Shadost: The Ambassador's Bad Idea!

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The Ambassador's Bad Idea!

Genre: Space Saga SciFi
Location: Shadost Galaxy
Timeline: 5000 Years Post Earth, Give or Take a few hundred years.
Mood: Action! Comedy! Drama! We want a little bit of everything! No "lolsorandom" stuff, we do want to build a story of badassery, plot twists, romance and horror! Oooh~!
Joining: Still Accepting Characters!

Ambassador Ziranova Sachavik is trying to improve intergalactic relations. She has decided the best way to do this is to invoke ancient holiday traditions from many different cultures in a series of special events and parties! First up, a Halloween Costume Ball from Ancient Earth tradition! People from several solar systems have been invited from rulers to government officials, and even very lucky civilians. The party is sure to be a success! If people don't get confused. Or offended. Or killed.

The Ambassador's party was going great - until space pirates showed up! Not only did they steal a few people as hostages, they've taken the Ambassador too! To make matters worse, innocents were killed in the crossfire between the space pirates and the party guest Skarrathos. Leaving to believe the Skarrathos people could be part of the plot. While several are trying to rescue the hostages, there are plots by some unsavory individuals who want to make sure they don't get rescued.

It's a wild ride of plotty twists!

You can be any sort of character you like. Human, alien, government, space pirate, etc! Some of you might have been there for the party, and some of you might be there to kill somebody.... Get creative!


[noparse]Character Name:
General Appearance:
General Personality:
General History: [/noparse]

And now for our lovely cast of characters and their plots! :D

Ambassador Ziranova Sachavik: Ambassador of the Galactic Commonwealth. Her goal is promote peace and prosperity for all systems of the Commonwealth. She champions the underdogs (such as the violent Skarrathos), and hopes to usher in a golden era. Currently a hostage of the Sweet Lady.

Celix: A catboy! ...which is unnaturally strange even in this galaxy! Born from a genetic experiment, he is seeking the Professor that created his mother (and thus him) for reasons unknown! Currently captured by the Sweet Lady for her cute little pet!

Blaxdon Glyson the 225th: Royal from the Planet Skoonek, Blaxdon was just off doing his thing when he stopped at a planet for refueling. By accident he has found himself wrapped up in political turmoil and the plight of Ambassador Sachavik and the other hostages! Currently being held for interrogation on the Skarrathos Warship after teleporting with two rescued hostages!

Overlord Severdus Tharn: Overlord of Skarrathos. Coming from a violent race, he is not the most liked man in the universe! Most races seem to have something against the Skarrathos, but thanks to interventions by the Lady Ambassador peace treaties have been signed. But, after trying to derail the attack on the Event Party by Sweet Lady, a few innocent people were killed and now the Skarrathos are under suspicion for being part of the plot. Currently trying to rescue the Lady Ambassador (and maybe the hostages) by any means necessary.

Lord Adrian Botswinn Minkotz O'Malley-Shirou IV: More titles than anyone can spit out in one breath, Adrian desires to do what's best for the Galaxy - and that means taking it over to rule it himself. He is using the recent turmoil to his political advantages, but seems to be conflicted about the kidnapping of the Lady Ambassador!

Sweet Lady: Nothing like her namesake, the Sweet Lady is a mean, vicious space pirate. Being a shapeshifter, a race that had been "wiped out" centuries ago to purge the galaxy of a dangerous threat, she is out to seek revenge on everyone and everything with no remorse! She has taken several hostages for the Event, some of which she'll ransom off... but the others she has "better" plans for.

These are NPCs mentioned in the plot so far. Most of them are just flavor characters, but some have plot-importance. This is to keep track of them!

  • Jovvy: Blaxdon's ship pilot and mechanic. Good guy. :D Currently waiting on Blaxdon's ship, wondering where the hell his bossman went.
  • Professor Monningsworth A man that Celix is hunting down. He does genetic experiments.
  • Gagzcek, Emperor of Galathros: He's a big jerkface that refuses to sign peace treaties. D:<
  • Minister Parlow: A Minister of the Galactic Commonwealth, he seeks the Ambassador's job, by any means necessary. At this point he wishes to cast blame on the Skarrathos for the attack on the Party Event, and discredit (or kill) Ambassador Sachavik.
  • Emissary Gadushka: Emissary of the Galactic Commonwealth. He currently remains neutral on current events and wishes to get the hostages returned ASAP and know the truth of the culprits!
  • Councilmen Bryx, Dante, and Corleu: Councilmen of the Galactic Committee. Murdered by Adrian, but thought to be collateral damage by the Skarrathos during the attack!

