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  1. [align=center]Shintaion: Resistance[/align]

    Today we mark one of possibly the last history lessons in our world today. Our world use to be controlled in unison by Humans, Demons, Elves, and Forbidden Beasts. That control was disrupted as the humans took an evil nature with the revelation of their own technology. Forbidden Beasts found a peaceful accord amidst the chaos but the Demons and Elves were not so lucky. There was also one more creature that was not talked about, the dark beast.

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    These creatures were ruthless and not kept well on a leash. To fight not only these powerful creatures but the demons and elves as well, humans had to develop a new weaponry. The two major advances were the plasma weaponry made as well as the Armours. Armours, are mechanical suits designed to be highly mobile and capable of firing heavy automatic weaponry. Once these armours became main stream they got their own specialized equipment with five centimeter rounds. At full height they stand at about twelve feet.


    With power came chaos and that chaos turned Lavion and Teros against each other. Shintaion also had its own share of civil disputes making Abscus and Shrivisk the only countries not at war. Thankfully most of that came to an end quickly due to the efforts of a small group of people. These people are rumored to have high positions of power now a days. Along their journey they found demons and elves that had been in hiding since the war. Although their feelings towards humans were dark they decided to aid in the fight against the corrupt government. Once that came to an end the woman named Heather Halberd rose quickly in political rank and was promoted to president of Shintaion.

    Again it was not long to last as revenge had snuck up on Shintaion. It was a brief battle and one that did not have a happy ending. The president was ushered away to Abscus as well as what survivors could find a boat or airship. The dark beasts had successfully broke the chains of their own bondage and ravaged the Shintaion landscape. Once that continent was taken they turned their attention to the already weakened Lavion. Finding that easy enough to take they focused on their neighbors next, Teros. However, they found that harder to take as they were primarily a military nation. The fight destroyed a good portion of the dark beasts but Teros was eventually claimed.

    [align=center] [​IMG][/align]

    Now Abscus and Shrivisk are the only ones to take on the remaining threat and resist complete annihilation.

    Alright history lesson is over everyone, now to tell you about the different kinds of people you can sign up as.


    Primarily a technologically savvy race who specializes in guns and armours. The guns are plasma weapons able to deal moderate damage to dark beasts and the armours, as said before, are mobile suits with a max height of 12’ and average round size of 5 cm.

    Along with those technologically advanced features, there are also much smaller advances that we know as nanites. These nanites are programmed to give telekinetic control over certain elements. These nanites reproduce inside the blood stream so once they are in they are permanent. People with these nanites are called Technomancers. The only difference between them and a normal magician is they cannot make a fireball out of midair or things like that. They must have their element present.


    Demons are capable of channeling their inner energy into their weapons and attacks. This allows for a high amount of endurance as well as high attack power. They know their way around martial arts rather well and some are quick to temper. Nearly all don’t know how to use guns or armours.


    The more stealthy and agile of the species, the elves use their unique tracking and speed advantage to be hired assassins or special operatives. They do not carry heavy weapons but they make due with smaller items. Again like the demons they do not know how to use guns or armours.

    Forbidden Beasts

    Now I know there are questions going to be asked about these creatures but I asked the creator to make you a guide. Here is the basic description of what these creatures are.

    Basically Forbidden Beasts can use regular weapons from sword to gun but also have the ability to turn them into pure energy. From this they can use this as a conduit to control their element.

    There you have it, we will all be starting in Abscus and I’d like to keep characters pure so no mixing. PM me any questions you have. Now onto the character sheets.






    Equipment: (If necessary)



    EDITORIAL NOTES: Seeing as the RP is the same basis just restructured the OOC will be re-implemented. I would like to let everyone know they will be playing on the side of the "goodies" or heroes if you want to call them that. There is a vast array of villains already and we got plenty of chances for fights.

    In additon a new rule will be instated upon this as well. Everyone will have ONE primary character and everyone else past that is subject to NPC control so we aren't waiting on everyone all the time. The only characters that bypass this rule, obviously, is the villains but even they are subject to this rule when in a fight with the heroes.

