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  1. That's right! Pokemon has it's own Prefix, so it's time to give Digimon some love!

    I was planning to have the rp based on the 3rd Season, where Digimon is a TV show and there's games/merchandise (so most people don't think it's real) Tamers will get their Digimon partner (not sure if I want them to be received in the same way or unique ways) and will work to defend the real world from stray Digimon that wander in from the Digital World. At some point the gang will have to find a way to the Digital World too, so there will be some fun in the Digital World.

    Some important things I want to point out (which may affect whether people join or not):

    1) There is a possibility of Digimon dying. If your Digi-partner dies, you can either try and recruit a stray Digimon as your new partner, or ask a stray Digimon to become a temporary partner in hopes that you can bring your old partner back. (there are pros and cons to both choices....I won't go into full detail just yet)

    2) Only canon Digimon allowed. (to make it easier for me to accept and deny Digimon partners)

    3) I don't want repeat Digimon. You can have the same Baby and even possibly the same In-Training digivolutions, but from Rookie onward they have to be different. (you also don't have to even have a Baby or In-Training digivolution) These are the two Digimon and their routes that are already spoken for:

    Baby -> Dodomon
    In-Training -> Dorimon
    Rookie -> Dorumon
    Champion -> Dorugamon
    Ultimate -> DoruGreymon
    Mega -> Dorugoramon

    Liam van Alkema:
    Rookie -> Tsukaimon
    Champion -> Devidramon
    Ultimate -> Cyberdramon
    Mega -> Justimon

    I don't have a CS skeleton just yet, but it's slowly forming in my mind. (it will definitely include the usual appearance, personality, history, etc) I would prefer Japanese names and would only allow other types of names if the character is from a different country.

    That's all I can think at the moment. If anyone has any questions please ask them!
  2. Count me in. Digimon is Strictly Awesome. I'll decide on a partner Digimon once the sign-up sheet is posted.
  3. OMG YES!!! DIGIMON!! If possible, may i lay claim to Ryudamon now?
  4. Ohhh I am very interested! :3 It's hard deciding on a digimon, though... :P
  5. Whoo! Digimon! I'm in! :3
  6. Are the links required when posting the digivolution chain?

    EDIT: And for that matter, is the entire chain from Baby to Mega required?
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  7. I'm interested would Renamon work she's my favorite.

    In-Training: relemon
    Rookie: Viximon
    Rookie: Renamon
    Champion: Kyubimon
    Ultimate: Taomon
    Mega: Sakuyamon
  8. @Raven
    I already have Renamon.
  9. Oh okay I didn't notice my computer was a little slow. Okay I can think of another for I'm still interested.
  10. Would Guilmon be okay, or Gomamon, or even Blue Flare? I like them as well. Renamon's just awesome so she was my first pick.
  11. Links are not required, but it does make it easier for me to verify your Digimon. For your chain question, do you mean do your Digimon's chain have to be canon?

    And as of right now, I think this is a good number of people.

    @Raven Any Digimon is fine as long as it isn't a repeat ^.^ (sorry you couldn't get your first pick)
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  13. @Raven

    I think you can have any canon digimon as long as it doesn't violate this rule. So you should probably check out other people's line up posts to see if the digimon is taken or not.
  14. I think I'm good. I don't see anyone with Guilimon. And I don't think it violates the rule, but if it does that's why I mentioned the two others.
  15. So far everyone who has posted Digimon (including Wolfsbane706 who sent them through a PM) have been accepted! (Raven, if you could use the 'In-Training/Rookie/etc terms instead of adult, etc in your CS to come, that would be most appreciated)

    I want to get this moving quickly, but I still need just a little more time to think on how I want to set up the OOC. In the meantime, I finished the character sheet skeleton, along with my character as an example. Feel free to post them here if you get them finished, or wait for the OOC to start.

    Character Sheet Skeleton
    Show Spoiler


    Name: (first and last, Japanese unless "foreign")

    Age: (Can range from 10-18, everyone should still be in school *note that there are only 3 years of high school instead of 4 in Japan)

    Gender: (self-explanatory)

    Appearance: (Pictures and/or words, however Height, Eye color, and HaircolorMUST be in words)

    Personality: (This one is important. The more you can share about your character, the better!)

    History: (Doesn't have to be too in-depth, but the more the better)

    Likes/Dislikes: (can be as short or extensive as you'd like)

    Fear/Paranoia: (Everyone has something, whether it's physical or mental)


    Digimon Partner and Its Digivolutions: (must have from Rookie onward, but feel free to add the Baby and In-Training too)

    Natural State: (declare which Digivolution your partner is naturally in outside of battle. It can either be the In-Training or Rookie Rank. In-Training Digimon will automatically Digivolve to Rookie as soon as they enter battle with a Stray Digimon)

    Digimon Gender: (I know, Digimon technically don't have genders, but this will determine what pronoun we use to address your partner because most Digimon do have masculine or feminine voices. Digimon's gender doesn't have to be the same as your human's gender)

    Digimon's Personality: (yes, Digimon have their own personalities. Usually Digimon have at least one trait that compliments their human partners)

    Digivice Color: (try to have different colors, or at the very least different shades)
    This is what they look like, along with the card used to digivolve your partner.
    (this is actually a picture of my digivice and card...that I just took today...yes I still have it...don't judge me)

    Eyewear: (when a stray Digimon appears, a fog surrounds the area. Everyone will need some kind of eye protection to get through the fog into the clearing in the middle. The show used sunglasses and goggles)

    *How you met your Digimon: (this is optional and will help me decide whether everyone will get their Digimon in the same way or if we have different ways.)