  • Princess Hanatia of Papillia: 16 year old spoiled brat princess - current hostage of Sweet Lady.
  • Councilman of Galactic Committee: Old man, random councilor, current hostage of the Sweet Lady.
  • Grand Duke of Oshwald & Wife: "Special" Hostages of Sweet Lady. (Wife is currently "rescued" and on Skarrathos Warship.)
  • President of Iroin & Daughter: "Special Hostages of Sweet Lady. (Daughter is currently "rescued" and on Skarrathos Warship.
  • CEO of Pride Tech Unlimited: "Special" Hostage of Sweet Lady.
  • "Unnamed Hostages": A few unnamed people that are also hostages, They have ransom value.
Character Name: Ziranova Sachavik
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human
Age: 22
Occupation: Ambassador

General Appearance: Petite with a very thin frame at 4'9". Light brown hair at waist length with no bangs, amber "doe" eyes, pale porcelain skin. Her clothing consists of very elegant garments, usually in silk or other expensive fabrics. Zira favors light or pastel colors. Ivory, cream, khaki, pink soft greens, lilac, etc. She always wears a matching set of silver jewelry. A silver chain featuring a pink diamond, bangle bracelets on both wrists and silver stud earrings.
Strengths: Swift movement and strong lungs!
Weaknesses: Zira has no fighting skills what-so-ever. Her body is delicate and easily wounded. Her immune system is average. No tolerance for the cold.

Current Goal/Purpose: To take a stand against the mistreatment of the outer colonies. Fighting against injustice, intolerance, and other crimes against humanity! Zira wishes to make the universe a safer more healthy place.
Talents: Public Speaking. Handling stressful situations.
Inabilities: Zira is very strange about her "personal bubble". She gets very uncomfortable with people touching her, being too close, etc.
Fears: Pirates. Prisons. Criminals. Sharp pointy needles. Intimidating and scary looking individuals that can lift up a poor girl and throw her off a building! ...falling off high places! Big scary creatures with big scary teeth.
General Personality: A gentle and benevolent lady, Ziranova commands respect through her humanitarian actions and her compassion for people. She fights for the underdog through her work as an Ambassador, makes an effort to reach out to people and understand what their thoughts and feelings are.
Inner Personality: Zira is always honest about her thoughts and feelings, though will keep any unkind things to herself to spare someone's feelings. Often she may feel as if her words are falling on deaf ears, or that she is being pushed aside and ran down. Like what she does is futile. But she is always able to pull herself back up and keep her fighting spirit.

General History:
Ziranova Sachavik was born in a political family and grew up continuing that work. Her life as an Ambassador consists of a lot of traveling, meeting people, giving speeches, and trying to do what's best for people. She has made it her life's goal to improve the quality of life for rough colonies and see corruption in companies and government abolished.
Every RP needs a cat-boy? XD


Character Name: Celix

Gender: Male

Job/Role: Temp waiter for the caterers catering at the ball!

Current Goal/Purpose: Celix is basically looking for someone with answers he needs who he might end up killing if things don't go his way!

Age: Actual age unknown, appears to be in late teens to early twenties

General Appearance: Cross a human with the eyes, ears, and tail of a cat and you get, Celix. He stands at five foot eleven but appears to be shorter, as he often hunches forward, ready to pounce. He's lean and all muscle, with his head lowered so that his cat-like slitted eyes are hidden by spiky black bangs. Celix's left eye is blue and his right eye is dark green, causing people to think he's blind or suffering from some other kind of vision disorder. That is quite the contrary as he can see in the dark. His ears and tail are black with white tips. His tail is so long, it reaches the floor and has to be wrapped around his waist like a belt to stay out of trouble.

Celix is quite the acrobat, gifted with a quick mind, incredible martial arts skill ... and the tendency to end up in situations where people pull his ears and/or tail!

General Personality: Our lone catboy may seem harsh and indifferent to other people's problems but that's only a front. He believes strength means sticking up for yourself and sticking through things, not relying on people. People abandon others, that's the way life is, whether you're human or not. If you restart to rely on others, you'd only get hurt and that would make you weak, vulnerable. When you're weak, you become prey and then you get killed.

Celix hates to admit it but he has a soft spot for women in distress and a weakness for all-natural dairy products, hydrated or otherwise. He also likes to have his ears scratched and is able to purr, hiss, and communicate with all sorts of cats.

General History: According to Celix, his dad was some messed up human who liked to experiment with splicing genes and putting them together in mismatched ways. His mother was either a result of those experiments or a test subject but it's argued on whether she was ever human to begin with or not.

