Sins of the Mother (Lightning X Sway)

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    Plot Synopsis: After carrying out a deadly revenge attack against the Yakuza in retaliation for betrayal, former Hit-woman and soon-to-be mother Yoshimi Huynh is caught up in a deadly car accident that claims her husband's life. After a lengthy coma, Yoshimi wakes up to find that her Best Friend, Mitsuru Song, has come back. Sadly, Yoshimi does not remember a thing...As the Accident has claimed her memories as well. With Mitsuru's help, will she be able to reclaim her memories before starting her journey down the path of motherhood?

  2. Seven Months Ago...
    Betrayal hurt a lot more then gun wounds. At least in the eyes of Yoshimi Huynh. For two years, she had been a capable and loyal servant to the notorious yakuza. She had followed every order and rule of the Oyabun to the letter. Well, all except for one. She had fallen in love with the Oyabun's Son. Despite her attempts to keep the relationship a secret, the clan had eventually found out. During a particular job one night, Yoshimi would be shot by one of her own and left for dead. After a lengthy hospital stay, Yoshimi would seek revenge and launched a one-woman assault on her former Brothers and Sisters. Leaving a massive body count, she confronted her former boss, who had betrayed her. He accepted his death after she brutally killed his bodyguards. Decapitating who would have been her Father-In-Law, Yoshimi would leave with her lover.

    Their celebration would be short-lived. As they drove down the street, an oncoming car would t-bone them, making the car overturn twice. Her husband would be killed on impact. When paramedics and police arrived, they had gotten ready to pronounce her dead, but feel a pulse. The poor woman was now in a coma...

    Present Day
    After seven months of being in a trauma-induced coma, Yoshimi would awaken in a hospital bed. She had trouble sitting up and felt her stomach on her legs. Confused, she tore off the blanket, she notices that her stomach had been enlarged. Freaked out, Yoshimi started screaming. "Oh my god, I got fat! Why am I so fat!?" A nurse came in to calm her down. "Ma'am, ma'am. You're not fat. You're seven months pregnant." She said. Yoshimi was still confused. "What? I'm pregnant? Since when?" She asked. "Since seven months ago." The Nurse replied. Sadly, Yoshimi did not remember a thing. She didn't remember the last time she got in bed with someone, let alone do so without protection. She didn't even have a job, let alone she didn't remember replying for one. Did she even graduate College? Or even High School? What happened? Since she was pregnant, she wondered what happened to the Father. The nurse, noticing that Yoshimi was suffering amnesia, was on the verge of tears and didn't have the courage to tell Yoshimi what happened to her husband, and instead said that he wasn't around when she got into her car accident. She then saw a couple of photos on the Nightstand. "Who are all those people in the pictures?" She asked. "I mean, I know one of them is me, but who are all the other people? Because...I don't know any of them." Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her stomach. "Okay, my stomach hurts...and so does my back." The nurse smiled courteously. "That's a part of being pregnant." Yoshimi frowned at the thought. "Oh and you have a friend that's been staying with you since you were sleeping for the past seven months. She stepped out for a few minutes, but she'll be back in a bit. So if you need to use the restroom, its just right there, but for now, you should just rest. I'll give you some time to process everything." The nurse said before quietly exiting the room to give her some privacy.

    While looking around, Yoshimi saw a pregnancy guide on the other nightstand. Grabbing it, she decided to read through it. Her eyes widened more and more as she read one page after the next. After getting caught up, since she was already seven months along, she sighed after closing the book and putting it back where she found it. She wasn't really thrilled at the idea of pregnancy and having a baby, especially since her life has just been turned upside down, the baby daddy vanished and she cannot remember anything if her life depended on it. Finally, she just relaxed, started holding her big belly and waited for the 'friend' that the nurse spoke of.
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  3. When the call came seven months ago, Mitsuru was sitting an her office finishing up a job for a local business firm. She remembered vividly how she thought nothing exciting ever happened to her. Statisticians, in her humble opinion, had a pretty easy life. The way you went about your work was entirely up to you. Clients cared more so for the end result. Forecasts on business practices, effectiveness of marketing campaigns. That's what warranted her pay check. Not the endless hours grinding away at coding data or plug and chugging in programs that became her best friend. Though she wished for excitement, being called as her bestie's emergency contact wasn't what she had in mind.

    Since the day Yoshimi slipped into her coma, Mitsuru stopped by the hospital daily. No one came to visit her. Strange since Yoshimi never seemed the pariah type. They fell out of contact when they graduated university. She meant to reach out but life got hard. Adult life wasn't at all easy; Mitsuru missed the student life. She entertained going back for her masters and maybe slap on a PH.D. Fascinating things were happening within the statistics world. She wanted in on that. All that prevented her was the money. University was fun, but it certainly wasn't cheap.

    Sipping on her coffee, Mitsuru swirled the contents of her styrofoam cup. She held her cell phone in her other hand as she read several emails. Nothing too exciting. Updates on her current work projects and several new ones. She marked them and transferred them to her work folder for later read. Opening another email, it was an update on Statistics Daily. An equivalent to Science Daily for science geeks. Casually scrolling through an article about social media and individual consumerism, she pressed the home button on her Nexus and placed it in her pocket. Rubbing her eyes, she made her way back to Yoshimi's room.

    Their reunion still astounded her. If the coma from the car accident wasn't enough of a shock, the pregnancy was. To the best of her knowledge, Yoshimi wasn't married. Lots of questions floated about her head, none of them her business. The nurse kept her updated. She was the only person who'd showed up at Yoshimi's bedside. Much to her relief, the baby was fine. When Yoshimi woke up, however, may be another matter altogether.

    As she was about to enter the room, Mitsuru saw a nurse step out. "She still doing alright?"

