Skeletons in the Closet and Old Friends

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  1. A girl(Me. Will write as G from now on) and a boy(will wrote as B from now on) used to be very close friends through out all of daycare - 3rd grade. They did gymnastics together where B's father taught. Then they went to gymnastics camp together the summer of their third grade year. When they got back G disappeared for the rest of summer strangest of all when school starts up she stopped talking or even looking at B and quits gymnastics.
    This goes on into high school. B is kind of a *nerd and has no girls for friends. G is a loner. B decides to ask G to a school dance despite having not talked to her since 3rd Grade.
    G wont talk to him so B tries to figure out what went wrong....

    Charlie's Secret (open)
    B's father(Who ran both the gymnastics camp and the gymnastics lessons) molested G for a while and finally he raped her at the camp so she quit. She quit because she was afraid of being near B's father, but she felt to guilty and ashamed to tell B what happened so she just stopped talking to him.

    Full Name: Charlotte Eadan Gravel

    Nickname(s): Now- Charlie,
    When She was little- Lottie(She refuses to respond to that anymore, but up until 3rd grade that was practically her name)

    Age (16-18): 16 (Or just about to turn 16...depends when the RP is...)

    DOB: 13 September 2000

    Looks: Charlie's father is from Lousiana and is Creole and her mother is a Scottish-Irish lady from the Appalachia(Nobody knows how they both ended up in a farm far from either place, but that's beside the point.)

    Charlie's skin is a light milk chocolate. She has scars on her legs, arms, and hands from working on her farm and various adventures and misadventures in her childhood. The most noticeable scar is a thick scar running from her ankle to her knee on the outside of her left leg. She got this from falling off her bike and sliding down a hill while racing Kyle in second grade.

    Her hair is super curly and pitch black. She keeps it short because the longer it gets the less manageable it is for her. It is currently in a slightly long pixie cut with it brushing the tops of her ears and bouncing around her forehead just above her eyebrows.

    Her eyebrows are normal if not a bit thin, but she makes up for with having thick slightly long eyelashes.

    Charlie's eyes are a startling deep blue. They have starbursts of alternating lighter and darker blue the closer it gets to her pupil. There are also flecks of silver in them making them sparkle.

    Her facial features are mixed with a slightly wide button shaped nose and medium lips normally pressed together in a thin smile or no smile. Her teeth are a bit crammed and crooked because she has a small mouth, but she refuses to let her parents spend money on getting her braces. Her cheeks are slightly rounded and have a chunky baby-like look to them. She normally has a rosey glow on her face.
    She has small yet oddly calloused hands from farm work and her nails are normally chipped and busted because she works a lot.

    Height: 4'11"

    Weight: 105-110 lbs (She's a touch on the chunky side because she has a hard time controlling her weight)

    Style: Very practical. She wears jeans, cargo pants, old t-shirts, flannels, and a hoodie. Her shoes are old tennis shoes except when she's actually on the farm then she has a set of leather hand-me-down(She calls them hand-me-up) work boots she got when she was 11 from her younger brother(Who grew out of things fast) and hasn't yet grown out of.

    Health Ailments: She has Diabetes Type 1, dyslexia/dysgraphia, possible ADHD

    Personality: She's a quiet girl especially at school. You would never think she was the energy-bunny she is because doesn't talk much. She always seems to be moving whether her leg is bouncing, her pen is clicking, or she's actually doing something, Charlie moves a lot.

    Charlie hates school with a passion. She struggles due to her dyslexia/dysgraphia and possible ADHD and get frustrated easily when she sees other children getting things easily that she struggles to even start at. While she is very good with her hands and has talents she tends to be negative about herself because she sees herself as dumber than the other kids.

    Due to being on the chunky side and her past Charlie has some anxiety she hides with a tough exterior. She doesn't really likes how she looks and believes what her abuser told her years ago that 'she wasn't pretty enough for others so she should be happy with him'. She feels guilty about keeping secrets from her parents and just ditching Kyle which only adds to her less then happy attitude.

    Despite her bad qualities Charlie is a very hard worker and when it comes to non-school things will put her all into whatever task she is given.

    Charlie is also very loyal to her family and friends and will do almost anything for them which only adds to guilt about ditching Kyle without a word.

    Charlie worries about her family a lot and doesn't feel it's fair to talk about her problems because their family has been struggling a lot especially in the past 2 years.

    Hobbies: She works on her family's small farm and enjoys fixing up cars and such(She'll help neighbors with their tractors and cars and works in the mechanic shop at school). Charlie is trying her hand at woodworking so far she's not very good.

