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  1. " we go." mumbled Rhone, viewing the land around him from top to bottom. Meet Rhone Edwards, a mercenary born and raised with purpose.He wore an armor made from the finest of steel, a blade the size of a man, and devastating swordsman skill.Edwards learned all of this when his life decided to speed up and move forward without warning.You see, Rhone is a Burner, a child made to be a guardian of godly class.This was first realized ten years ago, when he was first maturing and learning of magic and myth. It made him smile how he could remember the day he almost burned his room down to the ground.He never realized such power existed, let alone live inside of him. Since then he's been wondering around as a trained killer. But always returning to his family to see how they're fairing in life.Most of the time Rhone spends his time in town walking through Lazoruss, searching for new contracts, but keeping his plate clear of trouble. The reason for being in the forest was to meet his good friend, Thrax.

    Rhone walked around the forest seraching for an open area. One without trees or people around to notice him and his friend. He looked ahead a noticed the perfect spot next to a river that lead up to a lake. "Perfect," he whispered, walking down the path towards the field, he heard a roar breach the forest. The sound of it excited him to hold his hands high in the air and reply. Rhone made a sound like a howling wolf to call to his companion, he closed his eyes waited patiently. Soon a large shadow flew over the field to circle the ground, looking up he saw his dragon, Thrax, diving down and landing infront of him. Thrax was his noble and loyal beast. The dragon reached out his head to greet his master, groaning from comfort of Rhone's hand along his nose. "How've you been' asked Rhone, being connected to his dragon, he understood their language. "We must return home, your father needs to speak with you" replied Thrax. Rhone didn't question it knowing that it mite be important, he just smiled and leaped on to Thrax's back. Thrax stood on his legs and held his wingss in the air, letting out a beserk roar and launching off into the sky. Rhone was nevous about what his father had to say, but with the wind flowing through his hair and his dragon with him, he didn't care and waited for what was in the coming few moments.
  2. Nolan sat leaning against his loyal wolf companion, Fenyr and played his flute for the massive winged animal. Just as the children loved his music, so did his wolf. He played while Fenyr laid with his eyes closed, content. Then Fenyr lifted his head and looked around.

    "Nolan, there is activity."

    Nolan stopped playing and looked in the direction Fenyr was looking. Children were running their way. He smiled softly and stood.

    "I suppose I'll play them a song and we'll leave, all right?"

    Secret was, Fenyr loved children. He pretended he tolerated them for Nolan, but only long enough for a song or two at most. As the song played, the children would be on Fenyr, sitting patiently and listening as they pet the giant wolf. During this time, Fenyr practically fawned over them, letting the younger ones pull at his hair and the older ones pet him and climb up on him to listen to the music. Nolan knew Fenyr would never admit to liking the attention though, so he would pretend that Fenyr was getting impatient with him and he would quit after a song or two, depending on what was going on.
  3. Clarissa's hands glowed softly against the child's tanned skin, her fingers cool and gentle against the obnoxious red scrapes and bruising. What a silly boy, she thought with a smile. The redness faded, then the scrapes melted into nothingness. A wide grin spread across the child's face, a heart-warming contrast to the grimance he'd worn a few minutes earlier.

    "Thank you, Clari!" The boy sprinted off, shouting back at her over his shoulder. Clarissa saw him turn into a mass of shadows as he rushed to his home. It bothered her to think that she would some day not be able to see the stunning little grin cross his face. She pushed the grim thought from her mind and turned her gaze back to her door. It seemed she had a little time on her hands now. She stood, rubbed her hands together to heat them slightly, and then wandered off into the forest. Her friend would be wanting to see her.

    Minutes passed. She was getting into territory she wasn't too familiar with, and growing uneasy. "Beren?" She called out, stopping in her tracks. The welcome clip-clopping of hooves met her ears and she turned in the direction the sound came from. The pegasus nuzzled at her hands. Clarissa could feel the concern in the gesture, and smiled down at her companion. "I'm fine, really. I panicked a little, that's all." She stroked Beren's neck. "Can I have a ride today?" The pegasus seemed to nod, and Clarissa hitched her dress up round her thighs, swinging a leg across his back.

    She had seconds to steady herself before Beren took to the air. Clarissa couldn't see most of the scenery from her perch on his back, but she was happy to be in the skies again, fluffy clouds surrounding her and a carpet of green treetops below her. Beren would never linger long in the sky though, preferring to know his little mistress was safe on the ground. Today's trip would be a swift fly across the huge city, then a gentle landing not far from her home.
  4. Vertrag reeled and scratched the sky with it's long black talons. The red dragon was 10 feet from tail to nose with a wingspan almost as long. The beast flew at frightening speeds, but Rhaego relished the wind whistling in his ears. Up in the sky, it was the only place where is body felt cold. Rhaego let out a loud holler from his lips and let the hood of his long red coat fall back from his face. Long golden blonde hair whipped across his face, and for a moment he felt the urge to let the reins fly free and hold his tattooed arms wide in the air. But instantly he dispelled the idea and and gripped the leather tighter.

