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  1. Welcome to Sky High, a high school full of "magic", "fiction", and "fantasy". This is a place where your dreams and nightmares come to life.

    Sky High welcomes a variety of students ranging from Superheros to vampires to fairies.

    But be warned, upon entering the high school you are assessed and placed as either a Hero, or a Villain. The assembly is held in the gym at the start of every school year to assess new students and assign them to either the villains or the heroes though a show of your powers and strength by fighting the gym teacher, Mr. Arron and which ever senior boys and girls he has join him. Because sky high was a supernatural school, and the only one for probably miles upon miles, the sports teams, clubs and some classes are divided. That means 2 football teams, 2 soccer teams, 2 chess clubs, etc.

    Sky High is a high school that floats completely above the clouds. You may either fly yourself or take the flying bus. Can you survive in this new school?

    {Please fill out the character sheet, its not required but it helps your fellow role-players}
    Year in high school:
    Supernatural Creature:
    Power(s) {if any}:
    Skills {if any}:
    Hero or Villain:
    Bio (optional):

    Quick Rules
    1- No god modding please
    2-No more than 3 powers please
    3- No "Perfect" characters
    4- NO KILLING unless you discuss it with the person before hand, fighting is of course allowed
    5-Have Fun :D


    Name: Rosalie Lite
    Age: 16
    Year in high school: Junior
    Supernatural Creature: Siren (mermaid)
    Power(s) {if any}: Control over the element of water and love
    Skills: Swimming and disappearing
    Weakness: she's terrible at close combat and use of weapons.
    Hero or Villain: Hero
    Gender: female
    Bio (optional): Rosalie was raised as a normal human girl, with a bit of a twist her parents are a mermaid and a human. Rosalie has always known she was different. Her tail grows only when she is exposed to water she swimming in the summer was always hard. Her siren side allows her to control water and has enhanced her ability to control people's emotion over love. She keeps her powers a secret but when she turned 14 she was excepted in Sky High and is able to show her true colors and work on her studies and control over her powers.
    Personality: Rosalie is a very sweet and sassy girl. She is usually the person who knows everyone and everything. She's pretty level headed but can be considered annoying and noisy. She meddles in people's love life at times and can get into trouble easy. She's very friendly and outgoing.

    Rosalie walked to the school bus stop and waited. She rocked back and forth on her heels, it probably looked a little childish but Rosalie didn't really care. She was to excited to care about anything else but going back to school after the semester break. Her book bag sparkled in the early morning sun as she remembered she'd probably be in charge of helping assign freshman this year. Sky High was a very populated school with more new students every year. Rosalie wondered how this year would unfold as the yellow bus pulled up to the curb.
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  2. Name: Mason Lowry
    Age: 18
    Year in high school: Senior
    Supernatural Creature: Angel
    Power(s) {if any}: Can fly.
    Skills {if any}: Skilled with a knife, sword and a bow and arrow.
    Weakness: Has a temper and can be quite rash leading to bad decisions.
    Hero or Villain: Hero.
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Sarcastic, likes to think he is funny. But genuinely friendly and quite kind and caring. Can be very rash though with his temper.


    bluee eyes.jpg


    Mason felt the wind in his hair and loved the way that it ruffled his wings. He felt so free when he was soaring through the sky. These were the times that he loved the wings on his back. Growing up he had been made fun of because angels were always thought of and portrayed as women... Not men. But he had learned to love the fact that he was one his wings being a large part of it.

    It was a new school year. His last school year and his mother was not afraid to remind him of it. Her first born was graduating.. It made her tear up everytime she talked about it. It made Mason roll his eyes. The school finally came into his view and he couldn't help but crack a smile. He was more than likely early as his feet touched solid ground. His wings folded in on themselves and he pulled on a jacket. Thankfully his wings weren't as large as his mothers since she was fully angel where he was only half, his father being a human.

