Shoplifting and/or Pre Apocalypse

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  1. I always end up spelling apocalypse wrong.
    But that's obviously not the point of this post.

    I want to do an action filled rp either about a group of kids who find pleasure in shoplifting. Or a band of people preparing for the apocalypse (it's based on You, Me and the Apocalypse.)

    Sorry it sounds so vague, but I need some plotting help. So if you're interested, gimme a call. Err...I meant just post here with suggestions. >.> Don't call me.
  2. I'd be interested in the apocalypse one. Seems cool.
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  3. Some apocalyptic kleptomania, heck yes! :shades:
    I'm definitely interested. It also reminds me of the song "Been Caught Stealing" by Jane's Addiction. :D

    We can combine your two initial ideas - how about a group of teenagers or college students prepping for the apocalypse by shoplifting stores?

    Other plotting questions are:
    Where is this located?
    And why do they think an apocalypse is coming? How do they know? Does all of society know, or is it just their belief based on something?
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  4. Ooh a combo! I never thought of that but now that you've pitched the idea I love it! :D And that song. PERFECT.

    Now for the plotting questions! (And thank you for asking them!)
    I kind of want the rp to be set in Canada, because I always set my rps in the US but Canada's cool too! Plus, I like how Toronto looks.
    So yeah, Toronto, Canada.

    Now for the apocalypse thing, I don't want widespread panic like in the show (You, Me and the Apocalypse) so I think maybe one of the teens has a parent who is a scientist that is/was privy to sensitive information and one particular piece of information was that some country got a hold of a super atomic bomb and they're planning on using it on the rest of the world OR a meteor is heading for the Earth.

    (Tagged you for your interest)
  5. Toronto, nice!! I really like the way it looks too.

    I like the privy scientist parent idea a lot! :D
    I think I prefer the meteor heading for Earth since the parent is a scientist, and the country with a bomb may be too political for them to have intel about so easily. They would have to be a very elite scientist for that, I think. Having access to information like that would also increase the chances of the law/government watching the family anyways, which would lead to the teens' shoplifting being discovered and stopped sooner.

    Next plotting questions:
    1) Does the parent tell the teen and recommend preparing to them or does the teen secretly find out (from searching in their parent's things maybe) and decide to start preparations themselves? If the teen does so secretly, does the parent find out? And even if the parent recommends to the teen to start preparing, does the parent recommend shoplifting, or provide any starting resources or ideas to them?
    2) Are the other teenagers children of scientists, or are they all the first teen's friends, or from a club at school?
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  6. I do like the idea, but I would prefer it if they were simply shoplifting because they wanted to, then somehow a apocalyptic event happened so they now have to use their skills to survive.
    What kind of events were you thinking of? I feel zombies are over used... I much rather have it be something like nuclear warfare, terrorist takeover (something like the Division), or maybe just an utter economic crash that threw everything into chaos.
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  7. You're right the meteor makes more sense! And I was thinking that the United Nations had a secret meeting about the meteor and voted not to inform their countries about the meteor, so as not to start widespread panic and mayhem. And the scientist parent was debating telling the teen but the teen stumbled on the information in the scientist's study.

    And no, only one child has a scientist parent. I was thinking that the kids wouldn't necessarily be at the same school but they would have met through mutual shoplifting. So the shoplifting, would have already been an established 'thrill seeking activity' that soon became a necessity. I think if it was a club it would be a secret one or maybe they said they were making a 'Future Business Leaders' group and it was just a cover for their shoplifting thing. I think the parent wouldn't approve though.

    Actually what if this rp didn't just focus on the lives of the kids and focused on their parents as well? So the parent has the opportunity to find out and reprimand or approve?

    The events causing the apocalypse has already been decided, actually. Plus I didn't want the entire world to know about the apocalypse happening. See my reply to Zora18 for the events causing the apocalypse. ^^^ And yeah I stay away from the whole 'walking dead' thing too, (hopefully the zombie epidemic idea won't ever flutter into Hollywood producers' minds ever again. XD)

    Oh and yes, they were shoplifting before the apocalyptic event.
  8. Ah yes, I like the UN secret meeting idea! And the teen stumbling upon info in the study.
    So, so far, we seem to have two character ideas:
    1) The scientist parent
    2) The teen with the scientist parent (and perhaps kleptomania) :D