    "Vertrag!" Rhaego called. "Lets pack it in for today. I want to explore the forest." His voice was carried away by the wind, but the red dragon still understood. With a roar, the beast circled downwards and laded in a sizable clearing. Rhaego smiled and jumped down from the dragon, lading on all fours. He say his satchel on the ground and pulled out old pieces of cloth and two sets of metal claws. He wrapped his hands in the tattered cloths, and tied the hand claws to his wrists and the backs of his hand.

    "I'll be back soon." Rhaego whispered and pulled the hood of his red coat over his face. "I'll bring you back a deer or two. I promise. If I need you, you'll know." The blond boy reassured and prowled his way through the massive trees. His tall, soft leather boots made no noise against the leaf-covered ground. He would have been invisible if it wasn't for the bright red hood, but Rhaego didn't need to be undetected. He needed to be fast to catch his food.
  5. Old people and wilted plants seemed to have a lot in common. At least, through the eyes of this teenager, they shared many traits, which she could count off on her fingers easily. For one, they both had a surplus of wrinkles galore, typically. Some elders were fortunate to still have somehow smooth, uncreased skin, but this was a rare occurence, as aging was natural and would happen whether one wanted or not. Ancient bodies usually began to slump over with maturity, the spine becoming weak and hunched, creating a buldge in the back and a forever permanent stance of shoulders raised to the sky. The same was with the withered twigs and stems of nature, aiming for the ground to go back where they once came from. The colors on a petal may fade over time, comparing with the shade of human hair. It was often a plant became grumpy over time as well, just like some mortals. But, this wasn't as obvious to others as it was to the Burner in particular that is spoken of at this very moment. Not everyone could communicate with plants, and she now understood this to be a special trait. Her mother told her she was unique when she was smaller, which was the nice way to just say 'Honey, you are a weird, strange little person, and you'll never be normal, so just get use to it'. Well, she was adjusted to being a rare find by now, and it didn't bother her as much as it use to. The one difference between geezers and plants that she could find within her thoughts was that these depressed, hopeless little signs of life, they could be reborn and replenished by the touch of her fingers.

    A smile softened the girl's pale complextion as she reached out with care, grazing her hand against the fallen daisy, shuddering in the frequent breeze. Closing her eyes slowly, at contact with the other form of life, her fingers began to glow a faint shade of green. Immedietely, the flower rose up, straightening it's spine back up as it had once so many days ago, when it was a young child. Happily smiling to the sun with it's pollen, it whispered a word of gratitude to the Burner as she retrieved her limbs back to her sides. Pushing back a few strands of white from her vision, Riza slid her palms up to her lower back, arching her spine as a grunt erupted from the good, long stretch she was engaged in. How beautiful this day was so far, how lucky she was to enjoy it. An optimistic individual, she could not be upset or stressed out when within Her forest. It was Hers in her own opinion, and she would not succumb to saying it was anyone else's. Glancing down to her little shadow showing up against the leaves on the ground, it took a few moments for her to guess what time of day it was currently. Not too late yet, so she still had time to relish this wonderful weather and breathe in the clean air. Her teacher would not need her for at least a couple more hours, which was the best news she came across so far. Time was short to her, she figured she must enjoy it as often as it is granted to her use.

    Looking around, she wondered where her dear friend was. Gazing across the forest area with bright, gray eyes, hands moved up to settle upon her hips, which fastened her flower-esque bladed weapons against the sides. As a young girl who could control plants, it was never too much to bring the blades wherever she went, just in case combat was necessary at some point in her life in an area without her leafy comrades. Looking down to the barrel hanging around her neck holding some fresh water, she cleared her throat softly, bringing the opening to her lips to take a sip. It was funny how parched she felt when compared to normal beings. It was more often she was the one feeling thirsty, which she would take was from being who she was. Like a plant, she needed a great amount of water to have her energy. This was bothersome and annoying to her, but she would not complain as long as she was healthy. Arching her eyebrows, she shivered gently, feeling odd at the moment. Riza felt she was not alone in her forest.

    Twirling around on the heels of her mary janes, she whistled loudly in a bright, melodic tune, which only lasted about five seconds. A loud buzzing sound rippled through the air, bringing a bright smile back to her face. The large head of a praying mantis popped out from the treetops, blinking over in her direction before jumping down onto the earth. Thumping over with limbs that were much larger than the forest in general, Wrenlord stopped short, curling up with his body to bring himself closer at her height. The gentle giant was such a softie, most did not know besides his partner. Riza reached up to caress the top of his right pincher, rubbing it softly as if it was a pet on it's own.
    "Good morning, Wren."