    He plastered a smile on his face and shoved his hands into the pockets of his jeans before walking towards the large building, rather excited for his last first day of school.
  3. Rosalie boarded the bus and took a seat in the middle. She slid into the seat and watched the window. Taking a quick glance around she saw many new faces and of course some familiar ones as well. She waved to the old faces and gave them all a smile. "Attention Sky High Students, Attention." The bus drivers voice rang out over the speaker. Of course people kept talking. "Hey GUYS" He said louder this time. Everyone quieted down and turned their attention to the bus driver. "Thank you, now Welcome to one of the many Sky High school busses. I'm you bus driver, Tomas, that's TOM-AS" He smiled. "Now most of you know how the drill works but for you new students it's simple. The bus leaves at 7:45. no later and no sooner got it? This bus also leaves from the parking lot at 3:15 everyday. If you need to stay later their is a separate bus system for that. Now any questions? Good" Rosalie grabbed her book bag and saw other do the same "Hang on everyone" The bus sudden;y started up and took off towards the sky. The bus goes 0 to around 1000 to get into the sky. One of the new kids flew though the bus and landed on the floor. "Didn't brace yourself kid!" Someone yelled out. People laughed and soon the bus was landing in the parking lot of Sky High. "Welcome to Sky High everyone, have a great first day."

    Rosalie grabbed her stuff and exited the bus. She couldn't help but smile as she walked towards the building and upon entering she looked at her schedule and of course bumped right into Mason and dropped her papers. "God damn it! I'm sorry!" She leaned down to grab them and looked back up at him. "Oh hey Mason"
  4. [​IMG]
    Name: Rosemary Wilde

    Age: 16

    Year in high school: Junior

    Supernatural Creature: Celestial Nymph

    Power(s) {if any}: Gravity manipulation

    Skills {if any}: Hand to hand combat (from mother).

    Weakness: If interrupted while trying to manipulate gravity it won't work, Ice (if you freeze her arms she loses accuracy).

    Hero or Villain: Hero

    Gender: Female

    Bio (optional): Rosemary was raised by her single mother, Another Nymph whom was able to also control gravity while her father was a super human with enhanced strength. They divorced when she was about five and therefore she was left with her mother and occasionally visited her father. Nonetheless, she had a happy childhood with her mother -who is named Aurora- and she was the one who helped Rosemary keep her powers in check.

    Personality: Rosemary is mostly a kind girl and doesn't like conflicts, therefore she tries to avoid them as much as possible and hangs out with anybody. Be it some 'nerdy loser' or some 'popular guy' as long as you're nice most of the times, she'll consider you a friend. But despite also having villains as friends she's only friends with villains when they show her their 'nice side' and have a good reason behind being the 'bad person'.


    - MOTHER -
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  5. --skipping the bus ride to when she's getting out the bus XD--
    Rosemary enjoyed the bus ride for the most part! She loved the adrenaline rush she felt and when the bus arrived to her new high school, Sky high, She grinned but felt nervous at the same time as she got out the bus. She wore a strapless blue floral dress for the most part and some matching plain light blue flats and held her books and whatnot in her arms wrapped tightly against her chest. Her chocolate brow chair was down and she looks around. The hard part would definitely be making friends, however some students who passed by seemed to greet her randomly. Probably and most definitely because of her looks, however she didn't trust them yet couldn't ignore them as that would be rude and he grinned revealing her deep dimples."Oh! Hey! Sorry, I'm going to go now!" The girl simply said as she walked away, much to most of the villainous guys dismay as his friend laughed hard at him.
  6. Mason stumbled slightly when he was run into. "Oh, hi." He nodded at the blonde. "It's... Rosalie?" He asked her, and smiled at a few people who passed by him. Everyone was filing inside now and he watched them curiously. He adjusted the straps of his bag and ran a hand through his hair. "How was your summer?" He asked her curiously.
  7. Rosalie nodded. "Yeah it is." She'd never really talked to Mason before but she'd heard about him. He looked kind of like the typical "bad boy" you see in a movie. "Oh it was fun! A little swimming her and little extra sleep there, you know normal summer i suppose." She shrugged and blew a stray strand of her very blonde hair out of her face. "And yours?" She noticed she had around 10 minutes before her class started anyway. A freshman walked by and right into a locker. She made a wincing face and felt sorry for him. She remembered being a freshman. "Hey aren't you a senior?" she asked Mason.
  8. Name:Shiloh Milton(actions in pink) or Shi
    Age: 16
    Year in high school: Junior
    Supernatural Creature: Mix of Light and Dark magician
    Power(s) {if any}: Light Magic, specialty is weather, elements, healer
    Skills {if any}: magic. Not as good in hand to hand or weapons as brother.
    Weakness: Dark magic, it scares her. Easily distracted, cute things and candy. Anything to do with her brother.
    Hero or Villain: Hero
    Gender: Female
    Bio (optional): Her mother was a light magician and her father was a dark. Together they had two children, the oldest Jason, is a dark magician and the youngest, Shiloh. They split and the mother took the daughter and the father took the son. They both grew up being trained by the parent. The kids both had a major soft spot for the other which leads to them both being protective of the other.
    Personality: bubbly and happy. Loves to eat sweets and hates having to fight. Loves gardening. Protective of her brother.
    Name: Jason Milton (actions in blue)
    Age: 17
    Year in high school: Senior
    Supernatural Creature: Mix of Light and Dark magician
    Power(s) {if any}: Dark Magic specialty shadow control, elements, fear manipulation
    Skills {if any}: hand to hand combat and weapons as well as magic.
    Weakness: Anything to do with his sister. Light magic. Can't multi task.
    Hero or Villain: Villian
    Gender: Male
    Bio (optional): His mother was a light magician and his father was a dark. Together they had two children, the oldest Jason, is a dark magician and the youngest, Shiloh. They split and the mother took the daughter and the father took the son. They both grew up being trained by the parent though his training was harder then his sister. The kids both had a major soft spot for the other which leads to them both being protective of the other.
    Personality: Quiet, rude, doesn't open up to people well. Hates gardening but tolerates it for his sister. Protective of Shiloh.

