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  1. ~The story.~

    The year is 2016, the winter season in the city of Los Angeles. The city moves and lives, without an inkling of knowledge of what moves with them. Supernatural presence mixes in with the Mundane, hiding in a shroud of disbelief. This is slowly being challenged though.

    Not by the feeble existence of supernatural hunters, but instead by their fellows. In the time of ancients as legends say the plane of supernaturals was much more extended, creatures vastly more horrific then those current walked the earth. And then they disappeared, all of them, without a sound.

    Recently the city of Boston was devastated. Thousands of it's citizens being destroyed outright, all of them, as the public does not know, were supernaturals. And this destruction was made to happen by, reportedly, one single creature.

    A single one, the supernatural world as it is known has just found a challenger to it's existence, and there could be many more that come back.

    ~Those Blessed Few~

    Supernatural peoples are those hidden from Mortals, some cursed, some born, and some a victim of random chance. Even among their own "species" there is a deep individuality between them all. But I'm sure you'd rather learn about them then hear more of my babbling.


    The curse of Vampirism is claimed to be as ancient as the idea of Democracy. There are not many Vampires who have lived quite so long however, and time has bent those who claim to have.

    Vampirism is exactly as would be expected. They are beings whose only sustenance is the blood of other living creatures, and they can not walk in direct sunlight without becoming a pile of ashes on the ground. That is about as far as it goes. Many of the myths of Vampirism does not hold true, they can break into people's houses, Crosses do not harm them, and "Holy water" is practically useless. They are creatures with immense strength, creatures with speed that sometimes a mortal can not follow. And they are those damned with immortality.

    A vampire is turned when a mortal is drained completely of blood and the sire force feeds their childe their own blood. Afterwards the soon to be vampire will be in a state of immense, burning pain, for a few days it would last as the Childe slowly died.

    Those are the basics, Vampirism goes further though. As like, say, the church, it varies into several sub sections, or perhaps, sub species if you will.

    The Sakrat

    Nomads, party animals, and whores. The Sakrat are a bloodline of Vampires characterized almost entirely by a uniform and required feeding habit. The Sakrat only ever get sustenance when they are performing an Erotic act with another Human.

    Nomads, The idea that moving will bring excitement in partners, and of course all the more variety in them.

    Party animals, Mass feedings do happen with Sakrat, Some even prefer it. And to many others there is no easier place to find a victim then in a club, loud music, strobe lights, no one would see them slip away from the crowd with a dazed human, and whoever does will mostly dismiss it.

    Whores, Theoretically a Sakrat can keep only one feeding subject throughout that subject's life. But many who were embraced into the clan and has existed as it for a while have abandoned the care for the Moral pressure against "cheating", also only having one subject would be taxing to the health of that one subject.

    But many still do this, many still feel the need for one subject, but it is often not for morality, but often for a sick pleasure that comes upon in later years, when humanity is a distant thing entirely. They fall upon a mortal, may have a one night stand, may have that mortal fall into lust with them. And then, then they are theres, there is no supernatural convincing, they may kidnap, starve, and do whatever, all the while whittling them down. Before there is no more.

    So do not look upon the Sakrat as the closest to humanity, while physically true, they have already lost what made them human years ago.

    Sakrat's Disciplines.

    A Sakrat are not very dangerous foes to enemies, at least not specifically because they are a Sakrat. Their Disciplines revolve almost entirely on their feeding habit, and making it easier to keep it going.


    Euphinia is not technically a discipline, It is probably a Sakrat's greatest tool.

    A Sakrat's blood has drug-like properties to Mortals. Inducing a state of immense Ecstasy to any who drink of it, and for a few hours the Sakrat will have the mortal dancing around their finger. This is the secret behind how these vampires get so many victims.


    The Sakrat only really has two disciplines, the second one being not nearly as important to the clan's survival. A Sakrat, using this discipline can change it's appearance, morphing it to be whatever they wish, for this reason a Sakrat could make the greatest of spies, or the worst of monsters, appearance wise.

    The Bonekinal

    Twisted and horrible, The Bonekinal are a clan of Vampires that are most affected by the Vampiric disease. A Bonekinal's entire body is punctured by Bone's breaking through the their skin, down it's arms, it's legs, it's chest, practically everywhere.