    Xylime's Character
    Yoko Izawa (open)


    Name: Yoko Izawa

    Age: 16 (Second year in high school)

    Gender: Female

    Yoko stands at 5'0" (~152 cm) with dark blue eyes and light brown hair. She doesn't care much for her appearance, so her hair is lazily pulled into a low ponytail. She has a very petite frame with a near non-existent chest. About the only time she isn't wearing her black-framed glasses is during P.E., which is when she wears her prescription goggles.

    Yoko is a bit of an oxymoron at times. She adores planning and organizing events, yet dislikes the interaction that occurs during those events. She is headstrong and borderline bossy when she takes control of a situation, yet falls away to a meek girl once her job is done. She dislikes being alone and tends to surround herself with people. However, she prefers to sit and listen to a group rather than intermingle, so it is common to see her quietly spacing out when hanging with friends. She will quickly join a conversation, however, if she believes her organizing expertise can come in handy.

    She is a very open person, and it is easy to read her thoughts and feelings. However, she makes sure to keep her tongue in check, even when she's fuming. Yoko is polite, and she will always use 'please' and 'thank you' if the situation calls for it. She has a bit of a competitive nature, and will do her best in every situation, no matter how bad she is at an activity. One of her downfalls lies in her bad habit of judging people by their cover. If a person looks mean, Yoko will usually avoid said person if she can. She also tends to misread people's words and is quick to assume someone is rude if they don't phrase their words properly. Lastly, though she was raised to be polite, Yoko has a very hard time apologizing after fights, regardless of whether it was her fault or not.

    Yoko grew up an only child. Her father is an engineer for a big company and makes enough money that Yoko's mother could be a housewife. Living a better life than most, Yoko's parents could afford to spoil her a bit, and it was rare for Yoko not to get a game she desired. School-wise, Yoko's grades were above average, though certainly not the best. She found herself bouncing between groups of friends, not really sticking too closely to any one person or group. A year ago, a show called Digimon became popular, and Yoko begged her parents to buy merchandise relating to it. She has two Digimon games and the starter deck for the card game, though she hasn't been able to work up the courage to ask people to play with her. Yoko dreams about having a Digimon of her own, but knows that it's just a child's fantasy.

    Organization = Yoko loves organization, whether it's organizing an event or categorizing things. This leads into her liking to clean too, but not as much as she likes to systematize people, places, and things.

    Games = Yoko enjoys most kinds of games, though the less the game has in terms of physical interaction the better. She especially enjoys card games and video games.

    Animals = Specifically animals with fur and feathers. However, no matter how much she tries, animals don't seem to care about her and will usually ignore her. (she's at least happy that they don't hate her)

    Singing = Yoko loves to sing and will jump at the chance to karaoke with friends. Also, no matter how great or terrible a person sounds, she enjoys listening to others put themselves out there and sing too.​

    Chess = One of the very few games that Yoko doesn't like, she can't stand chess. Though good at organizing, she is horrible at strategizing. She's best at making split second decisions, not planning out moves in advance.

    Small-talk = Yoko has a hard time talking nonchalantly with others. If it doesn't involve an event she's organizing, she doesn't know what to talk about. However if people ask her questions, she can answer them. Just expect her not to ask anything in return.

    Insubordination = Yoko hates people who disobey adults and authority figures without a good reason. Growing up in a household where politeness and respect were two of the most important virtues, Yoko rarely befriends the rebellious type.

    Wastefulness = Yoko hates being wasteful, mainly with food, water, and money. With the exception of games, karaoke, and the occasional stuffed animal/figurine, Yoko tries to only buy practical things that she knows she'll eat/use.​

    Fear/Paranoia: Unsurprisingly, Yoko is afraid of bugs, minus butterflies and dragonflies. She also has a fear of drowning or being set on fire. Finally, she is constantly paranoid of getting/being sick.


    Digimon Partner and his/her route:
    Baby -> Dodomon
    In-Training -> Dorimon
    Rookie -> Dorumon
    Champion -> Dorugamon
    Ultimate -> DoruGreymon
    Mega -> Dorugoramon

    Natural State: In-Training -> Dorimon

    Digimon Gender: Male

    Digimon's Personality: Dorimon is loud and proud, as well as confident. He pushes Yoko to interact with others, to the point of literally pushing her into conversations. He acts tough in front of others, and tries to take the leader role with the other Digimon. However, just because he tries to be the leader doesn't actually make him so. Despite his aggressive nature, Dorimon cares for his friends and will do his best to support them. Dorimon secretly loves being doted on, but only when it's just him and Yoko.

    Digivice Color: Medium Yellow

    Prescription goggles (when not wearing them on her face, they hang around her neck)

    *How you met your Digimon: TBD (I didn't write mine out because I wanted to see what you guys come up with)

    Shoot me any questions or comments you may have!
  16. Okay I believe I fixed it Sorry for the incident again hope it's good now. I'll probable put my CS in the OOC form.
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