    Shiloh and her brother arrived to school on he bus together. "Aren't you excited?!" She said happily. "Why would I be exited? We were here last year it's not like something changed." Jason said with a bored look as the two stepped off. "Yeah, but we see new people! And new subjects! It should be fun and exciting!" Shi said and skipped off. "We can make new friends and," she gasps "imagine all the new sweet cakes I get to make in cooking class!!" Shi squealed and started giggling. "I can taste the culinary masterpieces already!" Jason rolls his eyes at her. He has yet to tell her that he really doesn't like the sweet things he makes since she add too much sugar but he would hate to hurt her feelings. "Yeah, woo hoo." He spoke sarcastically.

    He followed behind her sister as she ran around the school yard, watching her greet people or chatter on and on about how "exciting" and "new" this school year would be. "Maybe you should calm down." Jason suggested.
    "But there's so many new things to see--" Jason interrupted her. "Nothing's changed.." Shiloh ignored him and kept talking. "And people to meet!" She said and giggles.
  9. Name: Christopher "Chris" Gooding

    Age: 17

    Year in highschool: Senior

    Supernatural Creature: God (Has been stripped of his immortality, but still wields his abilities)

    Power(s): Chris's father is Kratos (god of power, might, and strength) and his mother Lyssa (god of rage and fury) there's a combination of anger and power. When his emotion turns to great anger he turns into a terrifying hulkish being that he can mostly control.

    Skills: Great hand to hand combatant very skilled with pretty much any weapon due to his godly training. Only thing he can't get the hang of is guns.

    Weakness: His girlfriend, Rosalie. Also if he gets too anrgy he loses control. Doesn't sound much like a weakness, but if he can't control that beast then things can get out of hand. At that point the only one who can stop him physically is his father Kratos and emotionally is Rosalie.

    Hero or Villain: Hero

    Bio: He was born into a godly family, but due to a series of events that resembles Hercules' story he was sent to earth with out his godly aura and immortality, however he still had all the abilities and powers he was blessed with. Chris was found by two aspiring artist's in L.A. California who were engaged at the time and was raised by them. They both became very successful people. His new father became the owner of a clothing line as well as being a very successful painter. His new mother designed clothes for that clothing line. After growing up with this family his real father came back for him officially after he found out where he was. His parents knew that something was different about him from the start, but they were so open minded they weren't surprised at the fact that his real parents were Greek gods. Chris decided to stay with his new family, but he still went to visit his mom and dad, who had a beach house on the coast of California. They were stationed there when ever they weren't on Mt. Olympus in New York to help raise their son, and try to get him back into a godly state, however it was too late, after being human for some 10 years they couldn't bring his godly aura back. At this point, he was ready to move out of his human parent's house and move in with his real parents to train and become more like them. He spent his time there until high school started. Then he moved into his own apartment, which wouldn't have been possible for a 14 year old boy to do unless it was for godly persuasion on a human land lord. It was in that neighbor hood where he met the love of his life Rosalie Lite. It wasn't until the first day of his Jr. of high school that he asked her to be his girlfriend, due to the fact that he felt like she was way out of his league, even though she was a whole year younger than him. They spent last year, (One year being the first day of school) still counting, as a happy couple.