    Now we are starting this fresh so everyone is welcome to join.
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  4. :3 take your time. I'm going to go eat ^^
  5. Hmm I personally think we should get some more people first then worry about starting the RP. But then again it would be nice to get this started again soon, I miss RPing. I mean either way, we should still be able to get some more people in. This is an RP we want to see through until it finishes and have some good fun with it too.
  6. BLAH~ I can't remember my last character very well, but I did want to change her a little bit, so I sort of redid her, too :D
    EDIT: nevermind xD I found the old thread~ mixed both characters a little :D

    Name: Cecilia Skye

    Age: 17

    Species: Technomancer

    Element/Specialty: Light / Specializes in healing

    Show Spoiler

    -Her sling-across white messenger bag with feathered rainbowhue designs contains::
    A set of accupuncture needles (both sterile&poisoned)
    A small notebook with a sparkled cover & a couple of pens and thin markers tied together with a rubber band.
    Plasma Gun Ammunition
    A dense medical set + first-aid kit materials.
    Crystalline Gun Bullers
    -Her gun holster belt :
    A plasma gun holster on the left side for her plasma gun.
    Three Acupuncture Needles hidden in the bow on the right side.
    -Strapped to her Left Thigh:
    Custom-designed Semi-Automatic Shotgun*
    *Designed by her father :: Crystalline bullets in the shape of crystals for impact. The tips are poisoned for aftereffect.

    Personality: As a child, Cecilia was a precocious, competitive girl. Whether it was studies or gymnastics, she always strove to be on top and make her father proud. Now in her later teens, Cecilia has a more serene personality. She makes friends easily, but does not open up as quickly. Although she can be quiet and observant for long periods of time, Cecilia's true personality consists of her childlike optimism and energetic behavior. She's rather impulsive, but always has the best of others in mind. She could be a great adult, but she'd rather come off as the helpful little sister. It all depends on your perception; Cecilia believes that life is tough, but you've got to keep fighting even if you're at a disadvantage. She's always trying to keep everyone around her in high spirits despite what might be going on in their lives. Sometimes she has a hard time keeping up with her smily routine, but she tries her best. She's intelligent, cunning and a surprisingly quick-thinker, able to make decisions on the spot. If you argue with her, be prepared for a heated debate, you're not going anywhere until you've got a taste of her flaming temper. She doesn't throw a tantrum, but she might if she feels like acting like a child, which she does often. She's the epitome of innocence that everyone left behind in their childhoods. Her wish is to make their dreams come true.

    History: The youngest of three older brothers and an eccentric scientist of a father, Cecilia had anything, but a normal childhood. Mr. Skye was one of the leading scientists in the development of nanites and still participates in the research. Her eldest brother was one of the first to volunteer for the nanites injection in order for their father and his lab to study the breed now known as the technomancers. Mr. Skye's other sons, in the spirit of war, became technomancers as well. When Shintaion fell into disarray, however, Skye and his family relocated to Abscus. It was in this struggle, that Cecilia realized that she, too, like her brothers, wanted to fight for the sake of her people.
  7. Alright accepted, we should be able to get this into IC mode soon then.
  8. Hmm, that sounds good then. The sooner the better. Although it certainly wouldn't hurt to get some new recruits this time as well.
  9. Alright new one is up here and it is looking a bit better this time. If you are wondering where to start try hanging around Abscus's capital. I'd say if you wanted to you could even use Heather in your post as she walks down a public street. She is widely recognized as not only Shintaion's President, but the military coordinator in league with Shrivisk's emperor.
  10. Ok, post is up! Yeah.. Honestly it seems like Monsoon will be easier for other player's characters to approach than Ramia, despite the fact he's dealing with a traitor. :P Yeah, not the best first post but..I didn't want to force action since a fight would be outta place right now.