    "Good to you maybe. I just woke up," the beast rolled it's buggy eyes, clicking at her softly with his jaw. Laying down beside her, his head was almost twice her full height, with his seeing orbs meeting her own. Stopping abruptly as he spoke, he blinked a few times and twisted his head to peer past the twisted area of trees. Someone was there, somewhere around them. His body quivered with excitement as a possible new contact, but also it shook with a defensive perspective, if it may be an enemy. Glancing back to Riza, he cocked his skull to the right once more, blinking more in response, as it was what he was good at doing.
    "What do you suppose we do about That?"

    "I think we should be as curious as we can be, and sneak around like true explorers."
    Riza grinned, wrapping her arms around the same limb she had been pressing her palm against. Nuzzling his roughened exterior carefully, as she had learned in the past how badly it can wound her own fragile skin, she gave a tight hug before letting go completely. Turning in the opposite direction, she began to walk ahead of her closest friend, gesturing to him without bringing her eyes back.
    "It's not like we can really sneak around.. But we can at least wander and see if we spot anyone..or anything."
    With that, the two were sent to stroll along the forest, following the soft, barely audible movement they could feel from the vibrations in the ground. This was easily detected, as both were incredibly in tune with the nature around them. Being a freak did have it's perks, afterall.
  6. Rhone's destination wasn't far from where he was last. His father stood next to an old farm house, waving his, signalling for Thrax to land. Rhone looked over head with a smile of old memories, he could remember so clearly how he would play with the animals in his father's farm house. The sheep would always come up to him looking for food, the pigs played tag with him every other evening, reading stories to his smaller brother and sister, and the smell of his mother's cooking eminating from the fire pits through the whole house.He tapped Thrax on his left horn and pointed next to an open spot for them to land. It filled Rhone's heart when he heard a peaceful collaberation of voices greet him home, a sound that any fighter loves to hear when they've spent most of their time in battle. All at once, his family spoke... "Welcome home Rhone!" and gave a blissed smile along with.

    Rhone was tackled to the ground by his two younger siblings and did nothing but smile and hug them like it was his last. Never did he know it would be. "Hey guys how've you been?" asked Rhone, he had not a care in the world when he was with his familly. "Come inside son, me and your father have something to tell you." Hearing that almost wiped the smile right from his face, but it was still important, so he kept smiling and followed them in. "Thrax play with the two youngling while I'm gone. OK?" Thrax knew that this was going to be intense, so he noded and lifted the two up on his back and pretended to fly.

    "So whats the matter?" he asked.
  7. Beren had been faster than usual today, perhaps feeling something amiss. He made sure to decend gradually, but touched down far earlier than Clarissa had expected. Still, it left time for another little exercise. She slipped off him, stroking his neck.

    "Clarissa, are you sure you want to try this again today?" Beren's head tilted to one side. He rarely spoke unless it was to voice a concern, his body language normally covering most of the communication. His little mistress nodded, taking a cloth from a little pocket and tying it firmly round her eyes. She was trying to get used to only moving around with her senses of touch and hearing. Beren's discomfort was a result of the previous week's attempt, when she'd ended up walking into a tree.

    "Only as far as the next clearing, then. Remember, you do have to get back to your... patients." They made slow progress towards the line of trees that marked the entrance to the next clearing, Clarissa's bare feet tentatively feeling out each step before she took it. Her hand met solid bark and a sigh of relief passed her lips. No crashing into things this time. She slipped through the trees into the clearing and pulled the blindfold off, then looked up to see a massive red blur sitting opposite her.

    "What in the world..." She spoke softly, straining to make out a shape. With a few more tentative steps forward, the blur solidified. She cried out and stumbled backwards into Beren, wishing he'd never let her get off his back. She'd unwittingly wandered right into Vertrag.
  8. Brynn sighed as she floated atop the silvery lake. She felt the waves made by the wind lap at her sides as her hands hung just beneath the surface. She closed her eyes and imagined she was in the ocean, the currents tugging at her from below. She longed to feel the cool, salty water splash against her face. Opening her eyes, she turned her head and peered at Scylla, her dragon, who was swimming a little ways away.

    "What time do we have to get back?" She asked sleepily. Judging by the sun's angle it was probably around 6. She didn't want to go back to camp but she knew she had duties to fulfill.

    Scylla turned her head and looked at Brynn. We should take leave at 6:30 in order to arrive at the destination at the precise time. Scylla could speak aloud in her own language but it seemed more naturally for her to just project her thoughts to Brynn.

