Sinful, Deadly, Dangerous: For My People

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  1. Her name is Chris... Christina Lockvalley- though no one refers to her as that anymore.​

    Instead, she is referred to as "Mother". Quite a thing to be called when you're a college drop-out at the age of 24 with no job.

    Makes sense, however, when you take into account that the world as we know it, has crashed down around us.

    It happened in winter... Though, to this day, no one has owned up to what caused the explosion, the radiation... Government in the US crumbled... Many died in the wake of infections and sicknesses and the cold- all of it seemed so easy to prevent back before this...

    Christina had been the first voice among many soon to come- grappling for power that now lay in the reach of everyone who wanted it and could gain enough followers. Although there are three main parts of the US now- it's now a race and a fight against time to figure out who will reign.

    To the west, there is another leader's group- he's been given the title of Father- though it is in no way connected to Christina's group. They are her main worry- their leader is ruthless, leading with violence and rage. To the East, there is a group that is rarely spoken of- there is no name. Its leaders are unknown and possibly numerous, and their followers are just as unknown- but there have been presences that have shown themselves, both to the Father and Mother, guiding both of them.

    There are rumors that the radiation might have screwed a little with that group's people a bit.... too much.


    Christina, the Mother, leads a group that she lovingly refers to as Offspring. Rebirth'd from the ashes of the previous era of technology- they've only just now began to find their way, cracking from the shells of their shock to move and live. Her mass is a good population of a million, though it is outnumbered by the Father's group, which is more in the two- million range.

    The other group... not much is known.

    The Mother, taking a role of a queen and war-time lord, has lead the way in being the first to reconstruct cities and manage to get most technology running again. She does what she can to make her people safe and comfortable. Their city is actually one giant building, and money is of no need- bargaining is what plays a massive role. There are the beginnings of indoor gardens and farms in many of the wings of the building, as well as hundreds of people to tend to those plants. It's somewhat socialistic/democratic. She has a connection to her people by way of a certain wing where she will go for five hours each day- if someone has a problem, all they have to do is go to her and talk. She does what is best for her people- trying to balance the individual's needs with the mass's.

    The Father, a man who calls himself king and acknowledged by his people, has a harem of wives and lovers, a massive collection of soldiers who had fought in the military before the Winter, and a brilliant intellect for his new-found role. He has taken control of the biggest building in his land, which stood through the explosion, and has drawn his people to it to help rebuild it- and in return, he has them work as a team to help make housing for each other. Gold, silver, metals and gems are what drives his people- that, and a deep sense of justice. It's a monarchy in all senses of the term- His leadership is iron-clad. He gives orders and you follow them. He refers to his people as the Phoenixes, alluding to the bird of mythology who would rise from its own ashes.

    His past is a bit shady, but the only proven rumors are that he had experience in the military and managed to get himself to quite a high rank before getting a dishonorable discharge for something quite serious. He's known to be charismatic and charming, though driven by his duties to his people. It has been rumored that his name was Leonard Smith, though no one is quite certain. He looks to be around his early thirties, though his age is not told by himself- purely guesstimations. He is a person who looks to rebuild and return to a life more similar to the time before Winter struck. He has been a leader to make sure that his people have stocked up on food and provisions in case of another attack from another country.

    His group has been focus on defense as well as asserting its military strength- in many meetings with the other groups- he had made more than one threat and demand for respect. He has offered help to the other groups- but under the premises of bowing their heads to him. Needless to say, both of the other groups decided to stay apart from his. His worries come from the nameless group- he has done as much as he can to find out enough information to make his people comfortable, but everything comes up short.

    The third group, has been a silent watcher- surveying each, while sending small portions of their people to both groups. Smart and cunning, these people have quickly been able to find their ways to both the Father's and the Mother's group of Council.

    The only thing that those two groups share is their Council, both have two from their own mass join, and two from the other groups.

    These Councils are to help provide advisement in hard times- and to help when there is trouble between the groups. Meaning that both the Father and Mother have six people on their council- three men and three women for both. One man and one woman from each group- to balance the groups and the sexes.

    Laws and regulations have been lax, so far- with only rudimentary provisions coming to fruition.

    So... Who will you go to after Winter?








    In the winter of 2015, on December 23, a nuclear bomb was dropped in the middle of North America, with the death toll going off the charts. It was estimated that only five or six million citizens remained alive and survived. This date is commonly referred to as just "The Winter".

    Only half of that number were still viable- the other, being too close to the radius of the explosion, became sterile. Most of the elderly and the young, as well as the disabled were hit the hardest.

    None of the countries are owning up to what had happened.

    With the state of North America- the current president had been kept away, and most of the ruling parties that survived have dissipated. The survivors of the bomb divided into three main factions- The Phoenixes, the Offspring, and an unnamed third group.

    It's quickly becoming a scramble for power....

    Our story begins here....


    This Role Play will be divided into sections, or chapters, with specific goals and checkpoints- as we go along, I will scrawl them out here.