    Aside from this their entire bone structure is changed. Their fingers are elongated, they grow something almost resembling a snout, the original "Nose" falling away, leaving only Nostrils.

    The legs are elongated, the feet becoming digitigrade, and as a clincher, it grows a tail. The tail however is completely just bone, and at the end of it there is a heavy point like the top of a Y. This point has the potential to be used as a weapon.

    Bonekinal are generally shunned by most of Vampire society. They are also absolutely required to flee to the background of the rest of society, if a mortal simply saw one of these creatures then that would be the most hint they need to find out about those who are supernatural.

    Bonekinal Disciplines

    A Bonekinal much like a Sakrat has a very specific discipline set that is helpful for their survival.


    The Bonekinal is able for, a limited time, make themselves completely invisible. No shimmering and wavy space where the Bonekinal is, no no, Invisible.

    Now, the Bonekinal is of course still there, and it can bump into things. What needs to be understood that Obfuscate requires most of the Bonekinal's attention to keep up, those who are more experienced can perhaps focus on other things while they are Obfuscated, but it is still not recommended.

    This means that a particularly loud sound could break the Obfuscate, and cause the Bonekinal to be seen by Mortal eyes, a death sentence if it happens.


    Vocalnint is the ability for the Bonekinal to change it's voice. "Normally" the Bonekinal has a raspy and hissed sound behind his voice. But with Vocalnint the possibilities are endless.

    The Masqueoula

    Masqueoula are the artists, the pop stars, the actors. Those who have touched art, have felt it, and have had it taken away from them. Fame is not compatible for a Vampire in these mortal nights however, and so it would be unwise for the Masqueoula to seek it back, if they were famous at all.

    Most Masqueoula maintain a connection with the artist world, however. Mostly by finding those that are artistic, and pouncing on them, they become their lovers, or their friends, whatever. The majority of these Masqueoula end up feeling envious towards the artist, and then, they bring them down too, and a new Masqueoula is made.

    At least, that's how most of them are made.



    The Discipline of Prenvilak is a.. some would say, unnecessary Discipline, maybe even a narcissistic one. A Masqueoula are able to, if they wish, increase the feeling of their presence make anyone in the room with too weak a will look at them. And the Vampire could supernaturally encourage the people to admire them. And have a sort of want to follow commands from them, with a bit of nudging on the half of the Vampire. But, again, this only works on the weak of will. Otherwise, it will not, without much more then simple nudging.

    The Arisonin

    The rich ones, the Aristocrats, the ones with the power, that is what described the typical Arisonin. They are mostly only embraced if there are of the upper class, if they know politics, if they will be a use to the general Vampiric community. And if they don't, generally they are not embraced.

    Exceptions arise sometimes.



    Dominval is a very curios discipline, not in the way that it is powerful, but in the way that it provides a question, in nature it is quite the same as the Masqueoula's discipline. It forces a person to feel admiration for the Arisonin, and makes their presence known, it is also possible with this discipline for a Vampire to nudge anothers mind towards the Vampire's own specific wants, but a weaker will is needed. Some Vampires argue that because of the similarity between the Masqueoula and Arisonin's disciplines that they are in nature, the same clan, and are only made different by the circumstances of their embrace. Like Masqueoula, the Arisonin have no other disciplines.


    Shifters are human beings who are born with a gift to shape shift to animals other then humans. In most other ways they are completely mundane. And by extension they are entirely mundane until they find themselves well into puberty. And by then the child's first transformations are spontaneous and uncontrollable, for two weeks they are required to be contained, otherwise mortals will see a crow leap up and tranform into a lion (Or any other split transformation) violating the thin facade that the supernatural world holds.

    After the two weeks though, there is only the upmost control. They do not get "better" at shape shifting, it will become like breathing to them, or flexing a finger. And Shifters will often go on with their mortal lives uninterrupted by others. Vampires can't very well interrupt with their "lives" short of killing them, Shifters can not be embraced, and will simply die when they are drained of all their blood, and the Vampire will likely be disappointed with the result. But will move on.

    And other Shifters will move on from whatever shifter was weak enough to allow themselves to fall upon this fate.


    A human, mundane walks from a long day at work, they are tired, dark circles are under their eyes, they have not slept in two days now. This human would remedy that in this night, walking like a zombie they make it to their apartment door, fumbling for the key in their back pocket and opening it, locking it behind them.

