the opposite side, and two towels. on the close right corner is a kitchen with a few counter tops, sparkling clean. in the middle of the room was a wooden table with three sets of fur clothing in it.
    Syrus, "it seems, someone was expecting us..though, it seems empty."
  18. Goneril and Regan go over to the clothes and put the on, then sit by the fire.

    Goneril looks at Syrus. "If someone was expecting us, then why aren't they here?
  19. Syrus collects the third pair, "maybe..maybe not us, since these are girl shaped.." he walks over to the fire and throws them in. "i do no know sister, for now, tend to those flames. i look for other clothes."
  20. Regan stokes the fire. "Is there any food in here?"

    Goneril goes to the kitchen to check.
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