    Talents: She's a hard worker and cook pretty well. She's a good mechanic and is actually very good at gymnastics.

    Flaws: Charlie's a little sensitive about her body(She's had weight struggles due to her condition), but not to the point of being anorexic or anything close to that. She isn't the most patient with people she thinks are bratty. She is tough on herself as well as others and can be very critical. Charlie also has issues dealing with her past.

    Pets?: Elvis- (Male , Still a puppy) and Admiral- (Female, 9 years old).
    On the farm they have 10 sheep(1 male), 3 cows(One calf, They trade with the farm next over if they need the use of a bull), 9 chickens(1 Rooster), 5 geese(1 male), 8 goats(1 male).

    Piercings/Tattoos?: None.

    Quick Bio: She lives on a farm out away from the school and town a good ways. She has 11 siblings. The family farm is pretty small and the family scrapes by because some of the kids require a good amount of medical care.

    When Charlie was 14 her mother was pregnant again and admitte dto have cheated on Charlie's father. After the twins were born her mother left with her 'boyfriend' leaving the twins behind. Now Charlie as the oldest girl on the farm has taken over a lot of the more motherly duties...she isn't very good at it, but she tries.


    Edouard Joseph Gravel (Age 45)

    Fiona Dairine Gravel (Age 40)

    Kane Emeric Gravel(Brother- Age 18)- Kane is enlisted in the Navy.
    Kane is one of the odder siblings being white in complexion and having red curly hair, but his facial features are african american making him have an oddly stunning appearance.

    Teague Julian Gravel(Twin Brother- Age 16)- Goes by TJ. TJ is the older twin.

    Maitiu(Pronounce Mat-yoo) Robert Gravel(Brother- Age 14)- Goes by Robert

    Isalie Quinn Gravel (Sister- Age 12)- Goes by Izzy or IQ.

    Henry Connor Gravel (Brother- Age 9)

    Rivet Bran Gravel (Brother- Age 8)

    Codi Edilia Gravel (Sister- Age 7). Codi, like her oldest brother has bright red hair though her skin is slightly browner.

    Tyrann Doyle Gravel (Brother- Age 5)

    Eugene Gabriel Gravel(Brother- Age 4)- Goes by Genie. Genie has autism. Genie also has heterochromia, his left eye is blue and his right eye is brown.

    Rachel Keavy Gravel (Half Sister- Age 2)- Rachel and her twin look nothing like their siblings. They have very anglican facial features, dark brown hair, and green eyes.
    Rachel has Epilepsy.

    Kiera Rosalie Gravel (Half Sister- Age 2). Kiera has cerebral palsey in her right leg and walks with a limp.​
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  2. Kyle John Carters (open)

    Kyle "Ky" John Carters

    Age: 17

    Date of Birth: 13th of September, 1999


    Looks: Kyle is a very attractive male, this is something that most of the females in his circle of "friends" agree on. He's lightly tanned, with long toned legs that make up a good amount of his height. Kyle isn't bulging with muscles by any means, but he tries his best to keep in shape as he is a part of the schools Cross Country team and is also on the Basketball Team.

    Kyle has dark brown hair, which he rarely brushes so it's in a naturally messy style all of the time. Kyle has heterochromia, meaning one of his eyes is a lovely baby blue whilst the other is a greeny-brown. His eyebrows are what you would expect from a male for his age and his has soft pink, cupids bow lips.

    Height: 5'10"

    Personality: Kyle is a normally kind person, but that doesn't mean he's happy. Ky suffers from minor depression, but he's slowly overcoming it, despite this he can appear to be a normal, happy teenager. He's calm ninety percent of the time, but if his younger siblings are threatened, or anybody else he cares about is threatened he become easily irritated and, in some cases, very scary. He's gotten into fist fights to defend his younger siblings.

    Hobbies: Kyle loves to listen to music and play the guitar, it's somethings he keeps hidden but he's a really good guitarist. He also loves playing basketball and walking his dogs, Chase and Stella. Ky is a vivid reader too, and he reads when he can, it also helps him keep his high grades because the second he turns eighteen he wants to get a good job and move away from his father, taking his sisters with him.

    Short Biography: Kyle had never really gotten along with his father, the man had a short temper and tended to snap easily at his wife or children, although he had never physically harmed any of his family. When Kyle was twelve his mother was killed in a car accident, her car had been hit by a truck, the driver had been speeding, under the influence of drugs and had passed a red light, hitting Mrs. Carters car and sending them both off of the road. Both drivers died on impact.