    This human does not spend time changing into clothes more comfortable for sleeping. They just begin their approach towards their bed, hoping not to pass out on the floor beforehand, they didn't thankfully. And soon they are face down on their bed, already losing consciousness.

    And they have a dream, they are completely lucid, they know this is a dream somehow. The world is filled with mists, and they can not see anything immediately in front of them. Despite this being a lucid dream however, they can not control it.

    A new life had sprung onto the human.


    Mages are human beings who have not been cursed, were not born into a lineage of animal shifters. They are human, the most human you could get in supernaturals. A mage is created randomly when a human may fall asleep one night. It is not known what the circumstances behind it is, whether it depends on month, hour, or any other variables, it really seems to just happen to anyone.

    The eye opener, it is what the dream that mortals find themselves in is called. In their dream they will always find themselves in a misty plane, land stretching out for miles all around them. The mage to be could stand there for as long as they want, and they will not wake up, time outside of course will continue. But they will not wake up, until they start to move.

    Immediately an assault begins on the mortal's mind, bad memories, visions of their greatest fears, their family's deaths, and many other terrible things will play into the mortal's head. They will not stop, and a mage, if they want to survive will need to keep their resolve throughout it.

    Beacons will begin to flash in a linear line in front of the mage afterwards, and the mage will need to follow those beacons. All the while holding onto themselves. At each beacon there will be standing a shadowed figure, this shadowed figure serves to provide enlightenment to the mage, giving them some knowledge of the supernatural world, before making them continue, some of the pain of the mind assault will wane afterwards.

    By the end the mage will come to the end enlightened, a single white door sitting there, with a nice golden door knob, walking through it will bring the dream to an end, and their new life to a beginning.

    Some do not make it however, if the assault on the mortal's mind proves too much the handle and the mortal snaps they will lose all connection to reality. They will become trapped in this dream state, and their mortal body will continue sleeping, until it dies.

    Those who are left in the dream become the shadowed people, forced to lead new mages on forever, without consciousness..


    A mage would have been nothing if they had not found themselves in the dream. And after they returned to the waking world they are forever tethered to that separate reality. Not much is known about it at all, all mages only being there once, and only seeing a very physical form of it. As many theories as may be thrown at it, they all remain just that, theories.

    A mage is able to use magic when they pull "matter" from those plains, it comes into the world not visible, but the mage can "feel" that it is there. Shortly after it morphs itself into something that the mage originally wanted it to be and the mage can manipulate this matter freely. There is a small catch however, from the other plane only certain matter can be pulled from it.

    Light is a possibility, when pulled it comes off looking much like electric light, and a deep blue, it only responds to the mages will, "expanding" and moving to it.

    Liquid is another, it comes off as clear in it's liquid form. And it is possible to manipulate it to a gas or solid form according to the mage's particular needs at the time.

    And fire is a final one, the plasma could almost pass off as earth fire. But will obviously spread in a way not parallel with science but with the mages will.

    Using magic is physically exhausting to a mage, and the more they exert themselves the more they risk a chance at their magic potentially backlashing at them completely, making them fall into a deep sleep that lasts a minimum of two days. During the period they come under victim of horrific nightmares, but they never return to their original dream state.

    A mage who is embraced by a Vampire is most lucky, as they maintain the ability to use magic and gain all the benefits of Vampirism.

    ~The Law~
    In general the supernatural world does not have deep set rules. There is a single one that is enforced in most places, one where supernatural beings (or at least Vampires, shifters do sometimes tend to ignore this) are absolutely required to keep their existence a secret from Mortals.

    And that is the only universal law. Other then that any others are established by ones that may control a certain area. But nobody really controls an area for very long. Lawlessness is almost a tradition in the world, and sometimes leaders enforcing laws is the reason they fall.

    Mortal law is different. And sometimes supernaturals need to bend to it to preserve the first law. If say a vampire broke a Mortals spine in public, and then broke off into a run, practically outrunning police vehicles on foot. Suspicious right? This would be considered a violation of the first law, and justice would be swift.

    Character Sheet.

