Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan): Evolution

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Even with this being an alternate reality RP, are you still interested?

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  1. This is a reboot of the well loved Attack on Titan series. Some characters from the mainstream series will be absent, notably Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert. The reason for this is to allow this RP to change the story of AoT, impossible with the main characters present. You have been warned.

    Attack on Titan free wallpaper 3_1920x1080.jpg

    One hundred years ago, giant monsters called Titans made their appearance on Earth. Virtually indestructible, they devoured humans without clear purpose, showing no compassion or remorse. In response to this threat, the remnants of mankind hid behind the Walls, a series of mysterious structures whose origin is largely unknown. The three fortifications towered above the attacking monstrosities and could not be pierced by them. Much of mankind lived behind Wall Maria, the outer wall, followed by the middle Wall Rose, and finally the innermost Wall Sina, where the King and the more wealthy citizens made their homes. This peaceful life continued for a century, most citizens never even seeing a Titan. The highly specialized military defended the walls and carried out operations trying to reclaim lands beyond Wall Maria. This peace was shattered when two abnormal titans, the Colossal (200 feet tall with no skin covering it's muscles) and the Armored (a normal-sized Titan whose body was covered in thick natural plates of skin and bone), breached the outer wall of the Shinganshina district, swiftly followed by the inner wall. There were no survivors. The lands between walls Rose and Maria were abandoned, causing an influx of pestilence and famine behind Rose while those left behind were devoured. Humanity now lives in constant fear of another attack from the two abnormals and the consequences. Losing Rose could mean more than just more land losses. More refugees would pour behind the limited protection of Wall Sina. Already scarce resources would be spent in a matter of days. The human population would drop another vast percentage. Humanity would be doomed. It is our job to make sure that does not happen. We are the 104th Trainees Squad. We will fight to the last man for our fallen brethren, fight to secure Wall Rose, fight to reclaim Wall Maria, and fight...
    To take back our birthright!

    Welcome to AoT: Evolution! As the Pre-intro may suggest, this is a reboot of Attack on Titan, with virtually the same story as the original. However, as the intro may suggest, the Shinganshina survivors (Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert) didn't survive the second time around. This, however, is the only major change. Annie, Reiner, and Bertolt are still traitors and Titan Shifters. We'll still meet Ymir and the Beast Titan. Overall, it's simply a matter of making the story our own instead of living in the sharp of Eren's deeds.

    For the Uninitiated



    Titans are large, humanoid (in fact, they look very much like large human males), man-eating monsters. The tallest normal Titans are about 15 meters in height, but size does vary. They exclusively eat humans, but do not require sustenance of any kind, ignoring any other sources of food. They are largely inactive and sluggish at night, indicating a reliance on sunlight. The general appearance of Titans is that of an emaciated and/or potbellied human male. Titan Shifters are humans with the ability to turn into Titans. The transformed states vary, and have some of the more unique Titan bodies, as well as unique and mysterious abilities (the Colossal with unprecedented size and boiling steam, the Armored with strong plates protecting it). Generally they are more physically fit than normal Titans, and are quite adept at killing their normal brothers. Both breeds have an advanced healing factor, the only way to kill any of them being a weak spot on the back of the neck. The healing is so powerful that lost limbs can be regenerated, even in human form (in the case of Shifters). It is possible for a Titan to become a Titan Shifter by eating another Titan Shifter. The origins of the Titans and the Titan Shifters are mysterious. It is stated that Titans were originally humans, and the Beast Titan was even capable of turning a village of humans into Titans. Shifters are even more mysterious, but a serum that was injected into Eren Yeager is thought to be what allows people to change freely. Both Titans and Shifters are nearly genderless, showing no genitalia (the first female Titan only displayed breasts, the only sign that there was a separate gender).