    Brynn groaned and flipped over so that she was treading water. She decided that she would probably have enough time for one quick dive under the surface. She started to swim out to the center of the lake and called over her shoulder, "Just give me ten minutes! I just want to dive one more time!" She took a deep breath and disappeared under the surface. Hopefully, nobody would try to contact her while she was under but lately, she had been getting a lot of summons from different people asking her to help them.

    As she dove deeper, the light began to fade as the water became harder to penetrate. Bubbles floated around her as she churned the water with her feet. She love it under the water and would sometimes stay under for hours at a time just swimming along the bottom. She had the ability to control water which gave her the ability to breath under water. So far, she had stayed under for a maximum of 2 hours. She didn't go very far. Just far enough that she felt completely alone and peaceful but still near enough to the surface that if her ability decided to stop working, she could always come back up quickly. She had just discovered the breathing ability a few weeks ago when she had accidentally taken in a lungful of water and it didn't start to drown her. Of course, Scylla threw a fit when she learned what happened but she was getting used to Brynn always staying under.

    Brynn looked down again dove down a little farther then finally settled in a spot on the floor and sat to think. She smiled and closed her eyes knowing that Scylla would call her if there was any trouble.
  9. Rhaego slipped down below the brush as soon as he heard the sounds of footfalls. He was never an expert when it came to hunting, his survival skills were rudimentary at best. Rhaego nearly laughed at how he survived for almost 10 years. He saw the strange shadow cross in front of him and he flashed his white teeth. 3...2...1... and Rhaego pounced like a cougar. He grabbed with his hands, rather than his claws out of uncertainty, which he was thankful for. He came crashing to the ground right on top of a young woman. She wasn't far from his own age, her hair was a nearly while blonde, and her skin was fair and gentle. For a few seconds, Rhaego remained on top of her, then suddenly his face became as red as his coat and he stumbled backwards.

    Rhaego didn't know how to talk to her. She was the first human he'd seen in years. His blue eyes sized her up, and he decided that she wasn't much of a threat. Still, he held his clawed hands in the air and smiled awkwardly. "Um... I'm sorry lady..." He looked behind her and saw the creature that cast the bizarre shadow. His eyes widened and a swear escaped his words. "Lady! Behind you! Watch out!" He roared, almost petrified with fear. There in front of him was massive praying mantis.

    On the other hand, the red dragon yawned lazily, and nearly lit the entire forest on fire.Smoke billowed out from it's large scaled nostrils, sometimes in little ringlets that grew as they rose until the smoke was flushed away with the wind. Vertrag heard a scream, and followed the sound until he saw a young woman with long blonde hair, and a Pegasus. The lazy creature rolled onto it's side and smiled, showing its massive fangs. "Hello." The dragon 'said'. While the dragon possessed a voice, its maw remained still. The sound seemed to resonate in the head of the listener. It was a deep voice, but warm like a stove. "I thought you were Rhaego."
  10. Riza was not quite use to being 'jumped'. Unlike some others with fighting experience, she did not exactly have the whole intimidation thing going for her. Staring up at the boy who appeared suddenly upon her, large gray eyes blinked in a completely bewildered manner. One moment she found herself walking through the forest, the next she was on the ground, pushed by what she actually thought was an animal upon first reaction. Collecting her thoughts together once more, instinctively her head shook from side to side, swaying white threads away from her vision. Yes, this was a boy, she was sure of it. As he stared into her gaze directly back, her lids fell over more than once, waiting for some kind of noise or movement to add and break this immobile silence. Instead, his body oddly moved away, stumbling this way and that like an awkward little squirrel who had lost meaning for why they gathered nuts before the winter season. Riza could not help it, a giggle softly passed her lips as she observed his warming cheeks. Manuevering up onto her feet carefully, she cleared her throat and bent over slighty to dust small palms against the slightly dirtied tights warming her thin legs. Mumbling to herself incoherently, the girl twisted over to make sure her weapons were fastened on tightly still. It would be quite the bad outcome of a situation if one was to fly out and stab an innocent soul in the pelvis. Quite, quite bad, indeed.

    "You . . got dirt on my tights."
    A bottom lip pushed out, forming the undeniable pout along the porcelain face of this individual. Gazing up into his blue eyes with her own their unique shade, brows furrowed as she accused him of doing such a horrible thing. Of course, she had plenty other pairs at home. It was just that..she took pride in her attire, as did plenty of females. This was now such a tragic day, tsk. It was at this moment that she noticed his claws. Eyes widenening even moreso than the norm for her, Riza found herself being unintentionally rude as she stared directly over the strange apparatus. Never before had she seen anything like it.. He was just as different as she was. Well, maybe not as cool, she wouldn't give him that right away. He didn't seem very mean, more clumsy and harmless than anything. This was a sign she would take to breathe in and out, enjoying her sweet time. It wasn't as if she'd have to run away, she didn't get the sensation he was a potentional offender.