    Bloodline(Only put if a vampire):

    1) Follow Iwaku's rules.
    2) No Mary sues, Gary stus, etc.
    3) You are allowed to have a maximum of two characters.
    4) You may indeed have a mortal character, but know that they would be at the mercy of pretty much everybody, and it would be best to have changed later.
    5) No one liners unless absolutely necessary.
    6) Sex scenes are to be kept in spoilers or done by PM.
    7) Be nice to each other in the OOC and try to solve conflicts quickly.
    8) Do have fun.

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  2. So if no law enforcement hunters, why not just normal hunters then :P
  3. Normal hunters are fine, but you'd had to explain how they found out about the supernatural world, and even more you have to explain what is their business trying to stop the things destroying supernaturals, which will be the main sort of goal.
  4. @QwibQwib Oh I have no problem writing that out, I gotchu.
  5. Disclaimer: I am hoping that this is not actually needed but I will be putting this here just in case. Please keep any accusations of bigotry to yourself once I post my character, because please do remember that he is a character and does not reflect directly on my own. That will be all, my CS will be up soon, and it will be seen why this was assumed to be needed.
  6. Name:

    William Thompson


    One hundred Seventy three years old, Born in 1,843 in the American Deep South.








    William's appearance is heavily influenced by the fact that he is a Bonekinal. A almost squashed looking snout extends from where his mouth and nose used to be, all that is left of his previous nose being the nostrils. Sharp bone structures puncture out of his skin in areas like his head in the form of horns, his jaw, down the front of his chest, down his arms. And on either side of his tail.

    His skin is chalky white in color. His eyes a bright yellow. And his canines have grown sharper then they originally were, the Vampiric "Fangs" that have become universal for the species are elongated greately for him, poking out almost like a sabertooth tiger. This change has made feeding problematic to him, at least morally. Extra care is needed else he punctures a mortal's throat completely, extinguishing their life just like that.

    William is a bitter and grumpy individual. Convinced that he generally does not mix well with the rest of the world. When he is forced to talk to others though, he can come off as selfish, not really caring about the feelings of others. Critical and brutally honest.

    He is also very loud, Some may think that they are yelling to them. He doesn't call it yelling though, instead he calls it "Talking loud". And that "Living in a Sewer with only the rats as company will do that to ya." But there is a lot more to it, and he has chosen to never tell a soul about it.


    William was born in nineteenth century Georgia to two wealthy plantation owners. He had one brother and one sister. He was the youngest of them all, and the last. The Eldest of the siblings was his sister, Mary Thompson at twenty two, and his Brother, Andrew Thompson at sixteen. At his birth at least.

    Mary and Andrew were like two peas in a pot. And shared much of the same opinions, as well as one where they both disliked their baby brother, and his annoying little cryings. But nothing was to be done about the boy except for complain. The boy grew to be able to talk, and his Father was usually off at business, his Mother, Isabelle was too busy keeping the business going. And finally his Siblings would not have him at all. But he found that there were people practically all around him that just had to talk to him, they just had to.

    And they did, after all they had to. Disobeying the boy holding the penalty of the child potentially going off to tell one of their Masters. And trouble with them they did not want. Though the boy soon found that being around adults was not a thing that he found enjoyable in the slightest. A solution was soon found, one of the slaves' son, James Richards. James was about the same age as William was, which was five at the time. And it was not long after they began to talk with each other that they had become friends. And now William was not nearly as alone.

    Most of his time was spent with James afterwards. Often interrupting with the Boy's own work, William often waved this off however, James never really got in trouble for it, after his mother and him conversed about it all. And eventually with even more pushing from William, James had moved into the main house, where he was to work from then on. James and William grew into their teenage years, and complications arose, most dangerous ones at that.

    Fifteen years old, one of them had fallen in love. William Thompson now found himself staring at James, holding his gaze longer when he brought him food, and he began to sit closer to his friend when they were alone in his bedroom. (Which they often did before, just talkin') William was horrified with the changes, there was no way that James didn't notice it all. He must have, he must not have been saying anything because James knew, he knew that William could ruin him in an instant if he wanted to.

    It was not so.

    One time when they were alone, it was in the dark of night, the rest of the house was asleep, and the door was locked. James turned towards William and he smiled. "Oy, Will, I've been wonderin', ya interested in any girls?" William denied this pretty quickly, and responded with the same question. To which James said he was interested in somebody William was sure that his heart sank five feet. "Who?" he asked.

    And James kissed him.