Celix somehow ended up at a human orphanage some years after his birth, neither mother or father anywhere to be found. He ran away from the orphanage a few years later and has been on his own since. He became a temp waiter for the caterers when he learned who was going to be attending the ball ...

Character Name: Blaxdon Glyson the 225th
Gender: male
Job/Role: Royal from the Planet Skoonek
Age: unknown but by looks in human years twenties
General Appearance: Common clothes. Simple jeans and a hoody. White tee with black boots. Looking human is his costume.

General Personality: A bit slow but very nice. He's not slow by human standards its just his communicator acts up and he misses the hints and scarcaum. He loves to learn. He loves to travel and have lots of fun. He can be almost childish and random with goofy acts just to make others smile. He is tired of rules and all the duties of his office. He is young and wants to just be a kid, from the childhood he lost. In his world things are very different and he looks for ways to be anything he can get away with.
General History: Blaxdon is caught up in duty and honor for his people and his world but he is willing to toss it all aside if only for one night were he can really live. He has been rebeling at home since being named next in line for the offical office of Ambassador of his planet. So in a last ditch effort to goof off before he is sworn in and dragged to millions of bording dealings with other planets in the other systems. He runs off not even sure where he was going. He is running away from home but doesnt want it to be forever. He could never do that he is just looking for something random to kill the pain of lossing his youth and lower the stress of his royal life and duties to come.

Pilot/Driver: Joovy

History: Has worked for royal family for a very long time. See's Blaxdon as his son and would never let anything happen to him. He knows more about Blaxdon then he will ever admit. He is devoted and willing to help his Prince in anyway. He is the pilot and mechanic of Blaxdon's ship. He can fix anything. He likes to drink and smoke a lot.
<!-- / message -->
Thank you ladies. >:D We are soooo gonna get this rolling tonight!

I KNOW other people want to play...!
Yes...I shall join when I get a profile up....sooooonish
Character Name: Severdus Tharn
Gender: male
Job/Role: Overlord of Skarrathos
Age: unknown, though were he not so heavilly scarred, he would appear to be in his mid 20s.
General Appearance:

Skin colour: Deathly pale.
Eye colour: very light blue/grey
Hair colour: none, not even eyebrows.
Markings and/or Tattoos: ritual scarification over his entire body, that is to say that every part of his flesh is a mazse of scars, some form patterns, others are simply because there was too much unspoiled flesh.
In addition, his eyes also feature a mazework of intricate red scratch marks that run from the edge of his eyes to his pupils.
Clothing Colour: the Fatigues are a dark crimson, the armor is blackened bronze (the symbolsm and soforth on the armor are shining, polished brass)
Other: yes, he does have two hands nailed to his armor, though they are ritually scarred as well, they belonged to the last assasin that tried to kill him.
oh, and he does indeed carry a Mk 7 Hellcarbine, Combat knife and a backup revolver, since he has no bodyguards (directly with him, he does have an honor guard that ensures he arives reletively unharmed.)
General Personality: Severdus (Usually refered to as Tharn or Overlord Tharn) can be described in two ways.
when he is calm, he is cold, uncaring and heartless, caring only for the greater glory and victory, whether it be in war or peace, though as a whole the people of Skarrathos are vicious murderous soldiers, the planet frequently wracked by bloody conflict wherin there is no surrender nor mercy, the side that wins is the side that is left alive at the end, a facet of their existence which Tharn seems to physically embody.

when his blood is up, Tharn has two desires.
1. to kill maim and burn his enemies.
2. to seize victory, no matter the cost.
General History:
Tharn is the youngest overlord in the history of Skarrathos, a planet that has seen more warfare than most empires, the soldiers of Skarrathos serve as vicious mercenaries, though despite their brutality, they are well disciplend and highly trained soldiers.
their brutality in battle comes from the ethos of Skarrathos; which is spill blood for your god, crush the foe and if you cannot do that, pay with your life, and the lives of your enemies.