    The Military


    The military is divided into three separate branches:
    • The Garrison, which guards the wall from Titan attacks. The Garrison insignia, which is branded onto the shoulders of uniforms, is that of two roses. Garrison troops man the great number of cannons atop the walls, as well as having a number of troops skilled with Vertical Movement Gear (alternatively known as 3D Maneuvering Gear) ready to fight Titans on the inside of the wall. Garrison troops are positioned inside border towns like Shinganshina, where high concentrations of people distract Titans, as small portions of the vast wall are much easier to defend. The Garrison has the largest number of troops, totaling at 30,000. The trainees are included in this number. Only about 10,000 are readily available though.
    • The Scout Regiment, which explores beyond the wall and attempts to reclaim land for humanity, actively battles Titans. Due to the danger, most cadets avoid the Scouts. However, despite their numbers only totaling up to a few hundred, they have the best trained troops in the entire military. Their insignia is that of two crossed wings, one white, one blue.
    • The Military Police, which maintains discipline throughout the walls, accepts only the best and brightest cadets and numbers at about 5,000 in potential manpower. They generally do not wear VMG, and when they do it is different from standard gear. Rather than blades they carry rifles or pistols. They act as the main police force within the walls and act as the King's guard. They are known to be lazy, corrupt, and abusive, most never seeing any Titans. Their insignia is a Unicorn.
    Since most conventional weapons do not work against Titans, the military has adapted it's strategies. Most standard personnel are equipped with VMG, allowing them to move swiftly over and around Titans, up walls, and across great distances through the use of gas propulsion and retractable grappling cables. For combat, soldiers use large swords. Blade refills are stored in compartments next to the gas containers. Blades can be thrown from the hilts, allowing for risky mid-range attacks. Together, a Titan's weak spot can be spotted and attacked with mixed success. Cannons are used for defence of the walls, which can blown off the heads of Titans and prove to slow them down so they can he killed. For personnel control, the MP uses rifles and, in the case of their VMG users, rapidly reloadable pistols.

    For more details on Titans, Shifters, the military, etc., please visit the Shingeki no Kyojin wiki. Whatever I couldn't provide here, they can over there.

    The Plot

    As a reboot of the series, we start at the very beginning, in the aftermath of the Maria breach. We'll be cadets in the 104th Trainees Squad, hailing from a number of areas. We may be from behind the safety of the inner walls, from the harsh but relatively safe north, or refugees from the lands between Maria and Rose. Some of us will be Titan Shifters (there is a set cap on how many players in the grand group total can be Shifters). All of us will be fighting against the Titans.

    Character Skeleton


    Appearance: (may use images, writing or both. No using images of major characters still involved, such as Reiner, Annie, Bertolt, Jean, or Connie.)

    Titan Form: (only written description, and only for those accepted few.)

    Personality: (geeky, brutish, cold, cunning, etc.)

    Preferred Military Branch: (Garrison, MP, Survey Corps)

    Bio: (origins, reason for joining the military, etc. go here.)

    Other IMPORTANT Stuff

    There will be a max of 7 characters. This is is an extremely malleable rule. If there is extensive interest in this RP after 7 characters, more will be accepted and introduced later in the series. As well, with more interest, more Shifter positions will be added. Relationships are allowed. We take an oath to protect humanity, not to remain celibate. All sexual orientations allowed, but keep sex and under control, as well as make sure you have another player's consent (unless you're doing it with your own NPCs). No controlling other characters. If you find an issue with someone's behavior, PM me for anonymity and it will be dealt with one way or another. I acknowledge that there is another AoT roleplay, but am unaware of its status. I do not to intend to divert attention away from it. No killing each other off. Feel free to butcher NPCs and Titans, but player characters are off limits. Anyone posting after the 7th CS post, please REFRAIN FROM POSTING UNTIL YOU ARE ACCEPTED. Thank you.

    Titan Shifter Slots

    1. Mr. V
    2. McFluffy
    3. Urdnot Grunt

    Overall Character Slots

    1. Mr. V
    2. McFluffy

    3. Urdnot Grunt
    4. Finhawk
    5. Cojemo
    6. Written in Wonderland
    7. Mahigan
    8. Yuuki
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  2. Hmmm. I would love to do this RP if you don't mind.
  3. *gasp* Hi! Yeah, sure, join! I'm so desperate for people that I'll let a rock participate! But seriously. Go ahead and give it a whirl.
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  4. Name:
    Reyna Arquette​



