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    • Zelitori, a land of magic and monster, a world filled with immortal and mortal races alike. Darkness has overturned this land, and has wrought chaos on all of the people in this land. Xeryph, The King of Darkness, has abducted Zelitori's original beloved king, and reined terror on the land in hopes to release an ancient power on the world. Before this, several races live under the rule of their beloved King, King Wilecoris. Years ago, the king and his beautiful wife were blessed with a daughter. For 137 years, they lived as a happy family, and at the time, the daughter looked no more than 7 years of age. Then one day the kingdom was attacked by the dark king, looking to rule the kingdom himself, and teach it's people of the dark magic the elders had locked away many years prior. He came in search of the heir to the throne, the kings daughter. Whilst in a hectic battle against the forces of darkness, a sense of evil had come over the queen. Before she could cry out for help, a shadow presence overcame her. Her and her daughter were underneath the castle in a fortress to protect them both in case of emergency. The king instructed if thrown into an emergency, just his queen and his daughter were allowed down there. The kings daughter, unaware of the war at hand, had been playing among her toys. She then felt chill on her spine as her mother placed her hands on the young ones shoulders. She felt the darkness as it consumed her soul, throwing her into a deep slumber. The shadow cloaked queen chanted in soft words, a portal appeared behind the young girl, and it was then she was cast into it, never to be seen by the royal family again... Assuming the Daughter of Zelitori was dead, King Xeryph fled the Royal home, and swore he would be back. When the king went to retrieve his dearest wife, only to find her unconscious, and his daughter nowhere in sight. For years the king searched for his daughter, but alas, he came to terms that she was dead.

      In the beginning...

      Aerias Wilecora, 19 years of age and lives on her own, for years she has searched for her parents but to no avail. She had an accident years back, one in which she can't remember. In a world of terror and unexplained magic she finds her way. Upon researching her ancestors, guards shrouded in darkness apprehend her and take her to an unfamiliar king. With a blank face she watches the kings words roll of his tongue "Silly girl, did you really think I wouldn't find the beloved daughter of Zelitori?" As the all the answers flooded in to her brain, she stared at this man with disbelief. "Don't act like you didn't know, you've only been in hiding for the last 375 years." He sneered. Her mind raced when in an instant the castle around her gave off an evil aura before the walls turned black and shadows overcame her small villages kingdom. She remained silent, in hopes he would give away more about her past. He raged on about evil magic in a language she recognized yet couldn't understand. Finally he reached an end to his banter when he gave her an angry look. "I, King Xeryph, here by banish you from Zelitori." She couldn't put her finger on why, but her eyes started to fill with fear. She then felt a hardened grip around both arms, before she realized what had been happening a black cloth had covered her face. When she woke she was surprised to see a wooded area, not soul in sight. She sat and pondered for a moment... "Daughter of Zelitori?" "My family was royalty?" "Why can't I remember?" Several unanswered questions.


      25 years have passed, and yet Aerias looks as if she hasn't aged a single day. Still thousands of questions yet to be answered. Her world now cloaked in utter darkness, where monsters of all kinds roam around creating chaos. She understands her memory is the key to bringing light back into this world. Through the years she's researched, asked around, and fought to save the kingdom and it's people, only to come to terms with the fact she could not do it alone. She gears up, and goes on a search to find those friendly enough to help her. Will they find out who she really is? Will she be able to win back her so called kingdom?

      Aerias is in search of people that can help her defeat the evils that have over taken this world, she's out for an adventure, and will kill anyone that stands between her and the worlds freedom...


      Bio(looks, personality, etc.)-
      Magic Type?(y/n)-
      If yes, type?-
      Weapon(s) of choice(pictured preferred)-

    • I have messaged almost everyone, so we all can understand when each person comes into the story, please be active!

      Feel free to use a colored text for when your character speaks!

      Also, watch for updates! I will be posting them accordingly!

    • Aerias Wilecora - Charly Rene

      King Xeryph - Charly Rene

      Mayako Lerioh Samahito - Austin Womack

      Yori Akiyama - BigPapaRev

      Arceus Kaldus - Maximus

      Jaks - jeshem

      Tailee Darastrix - Alexstrasza

      Fear - Karakui

      Character - Reserved

      Character - Reserved

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  1. Aerias walks up to an isolated dark wooded area and sighs "Well, I have to get to the next village somehow, and it seems this is my only way..." After a while of trudging through the thick bush the hair begins to stand up on the back of her neck, she starts to slow her breathing and look around frantically. Without a moments notice she quickly rolls off the the side just before a massive shadow wolf whips right passed her. She then raises her bow to make a steady shot when she hears the winds start to whistle and pick up, whilst feeling that same chill on her spine as before.