    This, along with no longer having his best friend, hit Kyle hard and it hit his father even harder. Joseph began to neglect his children, and he began drinking and beating Kyle when he was angry. The beatings stopped a few years after they began, and Kyle's father just continued to drink away his sorrows and never bothered with his children, leaving Kyle with the importance of looking after his younger siblings, the dogs and causing him to have to do most of the shopping and bill paying. Luckily his aunt is there to help when she's needed.

    Family: Father: Joseph Henry Carters- dark blonde hair with green eyes, he's in his late forties and has a stubble growing. The man doesn't care much for his appearance, so he's let his hair grow out a little longer than most men do.

    Sisters: Jessica Mariee Carters - 7 years old - Jessica is a rather shy girl, with long brunette hair she normally keeps in a ponytail and big, baby blue eyes. Jessica loves her big brother, and tends to cling to him.

    Katherine Serena Carters- 10 years old - Kat is much more curious and outgoing then her younger sibling, she can also be very stubborn but she still loves her brother. Kat looks more like her father, with shoulder length, dark blonde hair, but she still has the same blue eyes as her younger sister.

    Pets: Kyle owns two dogs. A black furred german shepherd male named Chase, who is three years old.
    And a four and a half year old border collie female, named Constellation, or Stella for short. image.jpeg

    Other: Kyle's big secret is that he is a vivid self harmer. He always wears long sleeved shirts and hoodies, and covers up the scars littering his arms with makeup when he has to run cross country or practice for basketball. Nobody knows about his cutting, not even his 'friends'.

    Kyle also has trouble seeing, he isn't blind but he does need glasses. He doesn't wear his glasses at school, instead wearing contact lenses, but when he's at home or out he wears his thick, black nerdy glasses.

    Kyle hadn't wanted to wake up, he wanted to stay asleep and not go to his shitty school. Unfortunately, life wasn't fair, and neither was his dog. Chase continued to tug at Kyle's pajama bottoms, nearly pulling the item of clothing off of him. "Alright, I'm gettin' up. Go wake up Jessica and Katherine." She pushed himself up into a sitting position and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. Chase gave a bark and then the canine trotted out of the room. With his dog gone Kyle considered going back to bed, but he knew it wouldn't be worth it so he sluggishly moved out of the comforting hold of his bed and trudged into the bathroom connected to his room.

    Twenty minutes later and Kyle had brushed his teeth and gotten dressed into a pair of worn jeans and white long sleeved shirt, and was currently in the kitchen finishing off his younger sister's pack ups. Chase and Stella were scarfing down their food like they hadn't been fed in months and Kyle couldn't help but roll his eyes. Another five minutes passed and Kyle was setting off to School (hell) with his little sisters. Jessica was clinging to her older brother's hand whilst Kat walked happily beside him, her backpack bouncing with her movements.
  3. Charlie had been up for a long time. Hours actually. She was now sitting on the bus as the bumped their way to town. After chores Dad had taken the twins to the nearest city for the doctor's and had taken Genie with him. Everyone else had been deposited on their various buses to get to school TJ, Charlie, and now Robert were all on the same bus.

    Charlie was exhausted, she had slept poorly last night and been up before dawn to get work done before school. She was in a set of faded black cargo pants, a gray short sleeved Henely style t-shirt, and around her waist was a classic red plaid shirt. She leaned against the window dozing off as they rode towards the small town. Their school was a bit crazy considering it was a small town school because all the high schoolers from surrounding villages and farming communities went to it.

    "Wake up, lil' sis." TJ said punching her shoulder as he walked past her in the aisle, he insisted on calling her little sister even though they were twins. Charlie jumped banging her head on the window,

    "OW! Ya..." she grumbled the rest of her sentence under her breath as Robert past her. Charlie got up and filed off the bus heading towards school with the rest of the horde. Charlie rubbed her eyes sleepily as she dragged herself first to her locker and then to her first class which was World History. Woohoo she got to learn what a bunch of dead guys did...yay her.

    Charlie plopped down somewhere in the middle of the classroom sitting in the back made you seem like a lonely loser and in the front made you have too much attention on yourself. The middle was the perfect place to slide under the radar.
  4. Kyle dropped off his younger sisters and then headed to his own school, wait correction, Kyle dropped off his younger sisters and then made the treacherous walk towards the gates of hell.

    Yes, that seemed more fitting.