    Looks: Normal


    Chris stepped out of his bus and took a good look at his amazing school. The wind was blowing against his white T-shirt and ripped jeans making his clothing press up against him. He took a deep breath and smiled. He turned his head to notice his beautiful girlfriend who he hadn't seen since they last swam together a couple weeks ago, he then noticed Mason, a guy who's been in most of his classes for the past few years. He walked over to the two quietly so he could sneak up behind Rosalie only to hug her from behind. "Hey beautiful," he said before kissing her cheek. He then let go of Rosalie and went up to Mason offering a fist bump. "What's up man!" he said, still smiling.
  10. Suddenly Rosalie felt two strong arms wrap around her waist as her boyfriend Chris appeared behind her. With a kiss on her cheek she giggled softly. "Hey Chris" she leaned back on his chest and smiled happily. She could still remember him asking her out last year. She was only a sophomore at the time but she'd easily fallen for Chris. They'd some how become a pretty popular couple around school but Rosalie really could care less. She was happy with Chris. She noticed her friend Shiloh out of the corner of her eye and decided to go see her. "See you guys at the assembly" She smiled and quickly kissed Chris so no teachers would see. They had gotten in trouble quite a bit for PDA last year. She walked off and met the two siblings. "Hey Shi! Hey Jason" She smiled to the two and then kept walking before she bumped into Rosemary. "Oh gosh.. I really need to watch where I'm going!" she exclaimed before looking at the girl. "Hey are you new? I'm Rosalie" she smiled
  11. "Yeah I'm a senior." Mason offered her a smile, his eyes flickering over to Chris when he approached. "Hey," He nodded and returned the fist bump before shoving his hands into the pockets of his jeans. "I should be going though I don't want to be late for class or Larson will kill me... Literally he will take his glasses off and I will turn to stone.." He laughed and shrugged his shoulders, biting his lower lip. "I'm sure I will be seeing you around." He nodded at Chris before continuing down the hall, nodding at a few more of his friends that he passed by. Mason knew a lot of people because his mother knew a lot of people. It was one of those things. He arrived in class and took a seat in back, dropping his bag to the ground.
  12. Soon Rosemary was bumped and she suddenly looked at who it was only to see another girl. As she held her supplies against her chest she seemed to say 'sorry!' At the same time as the girl was talking and grinned laughing cheerily."Rosilie?" She repeats just to make sure she said it right then smiled."Um, yeah. I'm new to the school..and the neighborhood.--Er, town." She nods giving her her hand to shake."I'm Rosemary. Rosemary Wilde." She said introducing herself.
  13. She shook the new girls hand happily. "haha well welcome to sky high. I'm Rosalie Lite, I'm a junior here." She looked at the clock "Do you need help getting around?" She asked.
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  14. Rosemary nodded."Yeah, I gotta feeling that I'll be ending A LOT of help and with you helping me and possibly being my first friend? I think it'll be easier." She said smiling."So I guess you'll be my tour guide if it isn't any trouble!"the girl smiled."So I heard the school is almost divided in twos.. Is it cause it's a mix of heroes and villains?" She asked.

    { sorry didn't know what else to write }
  15. Rosalie nodded "I'd love to help you we'll be great friends!" She smiled "Come on I'l show you to the gym, the school is a bit confusing but it gets easier." She explained. Rosalie waved to people in the halls as they walked. "Yeah actually. It's because our school is full of supernatural people. They want us to have a "normal" experience while learning to control our powers. It wouldn't be fair if we competed against normal humans" She smiled at her new friend "So if you don't mind me asking what kind of creature are you?" Her curiosity was to much to hide.
  16. Name: Damon Riley

    Age: 16

    Year in high school: Junior

    Supernatural Creature: Phoenix

    Power(s) {if any}: Flame Control, Flight.