    Suddenly, like a beast, he exclaimed in roars about warning her from something. Giving him one of the most strange looks she could muster up, Riza placed her hands on her hips, elbows out, chest up as well as her chin. Smiling proudly, her eyes did not leave the boy as she didn't need to look up to her friend, who had stopped beside her, bowing his head down to the ground to stare at the unknown figure as she did.
    "Please. Do not be frightenend. We come in peace."

    "We're not aliens, Riza . . "
    Rolling his rather bulky eyeballs, Wrenlord clicked along with his snarky remark, being gently smacked on the head by his Burner. Nuzzling up against her back with barely any strength involved, since he would most definitely push her right over onto the ground again, and had the potential to crush a human without trying, he had mastered the art of being gentle with his Riza, at least. Focusing on the other individual once more, he wondered what the claws were for, where they came from, if this boy owned a beast as well. A bit on the defensive side, Wrenlord kept his limbs tense for any attack that may come their way. He was not use to strangers, and with his rider beside him, he would not let his guard down for a minute. Unless, of course, this boy had some giant insect morsels to offer. Then, only then, would be consider rolling over in submission.

    "I know that! Don't mock me in front of people . ."

    Riza moped and whimpered in his direction, huffing as she turned back with her arms folded across her chest. Smiling softly, she found she was most confident now that her friend was down at their level. It made it easier to talk when a giant praying mantis was laying next to you, she would agree and support this claim any day.
    "My name is Riza. This is Wrenlord. Who . . are you?"
  11. The conversation took a small few half hour. When Rhone marched his way back to Thrax he had a distant look on his face. But still had the ability to smile and did nothing less. His father led him into the back room, handing him a bag of food, potions, and other supplies needed for travel. "You'll be missed my son.." his father said, as nothing far from a mumble or whisper. He shook hands with his father and hugged his mother for what it would be worth later on. He strapped his sheath to his back and put away his sword, he slowly walked up to Thrax to tell him the news, his sister and brother already knew about what was going on when the hugged him and said "goodbye." He jumped on Thrax's back and looked toward the horizon, wondering why such a time had to happen now of all times. But true to himself, he looked at his home and gave another smile, they waved him off, raising his morality enough to put him back on track, he looked down at Thrax and noded for him to fly.

    "Are you ready?"

    Thrax was a dragon of large proportion, he ranged over fourty-two feet long, with wings twice as big as his body. He streched out his massive wings and took flight just below the clouds. "Who knew destiny would find us now, huh Rhone. Oppurtunities like this, usually find you sooner or later." Thrax was always cheering up his Burner if he was ever to feel demoralized. thrax divied down close to the ground, then hovered for a moment, enabling him to have an easy landing. The landed somewhere close to a water supply fit for a dragon and his rider. He crouched on folded in his wings and crawled into the cave to rest, but kept his senses alive and heated for if Rhone needs him.

    "Thrax i'm gonna go look around, try not to get in any trouble." Rhone had felt someone close by in the area, someone with great ability. He noticed how the feeling would get stronger and stronger the closer he was to a steam of water next to him. Rhone's curiosity might have been sheer luck or just a phase, but decided to follow this feeling and search for whatever was causing it. He emerged from behind the trees just to see a Dragon, swimming along the top of a lake. Beyond that was the sight of someone below, bubbles pointed out where they would come from, so Rhone made his way to the spot and waited for her to come up. Before she'd rise, he could already see her face, to him it like starring into the face of a goddess. She had eyes like a rare jade, long blonde hair as bright as sunlight, and lips like an angel. His eyes widened from her beautiful appearance, he thought beauty like that was only in stories yet stood right there. He couldn't speak the beauty he was witnessing, but only said one word to describe it.

  12. Clarissa's fear dwindled away when she heard the dragon's voice. Warmth like that surely couldn't come from something that intended to eat her. She straightened up and stepped forward again, this time getting close enough to see the creature's face. It seemed to be smiling, though there was rather a lot of fang in the big, toothy smile.

    "Who is Rhaego?" She asked, curious. Then, a few seconds later and a couple more paces forward: "Do you mind if I..?" She trailed off, her eyes wandering over the still blurry scales, up the long neck and then settled on the huge golden eyes. She couldn't make out where they were looking, but the colour was piercing. She shifted uncertainly, feeling as though she was being stared into.

    Beren was not overly worried by the dragon as long as he was by Clarissa's side. He slumped into a sitting position not too far from the two and folded his wings against his sides, still keeping an eye on his mistress. His horsey impression of a smile flitted across his face as Clarissa awkwardly tried to ask permission to examine the beast closer.
  13. Brynn had been under for only a few minutes when Scylla had called her back up. With an annoyed grunt(or the equivalent of one from underwater), she swam to the surface and faced Scylla.

