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Yakuz is plush, green lands full of many forests. It is a rich land, great for farming and the ruling family is Soragawa. Soragawa is one of the oldest ruling Families, and because of this. His lands have prospered and flourished greatly with much respect. The people are loyal to their Lord.

Though the climate is cold and harsh, the dense forests and mineral-rich mountains of Seikki make this prefecture valuable. The people here live a rustic life in villages dotting the foothills and coniferous forest.

Though the weather can be unpredictable and cold as in Seikki, the lands here provide good farming for hardy grains and long-ripening vegetables. The people here are peaceful, simple farmers.

Filling the ocean void between Seikki and Kaze-Tousho, the peninsula is much like the other northern territories, though it lacks any major exports. The brave people living here rely on a hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

Surrounded by the unforgiving northern sea and constantly buffeted by bitter winds, these barren stone islands are uninhabitable. However, there are long-standing rumors of both terrible creatures and sea-fairing bandits living there.

One of the wealthiest prefectures, Tetsu-tousho produces the highest quality iron and steel in all of Akuo. The greatest weapons of the nation have come from these islands. However, this prefecture has frequent issues with bands of criminals and general unrest.

Rich, varied forest and long coastlines offer many resources, namely herbs, fish and bamboo.

Fertile farmland allows for this prefecture to be a prominent producer of silk and dyes, making it quite wealthy. Many wealthy merchants and artisans live here.

As the birthplace of the first shogun, Sofu is regarded as one of the most important prefectures of Akuo. Its low mountain ridges and fertile plains make it ideal for both crops and animals.

Kuzo split from Sofu two decades ago when the lands were granted to a relative of the Shogun. The dense, clay-heavy soil found here is perfect for creating fine clayware. New citizens arrive every year, eager to start a new life in the young prefecture.

Many stories surround the dense, eerily dark forests that cover this prefecture.

Though built almost entirely over mountainous terrain, Shinzo lays claim to being the seat of the shogunate. The lofty peaks and cliffs are considered places of enlightenment, with many traveling to them for spiritual inspiration. The mountains here are also rife with gems and precious metals.

Kogane no Urabe-
Though small, this prefecture is known for the jewelry made here from the pearls and abalone found all along the bay. The people here are proud artisans and fishermen.

Though the iron comes from Tetsu-tousho, the unique weapons and armour from Tsuyoiha are said to rival those made on the islands.

Solitary and odd in culture, this island is not known for much other than its strange customs. The Daimyo of this prefecture is rarely ever seen.

Numerous famous artists have come from this prefecture, which is considered to be either cursed or blessed by Joro-Gumo, the spider-woman of lore. People from all over the country travel to the island, seeking artistic inspiration.

Picturesque and pristine. Many sacred sites dot the region, including the most important Buddhist and Shinto temples. The Daimyo here encourages spiritual devotion.

Though it holds riches in its stones, Hidoyama is known for its frequent rock falls and hazardous cliffs. It is said that either a dragon or a demon sleeps in the mountain. The people here rely on the grand bamboo forests for their prosperity and fortune.

Constant battles with Yoihara has left this small prefecture with few resources. The people here are impoverished as their Daimyo struggles on.

Though many crops are grown in the mild meadows here, Yoihara is the dominant producer of hemp and the textiles made with the plant. The people here are generally peaceful, but the Daimyo is rather aggressive, having wanted to take the Tsuno prefecture into Yoihara for decades. Skirmishes between the two happen frequently.

Broad coastlines and gentle waves, along with the natural coves make Toujou ideal for the shipping and fishing industries. There are also regions within the prefecture that produce the highly desired clay needed for the creation of porcelain. The people here are well-versed in the on-goings of the rest of the nation, having contact with sailors from all over the continent.

