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  1. ( This is about a Lycan village that was destroyed when these humans attacked, This Guy ( me ) was captured. and this Lycan leader who is a women or can be a man (you) came to rescue him. That is were that will take off. The humans and the lycan are at war.

    Dark, cold, Damp, Humid, Torturous, Painful. This...this is what describes what his kind is going through. Fur placed on the floor, covered in blood.... his blood. It hurt; it hurt to stand here in this cold place my feet hurt, my legs shaking holding up this massive wolf like body. This...this Lycan and his people in these dungeons, but would be different. She..she was coming, the leader the leader of his pack. She was coming for him. Chains place around his neck like he was a undeserving beast. But...but i cant...i cant do this, the lycan body would return to human...human again. What a great feeling it was, but at the same time his body crumbled to the floor. he remained on his knees lifting his head up, His medium long black hair hung over his face. He only wished " she " Would hurry up... before the humans come back to torture him more. These creatures who were suppose to be friendly kind, and courteous had only attacked them and he was caught in the midst of it. He heard a faint whisper.. it was " her " his green eyes looking around slowly but his head falling again his body to soar to move.

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    She looked down the hallway. No one. Hurrying across the room she came to his door. She lifted a pair of keys and opened the door, coming over to him and unlocking his chains. "I'm here." She held an arm out, offering to help him up.
  3. His green eyes staring right at her he reached his arm out to let her help him up but his body was still limp from the beatings, He fell to the floor and began struggling to get up off the floor. " Thank you..thank you for coming " He let a small gasp of air escape his mouth before he began rising up to his feet again, as he rose to his feet he grasped his chest and then rotated his hand clockwise saying " Matsuroi Release" A symbol on his chest glowed blue and then dissapeared. The symbol was there to stop him from escaping but as he stayed there he learned the words for breaking the seal but it had to be done correctly or else...he might of died. He took in a deep breath of air, the musty and deprived smell filled his nose and lungs but it didnt bother him. He could feel the lycan inside of him becoming restless as he was free of the infernal seal. He smiled again and said " Lets get out of here before they find out " Nodding to her he walked out the cage door looking down the long hallways.

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    "Agreed." She followed him out, on watch in case anyone came and tried to stop them. "We should be clear for now.."
  6. " All we have to do is make it back to the forest " He said as he began running down the long hallway when a guard came around the corner with his spear pointed outwards, he dodge the spear by simply moving his head to the side and sent a palm forward causing the guards head to fling back. He put his arm underneath his neck and dropped to the floor causing his neck to come out of place and for him to be paralyzed, he stood back up and looked at her and said " What is your name if i may ask " He continued to move forward through the castle
  7. She nodded, following closely behind him. She dodged the guard and paused. "Areiz." She answered, glancing down the hallway again.
  8. " Alright Ariez i hope your ready to change " He said as they made it to a large window he looked back at her and smiled, he then hunched over and began to slowly grow. Hair coming from everywhere visible, his bone cracking and moving and re aranging. He grew into the beast which they were afraid and kept captive, he grabbed the window and the wall cracked behind the pure strength of him using it to soar out of the window towards the forest.
  9. Areiz nodded, lowering her head and transforming, her fur now a jet black. She jumped out behind him, following closely and casting wary glances behind her to make sure they were not followed. Her breaths were coming in short pants as they ran.
  10. He was running bipedal for a while until he began to go into all fours because he could faintly hear the sound of hoof's which would mean the horsemen were sent out, As they were running the horsemen came into view but hadnt seen them yet. He began running at them through the forest and lept at them takign one of them off there horse, he let a very loud roar escape as he bit off the man who got tackled head off. He spat the head on the floor and stood there hulking and looking at the horsemen who raised there silver swords ready to fight.
  11. Areiz stood, pacing around them and growling loudly. She spooked one of the horses by making a fake charge and it bucked its owner off. She paused beside him, watching each of the horsemen carefully with a deadly glare.
  12. He charged towards the horseman and tackled the horse causing the horsemen to fall of there horses onto the floor, He then began to circle them again as they scrambled to there feet knowing they were not fairly matched. He then smirked and ran away from the group on all fours heading back to the kingdom.
  13. Areiz jumped through the group just for their fear and she followed behind him quickly. She growled as she passed a few of the galloping horses, which immediately fled.
  14. He stopped and stood up breathing kind of heavy as his body began changing back to human, yes he was naked. But he continued to walk ingoring the fact that he was, he looked around the forest for the entrance and looked back saying " Areiz...weres the entrance? " she she probably new it more than he did.
  15. Areiz padded up beside him, catching her breath before transforming back to her human form and pointing to two trees that seemed to be draped in vines. "Behind there." She said quietly, walking quietly to the curtain.
  16. " cool " he followed behind her into the hidden kingdom passage " so how did you know i was there? " he was kind of just staring at her because he had nothing else to stare at but her.
  17. "We knew they'd taken you, but we didn't know where at first. We searched from the safety of the forest for any type of clue.." she paused, brushing a few tree limbs out of the way. "and we found that building after chasing some of the people. I figured you were there." She said, careful not to stumble over any tree roots.
  18. " Thank you...for coming to get me...i thought no one knew who i was " even though his father was one of the great 7 warriors he never thought anyone would care who he was, He followed in her step to make sure he wouldn't trip or do anything that might disturb anything.
  19. Areiz paused for a moment. "I would never have left you there." She said quietly, switching to a more beat-down path. "This leads to the center of the kingdom." She said after a few steps.
  20. He continued to follow her and said " has the kingdom changed much? " he was trying to keep up with her on the downward path.
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