    Once again looking at her surroundings she realizes the wolf isn't even targeting her, in fact, it's as if it's after nothing "What the hell is it doing...?" She said under her breath. Moments after a girl appears, staring right at her. Without thinking, she recognized the darkness surrounding the girl. Right before she could speak she heard the wolf start to cry and whimper, at the same time in the presence of the levitating girl, the air became thick. Aerias didn't understand, the wolf wasn't physically injured, at least to her eyes it wasn't. Then she stared at the girl, trying to make out her face, upon squinting her eyes to clear up her vision she was tackled by another shadow wolf from it's pack.

    When she was attacked, her bow and sword became just out of reach, if this girl hasn't harmed her yet, perhaps she can help instead? "Please! I can't get it off! I need your help, please!"
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  2. Fear whirled her scythe around through the air in an impossibly nimble fashion. She wore a wide grin on her face, and her eyebrows were twisted into a calm but determined formation. Upon hearing the cry for help, she didn't even turn her head, and instead stretched an arm out to the left. Before her open palm, a kind of energy clustered into an angular but roughly cubic shape. It was strange. The material itself seemed black, but the edges glowed in a strange colour that was halfway between indigo and purple. It was identical to the matter that the wolves were built of. She hadn't actually intended to let one besides the alpha male live to this point, so she was rather displeased at her oversight. Around the same time her face turned to a scowl, the black cube elongated instantly, into a laser-like bolt that cut through the wolf that was pinning the nameless girl down, and was followed by a scattering of further similar bolts until 20 or 30 seared holes opened up in the hide of the wolf, before it disintegrated into a black mist. After this, she wasted no time re-engaging the alpha, which had begun to recover from the fear.

    Dissatisfied with the wolf's high resistance to her signature energy, she cursed and as she did so, the blades of her twin-headed scythe transformed from the glass-like energy to the black-and-indigo matter. She then charged at the wolf as if leaping off thin air, and brought the larger blade down in a sweeping horizontal arc which produced indigo sparks when it collided with the wolf's oversized upper jaw. This was followed almost instantly by a flurry of the same sparks, that exploded as if from every direction at the same time to illustrate great speed while cutting down on animation costs. This was interrupted periodically by large blasts of indigo energy that seemed to rip through the area in a linear fashion. After a few seconds of this skirmish, it was pretty obvious who the victor would be. Mainly because that victor was standing on the quickly decaying corpse of a giant shadow wolf, with the bottom end of a strange metallic staff plunged into it's head.
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  3. Aerias stared in amazement, with the blink of an eye, this girl had taken out the wolf on top of her, and the alpha in two swift movements. When the fight was over she felt a sting on her left arm and shoulder, when she looked over she watched a tiny smidge of darkness evaporate from the gashes on her skin. Desperately, she covered her arm with some ripped cloth in hopes the strange girl didn't witness what she just did, she wasn't ready to admit to someone she doesn't know that there's a darkness in her soul.... She quickly glanced at the strange girl "Thank you..." After she thanked the young girl, she could do nothing but wait and see if she would suffer the same fate as the wolves did...
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  4. Walking to the next village Arceus hears some fighting''what the heck is going on?'' Going past the brush to see a girl with a scythe and a young girl with a bow. Looking over he sees dead shadow wolves laying next to the girl with the scythe. Looks like this girl is in danger muttering to himself he takes out his dagger and goes between the girls.
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  5. Mayako looked out upon his farm from his small hut, noticing the darkness in the distance. 'Strange, the weather seems stagnant and still. As if the darkness is almost enveloping the land.' He walked amongst his now withered crops, and pulled out his blade Yashe and slashed at the dead, dilapidated crops. He strolled towards the ever-present darkness and as he approached closer, he heard the slicing of weaponry through the air and the distorted whimpers of wolves. He increased his pace as the air became almost stifled. As he approached a clearing, he noticed a few different characters, and hid behind a tree to inspect them.

