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    The Kalos region is shaped like a five-pointed star, with one of its biggest cities being Lumiose City in the north-central part of the region. It features a vast network of rivers and waterways snaking through much of its landscape, cities and towns. North-east of Lumiose City lies a mountain range where more frigid temperatures exist, extending down into the plains below. Western Kalos features a vast ocean, where the shore side city of Shalour City lies in the middle of a cove.

    The geography of Kalos varies greatly within the region. The region is naturally bordered by a vast ocean to the west and northwest, and the eastern and southern borders are formed by mountain ranges. These borders give the region its signature star-like shape, as a large peninsula reaches out to the sea in the northwest, creating one point, and elsewhere the coastline, mountain ranges and rivers create the remaining four points. Kalos is made up of three distinct divisions, all with their own unique characteristics in both geography and Pokémon: Central Kalos, Coastal Kalos and Mountain Kalos. The bustling Lumiose City is located near the point where all three divisions meet.
    Central Kalos is located in the centric and southern parts of the region. The area is dominated by large forested plains with multiple rivers crossing it, with very few changes in elevation. Several towns are surrounded by walls of some sort, and there are also many old castles and châteaus. Many important human settlements and landmarks are located here, such as Vaniville Town, Santalune City, a portion of Lumiose City, and the Parfum Palace.
    Coastal Kalos is located by the vast sea in the western parts of Kalos. The mainly explored area is a strip between mountains and the sea. This area is dominated by rocky shores in the southwest and lush beaches and forests in the northwest. Most human settlements are located by the sea. The peninsula in the northwest is known for its menhir stones. There are many important locations, such as the Reflection Cave, Geosenge Town, and Shalour City with its Tower of Mastery.
    Mountain Kalos is located in the eastern reaches of the region. The area is largely mountainous and the temperatures tend to be cooler than in the other parts, with some routes and settlements having snow covering them. To the north there is a marshy area that is said to be haunted. However, the settlements are plentiful, and there are some important landmarks, such as the Kalos Power Plant that is built on a harsh wasteland, the Poké Ball Factory in Laverre City, and the Pokémon League.
    Kiloude City is located outside the three divisions, and is only reachable by train from Lumiose City. The city is relatively isolated from the other parts of the region, being completely surrounded by mountains.

    Vaniville Town
    Vaniville Town (Japanese: アサメタウン Asame Town) is a small town located in the southeastern portion of the Kalos region. Like Pallet Town, New Bark Town, Littleroot Town, Twinleaf Town, Nuvema Town, and Aspertia City, Vaniville Town is the starting location for the player. It is the hometown of Calem, Serena, and Shauna. To the north is Route 1.
    Aquacorde Town
    Aquacorde Town (Japanese: メイスイタウン Meisui Town) is a town located in the southeastern part of the Kalos region. It is the place where the player gets their starter Pokémon. To the town's south is Route 1, while north is Route 2 and Santalune Forest.
    The town has a classic colonial appearance with several European-style apartment buildings and streetlights. It is bordered on the north by a river, and in the center of the town is a fountain.
    Santalune City
    Santalune City (Japanese: ハクダンシティ Hakudan City) is a city located in the central part of the Kalos region. It is the hometown of the first Gym Leader, Viola. Route 3 is to the south, Route 4 is to the north, and Route 22 is to the east.
    The stone-walled city features brick pathways interwoven between European-style homes and buildings. Many gardens and buildings in the city are decorated with colorful flowers, and the central plaza features a large, Roselia-shaped stone fountain.

    Lumiose City

    Lumiose City (Japanese: ミアレシティ Miare City) is a large city nestled in the north-central part of the Kalos region. It is a prominent central hub of the region and is the most populous city in the Pokémon world.
    Tourism is a major industry of the city due to its famous landmarks, such as the Prism Tower, which serves as the city's symbol, and the Lumiose Museum. A wide variety of shops, cafés, and restaurants are spread throughout the entire city and are popular with both tourists and locals alike.
    The outer portion of the city is lined by tall office buildings and wide brick and cobblestone boulevards, while the avenues of the inner portion are lined by smaller Parisian-style buildings. The wide roadways throughout the city afford safe and easy passage for both automobile and Gogoat traffic. A large canal also runs diagonally through the city.
    Lumiose City has five gates connecting it to outside routes. In the southeast is the Route 4 Gate, in the southwest the Route 5 Gate, in the northwest the Route 13 Gate, in the north the Route 14 Gate, and in the northeast the Route 16 Gate.