    The brunette adjusted his bag straps, already wanting the day to be over. He walked past all the groups of different people, ignoring his 'friends' when they began trying to wave him over, and checked his schedule before stopping by his locker to drop a few things off before heading to his first class. Economics. The class itself would be fine, his coach was the teacher, if it wasn't for the fact that Edward Cawfield was in his class, and for some unknown reason Coach hated Cawfield. Nobody knew why, and it seemed like they never would.

    Ky trudged to his class and slouched in a seat at the front as the bell rang. Looks like it was just the start of another, hellish day.
  5. Charlie headed to Lunch. She has PE after this which really sucked to have exercise after lunch, but that was how the cards fell.

    Charlie enters the cafeteria and found a seat at a not as crowded table near the window. There were no empty tables so she settled for a less crowded one.

    She pulled out her brown paper bag and emptied its contents onto her table. There was a small ziplock of fresh cherry tomatoes from the garden, a p ice of the Rosemary herb bread she'd made last night and baked this morning, and a small patte of butter wrapped in wax paper. She pulled up her bottle from her backpack which had water in it and placed it next to her food.

    She also pulled out a pocket knives from her pocket to spread the butter. The school had tried to ban pocket knives a for a while, but then lifted the ban when they realized it was futile and that a bunch of farm kids were not leaving their knives at home for any reason.

    Charlie dug through her backpack and pulled out a smal pink tactical bag that had her diabetes equipment in it. She hated pink, but this was the only bag that fit everything they could find at the Salvation Army that day so it was what she was stuck with until it died. She'd already had it for years though so she doubted it was dying anytime soon.

    Charlie proceeded to go through the steps of checking her blood sugars.
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  6. Kyle walked into group with the rest of the populars and they all migrated to their designated table, which nobody else dared to touch. Kyle slumped down in his usual seat, not paying attention as those around him began talking about topics he didn't care about. His multicolored eyes scanned the cafeteria, landing on a familiar girl. Seeing Charlie made him pause and caused his breath to catch in his throat, he turned away though and took out his pack up, starting to eat an apple he had packed for himself.

    Kyle hadn't spoken to Charlie in years, he missed her so much but he knew she would ignore him. She always did. His thoughts were pulled away from this by Danny talking to him. "Hey Ky, who do you think you're gonna take to prom?" Kyle looked up and blinked at his fellow senior.

    "Seriously, Danny? Prom? I thought I told everybody I wasn't going, it's a waste of time. Besides, there's nobody I want to go with." Besides Charlie, but I did something to stop that from ever happen. "Anyway, who are you going with?"

    Danny grinned before responding. "I'm gonna go with Chad, if we're still together then that is... If not then, well, I'll just drag you with me and we can sit in the corner of the losers and weep about life." Kyle chuckled and rolled his eyes, everybody knew about Danny's sexuality, he was as straight as a roundabout, and because of this a lot of people tended to joke about it. But he was never bullies or ridiculed. This school might be hell in many ways but at least it wasn't completely cruel to homosexuals, it also probably helped that Danny was a popular.

    "Yeah, sure. Danny, stop being so you and let me eat my food." Danny laughed and turned away from Ky, leaving the brunette to finish his apple before standing up to go buy a drink since he had forgotten to pack one.
  7. Charlie spread butter on her piece of bread and started to eat it. She needed to go grocery shopping today to pick up some stuff they didn't grow on the farm. She heard people talking about prom around her and she ignored them. Charlie wasn't going to prom. Her father had to take Genie to the city for an over night evaluation that day and had told Charlie and TJ only one could go to prom the other had to stay home and watch the little siblings. Charlie had told TJ he could go because not only did he actually have a chance of getting a date to prom he also actually was actually a junior and she was still a sophomore.

    Charlie had had to redo in forth grade. She'd started having trouble right after that gymnastics summer camp and eventually had been froced to redo forth grade because she flunked almost everything. Her parents had considered taking her out of school and homeschooling her because they thought it was just her hyper personality and dyslexia/dysgraphia having a hard, but had decided not to because her dad was always busy working and her mom didn't have the knowledge or patience to teach someone like Charlie. She'd almost had to redo her 8th grade too because she'd been very stressed about the twins and her mother leaving, but appearently she'd squeaked buy. That or the teachers didn't want her back and since she was 14 at the time some parents may have not been to pleased to have a 15 year old in with the little 13 year olds.

    Chugging her water Charlie folded up her paper bag to re-use another time and putting the wax paper and paper napkin she used to clean her knife into her now empty carrot bag she folded and pocketed her knife and got up. Making sure she had everything she slung her backpack back on and headed to the garbage walking past the 'Popular Table' as she did so. She purposefully didn't look at the table Kyle was at.