    The next three years bared uncertainty between the two. In the back of their heads they thought that what they were doing, their relationship was utterly and completely wrong. And if it was found out, oh how they'd hang.. But it was not to be so, nobody found out, and those three years, those three years were the best they could ever be. And then April 12 1,861 rolled along, and the American civil war hit them. The greatest change of their life.

    William was drafted into the Confederate army. And he was forced away from James, and into battle, The absolute worst time of his life. It was hard to handle, the battlefields and the blood. The torn bodies, somehow, oh so miraculously he survived for quite a bit. And it wasn't until near the end of the war that he found himself shot, and fallen onto the ground.

    The pain was horrible, and he was alive, still alive. Oh god, stop, it hurts, please. He begged to die then, the pain was absolutely terrible. And at the time he felt like he'd not be able to bear it.

    William would learn of a new definition of pain though. For hours later, when night had fallen and he was still writhing on the floor he was lifted up suddenly, a shrill, high pitched scream escaped him as he was lifted, it only made the pain worse. And then it all fled from him as he felt a bite on his neck. It was all he could feel, aside from the draining feeling. His eyes went dull, and he was getting part of his wish, the life drained from his eyes and everything went dark.

    He did learn a new definition of pain, a burning, terrible pain. He was not dead, that much was certain. But pain was back, and it was ten fold anything he had ever felt before in his entire life. He couldn't even see, couldn't hear, (Mostly because his own screams were deafening) he could not do anything, but feel and oh, he felt. The pain lasted for a few days. And he awoke changed, the first thing that was noticed was this.. monster, looming over him with what resembled a smile, remarking that he had "Finally awoken."

    The creature's explanation was listened to slowly, and at first of course William didn't believe him even though he did not have a better explanation. A mirror fixed that disbelief though.

    His sire did not stay with him very long, only enough to help him with his first feeding, and explained his disciplines, and the first law to him. And afterwards he was gone, vanished into thin air before William's eyes.

    William did not care about that muck about the first law however. And immediately he set off to his old plantation. He needed to find James, excitement was coursing through him, eternity was the only word that he heard. An eternity with the love of his life, his sire had fully explained the turning process to William, and that's exactly what William was going to give to James. When he reached the area of his plantation, with still much nightlight. He went invisible and entered the house.

    He did not find James inside of it however, and he searched the rest of the plantation. But he still could not find him, and he was moving around frantically, looking at every inch. And then he heard words that stopped him, after he was about to triple check in one of the cabins.

    "Didya hear about that fellow that tried to escape?"

    "The one who was whipped to death? Yeah, I heard about that.. nasty bidness tha' be, eh?"

    "Well.. guess it's a warnin' to us huh? Wha' was 'is name 'gain?"

    "Thinkin' it was James? 'Is parents was devastated.."

    "Bet tha' boy will be sad too?"

    "The Master's son? Psh, what does he care?"

    William could not hear anymore. He walked into the cabin, no longer invisible, his eyes hard. And he screeched at them.

    They were dead on the floor afterwards, and he was beginning his approach his old home. Not bothering to be hidden anymore, he kicked the door off it's hinges once he got close to it, making it fly. His brother came rearing around the corner immediately afterwards, and instantly paled, freezing there. William's expression was blank as he walked up to him..


    His family was completely devoured, not drained off blood, no, devoured William picked their bones completely clean, it was all they deserved, all they deserved for what they had done to James.. Oh James.

    William's new existence began then, he moved far, far away, away from Georgia, and as far west as he could go. Eventually finding himself in California.

    He was soon to learn that he was not welcome, not by his fellow Vampires. And he was soon to find a home underground, away from all of them, far far away. With only the rats as company.

    The world progressed around him, but William hardly changed from the day that his life was taken from him, he hardly changed at all.
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  7. Wow, would you look at that? Jeez, that took forever. I am so proud of it though, now that I think of it, it's not nearly as offensive as I thought it would be, least I don't think it is.
  8. Before I start on my hunter, I have one question. Vampires have enhanced speed and strength right? Just wondering because it'll help me with her background ^_^
  9. They do..