    any small shops and cafés line the many streets and avenues of Lumiose City. This is a brief guide to the city's layout and where all of its establishments are located.
    The city is basically shaped like a spoked wheel. The outside "wheel" is split into North and South Boulevards, while the spokes are divided among several avenues and plazas. The boulevards and avenues are lined with the city's many establishments, while the plazas are primarily open gathering spaces, with an occasional establishment or two on the outskirts. The center hub is devoted to a wide, open area with Prism Tower at its center.

    It's also where pokemon professer Sycamore has his lab and does research on mega evolution.

    Here are a list of shops, cafes, etc.:
    South Pokémon Center SE
    PR Video Studio SE
    Friseur Furfrou S
    Coiffure Clips SW
    Loto-ID Center S
    North Pokémon Center NW
    Hotel Richissime NE
    Magenta Pokémon Center N
    Gate to Route 4 SE
    Gate to Route 5 SW
    Gate to Route 13 NW
    Gate to Route 14 NW
    Gate to Route 16 NE
    Lumiose Station NE
    Pokémon Lab SE
    Lumiose Press S
    Vacant Storefront N
    Lumiose Museum NW
    Battle Institute NE
    Prism Tower Cen
    Boutique Couture S
    Herboriste S
    Stone Emporium S
    Poké Ball Boutique N
    Fine Dining
    Restaurant Le Nah SE
    Galette Stand NW
    Juice Shoppe N
    Restaurant Le Yeah N
    Restaurant Le Wow N
    Sushi High Roller N
    Café Cyclone S
    Café Introversion SE
    Café Classe S
    Café Woof S
    Café Soleil SW
    Shutterbug Café SW
    Café Rouleau N
    Café Gallant N
    Café Triste NW
    Lysandre Café N
    Café Pokémon-Amie N
    Café Ultimo NE
    Café Kizuna N
    Café Action! NE
    Café Bataille
    Kiloude City
    Kiloude City (Japanese: キナンシティ Kinan City) is a city located in the southern part of the Kalos region and is only accessible after the TMV Pass is obtained from Professor Sycamore in Lumiose Station after entering the Hall of Fame.
    After participating in a battle in the Battle Maison, Calem/Serena will battle the player daily in the north of the city.
    Shalour City
    Shalour City (Japanese: シャラシティ Shara City) is a city located in the western portion of the Kalos region. It is the hometown of the Gym Leader Korrina. Reflection Cave is to the south, the Tower of Mastery is to the north, and Route 12 is to the east. This moderately sized city is a seaside location, known for its amazing views.
    Geosenge Town
    Geosenge Town (Japanese: セキタイタウン Sekitai Town) is a rural town located in the western part of the Kalos region. It is well known for its unusual rock structures which are rumored to have mysterious powers

    Coumarine City
    Coumarine City (Japanese: ヒヨクシティ Hiyoku City) is a port city located in the Kalos region. It is the hometown of the Gym Leader Ramos.
    Laverre City
    Laverre City is a small city located north of Kalos. It is a very rustic city and features quaint homes that are built around a forest. In the middle is a ancient tree that is said to be 1,500 years old. This is where Valerie, the fairy-type gym leader awaits.
    Anistar City
    Anistar City is a city located east of Kalos. The city is next to the sea and since it is close to Snowbelle City, it is a cold city. It is home to Olympia the Psychic -type gym leader. It also has an ancient sundial made out of crystal, a symbol of the city.
    Snowbelle City
    Snowbelle City is the last city where a gym leader resides. Wulfric the Ice-type gym leader awaits. Located in south-east Kalos, the city is more or less covered in snow. According to the town map, its snowy condition originates from the local gym where ventilators were installed pumping cold air to maintain a 'icy look' thus affecting the city. South of the city, the entrance to the Winding Woods is there.
    Couriway Town
    Couriway Town (Japanese: レンリタウン Renri Town) is a town located in the Kalos region.