    "What is it Syl? It's only been a few minutes. We can't have to leave already...." She trailed off as she sensed another person's presence. Quicker than a blink of an eye, Brynn whirled in the water and faced the intruder. Before he had time to react, Brynn had launched herself out of the water with the help of her powers and tackled the boy to the ground. She pinned his shoulders to the ground and froze his legs together and onto the earth. She glared at him, her hair dripping cold lake water into his face.

    "Who are you?" She growled. "Who sent you and what do you want?" She noticed that her hair was dripping water into his eyes and immediately dried it so that it lay hanging straight and dry. She looked into this brown eyes then searched his body with her eyes for weapons. She couldn't help an admiring look at his finely muscled body. He had a perfectly angled jaw line and hair that reached down just below his ears. In a word, he was gorgeous. As she found nothing, her eyes went back to his but not before she noticed a tattoo peeking out from underneath his shirt. With a look of disbelief, she ripped his shirt down farther to get a better look.

    She gasped. "I don't believe it." She loosened her grip just a bit but not enough to give him an opening. "You're... You...." She stammered. "Burner..." She breathed out the word. She had never met any other Burner that was even close to her age before. It was mainly because she kept to her self a lot.

    As this was all happening, Scylla was watching from the lake. She knew that this boy was not a threat to her Brynn and she didn't interfere. She could smell that he was a Burner and Burner's didn't normally hurt each other. She watched in amusement as her Brynn tackled the boy to the ground. She was proud.
  14. Rhaego smiled. His long claws, pointed canines and fierce blue eyes made him seem more beast than man, but for some reason, the girl wasn't afraid. "I'm... Rhaego." He said, his mouth dry and his words scratchy. Rhaego's blush deepened as he stared longer at the girl. He was dressed in dirty brown breeches, tall brown boots, and a red coat missing sleeves. His open coat revealed tattoos all over his bare chest, and his long blonde hair was a mess under the hood. Compared to the graceful young woman in front of him, he was a slob. Rhaego pushed his long bangs out of his eyes and carefully unstrapped the leather securing the claws to his hands, but left the dirty bandages in pace.

    Rhaego extended a hand, silently hoping it was the proper way of greeting a civilized person. "I'm sorry about the dirt." He said cautiously. "I didn't mean it. I mean... I thought you were dinner." He chuckled. Rhaego's laugh and voice were scratchy and coarse like sandpaper, but he honesty meant the best.


    "Oh! Certainly!" Vertrag said, following the girl as he moved around. "I don't often get back scratches." The dragon chucked, and let his tail swish from side to side like a metronome. "Rhaego is my best friend." Vertrag explained. "He's got long blonde hair, runs around with a red coat and tattoos all over his chest and arms. Have you seen him by any chance? He's gone a bit longer than usual." The red dragon blabbered quickly to the girl. It almost seemed as if he didn't care whether or not she was listening.

    "Oh, yes. I'm Vertrag." The dragon introduced himself. "What's the name of you and your flying horse? I must say he's a rather interesting breed of horse. Do you ride him? Oh, that's so interesting." And again, the dragon was off on a tangent before Clarissa could answer anything he asked. After all, it was Vertrag's first time speaking to somebody other than Rhaego.
  15. ". . Rhaego."
    The name bounced off her vocal chords gently, a soft release of the final syllable took away the normal harsh pronounciation. It was a nice name, she would agree to this. Riza had a sort of hobby on analyzing names that she heard. The way one would say them, and then the way the person spoken to would repeat it, why it was chosen in the first place, the curves of the spelling, etc. For some reason, it was fascinating to her. When most of your friends were plants, you sometimes just needed to take up on an act to amuse yourself with. Surely, she then noticed the bright red attaching itself to his upper cheekbones. A smile reflected towards him, finding it sort of funny how quickly his flesh was to heat up. Abruptly, her train of thought was bumped away from her with the nudging mouth of a praying mantis poking against her spine. Twisting her head to the side to stare at her Wrenlord, she blinked and raised an eyebrow, asking a question without speaking.

    Knowing exactly what she was sending his way in the inquiry, Wrenlord gestured with a nod of his head towards the boy. While the two had been standing there, gawking and acting like shy little children, the Beast could not help but notice the strange markings up along his arms, leading to the claws as if they were always there together in harmony. He was a Burner. Eyeing Riza once more, a sudden flash of what should have been a smile upon the enourmous insect's face came to. He wiggled into a more comfortable position, curling up against the ground with his back legs tucked in beneath him. This would turn into quite the conversation, as he knew neither of them had ever met another Burner in their lifetime. Certainly, he was here and in for a treat as one to simply listen.

    "You . . Are you a Burner?"