    However, here's another option. You are free to control Alonzo in your posts, perhaps have him try to escape and have your character stop him.
  11. Ok.. This isn't the best way to start off pace wise.

    Tux, I think ya can post dude. If ya need help thinking up one or questions we can talk on MSN or something. Sakura is on a trip so I understand her not posting but it's been like 4 days and heard nothing from ya and no posts in the IC.
  12. This is a character that might work. Please message me at aragon-draco on skype or msn at to tell me if it will work.

    Name: Michael "Dragon-Singer" N'Draco

    Age: Looks 29

    Species: Elf

    Element/Specialty: light and fire, energy manipulation, arcana spells

    Appearance: Stands 6' 4" and weighs approximately 160 lbs. Hair: White-Blond, Eyes: Blue with gold flecks, Skin: He has altered his skin with magic to appear as the mythical blue dragon his parents told him about. He is well toned, but is much, much stronger than appearance suggests.

    Equipment: Carries a 7' carved oak staff topped with a blue diamond, through which he can channel the energy for manipulation. He is armed with a black dagger made of a unique metal that makes it impossible to dull, it is housed in a sheath of the same material. Also, a small, six-hole flute.

    Personality: Quiet, and often smiling, Michael is known to be an unassuming individual, but his skin and hair often draw trouble, as does his bisexuality. At heart, he is a pacifist, but he will fight if it becomes necessary.

    History: Born on a date far into the past, he does not know his age. He was raised in a forested place in Shintaion. His parents died when he became of age, due to a freak accident. Over the course of his life, he has had many fights, which he did not start or want. He has known that he is destined for many fights and a war that will decide the fates of many. His Spells have granted him that much prescience.
  13. Hi Aragon, added you to MSN as I am the living MSNbook of Iwaku names.

    I appreciate you taking interest in the RP however I do have slight issues that I can smooth out with your profile. I'd also like to take a chance to note that OOC character sheets need to be approved by the GM before posting in the IC. Kinda like applications at work...sort of ^^;;.

    Anywho about the profile, Shintaion Resistance expands off of a previous universe created by Shintaion Rebirth. There is no "real" magic users left in the world besides a very select few who cannot do more than parlor tricks. However, that doesn't mean you can't be a magician. What we have we call Technomancers. These guys use nanites in their blood to control the element around them. They are allowed only one element but can use two if they use "Temp Tech." This is a pill that can be digested for 30 minute nanites of any element. However, research on these were abruptly ended in Rebirth so these pills are rare.

    The only rule on these nanites is that the element needs to be present to use it. There is no "out of thin air" things. (That's mostly for the Dark Beasts who haven't discarded their need for magic enhanced abilities which is why they are such a threat.) So long as we get your magic using to be Technomancing we'll be a-ok.
  14. Ah, sorry I haven't posted yet. I'll add this to my list as soon as I have more time on a computer xD
    (In Canada, currently)
  15. Well, drama in real life folks. No idea if I'm going to have internet or not for the next few days.. I may even have to move somewhere new sooner than expected.. <_<

    If all goes well, then maybe I won't disappear but I'm betting I will. It's a sucky situation.

    Well, feel free to hijack my character, Piro. Ramia is an NPC anyhow so using her to interact with one of your characters should be fine and easy.
  16. Haha Piro may be jacking everyone as I'll be gone till August 7th on a cruise, hence my lack of activity getting ready for it.
  17. Damn. Well I got somewhat good news on my end at least, I may have jumped the gun. I can't leave until my lease is up from the looks of it so I'll have a few days with internet here.. <_< At least until the end of the month of August.
  18. Ok...Post is up. Next post or so I can send both of my characters over to deal with what was going on with Tux's characters. I feel they'd be easier to hijack at the moment since Sakura's character hasn't had the chance to enter the RP yet and I don't wanna mess any ideas she has up.
  19. Eh, sorry about that. Hard to find a computer here that I can actually use and think at the same time. x3
    I will try to post today or so~ I don't have anything in particular in mind, but let's see what I can come up with ;)