    Cyllage City
    Cyllage City (Japanese: ショウヨウシティ Shōyō City) is a coastal city located in western Kalos.
    Two major paths lead from the city center. To the north is Route 10 which leads to Geosenge Town and to the south is Route 8 which leads to Ambrette Town. To the east on top of the bike ramp, the Connecting Cave allows for travel to Route 7 which leads to Camphrier Town, however the entrance to the city is initially blocked off by a rock movable by Strength.
    The city has a beach to the west with smashable rocks spread around.
    Dendemille Town
    Dendemille Town (Japanese: フウジョタウン Fūjo Town) is a town located in the Kalos region. It is connected on the west by Route 15, on the east by Route 17, and on the north by the Frost Cavern.
    Ambrette Town
    Ambrette Town (Japanese: コウジンタウン Kōjin Town) is a town located in the southwest portion of the Kalos region. It is situated on the edge of a seaside cliff with a narrow coastline.
    It is also the location of Kalos's Fossil Lab, where fossils can be revived into Pokémon.

    Gym Leaders
    {th=center|271x@} {/th}
    {th=161x@} {/th}
    {th=82x@} {/th}
    {th=155x@} {/th}
    {th=center|271x@}Gym Leader
    {th=center|271x@} {/th}
    {th=161x@} {/th}
    {th=82x@} {/th}
    {th=155x@} {/th}
    ビオラ Viola{/td}
    {td=161x@}Santalune City
    Hakudan City{/td}
    Bug Badge{/td}
    ザクロ Zakuro{/td}
    {td=161x@}Cyllage City
    Shouyou City{/td}
    Cliff Badge{/td}
    コルニ Corni{/td}
    {td=161x@}Shalour City
    Shara City{/td}
    Rumble Badge{/td}
    フクジ Fukuji{/td}
    {td=161x@}Coumarine City
    Hiyoku City{/td}
    Plant Badge{/td}
    シトロン Citron{/td}
    {td=161x@}Lumiose City
    Miare City{/td}
    Voltage Badge{/td}
    マーシュ Mache{/td}
    {td=161x@}Laverre City
    Kunoe City{/td}
    Fairy Badge{/td}
    ゴジカ Gojika{/td}
    {td=161x@}Anistar City
    Hyakkoku City{/td}
    Psychic Badge{/td}
    ウルップ Urup{/td}
    {td=161x@}Snowbelle City
    Eisetsu City{/td}
    Iceberg Badge{/td}
    Elite Four/Champion
    パキラ Pachira{/td}
    ズミ Zumi{/td}
    ガンピ Gampi{/td}
    ドラセナ Dracaena{/td}
    カルネ Carnet{/td}

    Character Sheet

    Starter: (doesn't have to be a starter but tell me why you want that pokemon to be your starter, you may also have two starters)
    Team: (make sure to update this)
    Likes/dislikes: (at least 3 of each)
    Brief History:
    Goal as a trainer:

    A small group of friends have been invited by professor sycamore to help fill the pokedex, and become trainers. They will go through many adventures together. They will have to overcome difficult challenges. They will meet many others, they shall battle to their heart content and make their dreams come true.

    All Iwaku Rules Apply
  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Touka Chocobunn
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 115 lbs
    Starter: Froakie & Eevee
    Team: Froakie & Eevee
    Likes/dislikes: Sweets, Pokemon, and her friends. Bad guys, bitter food, and bullies.
    Family: Mom: Tracy Chocobunn
    Father: John Chocobunn
    Cousin: Laverna Ambis

    Personalty: Touka is an energetic and cheeky girl, often loving a good joke and giggling during battle. She's often quick witted and displays great affection and even insight towards her friends. She is also extremely fearless and determined, not being afraid to take chances. She's also enthusiastic and loves discovering new things.
    Brief History: Touka wasn't actually born in the Kalos region. She was born in the suburbs of Hoenn. She's lived there since she was 13. This was due to the job her parents had gotten. When she was three that's when her father gave her an Eevee that he had caught. Now she's been living with her cousin in Kalos, since her parents wouldn't be around long enough to take care of her.
    Goal as a trainer: To become a great Pokemon performer.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Name: Oliver Windhelm