    Riza stared directly into Rhaego's eyes, matching his gaze with a more intent, focused form of her own. Her fingers stretched out now at her sides, eagerly waiting a response. She was practically leaning forward on the toes of her shoes, as her entire body should anticipation, hope, and a wish to not be disappointed at the moment. Sure, he had just been polite enough to offer over a hand for shaking, but this went entirely over her head as she couldn't care less on introductions when there was a realization in store to be had.
    "Are you? Please, please tell me you are."
    Shimmering gray orbs came closer as she took a step forward, her hands clamping up in front of her chest as if she just had an urge to pray.
    Wrenlord all the while was amused from his position, snickering in the form of gentle, inaudible clicks. He never would quite understand humans, they all were just so silly.
  16. Dvorak was lying in the middle of a grassy meadow, looking up at the sky. His entire body was bare, safe for the various pieces of armour that was on his body - the shoulder plate, a few other random plates here and there. His intrinsically decorated helmet was on the ground right beside him, and the man took in a deep breath before closing his eyes. It wasn't always that he got to relax like this. The work he did as a burner, patrolling the lands and fighting off all manners of criminals. Sometimes he arrested them and he let them be put on trial. Sometimes - most of the times the fight itself was a trial. He executed them on the spot, all by himself.

    He rolled over onto his side and sat up, running his hand through his yellow hair. The bluish skin of him was an oddity that made him stand out - and even the mores, feared. The superstitious had considered him the child of a demon, whilst others merely found him a freak. No one would say it to his face though. No one would dare speak to the defender of their lands, one that owed no obligation to them and helped them out of his own will. One that could turn on them and split their heads where they stood.

    A roar would then split the sky as Daemona Currere shot through the meadow, the wind from his flapping wings flattening the tall grass around him, leaving rapidly waving blades of tall grass - and Dvorak with a head of messy, yellow hair. The roar was soon combined with the rider's booming laugh, and the flying creature made another pass before it landed with a huge thump in front of the blue skinned man.

    "No time for rest, little one. Whilst I was enjoying my meal of three heads of cattle, a woodsman ran to me and said that he had heard a loud roar from the forest. Perhaps we should investigate." the soft, smooth voice that contradicted the appearance of the dragon-like creature flowed into his head and he stood up, smiling. In his deep, powerful voice the oddly armored man said, "Yes. Yes we should. Who knows? We might find something interesting."

    Within seconds, they were off. Dvorak had deftly leapt up, moving with extreme agility despite the armor and giant blade that was on his back to sit between Daemona Currere's back spikes. Every flap of his wings pushed them even higher, and they rode the air currents, to where the roar was reported to have been heard from. They came upon a clearing in the forest, in which was a sight that made Dvorak widen his eyes in surprise.

    Daemona Currere flapped his wings and spread them out again, nose diving towards the clearing before he opened his wings up and turned them perpendicularly, catching the air in the strong membrane and slowing them down rapidly, before he touched down on the ground. With a style that betrayed his barbaric appearance, Dvorak slid off his steed and looked at the Burners in the clearing with him.

    A bug and two other humans. What a motley crew.

    "Greetings. A word of advice - you people might want to keep the roars down. I was relaxing in a field when this annoying, big, clumsy fool," Dvorak paused to jab his steed in the scaly, armoured chest once before continuing, "told me that his lunch was interrupted by a spooked woodsman, hearing a roar and believed it to be from a monster. It appears he was wrong."

    Dvorak took a few more steps forward before he started to speak again.

    "Pardon me, if I appear to be asking the obvious but, are we all Burners here?"
  17. There was a long silence after what just happened. He didn't know why she kept glaring at him or why she gave him such a strong feeling of power, among others. Rhone's first thought was to break the silence and just keep on with the moment. He gently lifted his hand and moved her hair over to the side, revealing her tattoo of three ravens. Rhone placed his hand over hers that covered his shoulder, he lifted her up and kept calm about the situation. "My name is Rhone, Rhone Edwards," he spoke hoping that she'd stay just as calm , but could tell she has a hard exterior. "I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong idea that was my mistake," he laughed a little, thinking back on the moment.

    Thrax immediately sensed what happened to Rhone. The dragon launched himself from the cave and fully spread his wings over the forest. His shadow covered a large portion of the forest, his wings blocked out the sunlight shinning into the woods. As he made way to his Burner Thax could sense an entire barrage of powers, from metal to earth, light to fire, and an intense water feeling. Thrax roared out loud to catch the attention of the others he spotted below and alert Rhone of his coming, a little girl, a armoured warrior, and red hodded boy looked confused to him. When Thrax made it to Rhone he landed with a hard slam to the ground keeping his wings streched out to their full length, he looked at the two then back at Scylla, he saw how much larger he was compared to the dragon and how easily swallow Brynn whole. But took no chance, when he saw that they were no threat to each other. Thrax layed down his wings down, folding them in put crawling around with ease, in case something went wrong.

