So This Is The End

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  1. (OCC: <----- tell you everything if you ask me. and if you could make a character sheet so I now your name and what you look like. that would be nice you can still join if you don't. but do the character sheet on my OOC)

    BLOG ONE: So this is are world

    [​IMG] and so is this [​IMG] so ya I'm good this stupid thing stared because of sciences. there was booms and everything that tried to destroyed the things and everything but now that them trying to kill themselves. they mad this weird thing to make humens stronger and now look at us well where all dead well not real. what they call tham is humens we call tham zombies they look like this: [​IMG] and this: [​IMG] bitch tried to eat my brain when I tried to take this. but any who me and a couple of other people are still alive and we need to find out. why is there now one what can save us.
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  2. Kate stumbled around, trying to avoid the zombies that were scattered among the ruins of the old hospital. She had her rifle in her right hand, sweeping the area. "I hate these things..I thought I'd found someone alive by now.."
  3. Freya panted as she ran through the hospital. A conga line of about ten zombies chased her down the narrow, crumbling hallway. "Crap," she said under her breath. Her emerald eyes were darting around trying to find a means of escape. The katana in her hand occasionally scrapping against the ground or the wall as she ran, and a small bundle of brown fur being held tightly by her other arm. "Please stop squirming! You aren't making this any easier," she spoke to the brown bundle in between pants.
  4. Kate turned to face the sound of movement. She took a step forward and noticed a girl running, trailed by several zombies. "Hey, over here!" She lifted her gun, firing a few shots into the group behind her, dropping three of the ten. "Come on, over here!" She tried distracting them from the girl.
  5. "Bang Bang Bang" Yelled Bertie as he fires 4 shots at 2 zombies chasing him with his pistol as he retreated through an old library. Bertie escapes just narrowly out of the main entrance only to encounter more zombie. he pauses and then yells "you cant get me you brain munching dummies" and puts another round in to a zombies head then trying to fire the gun again he hears the dead mans click "darn it out of ammo" Bertie looks frantically around for another weapon as the 6 zombies come shambling towards him and spots a broken ladder run and picks it up and swiping at the zombies and killing one and then running as fast as he could in a shop and pressed the button for putting down the mesh grate over the store entrance.
  6. Kate fired several more shots into the group, motioning for the girl to follow her as she took a few hesitant steps backward. "Over here!" She yelled to the zombies, still trying to distract them as a few more fell to her deadly shots.
  7. Freya was startled by the sudden gun shots and spun her head around to their source. She then saw Kate shooting and trying to distract the zombies. The thud of zombies falling to the ground came from behind her. Four of the now seven zombie ran toward Kate. 'Okay, I can handle three,' Freya thought to herself. She spun around to face her pursuers. With one hand, she cut off the top of the first ones head. The second one got impaled through the eye, and the third was stabbed through to mouth. When she was done, Freya pulled her sword out of the last zombie and looked toward were she had last seen the girl.
  8. Kate shot the four down and looked around. It seemed that it was clear now. "Hello, I'm Kate." She called to the girl as she made her way over, seeing that she'd gotten the last few. "It's good to finally meet another..umm..alive person."
  9. "Hi Kate, I'm Freya," she said with an American accent. "Yeah, I didn't except to find anyone non-zombie here. Oh and thank you for saving me back there." The little bundle she was carrying started the wiggle. "Right, I almost forgot. Well, I guess it's safe enough now." She set a small brown rabbit on the ground. "Are you okay little guy?" She asked it.
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  10. "It was no problem. I didn't either." She smiled at the little bunny, petting it on the head a little. "Where'd you find him?"
  11. "I found him cornered by those creeps," She said, anger seeping into her voice. "That's why I was being chased like that which really doesn't happen normally, I promise. I'm usually much more careful," she smiled rubbing her arm. The rabbit's ears perked up as if he heard something, then he darted away through a hole in the wall which led outside.
  12. Kate shrugged. "It's okay, they all can get the best of us sometimes." She watched as it hopped away, her grip on her gun tightened a little. "Why don't we go somewhere more..not so enclosed."
  13. Freya scanned the area for danger through slightly narrowed eyes. "Good idea," she said, "do you know somewhere we can go?"
  14. Kate thought for a moment before stepping forward, towards the door. "I think so..we might be able to get to one of the shops' upper levels on this street.
  15. "Okay, sounds doable, can you see how many brain-eaters are out there?" Freya asked. She changed the grip she had on her katana in preparation to run.
  16. She nodded as she peeked out of the open door. "There's only a few..I think if we run straight, we can go to the hunter store..we could refresh supplies and find a good hideout. One my signal..." She held her hand like 'stop'. About two minutes later, what seemed like an eternity, she signaled to go, letting Freya go first as she followed close behind.