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Height: 6'3

    Weight: 185 lbs

    Starter: Totodile, Torchic

    Team: Totodile, Torchic

    Likes: Those who stand up for people who are not able to stand up for themselves, Optimists, Honesty, Money, Socializing, Sports, Burritos

    Dislikes: Those who can’t protect themselves, Those who drag their feet, Those who hate themselves, Those who threaten others, Pessimists, Speaking loudly in a quiet setting, Bullies, Vegetables

    Family: George Windhelm (Father), Olivia Windhelm (Mother)

    Appearance: Oliver is a tan Caucasian male with smooth skin except for his face which has a few scars. One on the middle of his nose going horizontally across it, one on the left side of his nose going vertically, and two on the left side of his face going vertically (see avatar for scars). The young man finds pride in them, as they are his battle scars from protecting his friends as a child from a wild pokemon. He likes to think the rest of the features on his face are good enough for the ladies, like his black spiky hair, dark brown eyes, average eyebrows, average-sized forehead, round chin, small ears and a fairly large nose. According to most people in the world, Oliver is a huge person, standing in at 6’3” and weighing 185 lbs. Whether that is a good thing or bad thing is up for debate, but Oliver himself isn't really a fan of being so large, since he could probably be much fast if he was a few inches shorter. It is a good thing in some cases however, like being able to get on every ride at an amusement park ever. Oliver works out almost everyday, resulting in his muscular build which he is most proud of. Many women would be attracted to him from just looking at his fit body, especially if he is shirtless, revealing his six-pack. His personality after they try to get to know him might scare them off, 'but at least they gave me a shot,' Oliver always says. Oliver is almost always wearing a tank-top (the color varies), a large red belt, jeans (the color varies), black socks and black boots.

    Personalty: Oliver is a very determined individual who tries his best to finish everything that he starts, no matter how long it takes and no matter what must be done to finish it. He is also a very blunt and honest person that doesn't hide his emotions whatsoever. When he wants something from you he will ask straight up, and when he wants to say something to you, no matter how rude it may be, he will say it. Oliver believes that a person can't move forward if they are afraid to do what is on their mind all of the time. This ideology has turned him into a man who is probably too straightforward, to the point where someone who is simply trying to have a fun time without any possible negatives may avoid a chat with him. That would be hard to do however, since he loves socializing with people. You probably won't ever find him by himself if he can help it. Despite his directness, Oliver is quite the caring fellow, always trying to cheer up the people around him if he can help it. He wouldn't mind giving up some of his time to help them with something either. Friends mean the world to the man, and anyone who would try to bring them despair will feel his rage.

    Brief History: Oliver was born in Kalivon Village, A small settlement with about 50 citizens or so. He was born into the Windhelm family. George and Sylvia, his parents, are both pokemon breeders who make a living off of it, having many trainers come to them in hopes of getting a great pokemon out of the birth of their own. Because Oliver grew up with many pokemon around him, he always wanted some of his own, as it was rather sad to develop a relationship with one, only to have it taken back to it's owner once it's business was done.

    Oliver was a very kind boy as well, never hurting the pokemon he became friends with. He also formed bonds with other people, socializing with just about anyone. His parents loved this trait, even though their son could get a bit annoying at times.

    Oliver's family had many pokemon that belonged to all of them, but he wouldn't get one of his own until the age of 16, where he would travel with 5 other trainers to Lumiose City to get his starting two.

    Goal as a trainer: To make as many friends as possible
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  4. Reserve Charmander and mudkip
  5. Name: Luca Smith

    Age: 14

    Gender: male

    Height: 5'10

    Weight: 150 lbs

    Starter: Charmander, Mudkip

    Team: Chamrmander, Mudkip

    Likes: pokemon, sports, winning, steak, hanging out with his friends

    Dislikes: losing, people who disrespect pokemon, people who attack his friends,

    Ricky Smith (father) he was a gym leader back in johto. He was a great pokemon trainer and specialzed in fire type pokemon.

    Mealinie Smith (mother) she was a pokemon breeder and deeply cares for all pokemon.