- Though they look lush and inviting, these sub-tropical islands harbor danger at every turn; from monsoons to venomous snakes. Despite the hazards, the islands produce exotic goods such as fruits, sugars and fragrant woods. The Kiyomizu bloodline has almost always ruled over Ryuu-tousho, as no one has been brave enough to challenge them, nor seen its value. The people are under strict rule and though many are unhappy, no one dares challenge the law due to fear of their cruel Daimyo.

[tab=The Story]
Rumors have spread, an assassination attempt on Lord Soragawa will take place.

(More to come)

  • Kiyomizu Hiroyuki [KageKaioh]- GM, Active
    Ike Michiro [Ornstein] - Co-GM, Active
    Kikuichi Kirihime [VerbalAbuse]- Active
    Suda Yurie [FireJay]- Active
    Shiba Ryuunosuke [Heyitsjiwon]- Active
    Iemochi Tani [Gorgoniy]- Active
    Yōshanai Kaze [Daws Combine]- Active

  • 1. Don't be an asshole - simple
    2. This is a free rp, no dice rolls but don't make the fight in your favor by doing god like moves.
    3. Posts that move the story forward, don't try and post on what just happened and nothing else, build on the story.
    4. All the 'Main' Characters are Samurai of Lord Soragawa. 'Mini' unimportant characters that aren't the main focus will be added, but nothing more than something in the background until they have their shining moment.
    5. Whatever the GM and Co-GM says goes.
    6. Characters will die if the situation seems to fit it. They cannot live through everything.
    7. Have fun!

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  • Name: Kikuichi Kirihime

    Age: 24

    Show Spoiler


    Weapon(s): Odachi "Shirowari"
    Carries a Naginata into battle

    Personality: Normally very personable and respectful, straightforward and intelligent, even in the face of adversity. She loses her temper when she is belittled for her gender, and becomes brash and defiant.

    Very tactically minded, she prefers to lead men on foot and doesn't often wear armor, preferring ornate kimono to gain a psychological edge over the enemy. She fully realizes that her advantage is the very thing which makes her angry.

    History: The name Kikuichi carries significant weight in Akuo, as the first Lord Kikuichi held a small piece of land before deciding to sign it over to Clan Soragawa in exchange for a title. Lord Kikuichi became a Samurai and his line served Soragawa faithfully up until today.

    The firstborn of this generation was the actor Kikuichi Jin, with the samurai Kikuichi Nagato coming second. The third and currently highest ranking of the two officers was Kikuichi Kirihime. Kirihime was the youngest of three and the senior of two warriors. Trained from a young age in Kenjutsu and Naginatajutsu, Kirihime strived to surpass her brother Nagato, who at the time was extremely sexist and encouraged Kirihime to follow Jin's footsteps. Kirihime went as far as to teach herself Ninjutsu, and went on to make her own style of Kenjutsu.

    Kirihime joined Soragawa as an officer shortly after Nagato, earning her family title at a younger age than him. The two strived to surpass each other, but Kirihime's raw talent and drive allowed her to pull ahead of Nagato. At age 17, she formally surpassed Nagato in rank. Nagato reacted by challenging her to a duel. Kirihime quickly gained the upper-hand and was centimeters away from splitting Nagato's head with her massive sword. She spared him and Nagato demanded death. As Kirihime sheathed her sword, Nagato attempted a sneak attack, prompting Kirihime to counter. Her sheathing ukemi caught Nagato off-guard and Kirihime left. Nagato rarely spoke afterwards.

    Despite her achievements, Kirihime still faces adversity due to her gender, although many commoners of Akuo have learned of her temper and keep their distance.

    Extra: Nagato and Kirihime will have been approached to overthrow Soragawa, and while Nagato will go with the plan, Kirihime refuses and, upon bearing insult, kills the messenger.
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  • Hmmmm. The only thing I have to say about your CS is normally, literally, everyone has a standard Katana from CQC. It doesn't matter if your Profession is being a Bowman or something, you always have a Katana. an Odachi (What you have) Is meant for horseback so they can hit Infantry without being taken down off their mount, also, Odachi were very hard to produce. So they are very expensive and very...crappy to have in CQC. They are also, mainly used for ceremonies and gifts. She can have one, I don't mind, just very....hard/impossible to use in CQC.