    Yes, maybe the teen got into shoplifting through some risky friends and they like to explore the streets of downtown Toronto and find places to shoplift. Maybe they do other crimes too? Like mugging? Or other risky activities?
    Maybe the teen is sick of living his/her rich, safe, private high school life and then gets involved in these thrill-seeking things which the parent does not know about because they think he/she is going to some kind of school club meetings "Future Business Leaders" meetings. Maybe his/her parents have trust in them because they've always been a good kid with excellent grades, but now their OCD and/or anxiety may have turned into kleptomania as a form of escapism from high expectations and a safe, over-protected life.
    Actually, maybe the teen only his one parent. Maybe their parents divorced, so they just grew up the rest of their childhood with their scientist mom, who was always busy working, so there's a lack of supervision that allows this teen to get away with things like this?

    Yes, I'm still wondering if parents are better off as NPCs or not? Because then we would have to have parents for most of the teens, but the parents may not be as fun to play as the teens because the teens will be doing all the fun shoplifting action. I think there would generally be a lack of parental involvement and supervision too in order for them to keep shoplifting for so long.
  9. I'm imagining a big secret junkyard, where they gather all of their things, and have bonfires, and have pet dogs. :D
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  10. Yes! I love the idea about the OCD and/or anxiety turning into kleptomania and them having high grades and divorced parents!

    Yeah, I think the parent thing might just be an option, but we could go without it if everyone just wanted to be a kid. That being said, how big do you think the rp should be and should people be able to double up on characters or should it just be one character per person. I was thinking one character per person, with five to six rpers.

    YES!!!! One of the kids could be like the typical super rich kid (or a child of a 'shady' business person) with the privilege to purchase a secret place without drawing attention maybe. And the dogs and bonfires, oh my gosh yessss!!
  11. Yeah, parents should probably be npcs.
    I just gotta think on what my character could be... Im thinking a Light Yagami or Dexter-ish type. A guy in his late teens that uses his knowledge of how crimes are solved to commit crimes. But theft instead know... murder
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  12. Thank you for liking my ideas!! :)

    I personally prefer to play one character at a time usually, it's just easier for me to manage and I feel like I can get deeper involved like that. But I don't mind doubling up either, if people prefer that. I definitely like the idea of a small group with five to six rpers, totally!

    Sounds like we have three character ideas so far:
    1) Kleptomaniac teen with a scientist single parent and good grades
    2) Super rich teen who gains access to the junkyard through his shady business parent
    3) I really like @Zeroisdead character idea!! Our stealthy crime expert.

    And a setting, a secret junkyard in Toronto. :)
  13. I like that idea, he could be the go to guy to circumvent the law when things start to heat up and they need to shoplift bigger things. (and maybe murder just kidding!)

    Awesome, then we'll go for single characters then. That would be easier to manage anyway. And thank you for keeping track of the details, otherwise when it came time to make the rp I would be angrily scouring pages upon pages of interest xD

    So for the endgoal of the rp, do you guys think it should be to make a fortress if things start getting crazy, to escape Toronto/Canada or to just try and survive the apocalypse? Or a mixture?
  14. I vote both. We're trying to escape to Canada where there's a fortress being built by/for refugees or something like that
  15. The rp is set for in Canada
  16. Oops sorry. My bad, I should have been paying more attention ^^"
  17. Its no big deal! And sorry if my response seemed short, I'm on my phone.
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  18. Hmm, yes, a combination... perhaps they are trying to escape from Toronto (maybe it's been predicted that Toronto will have the highest impact with the meteor) in order to build an underground fortress in order to survive the apocalypse and be a part of the people that rebuild society eventually. :D
    (I'm thinking underground because meteor might cause too much damage above-ground? what do you think?)

    Oh, and you're welcome! Yes, I tend to like keeping track of details and plotting. :3
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  19. And underground fortress sounds great! Now for the internal conflicts of the group, I'm thinking that some only want members of the group in the fortress while some want to save other friends and family. What do you two think?
  20. That sounds interesting. Perhaps this could tie in with a difference in their moralities and what they think is essential for survival. Maybe some want to save as many people as they can where as others would want to keep it at a limit. As for the bunker location, underground is a good idea.

    But it would also have to be a good distance away from the crash site. Also, Toronto would have to not be the crash location. If you look at this simulation:
    A large enough asteroid could have cataclysmic results regardless of impact location.

    I am using this and this article to check for accuracy of the scenario.
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