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  1. Hey, Crunchy, I always wondered:

    When you did that crossbow kill in MG X, were you trying to frame Leah and everyone saw through it, or was it just a random kill?
  2. A couple more pics I made of Ilona-chan. : 3


  3. @MentalDriller 's CS for Lazaro, whenever he so chooses to return.

    "Me? I don't lie, and that's the truth. Why? Because the only thing scarier than a lie, is the truth."

    Lazaro Hope


    Date of Birth


    High Agility and Stamina

    Chosen Founder to Train under
    Second Founder

    Special Ability
    When experiencing negative emotions or pain, dark tentacle-like appendages (maximum of 6, reaches 6 to 7 feet) materializes from his back. And due to lack of experience, he can't control them, and they sort have minds of their own.

    UPDATE 1 - Lazaro can now command his tentacles, but they still remain aggressive, and will sometimes act on their own depending on Lazaro's current thoughts.

    Peculiar Traits
    His emotions seem to affect his appearance sometimes. When feeling excited or mischievous, his eyes glow red. When depressed, his skin starts to look much paler. And when enraged, triggered, or fighting, his hair turns white.

    Reason for Joining the E.I.
    He was kidnapped, though he didn't really resist.

    To Be Revealed In IC

    To Be Revealed In IC

    Fights (between other people)
    Tension (between other people)

    Being Alone

    Pet hate:

    Theme Song:
  4. You know I just realized that I need to create a sheet for Nyx. After 4 months you would have thought I would have finished that by now.....

    But the only thing that matters is that I completed it.
  6. Your post was so long it crashed Google Chrome for me.
  7. Why'd you post that twice?
  8. I feel very outnumbered with the ratio of anime characters in the Halloween tale.

    then again that's probably how it normally is
  9. Otto White
    Interaction: Adam
    Mentioned: Maine, Tyler, Cal, the First and Daisuke

    "For the others yes, they are being hunted by E.I due to them disagreeing with E.I's goal and seeking to rebel against them. I am being hunted because I rescued the others and yourself from imprisonment." Otto said calmly to Adam. "Also Cal ain't a psychopath, psychopaths do not care about who they harm as long as they succeed yet Cal did show remorse as killing the Daisuke. No Cal suffers from the unfortunate effect of believing in a higher power and sees it as his goal to carry out that powers will, to bad that higher power isn't some vague concept called god. No this power is the first founder though if judging by Cal's ability we could assume that the First is god like if he has had a longer time to use and master his powers then Cal." Otto knew men like Cal, so easily swayed by those that claimed to be a savior. The Jihad fighters here in Syria and Iraq were a prime example, men and women who did not listen to reason or rational thought, no they were mad dogs bent of fulfilling their master's orders. For them it was their god for Cal it was the First founder and as such Cal would need to be put down like the dog he was.
    "Why I am calm?" Otto repeated the question, more to himself then to Adam while also looking to Tyler's sleeping form when Adam mentioned her. "I suppose you could say she is part of it, before E.I took me in I was a shell without a soul merely waiting to die. Many months before E.I took me in I lost my lover and our child to this war here in Syria, as a matter of fact they are both buried outside this building. I lost all that was good in my life when they were killed." Otto said as he pointed out of the door way to the front of the compound. "E.I had no info on it when I woke up in the training facility before getting my powers, it was unsurprising as we were never married and she did not give birth in a hospital but rather in the traditional way of her family so no records of us being together exist but when I met Tyler I found someone who was truly good, someone that brought a bit of light into the darkness that had draped itself on top of me. Trust me I know how corny that all sounds almost as if it was strait out of a book, it took me some time to realize all this about Tyler but that is a story for a different time."
    Otto finished before standing and walking to the kitchen area and started making some coffee, the sent of the wonderful black liquid filling the building. He poured two cups before returning to where he was sitting, he put one cup in front of Adam and took one for himself. "Also." He said as he took a sip of the coffee before grimacing slightly at the heat, taking it from his lips he blew on the liquid before taking an actual drink. "Also, this situation with our backs against the wall is where I thrive. I am an insurgent, fighting against a larger and superior force is what I do though I have never fought against a group that could clone people or give people powers. Indeed if it wasn't for E.I Maine and I may of found ourselves on opposing sides in a future war." He said as he regarded a flame that appeared in his hand before snuffing it out. "Do not despair Adam, despair is the enemy...and Cal, Cal is the enemy as well but I feel that you know what I mean. We will see this great challenge through to the end Adam, not because it is the right thing or because we must oppose E.I but because to not fight, is death and I won't allow that for myself or any of you. Within my power of course." Otto finished as he drank his coffee.
  10. Lincoln hadn't done extensive research on that, so he couldn't exactly say yes to the question

    He examined that the answer was yes when he explained it to him.

    He understood that it was probably a disaster, but he couldn't explain why he wasn't laughing at this point at all.

    Maybe he just lacked a sense of humor

    " Well, it is a good thing that you learned to adjust to your new life rather quickly. I guess it is something that everyone goes through."

    A new patron entered the bar, adjusting her glass. She had intended to meet Barry at Jitters, but now she was here.

    Felicity Smoak paused when she noticed Lincoln Campbell. Is he dead? I remember something on the news about him. Great another person like Oliver."

    Felicity was planning to walk over when she tripped over a crack in the floor. Just her luck. Hopefully nobody saw that.