    Also, this is just a point of Title. a Daimyo is what Lord Soragawa would be. Daimyo's are Lords that rule over a lot of land and rule, etc. Other than that, nothing else to talk about myself. I might be missing something, I don't think so though.
  • I looked into it and yes, it is an Odachi (will be amended) but a Daimyo is a vassal of a shogun or other leader, such as an emperor. If I recall correctly, isn't Lord Soragawa an emperor? And being that Clan Kikuichi surrendered their land in exchange for title would make them Daimyo under Soragawa. That said, Kirihime doesn't inherit the title, and neither does Nagato. Jin might, depending on your interpretation of inheritance rights. As of right now, however, Jin is not important, being an actor.
  • No, the Emperor rules over the entire land. (No one has ever seen the Emperor in Japanese History and during WW2, when the Emperor himself surrendered. That was the first time anyone has heard the Emperor's voice) and he is also seen as a God.

    The Shogun is the one that does most of the ruling, watching over all the Daimyo's (Lords) that rule the land. Daimyo's are the Vassals of the Shogunate. Soragawa is a Daimyo, we haven't declared the Shogun yet and if this is slightly based off Japanese roles (Then the Emperor will never appear).
  • Ah, okay. Do you know of the appropriate title under Daimyo? Prefect maybe?
  • Try to think of this.

    Shogun = King

    Daimyo = Lord

    Samurai = Knight

    Samurai live in the Daimyo's castle so they are there to protect him. A Daimyo doesn't have any vassals or "Lords" underneath him. Only his Samurai, Civilians, and Military. The only "Nobility" is that of the Shogunate and Daimyo.
  • Shucks, I can't argue with that.

    The edit has been made.
  • Hope that cleared some things up.
  • So, do I have to show interest in the interest check, or can I post a cs later this night? ;)
  • The signups are already closed. We have enough people. I only wanted 4-6 people. Sorry, but if someone drops or doesnt reply, I will pm you the offer to join.
  • Kewl, thanks for the heads up. Enjoy the show. ^^
  • I will be working on a CS as soon as I can, weekends are a bit busy for me.

    Also, if there are any questions regarding culture, weapons, politics, ect, that Vader cannot answer, I would be happy to do so either here or over private messaging.
  • Name: Kiyomizu Hiroyuki

    Age: 28

    Hiroyuki (open)

    Hiro's eyes are an unusually light shade of grey that bare the slightest hint of blue, an echo of a rainy day. He typically chooses to wear humble dark blues and greys, save for his nagajuban (light robe worn under clothing, only the collar is ever seen), which is always blood red. Since leaving his home, his hair is only ever loosely tied back, even on the battlefield- just another affront to the home he left behind.

    Weapon(s): Katana, wakizashi and tanto are always present, and he is highly adept in using any of them in combat, though he has a personal style in which he wields both his katana and wakizashi simultaneously. His other preferred weapon is the daikyu, the Japanese great-bow.

    Aside from weapons, he is a well-practiced martial artist, having developed his own style- a fast, fluid form that allows him to dance around his opponents to deliver swift, precise strikes. He calls it Sen no Nami- A Thousand Waves.

    Personality: Quiet, impassive and almost eerily calm, Hiro does not speak often, but when he does, you had best listen. His soft voice typically only finds its way into a conversation if he feels he absolutely must say something, and he can become indignant when he feels he is overlooked or ignored. Confrontations can happen fairly easily with him, as he has great trouble with empathy, and typically does not understand another person's emotions. However, these altercations are almost always handled in a respectful manner on his part.

    When Hiroyuki has a weapon in hand, he changes drastically. He becomes brutally efficient, cold and ruthless as he cuts down any who dare challenge him. Fire lights his eyes and war-cries rip their way from his throat. Due to this, he his known as Akuma (demon) by Soragawa's enemies, as well as some of his allies.