    Rhone suddenly felt awkward when Thrax showed up. He didn't know how to go about the moment or what to say so, he just went with what came to mind. Hopefully he didn't make the moment any worse than it already was sorta getting.

    "Uhh...Hey Thrax"

  18. Rhaego looked up at the strange new man, and nearly freaked out. He had forgotten what it was like to see so many humans. Not to mention he had never seen another dragon other than Vertrag. Again the term "Burner" was brought up once more. Unfortunately, Rhaego had never hear the term "Burner". He was not attuned to civilized slang and terminology. But, the word did remind him of a certain talent he did possess. "I don't really know..." He said after thinking for a moment. "I'm not sure if this is what you mean by "Burner" but I guess I'll show you." He turned his hand so his palm faced the sky and he closed his eyes. Slowly, a little flame ignited in his palm and licked the air with fiery tongues. "Vertrag, my dragon companion, taught me to control the fire... but I wouldn't get too close." He warned. Suddenly his eyes widened, and the flame roared up, then disappeared.

    "Vertrag!" Rhaego suddenly remembered he had left his dragon companion all alone. He sprung up from the ground, and dashed off, but wasn't looking where he was going, and slammed into to the strange man. "Eh, look, I've got to get back... He's going to worry." Rhaego explained quickly, and tried to dance around the man and his dragon... and the girl and her praying mantis. So many people filled up the spaces between the trees and Rhaego tripped over more times than he could count.
  19. Clarissa stepped right up to Vertrag and began to run her hands across his scales. He's a beautiful beast, that's for sure, she thought. They were smooth, as she might have expected from a reptilian creature, but tougher than anything she'd felt before. She listened to the dragon's words as she smoothed her hands over him, understanding lighting her face when he spoke of Rhaego. He was the mount of another like her, a Burner.

    Clarissa opened her mouth to ask him more, only to miss the opportunity when he moved on as quickly as he had started. She was trying to separate out the questions to answer as well as finding gaps to answer in, nibbling her lower lip. She stumbled over the words eventually.

    "I think we came from the wrong direction, I'd have remembered someone like Rhaego. He sounds pretty distinctive." The poor choice of words was alleviated by her warm tone of voice; she had never excelled at expressing herself and mostly relied on emotion to come through. "My name's Clarissa, and that's Beren." She gestured over to her pegasus, then did a double-take. His ears were perked and he was staring off at a random spot out of the clearing.

    "There's something new," he muttered distractedly.

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  20. Re: Sky Burner [OOC]

    Brynn let the Rohne up but tensed as he brushed away her hair. She didn't like strangers touching her. Even if he was another Burner. But for all she knew, he could be a rogue. But there was an air of calmness about him that she couldn't help but to feel calm. Her body released it's tension as she relaxed and sat back on her feet, resting on her toes. She was still straddling him but she didn't really notice. She was too busy staring at his eyes. They had been half hidden behind her hair and she had been too furious to notice before now.

    They were a deep chocolate brown that seemed to stop her in her tracks. They were piercing and she couldn't help to feel like he could see right through her. And they were also looking up at her with amazement. She blinked. She hadn't really done anything amazing. He was a Burner and they all had a special power. And using hers shouldn't have made him look at her like this. She suddenly became very self-conscious of herself. Her cheeks started heating up and she looked away from his gaze.

    She was saved from having to say anything by a massive dragon, that she assumed was Rohne's, that swept in and stood on the rocks. Scylla growled in the back of her throat before deeming the dragon as a non-threat and swam over to him. Brynn rolled her eyes. Scylla could make friends with an ogre. It had happened before. Except, even though the ogre like Scylla, it had definitely not like Brynn. Scylla, unfortunately, had to kill it when the ogre tried to attack Brynn but it didn't stop her from making friendly with everyone.

    Brynn turned back to Rohne. She pursed her lips and tilted her head, a characteristic gesture that she did whenever she was assessing a situation. She looked down to his chest that was now exposed thanks to Brynn ripping open his shirt. On his chest was a tattoo of a dragon that seemed to span his whole chest and then wrap around his back. It was fitting for a Burner and looked a bit like his own dragon with it's enormous wingspan.

    She looked back at his eyes. "I think I got the right impression." She glared at him. "Don't sneak up on me if you don't want to get tackled. Next time I won't be so forgiving." She wasn't being forgiving, she just was too mesmerized by him to do anything else. She shifted to the side a little so that her weight was on her right foot but still hovered over him. Her left had gotten twisted when she landed. "I'm Brynnaslyn Nereza. Call me Brynn. Or don't. I honestly don't care." She tried to sound indifferent but she really did care what people called her. She hated her full name ever since she was a kid. It was too long and too foreign sounding.