    The boy looked more like his mother than his father which Charlie though was better and she had to admit puberty had done that kid right, but she still couldn't look at him without feeling guilty and ashamed. Sometimes even looking at her baby brother Genie hurt because his eyes while not the exact same color reminded her of Kyle's mixed eyes.

    Charlie threw away her garbage and headed out of the cafeteria. She decided to go the bathroom and clean her knife in the sink so she headed down to the end of the hall where the girls' bathroom was. It was all the way on the other wise of the hall that the cafeteria was so she had to practically walk the whole school to get there.
  8. Kyle had bought a bottle of water and walked back over to his table, sitting down and eating the ham sandwich he had packed. He finished that off quickly and looked around, his eyes landing on Charlie as she passed. His hands curled into fists with the effort it took not to stand up and race after her, Danny noticed this and watched as Kyle dragged his gaze away from the cafeteria door and downed his bottle of water. "Dude, just go talk to her." Kyle nearly choked, his eyes widening slightly as they shot over to the gay male sat next to him. Danny rolled her eyes and shook his head. "Kyle, if you don't go and at least try to talk to that girl I'm gonna tell Ashley that you want to go to prom with her." Kyle paled at the mention of Ashley, a specific blonde haired, green eyed bimbo who was convinced that Kyle had a crush on her. He didn't.

    Kyle begrudgingly shoved his pack up and bottle in his bag and slung it over his shoulder, standing up. "Fine, but if this goes wrong it's your fault." He ignored Danny's chuckling and set off to find Charlie, going over what he should say in his head. How do you talk to a friend that you haven't spoken to in years? It's not like you could just rush over to them and know what to say, well, now that he thought about it Kyle realized that his social skills were nothing short of terrible. He stopped walking and hung his head, deciding to instead trudge to the location of the boy's changing rooms. He had PE next, so maybe he would be able to brave talking to Charlie then.
  9. Charlie went to the changing rooms instead of the bathrooms hoping to get there and change before most of the other girls arrived. She hated changing in front of the other girls especially the fit or thin ones it just made her notice her chub and flab even more. There were a few girls there when she got there so she changed quickly into a set of black boy sports shorts that went to her knees and left her gray shirt on shoving her flannel and work pants into her locker.

    Charlie stood in front of the sink and cleaned her knife while the other girls came and changed and then put her knife in her locker with her work clothes. Then she took her pink tactical bag with her supplies and some snacks just in case in it and went out to the field where they were doing PE. Techinicaly if Charlie didn't feel well or her blood sugars were acting up she was allowed to skip PE without a pass she could even stop in the middle if she needed to, but Charlie actually like PE so she rarely used that oppertunity.

    The school had sophomores and seniors do PE together and juniors and freshmen do PE together. That way the 'upperclassmen' could be 'role models' to the younger class-men or at least that's what the school said. Normally they were split by gender and the boys would do something with the football coach while the girls did something with the soccer coach today however everyone was together because they weren't doing games really just group exercising.

    Charlie paced and swayed on the sideline waiting for Coach Georgeson to get class started. While she was physically there her mind was wandering and jumping from thought train to thought train as she paced the grass.
  10. As usual, the boy's changing rooms were hectic. Kyle had been stood in his black tracksuit bottoms and no shirt, laughing at one of the other boys for the past minute. He finally pulled on his light grey, short sleeved t-shirt (which at this point was getting a little too small and hugged his body nicely) and after tying the laces on his trainers, he stood up and left the boys changing room and made his way towards the field. Danny caught up with him and gave a low whistle. "Looking good, Ky. Though, I think your shirt is a little small."

    Kyle scoffed and rolled his eyes, trying to ignore some of the looks he was receiving from some of the girls. "You think? I swear this thing gets smaller every time I wash it." He glared at his grey shirt, then turned his attention to the coach as he began talking.

    "As you've all probably guessed by now we are going to be doing group activities. Anyway, get into groups of at least five and wait for Mr. Northfield to get here, we'll be doing some loop exercises today." Kyle heard a few groans from the other students but ignored that, instead looking around for people to be in his group. Danny was already in his group, and Danny was also the only person who was even a real friend to him nowadays.

    He looked around and a few more people came into his group, but there was still an empty space. God damnit.
  11. "As you've all probably guessed by now we are going to be doing group activities. Anyway, get into groups of at least five and wait for Mr. Northfield to get here, we'll be doing some loop exercises today."