    (If anyone else wants to be apart of lucas family let me know)

    Apperance: Luca has beautful beach blonde spiked up hair. He has crystal clear blue eyes, and a beautful white smile. He stands at 5'10 and weighs 150 pounds. He is Caucasian but has a little bit of a tan. He usually wears atheltic shirts and shorts that he looks pretty good in

    Personality: Luca is very goal oriented and his biggest goal is to become one of the best pokemon trainers of all time. He wants to be like his parents who in their own time were great pokemkn trainers. Luca is also very loyal to his pokemon and to his friends, he will protect them no matter what. He can be a bit overconfident in his own abilllites sometimes but that usually because he is pretty good at being a trainer.

    Brief history: Luca was actually born in the Johto region and lived there until he was 8 years old. His father was a gym leader there and his mother a professional breeder. By the time luca was 8 he had been around pokemon his whole life and he knew right away he wanted to be a trainer. When Luca was 8 years old his mother got offered a huge pokemon breeding job in the Kalos region. She accoeted and luca and his mother left for the Kalos region while his father remained in johto to continue being the gym leader. His father would make the trip to visit them In the Kalos region as much as he could.

    Goal as a trainer: To win the pokemon league and become one of the best trainers ever.
  6. [​IMG]

    Name: zelia grayfield

    Age: 15

    Gender: female

    Height: 5'10"

    Weight: 130 lbs

    Starter: turtwig, nidorano male

    Team: turtwig, nidoran male

    Likes: strong and honorable trainers, gym leaders, spicy food, scientists, pokemon breeders, peace and quite

    dislikes: those how don't try and help themselves, those who don't use what power they have, those who endanger pokemon, casinos, being wrong

    Family: Zelia has three sblings one sister and two brothers. Her mom dad and older sister are Pokemon scientists and breeders. her parents fully suport her in becoming a gym leader.

    Personalty: Zelia doesn't listen vary well. she is somewhat arrogant, and will argue often. she prides herself on being smart. so she can get down on herself when she is wrong. she doesn't have many friends, she was always too busy with school and family, her know-it-all attitude can also make it hard to talk to her. she likes peace and quite. But is willing to keep trying no matter what.

    Brief History: Zelia grew up moving back and forth from two regions. staying with her older sister, as well as her parents. She had gone to a trainer school in the kanto region. Her sister lives in the Sinnoh region and she goes to visit often. Her sister helps the a Pokemon daycare, also checking gender of newly hatched Pokemon. Her parents moved to Kalos for a job. She was in the kanto region going to school one day, when a herd of Pokemon started stampeding out of a forest. A gym leader saved her and ever since she wanted to be one.

    Goal as a trainer: to one day become a gym leader
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  7. Appearance: Laverna is a fair skinned girl with short raven colored hair and front bangs a little longer than the rest of her hair, they're kept back by hair clips. Her eyes are a very dark shade of brown that is often confused as black (Or you can just refer to my profile picture in the corner over there to make things simpler). Her clothing consists of a black tank top and jacket, and shorts (shorts similar to Hilda's from B&W if only I could remember their name). She always carries around a messenger bag that contains her belongings.

    Name: Laverna Ambis

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Height: 159cm

    Weight: 45kg

    Starter: Trapinch, Zoura, Both Pokemon were acquired during one of her adventure mishaps, and stayed with her in the end.

    Team: Trapinch, Zorua

    Likes: Sweets, adventure, people who stand their ground, puzzles, optimism, people who try their best regardless if they have the talent for it or not, music, new things

    Dislikes: Spicy/bitter foods, confinement, being alone, being limited, pessimism, failure, bandwagon followers, people who give up easily, people who aren't clear with what they want, beans, people who point out her height


    Personalty: Laverna is a outspoken girl who wants to see the world and always tries to find the silver lining in every failure so it's not as bad as it seems. Although she lives with the idea of 'ladies don't start fights', she is the cause of many, from either breaking into private property for the sake of adventure, or speaking up for someone who seems unwilling, but more often than not her fights are often sprouted from her failure to say the right thing at the right time. She is considered to be a pleasant person to be around despite that fact. Additionally, she's well-spirited, open-minded, and a considerably chill person, but if you were for instant mock her height-well. She's short but quiet literally packs a punch.

