So Close, Yet So Far...(Male Needed)

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  1. Right now, I'm bored and want to know if anybody (that can play a male) wants to roleplay with me. This roleplay will be turned more towards a romance, but definitely under 18+ content. Sooo, here's the idea I had in my head.


    There's a girl, she's stubborn and sarcastic and doesn't show others her pain when they put her down. She stays strong, yet inside she's hurting. She knows not to hurt herself or do anything crazy, so she just sits in her room and writes things in her journal. One day, she accidentally leaves her journal in the classroom, and somebody decided to pick it up. It's a boy, who oddly enough, is one of the people who bullies her. As he reads her journal day by day, how will he feel? Will he stand up for the girl in the future, or just stand by and watch from the distance? All the while, the girl is frantic over her lost journal, worried that somebody will read it. Maybe when the girl is in bullying situations, the boy will help somehow while not revealing herself. The girl will start wondering who the mystery person is and start to investigate, wanting to meet the amazing boy who keeps helping her. But, what will her reaction be when she notices that it is one of her worst bullies from the past?


    Well, that's the basic idea, so anybody interested? I need somebody who can play a male and can type over three sentences ^-^
  2. *pops out of nowhere* I guess I can give it a shot o.o
  3. Wow, that was fast! That would be great, thank you ^-^ I'll post the character sheet here, so you can make your character. Oh, and is there anything you wanted to add to the plot? Any good ideas will be welcome :)

  4. I guess I'll expand on the plot as things happen o.o and yeah XD I'm totally not stalking signup sections looking for new roleplays sometimes *hides*
  5. Haha, I know what you mean, I may or may not do the same thing >.> XD Okay, here's the character sheet

    Appearance (Picture is fine, or description. Whatever you want):
    Theme song (This is optional, but I'll be doing one):
    Other Info:

    There it is! :D @york
  6. Yay! I shall make one in a moment o.o
  7. Alright! Woop! :D
  8. Name: Dante Meyer
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Appearance (Picture is fine, or description. Whatever you want):
    Fears: Being alone, rejection, being ignored
    Theme song:

    Other Info: He's kind on the inside, but currently very vulnerable to peer pressure.
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  9. I love it! Okay, now for mine.

    Name: Alvie Renolds
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Fears: Being hit, rumors, and spilled secrets
    Theme Song:
    Other info: Carries around a journal filled with personal secrets and feelings.
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  10. Looks pretty good :3 I think we're ready to start o.o
  11. Alright, I'll make the thread and post the link here ^-^
  12. Okie! X3 Can't wait! o-o
  13. Yay! :3 I shall work on a post! o.o
  14. @Serpentine *yawns* I'm heading off to bed in a bit o.o so see ya when I wake up XD hopefully I won't be long o.o
  15. Sure, no problem. I'm about to head to bed myself! We'll continue tomorrow :) See you! @york
  16. Sort of felt like putting what Antonio and George look like, just for the fun of it ^-^

    Antonio (open)

    George (open)
  17. o.o I guess that actually makes imagining them a little easier :3 Thanks!
  18. Oh, you're welcome XD I couldn't really find a good Antonio picture though, so I just picked the one that looked the meanest ^-^ Woop Woop, go visualizations!! *0*.....*face palm*
  19. XD Don't worry, it's fine o.o it's the image that counts
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