    Charlie was in her own little world standing on the side lines with her arms cross on her chest her finger drumming a beat only she could hear on her upper arm. Her head was tilted back and she was staring blankly into the slightly cloudy sky. She jumped when Coach Georgeson tapped her shoulder,

    "Miss Gravel, you can go to that group." he ordered her pointing to a group that had three boys Kyle, Danny, and Valentine in it. She took a deep breath steeling herself internally and started to walk over. If it had been her choice she would've just run off, but Charlie hated lying so she couldn't use her diabetes as an excuse because she was fine for now and she couldn't afford another detention for disobeying teachers.

    Charlie got to her group and another girl, Naomi, joined them making it a group of two girls and three boys. Charlie ran her hands through her hair making it stick out in all directions.

    "Hey..." she have greeted half grunted.

    The weather was on the muggy side, but slightly overcast which was better than the sun bearing down on them. The young mixed race girl squatted carefully placed her diabetes bag by her ankle and then stood up looking around at her group. When she got to Kyle she barely let her eyes glance over him before moving on to Danny who was next to him.

    Where's Mr. Northfield? I just want to get this over with... Charlie thought as she looked around at the other groups and tugged at the collar of gray Henly shirt. The mugginess made everything have a slightly moist sweaty feeling to it even though they hadn't exercised yet. Her henly had to button it an d Charlie start to button and unbutton the top one over and over again as she let her eyes wander the field.
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  12. Kyle hadn't expected Charlie to be forced into their group, and he didn't know how he should feel about it, excited? Uncomfortable? He had wanted to talk to Charlie but now that he had the chance he didn't know what to say, Danny clearly knew this amd decided that he would talk to Charlie. Or at least reapond to her. "Hey, Charlie, right?" The copper skinned male gave a smile and watched Kyle out of the corner of his eye. The brunette was staring at the grass, seeming almost shy.

    Coach Georgeson told the groups to 'Socialize or whatever it is teenagers do' while he went off to go find Mr. Northfield, who he had decided after a few seconds was taking too long. A minute passed and the two males returned, Mr. Northfield was carrying a box full of field markers of different colours, Coach Georgeson had a bag full of basketballs slung over his shoulder.

    "Alright, I want each group to get into a separate line over on there." The male pointed to one of the white markings on the field that mapped out the football pitch, he waited for the groups to get into their lines then Mr. Northfield moved and placed a field marker at the front of the line, then placed another one directly across from those markets with about a three feet distance between them.

    "Alright, listen up, we are going to be doing some relay like games. A ball is going to be placed on the marker across from your team, the person at the front of the line must run across, pick up the ball and bring it back to your team. That person must then place it on the marker at the front of their line. Once they have done that they can go to the back of the line so the next person can go and take the ball back over to the marker, then they come back and go to the back of the line." Mr. Northfield explained, looking across the expressions of several bored teenagers. Coach had began putting the basketballs on the markers across from the team, grumbling under his breath. "Everybody in your group must do this three times, once every member has done in three times you sit down. You can begin now."

    Danny had been stood at the front, and once Mr. Georgeson blew his whistle the male ran across the get the ball. Kyle stood near the back of the line, arms crossed over his chest, already feeling bored.
  13. Charlie didn't like running. She was a slow runner and found it exhaustingly useless. On the farm she got a good work out lifting, moving, cleaning, picking, adn doing various other chores, but running wasn't one of them. Charlie waited for Danny and Valentine to go and got to the front of the line. As soon as Valentine tagged her saying she could go she ran off down the field as fast her stocky little legs could carry her, which wasn't very fast, and grabbing the ball she did her first round put the ball back and went to the end of the line.

    If you looked around you could tell who the athletes were because they mostly looked incredabley bored by this training. Charlie stood in line and watched the students run purposefully trying to stay focused and not drift off. It was embarrassing when she drifted off in P.E. class and the coach yelled at her or her team yelled at her to pay attention so she made a concerted effort to stay on task.

    Her effort however was to no avail. Her mind quickly started to jump from thought track to thought track going from chores she needed to do at home, to homework that she probably forgot, to stressing about getting another low grade, to her father, and so and so on sometimes making very random leaps. In only a few moments she'd obviously spaced out again and stood staring at the cloudy sky obviously lost in her own world the fingers of her left hand drumming impatiently on her pant leg.
  14. PE passed by at a boringly slow pace, and Kyle had only managed one word to Charlie, which had been 'sorry' when he almost ran into her. Danny on the other hand seemed to enjoy talking to Charlie, determined to get to know the girl his best friend was so smitten with. Even if she didn't respond he was happy to just talk to her, even though he knew it was bugging Ky. An added bonus.