    Skills {if any}: Damon is exemplary with speed, great with riddles, and his reflexes are top-notch.

    Weakness: He is a little antisocial and pretty weirded out by human contact. His arrogance makes him seem like an A-hole, but he's a 'nice guy' inside. Finally, the control over his powers isn't the best, meaning that if he isn't careful, things can go to flames.

    Hero or Villain: Hero.

    Gender: Male

    Bio (optional): Born into a family of 'magical misfits', Damon was a little different. His family's powers usually resembled those of the sea, but for some reason, he got fire. He was quickly disowned and was adopted by a rich family with less... "interesting" powers, like perfect balance and X-ray vision. He was sent to Sky High and ever since he joined, he never really made friends; his original goal to simply make it through school.

    Personality: Damon doesn't talk much and first impressions aren't always the best for him, but he's actually a caring person if you get to know him. That's IF you get to know him...

    Looks: Normal - blonde_anime_guy_2_by_lovelyladybugs-d6vf3pw.jpg

    Phoenix form - Pretty much him but on fire.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Damon stepped into the halls of the school, pushing his glasses up onto his face. He looked around into the crowds students and sighed softly, "Another year of this..." He smirked and began whispered to himself, "Here goes nothing." He tugged on his small suitcase, ready for yet another year of school.

    Like the previous years he was here, he followed the crowd to the gym, where the assembly was to be held, or so he heard.
  17. "See you around Mason!" he said as he walked away. He got tackled and pushed by his jock buddies. "Hey guys!" he exclaimed. Jocks here didn't play sports, they were just really good when it came to competing against other supernaturals in the sports and competitions the school would set up for them. They were the V.I.P. males of the gym...however that never always meant the strongest. "Chris! New jackets came in bro," his friend Joseph said. "Thank the gods! I thought we were going to have to wait until second semester like last year. Pass me mine would you?" Joseph passed Chris his jacket and he slipped it on. It read "Sky High" on the back with his nick-name "The Red Brute" right under it. "These are the best ones yet! Coach does good with these!" he said before motioning the guys to head to the assembly building. They loved getting to see all the freshman's powers. One thing Chris would secretly wish for every year was a god, or at least a demi-god like him. Everyone who was a child of a god would always spend their full year at this camp that was built for them. Chris never went mainly, because he always saw his godly parents, the kids there usually didn't.

    High hopes for this year, he thought to himself. I'll even accept a freakin Centaur, send SOMEONE from Olympus here Uncle Zeus! he pleaded in his mind.

    Chris and the jocks sat in the very back where they usually sat. He waited for his girlfriend. She would usually sit a few rows down from him with new freshman that she would take under her wing for the year. He admired her for always wanting to help out. It was one of the many reasons he fell in love with her.
  18. "Ah-ok!" Rosemary said waking beside her. She asked what creature she was and Rosemary smild as usual."I'm a celestial nymph. What about you?" She asked as she held to her stuff. Rosemary fixed her hair and straightened out her dress slightly and looked back at Rosalie."And I see.. It's a really big school.." She mumbled.
  19. Rosalie nodded. "It can be a bit overwhelming at times, the freshman usually have it the worse though." She was actually really curious when Rosemary told her what creature she was "A celestial nymph? It sounds awesome! What are your powers? I've actually never met a real live nymph before!" She said excitedly. "Oh me? I'm a siren, or more known as a mermaid." She said " Nothing super cool" She added as they walked into the gigantic gymnasium. She climbed some of the bleachers and sat in the middle of the row on the heroes side. She turned around and saw Chris with his friends. She smiled at him and waved, trying not to embarrass him in front of his friends. Turning back to Rosemary she asked "So what do you like to do for fun?"
  20. Mason never really went to the beginning of the year assembly since his schedule was already quite full as it was. He was graduating early that year and needed all the hours he could get in. He wasn't the only one who was missing the assembly either since it was mandatory for all new students. He wasn't new therefore he didn't have to go. He smiled at a few people who walked inside to join him for the morning. Mason took his phone from his pocket and played on it until the teacher arrived. He liked the man. It was an advanced science class and Mason had a weird fascination with the subject. He tucked his phone away and leaned forward in his seat, taking a notebook and a pen out.