    One, a purple haired female wearing an elegant outfit, akin to a dress royalty would wear. She carried with her a divine sword made purely of metal that compared to sunlight. Around her shoulder was a blue bow that looks as if it were crafted by artisans. She looked lost and scared, and slightly injured. She also took the look of someone who was slightly underfed and malnourished.

    Another was a rogueish looking character, with a dagger in hand and white robes cloaking him. He carried with him a brooch upon his chest that was similar to the symbol the purple haired female. His eyes were low yet his gaze was somewhat friendly. He was standing between the purple haired woman and a third figure, which was unbeknownst to him.

    The third figure struck Mayako as strange and out of this world. She carried with her a wicked scythe that was akin to the reapers. She was an odd being that seemed not of this world but at the same time, very much a part of the natural world. She gave off an aura of unbridled fear. The mere sight of her gave Mayako the feeling of dread and despair that reminded him of the day that he left his village. The uncertainty of life as he knew it emanated from this otherworldly being.

    He walked into the clearing from behind the tree and laughed nonchalantly. He rested his hand on his blade as he approached these newcomers. 'What, a party near my farm and I wasn't invited? I'm starting to think that you guys are up to no good.' He smiled with a devious grin. 'As much as I hate to say it, you guys don't look like the type to start a fight against. Which is a shame because I've been itching to practice my technique.' He looks around and notices the shade in the clearing. There had recently been a battle, and he found it dishonorable to fight those who were already fatigued. 'If you'd all like, you're free to join me back at my home. You all look like you could use a hot meal and some cold drink.'
  6. What does a paladin, two mages, two rouges, and a priest have in common. Well, for starters, they all belonged to the same guild. For another, they wanted a certain rouge dead for betraying their guild. And lastly, they were all dead, their throats sliced perfectly.

    Jaks cursed under his breath as he walked away from the mess he had made. Surviving as an rouge adventurer was difficult. Surviving as a rouge adventurer without a guild was harder. Surviving as a rouge adventurer without a guild because you betrayed your last guild was almost impossible. If your ex-guild and bounty hunters don't kill you first, fighting monsters and beasts with no support was practically suicide.

    But Jaks didn't survive this long by just doing the possible. He was one of the best rouges/shadowmancers in the land, and he knew it. Besides, why were his ex-guild mates so mad at him? Sure, he had led them into a orc trap and left them all to die (although about half escaped) but who could have resisted the bagfuls of coins offered to him?

    Jaks stopped in front of an inn. The sky was getting dark and who knows? Maybe he could spend a couple coins on drinks and a night here
  7. She couldn't help but sigh with relief when she saw the man with the dagger, after what she had witnessed she had been scared that she would have suffered the same fate as those disgusting mongrels. She sat in silence while the man stood between her and the strange girl. She recognized him, while searching to find an answer as to who he was, her head started to sear in pain. She didn't let anyone know she was in pain, in fact she tried to speak to this man. "Who..." She managed to utter before the young man in blue walked up into the clearing. She found him lean and handsome, and looked of royalty, yet his kimono seemed to depict otherwise. She remained silent and spoke naught, for her fatigue had taken the best of her. "How much of this did these new men see? Are these men going to attack?" She thought to herself. The young man in blue spoke out and offered a place of comfort for the time being. In Aerias' mind, she was desperate for nourishment and a place of refuge for the night. It had been a fortnight since she had somewhere comfortable to lay her head. She gave a blank stare to the others that stood before her. She was reluctant to step forward and ask for a place to stay, in fear they may view her as vulnerable. She sat patiently waiting in hopes that someone else would come forth to take up the samurai's gracious offer.
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  8. Fear dispelled her scythe's blades once the corpse of the alpha had finished evaporating. Even as she did so, she could feel lingering traces of darkness that wasn't connected to herself. She walked around in a circular fashion, encompassing a good area around the girl and the newcomers, trying to triangulate the position of this darkness, which did in fact turn out to be the girl herself. She was unsure of what to make of the situation, however, so decided to follow her and watch for the time being. On mention of free food, she accepted on behalf of herself, the girl and anyone else who felt like tagging along, leaning against the staff while waiting for other stuff to happen.
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  9. The strange girl paced around them, briefly staring at each one of them. "What is she doing..?" Before she could finish her thoughts, this girl had glanced at Aerias, then accepted the samurai's offer. She found this odd, but this was her opportunity to accept the offer. Aerias stood up and brushed her self off, she quickly yet casually walk behind the samurai. She wanted to position herself so that if she was in danger she could run. While standing behind the samurai she figured she would take up the offer as well. "I could use some water, yes." She muttered aloud, almost whispering. Without realizing, she had bumped into the young samurai's sword, she might've come off as odd with how much she was staring at everything, but this sword is something she has seen once in her life but where? Her soul started to stir, and her head began to pound once more, this time more intense, but bearable.