    @Gands @Michale CS
  11. I would agree very much with that. Garret arriving will be the oh. Rap moment and Seth will hurry out. That will keep things lit for Leannah who might try for small gestures to get Seth's attention again. He will bury in Ava because he know that he will be losing Leannah to marriage and less out of guilt tbh.
  12. Actually, I think I have a non-ass-pull action for Mason to do with the energy he has left. Time for one last post before bed.
  13. The Skarrathos use heavy calibre munitions, they avoid small calibres, though with the dude trying to blame the Skarrathos for everything and stage a coup against the Ambassador, im sure that error would be glossed over.

    see, I'm not always a fucknut who likes to ruin peoples plans 8)
  14. Just to be on the safe side, do we mean "hail" as in just greeting the ship or "hail" as in you wish to board it?

    I'm assuming it's the former but the fact that Adrian is arming himself leaves me to wonder. XD
  15. He's just prepping the guns...a jovial way to say hello on warmaster's planet :P Nah...he's just saying hello.

    No worries Warmaster...I'm not couping the Ambassador...just the allied planet or federation I made up because there is no government that was defined. I'm sure you'll find a way out of it...but things don't look good for ya. I mean...sure the small calibur nonsense would be a big finger against the gun toting stormtroopers...but on the same hand, you did mow down a few slower nobles and without the shapeshifter bodies the right amount of words could turn this into a galactic event.

    Now...not to be a wet blanket or anything.

    But weren't those personal teleportation devices designed to bring bodies to the ship hanger when life signs terminated? Wouldn't they just teleport everyone to the belly of the same ship? I don't know how advanced teleportation is these days...but I assumed you needed at least a frequency or set of coordinates to teleport to...unless these are crazy AI teleport things that immediately teleport you to the safest possible location. The Overlord (assuming it's Warmaster's ship) Isn't nearly as close as my ship theory, using this device would just as soon put you in null space then in their warship.

    As much as I appreciate Blaxdon's super heroism so far and unquestioned infiltration of the Shapeshifter ship (Poor guys can't tell each other apart when they take shapes...what an unfortunate ability) Ultra telepoting everyone to the safe ship kinda kicks plot in the ass...cause you're all fine now. And It was my understanding they were PERSONAL teleportation devices...if you can teleport people by just touching them then wouldn't one device have been sufficient for everyone?

    Eh...I don't mean to be a stickler, but suddenly my character is talking to a ship with shapeshifters, no prisoners, and sitting ducks for Warmaster's death essence with that one move you've effectively set up all the 'bad guys' to be instantly obliterated and a roleplay concluded in record time...if this is ok, *thumbs up* But I was just pointing out what I saw as semi-bothersome.
  16. YOUR telling HIM about kicking the plot in the arse?

    admittedly Blaxdon's heroics are rather like some STD, the way you got them can be fun, but in the end everyone is left with a nasty rash, but surely your jking when you say that his teleporting antics aren't on par with your super stealth ship detecting their stealth ship and being better than them in most ways if not equal to them.

    but enough ranting. I'm sure your all aware that this isnt Gaia and that I'm prone to flights of overreactive posting.

    that said. the Coup individual is mentioned in Diana's post, a minister in the government who wants to further his political career by becoming the next ambassador.

    oh do i have plans for that dude.
    sick nasty gruelling horror filled plans.

    finally, the Pirates still have hostages, it was never specified how many they took initially, surely your dude could want one of them even more, say a powerful ally in the feild of industrial production, someone to help finance your goals in this unnamed system.

    why bitch when you can take action and fight for glory?

    Edit: and don't worry, they wont be welcomed with open arms, at least not until Tharn recognises The Lady Ambassador, and the Overlord only usually enters the Interrogation chambers after the Interrogations are complete, on at least one subject.
  17. Everyone isn't rescued. In fact, Blaxdon only got away with two people. >:D Those teleporting devices are gonna backfire hardcore. How and where they are used can be tracked by the Shapeshifters, so now that Sweet Lady is aware there was a sneak on board... it's not gonna be pretty! Blaxdon won't be able to do the same trick. So he only got away with: President of Irion's Daughter and Wife of Grand Duke Oshwald. The men she separated are still getting tortured, plus there is the group that Ziranova is now trying to sneak back to. (That would include Celix, a Princess, a Councilmen, and a few other unnamed hostages.) So everyone isn't safe yet. Many poor people are captured, including our Ambassador!

    In fact, Blaxdon prolly made it worse for all those hostages. Sweet Lady separated those few people from the main group for "personal revenge" reasons that haven't been explained yet. o___o She's gonna be piiiiiissed.

    We can assume Blaxdon had to fuss with the devices to get them to teleport OUT of the ship - and the only ship he'd be able to lock on to within reach would be the Skarrathos ship, because it doesn't use any cloaking devices. Zephyr might be closer, but the cloaking on it is prolly too badass for the teleporter to see through.

    and Yes. >:D There is a Minister who is (or will be) making sure the Skarrathos will look as guilty as possible. Until the Lady Ambassador can clear their name - and if the Minister can help it, she won't be able to. So IF someone manages to rescue those hostages from Sweet Lady, there is someone who wants to make sure that most if any don't come back alive.

    That should clear things up, yes? >:D
  18. *WMD grumbles quietly*
  19. I know, I know... You wanted to blow up some ships. XD Don't worry... there's plenty of time for that!
  20. So...what happened exactly? Did I just Powertalked?


    I dunno what to write...I had a post halfway done...but I never actually got a conversation...there WAS no conversation.

    I'm a bit confused.