  5. Name:
    Cira (Cecyl Jones)
    (pronounced see-rah)

    Age : 27

    Sex: Female

    Faction/Group: Third Group (Leader)

    She lost almost all her hair after the Winter, and has burnt scars all over her body. She's got some mark on her face, too;

    Personality: Very reserved. She will rarely reveal much about herself in conversation, and keeps a low profile, but she knows how to get people's attention whenever she needs. Although some may think of her as someone aloof and sort of fragile, there is precisely where her greatest strength lies- not everything is what meets the eye.

    The disasters that followed The Winter left their marks on Cecyl Jones. She survived not only the radiation, but also the fires that consumed her city; both left scars all over her skin, which she covers simply because she learned people would be wary or scared of her otherwise.

    Her natural ability to organize and take the lead in moments of crisis soon made of her a reknown person. Cira, as she calls herself, played a key role in organizing rescue parties and successfully evacuating places before something bad happened. She was good at locating lost people; she could tell with ease when someone was sick, when the disease was contagious or not, and sometimes even what to do about it, or where to get help for it. She even predicted deaths and births. She was there at the right time, in the right place; and this was no coincidence. After The Winter, her psychic abilities and survival skills developed in a way she never thought possible. All she had to do was trust her intuition and instincts.

    The people from the East- those most affected by the radiation- saw her as a reliable figure. Even though she is not the only leader nor the only with extrasensorial abilities, they know her value, and that is why she was chosen as their representant; Cira's place is now in The Mother's council.

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  6. I hope this will suffice for a character sheet, the roleplay looks awesome and I am excited to be a part of it.

    Name: Charles Godfrey

    Age: Twenty

    Sex: Male

    Faction/Group: The Phoenixes

    Personality: The young man could hardly be considered an ass, however the disposition he carried offered some insight he was not exactly all sunshine and rainbow's either. More often then not emotions went unshown or ignored and facial expression generally held a blank almost stoic state. Before the madness had started he had been far different, a caring brother, a son, someone who truly cared about the world around him. Due to the death's in his family however, it seemed the young man had died with them and instead some sort of doppleganger had taken his place. He was intelligent, and quick. Good at reading others while keeping what he was thinking and feeling wrapped up nice and tight.

    History: Before the war Charles had been a fairly average young adult. Without the money to go to college and without the stomach to look to his parents for money he had enlisted within the marines and had served almost an entire term before the fallout came. He had been an officer within his service, infantry to be specific so it was not to say he wasn't used to adversity. When he was home the chaos began and everything he had known changed. Once his family had been gone he packed up and left.. not sure where to go he ended up traveling with a few men whom he had served with, drawn west towards the promise of a better future.. he enlisted with the Pheonixes, and quickly found himself climbing the ranks as a dedicated and loyal soldier.

    Apperance: From a distance he was not particularly impressive, when it came to his physical stature he stood at just over five foot ten, with broad shoulders and a toned physique that had yet to see it's best days. Flesh was tan, and black hair sitting atop his head was somewhat short yet wild, offering the apperance he had just awoken. Eyes were the color of mint green, soft yet carrying a subtle intensity. Not intimidating to say the least, but seemingly more then able to handle himself.

    Occupation: Former Marine.
  7. I'd like to know if being a refugee from the west into Mother's territory would be acceptable
  8. Ooooo, new blood! I know Monstrous is new... and I don't think I've role-played with you either, Lightening!

    And of course, my lovely Selly, who will be an integral part of this RP!

    The character sheet looks fine to me, and yes, it would be acceptable to come as a refugee.

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  11. How many people do you plan on recruiting for this roleplay if I may ask?
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  15. Name: Ed "Cleaver" Templar
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Affiliation: The Offspring, formerly of the Phoenixes
    Personality: Quiet, Distant, Burnt out in a way
    History: A college student before the Winter, majoring in Culinary Arts with a minor in performing arts, spent time with his friends exploring forests and desert areas, camping. After the winter, was forced to become a reconnasaince operative for Father, and witnessed brutality and horror at the hands of his allies and those they fought against. (Can be edited for timeline accuracy) After two years serving Father's orders begrudgingly, "Cleaver" defected, leaving Father's territory and wandering in the Freerange for another year, becoming a hardened burntout shell of a man witnessing even harsher attrocities perpetrated by savage wastelanders, and finally attempting to find solace from the gore in his nightmares among the people in Mother's territory where he now spends most of his time quietly drinking unless he's needed. (All of this can be Edited if it feels unacceptable to you)

    Skills: He can cook and play guitar, and has been trained to survive in the wasteland, what can be eaten what can't be, how to patch minor wounds and set broken bones temporarily, how to use a gun.

    Weapons: Kriss Vector SMG, G36c Assault Rifle, Rhino revolver (will usually only carry the Rhino)

    Appearance: (With more stubble on his face) [​IMG]
  16. Alright- accepted.

    For future reference, Iwaku has a double-post policy; there's an edit button on your posts so you can add more in- trust me, I check my RP's, and I will see if you added anything.

    Only reason I do it in my RPs in the beginning is for organization.
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