    Knew I forgot to mention something.
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  10. Good then, my hunter will be at a disadvantage so that'll even things out a bit :3

  11. Isabel Lyler


    Age: 24

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: She is at least 5'6, with a rather fit figure, curvaceous even. She is seen wearing a leather hooded jacket that has zippers on each side of her chest, boots, and jeans. Shes a brunette with silver eyes, and is known to be wearing a necklace that has a green gem at the end of it.

    Personality: Observant, never misses a detail about her setting. She can be seen as very talkative girl, with a mischievous attitude, someone who was tough growing up. But that's the outside, the side everyone sees, but deep down inside she broken, and she's broken for all the wrong reasons.

    (I'll try to summarize it and expand on it more in the roleplay)

    Isabel lost both her parents to vampires at the age of two, she didn't know the cause of death until later on in her life when a man decided to take her under his wing, and taught her everything he knew about the supernatural world. It wasn't until she turned 18, when she was allowed to live alone without foster care, did she realize how corrupt the world was thanks to these creatures.

    Her mentor was eventually killed leaving her to basically fend for herself, the only thing he left her with was a book with information on about every creature in the supernatural world, except for the bonekinal because both her mentor and her have never encountered one, but has heard rumors about these hideous creatures...

    She learned how gather money threw theft and such to get by in life, mainly pick pocketing cash for hotel rooms and to afford for her equipment. Since her mentor taught her how to fight supernatural creatures, mostly the vampires, she decided it was time to start taking the fight to them, and began hunting them down one by one. It was no easy job of course, so far she has only been able to kill a little over a dozen of these creatures for the past seven years as they prove to be difficult to track. But this incident in Boston, has caused quite the stir in her book, they had to be involved, so that means she has to figure out why before things get worse.

    Isabel has two pistols, custom made to fit her needs, a collapsible sword, and two hidden blades. She also wears a light weight bullet resistant vest underneath her jacket, not for bullet protection of course, but in case she gets too physical with a vamp. She also has on her a UV flashlight, its mostly a last resort option as the battery in it seems to die fast. She also has a handheld lock pick tool, its what helps her get into places she's not supposed to be in.
    her weapons (open)
    The sword itself is well balanced despite its appearance, and very lightweight. Made from the same material as her hidden blades. She is rather skilled with this weapon, thanks to her raw speed and superb perception, she can become a very formidable foe against anyone, including a vampire once this weapon is brought to the fight.
    These pistols once belonged to the very first vampire she killed, She found these weapons to suit her need, she uses these almost as much as her sword. She is almost as skilled with these as she is with her sword, and is sometimes seen using both the sword and one of these pistols. Where she gets the ammo for these weapons is unknown, but all you need to know is that she has way too much of it.
    The hidden blades are on both of her forearms and hidden under the sleeves of her jacket, They were custom built by a man who found the inspiration from a highly praised video game, and decided to make the weapons real. Isabel has found these useful because they are quickly deployed at a moments notice, and can be hidden very easily. The blades themselves are made from a material that can withstand a blow from a vampire, but that does not mean they are invincible, or cheap.

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  12. I'm going to be adding another variation to the supernatural world soon.

    Be prepared.
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  13. I have added a description of the magic system, it is very basic, and not hard to understand. And in itself not inherently all that powerful. How a person utilizes it however, is where it's power comes from. And I do hope I find creativity in using it.

    Also I hope more people join quite soon ;)
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  14. Interested! Interested!
    I'll have a CS up soon!
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  15. Queessttioonn.
    Could I be one of the richy-rich vampires? .0. Would be gr8 to make a prissy rich girl XD
  16. You could if ya want to, would be a little weird if I listed them and then told people to not play them.