    Titan Form:
    A relatively small Titan (only 10 meters), Reyna is by no means weak. Thick, razor-sharp bone talons extend 5 feet out of the last knuckle. Pointed fangs populate her mouth. While many Shifters have muscular transformations, Reyna's is absolutely, hideously ripped, capable of flinging enemy Titans across a city block. In short, she is far stronger, faster, and more agile than other Titans. Her skin has the texture of a healing burn victim, with many patches of melted skin, particularly on the chest and arms. Two meter long spikes of bone emerge from behind her elbows. One of her few downsides? The unprecedented rage displayed during her transformations, rendering her incapable of reasoning and incredibly destructive. An example would be her determination to kill a single running dog, ignoring all obstacles in her path in her effort to kill it. This too is a unique behavior, as Titans of all kinds generally ignore animals. This single-minded dedication often serves as a distraction from real threats (while trying to throttle a statue, a Titan could sneak up behind her and take a chunk out of her shoulder). The human Reyna has accurately dubbed her Titan counterpart the Berserker Titan.​

    Remarkably intelligent, Reyna lacks the snobbish sociopathy of many of the geniuses in history. She has priorities, and can get easily distracted by her projects. She can be easily compassionate, but has a steel will and a disrespect for authority figures, particularly the Military Police. She despises laziness and considers it a weakness. The idea of boredom melts her brain. This often manifests itself as a mild case of ADHD, and a massive emotional crash when nothing is being done. She is a skilled artist but only uses her talents for schematics and blueprints. Despite all of this, she maintains a stony, serious manner about her (her hyperactivity is directed and focused on her multiple objectives, her empathy is sincere and dead honest, and takes no bullshit from anyone around her).

    Preferred Military Branch:
    Survey Corps (particularly R and D of new weapons and strategies)

    Waking up in an empty field, remembering nothing except a bone-chilling nightmare and her name, Reyna salvaged some clothes from a devastated house and set off through the Titan infested territory between Rose and Maria, arriving at the Utopia District gate. She was taken in by a retired officer on the condition that she stay in school. Displaying great intelligence for her age, one of her teachers pointed her in the direction of military service, in the hopes of putting her skills to good use. Her adoptive father was delighted and encouraged the idea, and she enlisted. With dozens of concepts (lifesaving and life-taking) in mind and more than a few sketches under her arm, she plans to change the war against Titans without losing lives in the process.
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  5. Could I be a Titan Shifter? :O

    Also. I hope this Shingeki No Kyojin RP goes well. All the other ones I have seen have failed :/
  6. Sure. Do good child. Spread the holy word.
  7. People keep voting, but we're the only ones here.
  8. Hmmm...xD
  9. You building a CS?
  10. Name:
    Luke Reynold


    Titan Form:

    Luke's Titan form is a 15M Class Titan. The Titan looks very "normal", but its hands and feet are covered in what looks like bone material. The "bones" that surround the hands and feet improve the damage output of said areas. The downside to this Titan is that the harder he hits/kicks, the higher the chance that the material around his feet and hands will actually shatter and leave him incapable of fighting. So he has to use this form wisely and know just when to put all his power behind one punch. The nickname of his Titan is the 'Brawler Titan'

    Luke is intelligent but doesn't use his potential because he enjoys to be lazy. He loves lounging around in bed and sleeping, though the world he lives in isn't perfect for that. Once he is outside, he loves to joke around and doesn't like to "have a stick up his ass". Make him serious enough, and he seems to turn into a completely different person as he becomes serious and has no pity or even his jokey attitude anymore. The only time that happens is when he gets pissed off or if he is in a life or death situation.

    Preferred Military Branch:
    Military Police (Loves the idea of being lazy)

    His mind is so muddled over the years of traveling in his Titan form, he came upon the Humans after several years without interaction. Only Titans. Once he was shifted back into his human state, he made way for any area that would accept him. He barely even had clothes, he only found trousers and a torn drape which he used to cover his body. Someone felt enough pity for him that they took him in and treated him like their own child. The family had a miscarriage and always wanted someone. They spoiled him rotten and this is where he began to "inherit" being lazy, though once the Family saw he was lazy. The forced him to enlist and here he is.