    Kyle didn't have full school days like most students, during the afternoons her either went home, or helped teachers out thanks to the schools Student Teaching Assistant thing, students that were on top of their studies, or really ahead on classes basically acted as TAs for normal teachers. Kyle was a TA in English, History and Art.

    Today he would be helping out in English, so once the students were allowed to go get changed, he got dragged away by a bunch of the other guys on the basketball team whilst Danny lagged back to talk to Charlie, giving Ky a smirk and wave in return to his unamused look at the lack of help.

    Once Kyle got to the dressing room her showered quickly, then got changed back into his clothes after spraying some deodorant quickly. After that he left the boy's changing room, making his way to the English class he would be helping. He began placing work sheets once he got there, chatting with the English teacher as he did so. She was a kind, older lady named Mrs. Whittermur, who had worked at the school for 40 years. She was the kind of teacher that everybody liked, because she was kind, respected her students and often gave them treats during the end of the year or after a big test.
  15. Charlie talked with Danny as the walled back to the locker rooms. Well she more of listened to Danny. The young man could talk up a storm it seemed which was easier for Charlie because she honestly didn't know what to say most of the time. She didn't mind being around Danny either since there were rainbows straighten than he was she felt like it was easier to interact with him. He was a sweet guy and Charlie felt more comfortable around him because he wasn't going to do anything to her.

    She knew it was ridiculous to be anxious around straight guys, but she was. Not only did she feel woefully inadequate compared to other girls she also had the nagging worry she'd be hurt again.

    Charlie chose not to shower. She hated stripping in front of people and the idea of communal showered kind of disgusted her. While she wasn't a germaphobe by any means she tried to avoid getting sick because of what it did with her blood sugars. Charlie quickly changed into her black work pants and throwing her t-shirt and shorts into a dirty clothes bag she buttoned her red plaid up leaving two buttons at the top undone and them rolled the sleeves to her elbows. After putting some deoderant on she put her Wal*Mart bag of gym clothes in her school locker to take home and wash tonight and grabbed her English stuff.

    Charlie dreaded English. They'd had to write a paper on 'What Scared Them' last week and she hadn't finished. The paper was filled with half sentences, misspelled words, and jotted down ideas. There were also poorly done doodles and such around the edges. It honestly looked like more of a poorly done brainstorming notes and not an ENglish paper. It wasn't typed out because their computer at home had broken and it made Charlie feel very embarressed to turn it in.

    The class had been working on writing personal stories, Mrs. Whittemur promised only she would read them, and Charlie wasn't good at opening up which made focusing even harder for her.

    Charlie walked into class and glanced at Kyle. She hadn't seen him here before. She went to her normal mid-way point near the window and sat down pulling out her 'paper' she'd 'written'. It was two pieces of paper held together with a neon green paperclip. She was one of the first to class and she waved politely to the teacher as she sat down. Some of the half sentences written on the first page were-

    Beeing ujdged bekauz of... And then some random pictures of farm animsl drawn in a folksy childish way,

    Not beeing abul to... A large doodle of a sad looking cactus with a 'Free Hugs Sign'. And some words jotted down on the sides of the page. There was a bunch of hard to see words that had been erased and more pictures of foliage and animals dotted her paper. Charlie set the paper on her desk waiting for Mrs. Whitturmur to tell them if they were handing it in to Kyle or her.

    "Oh I forgot!" she mumbled grabbing a pencil from her backpack and pulling her paper towards her,

    "Name..." she told herself as she slowly printed her name in large all capital block letters, CHARLOTTE GRAVEL. The letter were crooked and went up at down like they were one hills and her Rs were backwards, but she actually had learned to write her name pretty well.

    "Date..." Charlie reminded herself tapping her pencil on her desk as she attempted to remember what day it was. Days kind of blended together for her especially when she didn't sleep a lot so it was hard.
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  16. Mrs. Whittermur had smiled at Charlie, it was always nice to have the girl in her class, even with her learning difficulties. The elderly lady turned to Kyle, who had been opening the PowerPoint for today's lesson, "Kyle, if you would be so kind as to write the date on the board?" The teen gave a smile and nodded, picking up a whiteboard pen and writing the date at the top, left corner of the whiteboard. He made it large enough so even the people at the back could see, but small enough so it fit nicely in the corner. Then he turned on the interactive whiteboard and projector, sitting down at the teacher's desk as he waited for more students to arrive.