  17. Quincy
    Age: Twenty-three
    Gender: Female
    Species: Mage
    Appearance: Quincy is a petite girl, standing at five foot, seven inches, she doesn't take up much space. Her thick, silver hair with its bluish tint tends to be a crazy mess of tendrils from a lack of brushing, often because she doesn't get much sleep. She either has long and floating of its own accord, or she splits it up into two mainly uneven pig tails. This monster of a mess covers her oval face, making it appear even rounder, and accentuating her thick lips, always seeming to be stained with a matte lipstick she puts on every few days, while outlining her eyelids a few times a day, since she doesn't seem to know it is still the same day. Her eyes are a deep chestnut brown, further prominent by the dark bags she tends to have under her eyes. Her figure is in the shape of a pear-shaped, with voluptuous thighs, a wide waist, and a rather moderately sized bosom, she often has to shop for different sizes in both areas. Her skin is like ivory, pale and fragile, seeming to barely grace the light of day. It has few blemishes, but her shoulders are covered with cafe-colored freckles. Upon her body, however, she tends to have various bruises, each in their own stages of recovery. Whether they were put there by someone, or of her own clumsy fault, she is never completely sure. She doesn't have a memory to give them a cause.
    Her wardrobe often consists of loose jumper pants of crazy patterns and designs and a plain crop top, to add to the overdone "hipster" style, or she simply wears a sweater with overalls. Her feet rarely seem to be covered, leaving them with white calluses,
    Personality: An erratic girl whose mind things faster than she can talk, and her voice tries to make up for it by being as loud as it can be. She doesn't have a filter on her thoughts anymore, and speaks her mind- no matter how stupid it may be. This behavior has gotten herself a few scars on her back and stomach, but she could heal them with the "magic air," as she calls it, too easily to care about them. She does seem ditsy, and loves to have those around her in states of passion- whether that is sex, anger, or extreme sadness.
    Backstory: As a child, Quincy had a passion for helping others. She would sneak into the laundry room when her mother was jogging towards the kitchen to save the meatloaf, and she would try to carry the large laundry basket, with clothes that made a miniature mountain of colors, and try to fold all of it herself. Of course, she was six and it often led to her being buried under all of it, since she would fall backwards with the weight. Her mother, seeing it was becoming a problem with how much Quincy wanted to help, decided she would get the girl a few hobbies to keep her occupied. Ballet didn't last long, and tennis lead to many bruises. It was one Christmas that Quincy was gifted a basic nurse care set, with the stethoscope and white nurse outfit, and the little hat included. After that, she set about checking her stuffed rabbit's temperature and checking on the heartbeat of her jack terrier Zyan, deciding that she was destined to be a nurse. She kept that ideology up, determined to be just above average to keep her grades looking nice enough to get noticed, and through high school, had been able to go under training at the local hospital. With her senior year arriving, she sent out her college applications and high school transcripts, and crossed her fingers and toes, everything she could, hoping for the college of her dreams to accept her. It didn't, but she was merrily greeted into her second choice, figuring it was just a good, and settled. It was her second year in, between rigorous coursework, health observations, and finals, when the "Bad Dream" came. She was stuck in the dream for a whole two days a time that felt like years as she tried to survive in her own unraveling mind. She woke up dehydrated and wary of everything and everyone, seeing the world through erratic and focusing eyes. She had still been in her dorm room bed, but it was at that time her roommate finally started to get suspicious, and had come to try and rattle her awake, that Quincy cut her arm diagonally through the air, not even touching the girl, that her roommate fell down in a pile. A diagonal line of seared flesh disfigured the poor roommate's torso. Confused, not believing she had done anything wrong, simply stood up, knees buckling, fell over the girl, before she picked herself up again. She grabbed her purse out of reflex, and walked out, leaving her phone behind, and never looked back. While Quincy used to be a sweet and resourceful girl, ever since the "Bad Dream" she has turned into a scatterbrained child that giggles at everything, taking next to nothing serious. Now, she tends to find herself in all matters of situations, living for the thrive of passionate people, and not caring much for her past.