    Immediately, with her two fingers above her brow, and without a second thought she spoke, "I'm Aerias Wilecora." She was startled by her own words, like it was instinct that made her speak without her own consent. Once again she stood silent, but to the best of her ability she tried to stand firm. "Perhaps I can ask these people to assist me?" She said to herself deep in thought. She looked to the man with the dagger, awaiting his decision. Was he too going to tag along, or go back to his own life before this mishap had occurred?
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  10. Hearing the young man offer food''I'll tag along" Unsheathing his dagger. Looking at the purple haired girl for the first time he sees a crest that resembled his. Pointing at the crest"where did you get that?" staring deep into Aerias' eyes waiting for her to answer while holding out his hand to summon a shard of ice" this crest belongs to the princess" Continuing to try to convince Aerias to tell him.
  11. Jaks suddenly looked up from his cup of ale.

    "Why does it feel like I'm missing out on something fun/cool right now?", he said to no one in particular. He shrugged and went back to his drink.
  12. Mayako looked at the cloaked man with a stern stare. He unsheathed the blade slightly and took a defensive stance. 'Easy now, from the looks of it this girl is in no condition to be interrogated. I'm wanting to hear her story just as much as you, but there's no need to force her. From the looks of it she can barely stand on her own two feet let alone explain her life story.' Mayako looked toward the group as a whole as he sheathed his sword back. 'The name is Mayako. I own a farm not too far from here. I figure since we're all willing to play nice for now, we might as well get to know one another.' He looked around the clearing and looked back at the group. 'Strange, I don't get many visitors out here, let alone an entire group of people.' He put his hands behind his head and paced around the clearing, circling the group. The young girl with purple hair watched him as he walked away from her. He stopped when he reached the shadowy girl. He looked her up and down and a serious look came about his face. 'You, shadow girl, I noticed that you're able to manipulate the dark. Be that as it may, there's been a plague about my farm. Something along the lines of darkness enveloping my crops and ruining the land.' He looked her in the eyes and saw nothing but a myriad of shadows dancing through her gaze. 'Are you the one responsible?' He asked, with an inquisitive tone.
  13. "What interest would the living embodiment of fear have in the crops of a farmer?" She adopted a facial expression that made it look as if she thought the farmer was lacking a few brain cells. Which is exactly what she thought though, so it was fair enough. She swung her staff around and poked the farmer lightly on the shoulder. "Even if I was responsible, what did you plan to do about it? Did you think you'd just trudge around a forest until you found some darkness and then ask it nicely to not blight your crops anymore, or does this farmer possess some hidden amazing battle prowess?" She continued taunting the man, finding it rather entertaining. "And besides, darkness isn't a stationary item. It feeds, lays its eggs then moves on. The creature responsible could be hundreds of kilometers away by now. If you want to ensure your crops don't get plagued then your only option is to go on a long quest to vanquish the entire forces of darkness once and for all." Her exaggerated frown changed to a smug smirk, which was also exaggerated. Pretty much every expression she made seemed to be, but maybe that came with the territory of being the manifestation of the most powerful negative emotion. "Who knows, if you do then maybe bards of questionable skill will sing your praises 200 years from now, after one too many pints of cheap ale."
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  14. Jaks was being pursued.
    Jaks ducked into a cave.
    Pursuers followed Jaks into a cave.
    Jaks woke up a cave troll in the cave.
    The cave troll ate the pursuers.
    The cave troll is now Jaks' dinner.
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  15. Mayako shrugged his shoulders sarcastically. 'You're a mouthy little imp aren't you?' He smiled with a lightened expression, ignoring the taunts of the shadow woman. 'I like it, a little feisty attitude here and there will keep you on your toes. And you seem to forget, if there are no crops to be had to my farm...' He sliced at a long blade of grass with a movement so quick it was nearly invisible to the naked eye, out of pure boredom. 'Then nobody get's to eat tonight. Also, a simple no would have sufficed perfectly.' He looked around and his eyes locked onto the shadow wolves that had been slain. 'It's strange. It seems that the world around us is... dying. Like the natural order of things has been disturbed.' He looked up to the sky to see the light fading as the sun dipped down below the horizon. 'Dusk approaches, and I can guarantee where there are wolves...' He grabbed one of the wolves by the neck and lifted it up and examined it. 'There's a pack. Seems you all are perfectly capable of defending yourselves, save for the renaissance lady. Which might I add, is quite the looker, but that's neither here nor there.' He looked into Aerias gaze and smiled deviously. 'Well then, shall we?' Mayako dropped the dead wolf on the ground and rested his hand on the hilt of his now sheathed weapon and set off towards his hut, which wasn't too far from the clearing. The sound of wolves howling echoed in the background as darkness overtook the forest slowly. 'Oh, and around here my dear...' He looked back at Aerias and smiled with a heartened look. 'Water is for bathing, sake is for drinking.' He laughed with a genuine chuckle and paced off towards his farm.
  16. The man in the cloak had shown her the brooch and the pain became almost unbearable, her forehead was burning up and she felt a strange feeling within herself. It's as if she started to feel angry, she shook her head as if to brush it off when she eventually tuned in to conversation between the man and the girl. "Fear?..." She thought to herself. Sweat started to trickle down her forehead as her head continued to pound.