    History: Hiroyuki began life above the ranking of samurai, being the heir apparent to the Daimyo of the southern-most lands of the nation, the Ryuu-tousho isles. He was raised, or rather molded, into this role. From a very early age, he was taught bushido- the way of the warrior, as well as politics, diplomacy, rhetoric and the arts of poetry, music and sumi-e. Day after day, he was forced to follow a rigorous routine under the watchful eye of his serious and oft-times brutal father, who firmly believed that pain was the best teacher and complete obedience was the best student. Though Hiro fought to excel at most every task put upon him, it was never good enough for the demanding Lord, and resentment steadily grew in the young man. Underneath a calm exterior, Hiro harbored deep anger that slowly bled into hatred with each year that passed. He funneled this rage into his martial training, surpassing the skill of many of his father's samurai by the time he was seventeen. Despite how proud this made the Daimyo, the fact that Hiroyuki then deliberately ignored his other subjects was not left unpunished.

    For three more years, this silent war raged between father and son. One subtly disobeying as a way to show his emotion; the other discreetly using more and more questionable disciplines in an effort to suffocate the rebelliousness. When Hiroyuki reached adulthood, a great honour was to be placed upon him- the official decrement of his succession to the Daimyo. A grand ceremony was held, every samurai in the Daimyo's army lined the long hall as Hiro walked with his head held high. He knelt before his father as the law was spoken and when it came time for the perfect son to bow and graciously accept the burden, silence fell. After a few moments, he looked the Daimyo in the eyes and stated that he would not accept the title. He then removed the haori that bore the Kiyomizu crest, and dropped it to the floor.

    The court was in an uproar as he walked out, the fury on the Daimyo's face giving the young man joy he had not felt since he was small. That night, he left Ryuu-tousho, seeking work and refuge under a Daimyo with more honour and moral worth than the one he left. Graciously, Soragawa-dono placed him among his samurai, and Hiro has loyally served under that banner for eight years, earning himself some renown among his brethren for his ferocity in battle, both in the training ring and the path of war.

    Extra: Hiro is left-handed, and enjoys playing the shamisen. He is known to enjoy the company of men more than women.
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  • Name: Ike Michiro

    Age: 32



    Weapons: The standard Katana and Wakizashi. He also knows different forms of Martial Arts, but he mainly sticks to one at a time, it is called Shibō no Dansu - Death's Dance (It is basically Muay Thai)

    Personality: Calm, Tactical, Precise, Honorable, and Merciful.

    History: Ike is the son of the late Michiro Hanna. The Michiro family has been serving the Soragawa family line since it was supposedly founded and the lands of Yakuz were granted to Soragawa family. The records are lost and the most recent ones are only from a few hundred years ago, but the Michiro family swears they have always served the Soragawa family faithfully. Ike's life was raised just like anyones that was born into the Michiro family, training at the youngest possible age in Bushido, Martial Arts, and when his body finally grew tough enough and he understood the ways of the warrior, he was granted a bokken. Once he was trained in the ways a Samurai fights, he was fairly young, age was 14 years old. His Father taught him that taking a life is easy, but do you know when to give it? Many times Ike has let someone live if they attacked him, but the ones that were shown mercy were not Samurai. Just simple peasant's or other types of fighters assigned to their job.

    His first battle was when he was 17 years old, going in the services of Lord Soragawa and his Family at the time and always will. He was a Samurai, he didn't make large tactical battles that would stand out to tacticians and strategist. He did what he was told, and he engaged the enemy like any other Samurai.

    He was considered one of the best Samurai under the services of Lord Soragawa, and his loyalty runs through his blood, just like his Ancestors. His life has been dull, nothing standing out besides his excellent service to his Daimyo.

    Extra: Is the Champion of Lord Soragawa. (Fights in Tournaments and other Solo Battles when called upon.)

    I made this at two in the morning, I will be editing it, I just wanted it out and off so I can read through it and I'm also at work.
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