    Tobias "Toby" Lussex
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Species: Vampire
    Bloodline: Of the Sakrat family
    Appearance: A tall, lanky man standing at five foot, eleven inches, he has a small torso and long, thin legs. His appendages are covered in some wiry muscles and,in the case of his arms, they are still covered in dark exposed veins from various drug needles. His jawline if sharp, and his eyes are a black that manage to have a dull, unfeeling look to them. His hair is a purposeful mess, and often has strands sticking this way and that. His skin has an unhealthy pallor to it, and it is only emphasized by the black clothes he wears. As for blemishes, he has the normal beauty mark here and there, but there is secretly a crooked and blob-y dull birthmark on his hinder, vaguely resembling a heart.
    Personality: A snarky man that is set upon acting like he doesn't care much about anything, and criticizing most others for it. He tries to live behind the motto of "only looking out for number one," but with the new changes in his life, he is still uncertain of how to handle himself, and even he is worried and scared of what has become of him, and often lashes out because of this.
    Backstory: It is a fairly common story, of a young man who loved to get messed up, out of his mind, every night and have his sexual appetite fed every morning. He didn't have much of plans for his future, preferring to live in the present, and indeed make every moment a gift to himself. He had cut ties with his family long ago, and it was a mutual agreement. He didn't want the baggage of trying to be a good son, and they didn't want a screw up. He was having a decent-sized dose of ecstasy while enjoying a sloppy kiss with another, before there was a sudden, cringing bite and his world slowly dipped into a world of dark euphoria. When he woke up, be was greeted with hot pain, feeling like someone was poking him with a burning hot fire poker all over his body, stabbing him with it, as he went through convulsions and heat flashes, slowly turning. He doesn't remember when he fully gained consciousness, but when he did, he was surrounded with bodies. They covered the floor, from the edges of the room, to those that laid on top of him. Still retaining some of that human fear, he freaked and jump out, running out into the night, never stopping to check if they were alive. Still a fairly young vampire, he fled before he had the chance to be properly sired and be taught of what he was, how to control it, how to relieve it.
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  18. @QwibQwib ill have my hunter finished today ^_^ sorry I just had to get my laptop fixed and that has stopped me from even posting in other threads. But I love the Mage description. This is coming together pretty well :3
  19. [​IMG]

    Name: Sarita Aristotle Bellatrix
    Appearance - 15

    Actual Age - 784 years



    Bloodline(Only put if a vampire):

    Sarita is a very sweet yet stupid girl, always being there to cook you great meals and stuff you with food, but gullible enough to be led to believe she was born from a pumpkin with enough convincing. Sarita is always there for you, even if you don't want her. And if you don't want her... Expect a lot of breaking in and entering and waking up to her cooking you chicken soup in the middle of the night.
    Her behavior drastically changes when she's hungry. She becomes rather violent, insane, and ready to smash your face in. She will also bite anything with blood, practically anything she can sink her teeth into, until her hunger is satisfied.

    Sarita was born to a very wealthy and sofisticated vampire family in England. The Bellatrixes were a well known family, but were heard of, never actually seen except for a select few. As she grew, her parents were very demanding of her. She was forced to wake up at six o'clock on the dot, and was put straight to her studies at the age of three. She tried bowing to her parents wishes, but she was too incompetent for them to stand her. They then decided to pull the punishment and brainwashing tag. Every time she did something incorrectly too many times, which was about twice, even once, she was locked in the basement until her starvation nearly drove her mad. After years and years of this torture, she seemed to be reformed. What had actually happened was that Sarita's torture-filled training had forced another personality to form, in order for her mind to cope. When her parents had caught onto this, they began treating the other personality like a second daughter; a better daughter, naming her Beatrice, who only appeared when Sarita was stressed out. Heartbroken and traumatized they chose a personality they triggered themselves over their actual daughter, she was angry with Beatrice, and any time she could hear her cold and uncaring voice, she expressed with every fiber of her being how much she hated her existence.

    By time America was founded, Sarita's parents decided it was time to expand. They waited another one hundred years to see it's progress, and decided it was the perfect place to expand their little family. They sent Sarita (Only because she carried Beatrice) and several slaves off on a boat to this promise land, having a mansion ready to be placed in a secluded area by the shoreline of Californa. When Sarita was there, she got money solely from mail from her parents, and the slaves working to pick cotton and tobacco. She was merciful compared to Beatrice, who would whip the slaves if they stopped moving. One day one of the slaves had watched her as she was feeding off a deer. She begged the slave not to tell them,
    but the slave informed her they already knew, for their master didn't seem to age a day. She then walked to the home they were all sleeping in, and offered a trade; keep her secret, and she will guarantee their freedom. They accepted, moving northward.

    Time and time went on as she sat by the ocean. Her family's weath did not cease, and she noticed a city called Los Angeles had formed a few miles away from her comfy quiet forest and mansion she lived all alone in. She barely went into the city at first, until she began getting interested in cooking and modern technology. It soon became a frequent spot for her to visit.

    Name: Beatrice
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Beatrice is the opposite end of Sarita's coin; she's cold and calulating, having a vacant, ice cold look to her eyes. She speaks in a monotonous, authorative tone. She speaks only when spoken to, and holds a proper posture. The way her justice works is an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, and she follows this ideal thoroughly.
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