    Brief History: From a young age Laverna was that kid in the classroom. The loudest one, the one to always get dragged out in the hallway to be lectured, to stray from the group on a field trip. Although she's a teachers worst nightmare, both academic and citizenship wise, she's by no means a fool. Simply finding the idea of memorizing math a bore. Instead she invested most of her time into learning about Pokemon and the regions they inhabited.

    There have been incidents when she was still a grade schooler where she would get lost in cities or neighboring forests out of sheer curiosity, these incidents lead to her love for adventure, and lead to her parents putting her into taekwondo as an attempt to ward off 'shady figures'. Today it's a hobby along with other forms of fighting.

    Goal as a trainer: To make an adventure out of this journey; To make memories
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  8. Nice bio!
  9. ~Appearance~
    Well... If you see him in the streets - you wouldn't like to make friends:
    His hair is purely black, and it's not that "chocolate black" or "shadowy black" it's pure black, looking like a monster, or a portal to other, dark worlds. His eyes are colored grey, with blue ring around center of each pupil - although it's bright color combination, it looks like his eyes radiate an atmosphere of depression, sadness and ignite suicide mood...
    Akiko usually wears black, or blue/teal coat, and maroon jeans, if it's cold - or black, blue/teal shirt, with long sleeves, and hot-red pants. He usually walks with his big green backpack, in which he has a tent, thermos, sleeping bag and several scientifically themed books, with one homo-romantic novel (and a pretty big stash of homo-erotic manga, but SHHH, it's a secret)
    Akiko has semi-developed muscularity, with something that looks like six packs - but instead, looks like something hard, with slight separation on six packs.
    Akiko looks as European, but has several details from Assyrians, and Creole. He has several scars on his body:
    Burned marks on his fingers of left hand, being notification to never pet Fennekin when he is angry.
    Large cut, going from his neck, down to "something that looks like abs"
    And... Bluish-Black ring, going all around his torso, on center of it, as a mark of time, when Dratini saved him...

    Akiko Deprimo



    187 cm

    67 kg

    For his first starter, Akiko has quite depressing story...
    Once, when Akiko was standing at docks of his home city, Anistar city, a big wave flushed him into the sea. It was December, and water was cold. When Akiko felt he was dying, some blue serpent tied around him, and moved him to coast.
    Through that way, he discovered his first starter - Dratini. Although, you might think that he is scared of water, but, eventually, that disaster pushed him to train his swimming skills.
    His second starter, Fennekin, was discovered when he was walking in woods. Fennekin that he found was damaged, so Akiko decided to take care of him.
    As like that, Akiko discovered his second starter - Fennekin.

    Dratini - Fennekin

    Warm weather // Summer/Spring clothes // Shorts // Pathetic "loyalty" // Physical activities
    Cold weather \\ Any kind of closed clothes \\ Romantic novels \\ His Pokemons \\ Swimming \\ Swimming in cold water

    His mother, Silvia - works at nearest lab, and gets beaten by father from time to time.
    His father, Hidashi - rough male, working at shipyard.
    And his Pokemons - although, they aren't his biological family, they were always close to his heart, and that's why he often keeps them out, walking near him.

    Akiko is quite cold, loyal, and keeps task even if he isn't able to do it. He doesn't go, nor to introvert, nor to extrovert - he is balanced between closed personality, and open personality. Akiko often is childish, loves to do dumb things, and especially to laugh. Akiko is considered homosexual by others - but he is more into "Pansexuality with interest in males".

    ~Brief History~
    Akiko is a person, that is in almost every group - he is kind of person, which always stays neutral, and loves to watch how others argue from side. When there is a chance, he goes on peaceful conversation, instead of rough problem solving.
    Akiko was born very weak, and doctors, until the last minute, thought that he will die. But Akiko survived, and loved every moment of his life. He loved his family, but...
    He sometimes hated his father, especially when he beaten mom. Although, Akiko is close to father, if comparing by his look - but inside, he is more close to his mother. Akiko was jealous of his parents fighting, so once, he packed his things,
    and ran.

    ~Goal as a trainer~
    To bring Pokemons out of slavery, and make them independent. Also to improve Pokemons, via genetic studies.​
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