    She staggered a bit before lightly bumping into the young samurai. "Ah, sorry..!" She muttered softly. Her cheeks became warm. "I'll have to take you up on your offer, if you don't mind...?" She said as she stared into the samurai's eyes. Aerias began to think to herself. "Perhaps these people could be of use to me." She watched as the Samurai paced around her, she was rather thankful he stepped in when he did, for she became quite nervous with the rush of events that had just occurred, in her mind she just wanted to re-hydrate before she lost her footing in front of these people.

    When he spoke to her, it was nice, and she couldn't help but let out a light chuckle. He motioned for them to follow him back to his hut. As she tried to walk forward she tripped and fell into the samurai in front of her. "uh.." She couldn't even think straight, all these images flashed in her mind. "I can't... Why am I thinking of these things...?" She desperately thought. She could barely stand at this point. She needed something in her stomach, she was starved and in pain.
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  17. "Ah, but a simple 'no' would have been too easy." Fear had a feeling she might come to like this farmer. He was one of the few with both the wit and the willpower to be able to keep up with her in a pointing-out-the-failures-of-the-other competition without descending to genuine insults. "Your crops aren't my problem though. I'm pretty much a mass of energy. I don't need to eat." As if to illustrate this, she transformed into a mirror image of the alpha wolf she had just defeated. The metal rod could be seen acting as a kind of backbone through the translucent flesh. "Aaw, I used too much energy in that fight. I'm having to stretch it a little too thin to maintain the integrity of this form." This particular problem she decided to solve by turning into 2 birds each about the size of a european swallow, which seemed to be suffering no airspeed velocity penalty from carrying an 8 foot piece of metal tied between dorsal feathers of the two birds with a piece of creeper.
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  18. Trailing after the group in silence he ponders if the Aerias is an impostor or the lost princess. Shrugging he drinks a few sips of sake "'this feels good''finally sighing as he drinks sake. Popping his bones he stands up and goes outside apparently doing the job he originally does: guard. Looking into the far distance he sees a pack of wolves running straight in the direction of the farm. Summoning his ice shards in his right hand and unsheathing his dagger he runs straight into the wolves. Reaching the wolves a sees a bunch of them" so many" Stabbing and shooting them with ice shards. It was relatively challenging yet fun finally fighting. The fight took about 10 minutes until it ended.

    Soon, the field is clear . Littered with dead wolves and standing in the middle was Arceus. His white clothing stained red." Damn it" Muttering to himself he runs back to the barn, he sits in front of the barn looking around to see if anymore are coming.
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  19. Jaks missed home
    And all the bones
    That covered the necromancer's castle

    There were slaves
    That did what Jaks says
    But listening to his father was a hassle

    Papa wanted him to be a wizard
    But Jaks thought of the safty hazard
    And wanted to be the first rouge on the family tree

    Father didn't like that
    But soon dropped the subject
    When Jaks picked up shadowmancy

    So now Jaks waits
    As he thinks how late
    It will be until his introduction

    Perhaps he should visit home
    Or take a walk, all alone
    Or just go get drunk at another inn
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