  17. Freya sprinted out of the hospital at full speed. Her sword was at her side ready to attack if necessary. Some of the zombies that were there turned to the sudden movement of the running girls. Freya took in the scene, there were three zombies in the street feasting on their soon to be brother... or sister... it was hard to tell. The important thing was that they were too interested in there meal to notice the girls as they ran. Another four zombies, who were previously just wandering around aimlessly, were now all running towards the two girls with purpose. There were a few dead zombies scattered about which were probably killed by the poor person being eaten right now. Freya felt the sadness well up inside her as she thought about the person, but she quickly pushed it away and brought her focus back to the problem at hand. The hunting shop was getting nearer, Freya turned and looked behind her to make sure Kate was still there. After she was sure Kate was alright she brought her gaze back to the hunting shop. The front of the building had a closed, splintered, wooden door and a large cracked window. 'It looks like someone else tried to get in.' Her thoughts went back to the person who had become a zombie snack. She shook her head and brought her atention back to the store. Through the window the store was dark, but it looked relatively zombie free. The outline of stairs could just barely be seen in the back. By this time the zombies were closing in. Freya brought her sword down on the head of a zombie that was getting a little too close for comfort. The rest were not too far behind. The three zombies that weren't chasing the girls were finishing up their feast and would soon be hungry for more. "Have any suggestions for how we get in?" Freya asked inbetween pants.
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  18. Kate nodded, taking the end of her gun and shattering the window. She turned to Freya. "Go, I'll hold them off." She turned on the zombies, firing a few shots before stepping away from the building. "Go!" She fired another few shots, dropping a few of the zombies. "I'm right behind you."
  19. "Right," Freya said with a nod. Without hesitation she entered the building through the window being careful to avoid the shards of glass that were still sticking out from its edges. Once inside she ran to back of the store towards the stairs, the broken glass crunching beneath her boots as she ran. She passed rows of shelves with various boxes of ammo and other weapon supplies. A variety of guns, bows, and swords lined the walls. Closer to the back of the store, there were glass cases with the more expensive looking knives, guns, swords, and various other weapons displayed within them. Freya passed them quickly to get to the stairs which could be seen through an open double door. She came to the stairs and looked up searching for any obvious signs of danger. Seeing none, she ran up the stairs sword first to make sure it was safe. Before she even reached the top of the stairs the putrid stench of decay reach her nose. She gagged and quickly held breath. She continued up the stairs more slowly listening carefully for any sound of movement which would indicate a zombie. When she reach the top of the stairs the odor was overwhelming. She took the hat from her head and put it over her mouth and nose to try and filter the contaminated air. With the katana in her right hand she looked over the room. It was a small room with the only entrance being the door that Freya had just come through. There was a large widow on the far wall that over looked the front of the shop. On the wall left of the widow was a dusty dresser with a equally dusty mirror hanging above it. A small bed with a nightstand at its side sat in the middle of the room. On the nightstand there was a lamp and an open Bible with a simple black bookmark placed in the center crease. The corner of the room contained a small kitchen with a fridge, sink, stove, and a few other kitchen appliances. The last thing in the room was a door that Freya assumed would lead to a bathroom. She walked toward the door and the smell got stronger. She kicked it open and held her sword up ready to be attacked. Through the door was a small bathroom with a sink, toilet, and bathtub. The stench was coming from the bathtub where a man laid with a gun in his lap and his brain splattered against the walls. Freya stood frozen for a moment taking in the gruesome scene, then her body reacted. She quickly took her hat away from her mouth and vomited into the sink. When she was finish she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and hurried out of the room closing the door behind her. Unable to stand the smell anymore she rushed to window and pushed it open graciously breathing in the fresh air. Then she saw the zombies trying to enter the store through the window and remembered Kate. She sprinted down the stairs and stood at the double door surveying the store for Kate.
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  20. Kate nodded as Freya went through the window. She jumped up behind her, just barely grazing the glass. She picked up a board from the door and slammed it on the window, hitting a few of the zombies in the face. She dropped her gun, picking up a nearby staple gun that had been abandoned and stapled the board into breath. "Wow..that wasn't easy.." She pulled up her sleeve, using the elastic to cut off the bleeding on her arm. "That'll heal up nicely.." She looked around the room, waving as Freya came back downstairs. "Find anything?" She asked, pulling a bandage wrap from a cabinet and wrapping her arm tightly, pulling the sleeve down. "What did you find upstairs?"