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  11. It's good, it's good. You do realize that there agree more methods to becoming a Shifter, right?
  12. Yeah. I know there are more, just wanted to be one of the older ones >.>
  13. Oh yay, I'd love to join this. : D

    I'll have a CS up later today or tomorrow. ^^
  14. Good. Good.
  15. Name:
    Raider Dawen (Rai for short)


    Titan Form:
    None. He's just a boring human.

    Usually calm, silent and seemingly feeling down, Rai tends to think things through before jumping into anything head first. He likes to observe and learn before making any decisions. He's not really super smart or anything, just an average fella, but he usually manages to keep his cool and remains functional in most situations. However, if you piss him off, he turns into a whole different person and all rational thought seems to fly out the window. When angered, Rai doesn't stop to think the consequences of his words or actions and usually ends up regretting them afterwards.

    Preferred Military Branch:
    Survey Corps (Though he's considering chickening out and joining the Garrison instead.)

    He used to have a younger twin brother called Kaimen back in the day and as Rai was a reckless and hot-headed kid (something that still shows its face when he's pissed off) he'd usually get the two of them in trouble. Being the smarter and more level-headed one of the two, Kaimen would usually sort things out and save Raider's ass. Though he wasn't completely innocent when it came to getting into trouble either. The two were kind of a devil duo, causing mischief and taking stupid risks. Naturally, they weren't anyone's favorite people. One beautiful day, the two of them decided it would be a good idea to sneak outside the wall. As you may have guessed, things didn't go too well for the two of them. Long story short, Kaimen died and sometime afterwards, Raider signed up for the military to occupy himself by killing some titans so he wouldn't have to think about how much he himself is to blame for his brother's death.​
  16. Don't worry. We'll eat you first, sad man.
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  17. Name: Claire Wyoming



    Titan form: 15-meter class titan, silver eyes and long and straight (instead of the normal curly) ginger hair. The body is slime and agile, letting her use quick movements to eliminate enemies. But severely susceptible to damage. Her body is mostly muscles without skin, except for her upper legs, and upper arms.

    She has a normal set of teeth much like of a human set. Canines and molars, unique for such a Titan. Though her canines can extend whenever she pleases, for a gruesome bite. No unique physical changes unless in combat. As she can allow her bones to grow out of her skin, to either inflict damage or create a defensive armor. The only downfall to creating these bone moldings, is the intense pain, and the body using energy due to it being in a constant regenerative state when the bones grow out of her skin. Or recede back to the body, as the muscle and skin must regenerate back. As of now she has no idea she has the ability to shift into a Titan. (The name if it will be 'skeletal titan')

    Personality: Claire is a very loud and energetic girl. She doesn't know when to keep shut and will keep going on and on about absolutely anything she knows about. She enough energy to last her days, which is why she has amazing stamina in combat. But Claire can also be nosy, and super curious about anything her little nose comes across. But when she has a friend, she will watch their backs no matter how bad the storm gets.

    Preferred Military Branch: survey corps (scout regiment)

    Bio: Claire was born in wall rose, she lived an average life. She wasn't poor, but she was living the posh life either. She lived alone most days, while her father did the deeds (not knowing what job he had, as he would never tell and she shall not ask) to provide for the house and for her education. The thing was, even though it seemed like a great life, which it was, she just had to get away from the kids who casted her out for being to loud, random, and most of all obsessed about titans. At least she had her books at home to read up on them, they were so fascinating to her. And every night her father would come home and tuck her into bed with a story to tell, about life on the outside of walls that confined the human existence. She didn't care for the threat of the titans, she'd rather be the one to see them in the wild. As if they were some wild animal, not as the dangerous beasts they were known as.

    It was on the day that wall Maria was breached that she decided that it was time to join the military academy, sure she still was young, but after that day, she was sure it was her destiny to see those Titans in person. Once her father came home in a rush from being in panic, she told him her decision. It took some but for him to get used to the idea. Though the look he had when she entered, he knew something she didn't. She didn't like that.
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  18. I honestly hope my titan character is approved lol, I had it made for another Rp but it died and I never got to really introduce the Titan like I wanted to
  19. Accepted. For the sake of fairness, though, yours will have to expire naturally after a period of time, due to the stress constantly poushed upon it. Agreeable?
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