    Once the class had arrived Mrs. Whittermur walked around and collected their homework, before placing them on her desk. Then she moved to the front of her class. "Hello class, it's lovely to see you all again after the half term. Now, I will be marking your homework tonight and handing them out tomorrow. Onto our new company, as some of you might or might not know the school started a pupil TA program, Kyle happens to be a part of that program. He will be helping out in some of our classes, although not all of them, and I want you to treat him with the same level of respect as you do for me. Now, you all should have a worksheet on your desk, we are going to be learning about sentence structures and descriptive writing, so please, read through the instructions and answer the questions. You can put your hand up to ask for help if you need to." With that the teacher went to sit down and Kyle began to walk around the class, helping students and answering any questions he was asked.
  17. Charlie carefully added the date to the top of her page on the opposite corner of her name. She handed her homework to Mrs. Whittermur and slumped in her seat already feeling a bit discouraged. There were a lot of words on this worksheet and it seemed like it would take forever.

    The tapping of her pencil against her desk seemed to quicken as the teacher explained why Kyle was here. At least he wouldn't be in every class right? She felt her throat tighten anxiously whenever Kyle passed by her desk.

    Charlie hunched over her worksheet trying to concentrate on the words. It was hard she could hear some kids had already started answering questions and their pencils scratching was distracting, the words and letters seemed to be more mixed up than normal, every little sound was making it hard to concentrate plus her brain was wandering.

    She slowly mouthed the words on the worksheet as she worked through it. Then she got to her first exercise, labeling the parts of a sentence and just stared confused. She'd been trying so hard to get the words right when reading she hadn't gotten the content or understood what was being said.

    Charlie stared out the window rocking her chair back on two legs. She was considering asking for help, but that would require talking with Kyle. She watched a bird flit around eating worms outside as she tries to make up her mind to ask or not and slowly she started to lose focus again.
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  18. Kyle easily managed to answer any questions he was asked by other students, crouching down next to them and explaining the problem in more detail with them, occasionally if the student was really stuck he would write down some things on the side of their worksheet to help them. Then once they were okay he would continue his rounds around the class. Mrs. Whittermur was impressed by how well Kyle was handling the class, her gaze flickered around the class and she frowned slightly when she saw Charlie gazing out of the window. The poor girl was stuck it seemed, or distracted. The teacher looked at Kyle, waiting for him to realize that Charlie had completely lost her focus.

    The odd eyed boy had began making rounds around the class once more, his eyes flickering across the students until they landed on Charlie. When he got closer he realized that she hadn't even started her worksheet. With a soft sigh he walked over, but ended up having to go to the girl sat in front of Charlie who had put her hand up for help on one of the later problems. Once he had finished helping her he stood up once more and ran a hand through his hair.
  19. Charlie let her chair fall forward with a thud and glanced at the clock. She muttered an oat in Creole, a language her father taught her to speak, under her breath and glanced at her empty worksheet. She needed to get this done and she knew she couldn't get it done without help in the time allotted. She was about to raise her hand when Kyle went to the girl in front of her, Rebecca. Charlie put her hand down and stared at her paper some more trying and failing to understand what it was telling her to do.

    The mixed girl looked up and saw Kyle was done helping Rebecca so she slowly raised her hand feeling very self-concious about asking for help. She swallowed trying to overcome her anxiety about asking Kyle and her pride about asking for help in general.

    "I um need help...I don't understand." she muttered, embarrassed, glancing up at Kyle and then focusing her eyes on her paper. If she looked at the paper instead of him she could get through this. She just needed to get this done. Charlie really didn't want to have to redo Sophomore year though by how the beginning of the semester was looking she doubted she'd pass finals in December.

    Charlie tapped the eraser on her pencil against the side of her neck as she waited for Kyle to say something. She could feel a change in her heartbeat and breathing, but tried to keep a calm demeanor.
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  20. Kyle hadn't been looking at Charlie, but he did see her raise her hand out of the corner of his eye so he turned to face the girl that used to be his best friend. He gave a small smile and walked over, kneeling down next to her and looking at her worksheet. He was concerned when he saw that she had no work done, but he pushed that concern down and instead focused on helping her. If this was the only way he was going to get to talk to Charlie then so be it. "What exactly don't you understand, I'll try explain it and help to the best of my abilities." The brunette pulled tapped his fingers against her desk for a moment before stopping himself and focusing on Charlie instead. She needed help, and he was going to do his best to help her.
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