    The nurse rose an eyebrow. "You didn't hear the shouting?"

    "No. She's awake?"

    The nurse nodded. "A friendly face might help," she said. Pursing her lips, the nurse continued on, "she's showing symptoms of amnesia. So take things slow. Maybe you can help jog her memory."

    Mitsuru frowned. "That sounds really bad."

    "It might be temporary. We'll ... continue monitoring it. It'd be best not to mention the accident. The details."

    Catching the nurse's meaning, Mitsuru nodded before stepping into the room. Yoshimi was most definitely awake. She didn't look happy whatsoever. "Hey," Mitsuru said as she took the chair at the bedside. "Napped long enough, hmm? How're you feeling?"
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  4. As another woman stepped into the room, Yoshimi looked over, still holding her belly. The whole pregnancy thing was still new to her and she was still taking time to process all the information that she had to absorb. Sadly, Yoshimi was still completely unaware that she was in a seven month long coma due to her amnesia. "Oh. Hi, you must be that friend the nurse was talking about." Yoshimi smiled a bit, happy to see that someone had come to visit her.

    The woman did look familiar, because she remembered her from one of the many pictures from her nightstand. The woman then asked about her extended nap and asked how she was feeling. Yoshimi wasn't sure how to answer. "Aside from this big belly and being told that I gained thirty-five pounds, I'd say I'm doing pretty good." She was a little confused with the woman asked her about her 'nap'.

    Just how long was she out? That was something she was unsure of. "How long was my nap?" She asked. Sadly, Yoshimi had a lot of questions, but didn't want to overwhelm the woman, so she decided to take things slow. She decided to start with asking about the woman herself, so she grabbed the photo where they were in their cap & gown for graduation from university, which was not all that long High School was. "By the way, is this you?" She asked, pointing at the photo, which was taken of them together.
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  5. Mitsuru chuckled. "I was thinking you'd be more freaked out. Spent forever thinking about how to calm you down. Cause, well, you're pregnant and stuff," she said. Asked about the 'nap' duration, Mitsuru pursed her lips. There wasn't any use lying about it. Yoshimi would've figured it out anyway. She had a right to know. "About seven months. That's when I got the call you were in the hospital. Imagine how surprised I was. We never did talk much after graduation. Which was pretty shitty mind you. So I got the call, and I came in to find you ... here. Trust me when I say that you look way better now than before. There were some close calls. Like vegetable close calls. I'm glad you're awake though ..."

    Stressing Yoshimi out about her worry frenzy wasn't going to help. She probably already said too much. The nurse had warned her to be gentle about the topic. There was just so much she wanted to say. But Yoshimi wouldn't understand the gravity of her worry. Mitsuru wasn't even sure her best friend knew her anymore. She had a sharp tongue. She was restraining it so hard right now.

    Mitsuru drew her eyes to the picture Yoshimi held in her hand. She smiled. Her chest tightened slightly. Yoshimi forgot her after all. "Yeah. It was right after graduation. Obviously. Not sure if you remember, but that night was crazy. We went bar hopping. Ten out of ten would do it again. Alcohol tastes gross though. Give me juice instead. Jackfruit smoothies. Yes."
  6. When Mitsuru said that she thought that Yoshimi would be more freaked out, due to the fact that she woke up in a Hospital and seven months pregnant, Yoshimi just had her hand on her belly, listening as she was told about how Mitsuru got notified. Where was her family? Did she even have one? Though it would seem that Yoshimi had been sleeping for a long time. When the other woman confirmed that it was her in the photo that was in her other hand, Yoshimi smiled, because they have met before, probably a while ago. A long while ago, not to mention Mitsuru was also in a bunch of her other photos. "Well, to be honest with you, I don't remember that night. But...if you say so. Oh and I can't have alcohol right now. The Doctor said that its bad for the baby." She frowned. What was going on? "To be honest with you, I don't really remember anything. My head just really hurts."

    Hopefully it was just a headache that would go away. "Maybe we can grab some smoothies later. Before you got here, the Nurse said that when I am ready I can check out of the hospital and...well, go home." Sadly, when she had the idea of driving herself home, that went down the drain when she was told that her Car got totaled, which did make her a little sad. The two women were soon interrupted. "Ms. Huynh, I came to let you know that when you're ready to check out, you're free to go. Everything is fine, you've gotten plenty of rest, but now that you're pregnant, you'll be coming back for a check up in two weeks." The nurse smiled at her before turning to Mitsuru and pulling her out of the room briefly. "Since there are no next-of-kin for us to contact, you're going to have to take care of her for a little bit, at least until she regains her memories, but I will warn you now that its not going to be pretty when she does. So just be gentle, loving and patient with her. I'll go prepare the discharge papers."

    After a couple of more minutes, Yoshimi got up to go use the restroom. Sadly, she was still adjusting to being pregnant and was not looking forward to having to go use the restroom every twenty minutes or so. Briefly, she had some trouble standing, but used the IV Bag holder to keep herself standing. While attempting to put on her old clothes, her pants was tight and her shirt would rip if she continued trying to put it on, which had made her a little upset. "Oh my god, I can't even fit into my clothes anymore!" She cried while in the bathroom, even more so when she looked at herself in the mirror. "And I look like a whale."

    Finally, she sighed before exiting the restroom. The only thing that she got to fit at all was her dress, but it was a little too high and barely reached her knees. She then exited the bathroom after putting the hospital gown into a laundry hamper. More to her dismay, not even her shoes fit, but her socks did, even though they were a little tight. After stuffing everything into her purse and her clothes into a plastic bag, she waddled out of the room with her friend. "Hey, I know this is a lot to ask, but after we check out, can we please stop by the maternity shop? I think I need some new clothes. Nothing fits me anymore..."
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