(still working on the history)
He looks nice and scary so far, Warde! XD

Our IC Thread is up! >:D Lets get this party started!
Character Name: Lord Adrian Botswinn Minkotz O'Malley-Shirou IV
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Honorary King of Minkotz, Owner of Botswinn Transport (The largest shipping company in the civilized universe), heir to the O'Malley Starship Corporation (A well known ship building company), and Owner/Operator of Shirou…one of the classiest and sought after Beauty Companies in the universe.
Age: 28
General Appearance: A 'soft' man of more curves then angles, Adrian cannot help but exhibit signs of his lavish lifestyle upon his person. At 5'9, Adrian certainly isn't a tall man and possessing slightly pudgy cheeks and almost angelic, soft, and curly gold hair he could pass for someone almost ten years younger. Despite his obvious weight, Adrian almost exudes a sort of confident charisma. Glowing out from his perfect smile and periwinkle blue eyes, the noble is a compelling creature despite his imperfectly fit body. Always clothed in the latest fashions pertinent to nearby systems and planets he is visiting at the time, Adrian's wardrobe is in a constant flux of ever renewing threads. Likewise his long golden hair is only in its natural form when it is fashionable to keep it that way. He always tries to keep the latest, smallest, most dangerous, and easily opera table gun on him at all times, tucked away beneath one layer of fabric or another. His only obvious weapon is the Starsteel rapier sheathed ornately at his side. A fan and practitioner of fencing, Adrian's bulk reputedly belies a core system of muscles advanced enough to perform even the most complex fencing maneuvers…although it is equally probably that the sword is only for show and the rumors are not substantial.
General Personality: Jovial, well spoken, charismatic, quirky, and eccentric. Words are words but to assign them meaning would be to give them form. Adrian embodies the aforementioned traits with practiced ease, wriggling his way into the confidence of politicians, kings, queens, and other various figures of importance throughout the galaxy. Despite his youthful countenance, the man is wiser then his years and likes to surprise would be political opponents by taking the upper hand in a philosophical conversation. Slow to anger, quick to placate, and easy to speak with, Adrian prides himself on his well liked and established personality in furthering some hidden agenda known only to him.
General History: Born of Adrian O'Malley III and Alonna Shirou, Adrian was born into the literal lap of luxury. With a rich uncle, William Botswinn, and various other socially relevant family members, Adrian grew up surrounded by the faces of multi-billion dollar corporations all turned toward him and his singular development. While his parents could rarely afford much time to spend with the child, Adrian proved easily amused by his own devices and developed well without a real parental presence in his early years. Upon reaching the age to attend school, Adrian alternated from spending time with his parents in the soup of the high class and within a schoolroom attempting to learn the machination of the governing bodies in the universe. Upon reaching his twenties, a series of unfortunate mishaps occurred…leaving the young man in possession of three companies and a Kingdom planet. Neatly transitioning from the earnest schoolboy to the semi-ruthless socialite, Adrian left most of the company decisions in the hands of their respective Presidents and Boards of Directors and used the capital generated to spread his fame and charm all over the known galaxy. Recently funding an archeological event in an attempt to apologize to a woman he recently split with, Adrian is taking a small detour on his socio-political crusade to win back his lady fair…and have some fun at the same time.
How's this for a party-crasher?


Character Name: Sweet Lady
Gender: Androgynous but preference is female
Job/Role: Space pirate/mercenary/all around badgirl
Age: Unknown
General Appearance: Sweet Lady is one of the last members of a shapeshifting species thought to be long dead. As such she can be anyone she wishes and because her people's ability to shapeshift grow as they mature, there are no known limits to her skill. Couple that with her photographic ability and the ability to change her voice and her habits, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Currently, Sweet Lady had taken on a human guise. A beautiful red-haired green-eyed woman about five foot ten, weighing about one hundred and thirty pounds with a curvy figure and fair skin. No matter the guise or form, she loves to dress up and will only wear the finest fabrics and material.
General Personality: As befits her name, Sweet Lady is everything a noblewoman should be. She is graceful, she is polite, she is sweet and she is kind. She can be very forgiving and compromise with others to get her way. She never raises her voice and she is respectful to her elders. Sweet Lady expects absolute loyalty from her followers, rewarding those who succeed and punishing those who fail. She never wavers from her mission and is a firm believer that you are in charge of your fate.

Sweet Lady is also a killer. She is brutal, she is ruthless, and she is merciless. She does not hesitate to torture, to maim. Her morals are not your morals, her ways are not yours. She comes from a line of spies, traitors, thieves, assassins, all with a grudge against every other species out there.

... And above all, she has no conscience.
General History: Heh heh. Wouldn't you like to know.
Plotty updates, for the fun. :D

So it seems the Party has been crashed by The Sweet Lady, evil mistress of the Iron Maiden and nefarious space pirate. Possibly the wicked and most successful space pirate in the galaxy. This is probably because she and her crew are made up of shapeshifters, which are very very difficult to track down or see coming. Made more legendary because shapeshifters are also supposed to be A DEAD RACE... cause y'know, racism in the old galactic empires, hatin' on them and wiping them out, cause they have the ability to do shit like this!

The Sweet Lady intended to rob the hell out of everyone before ransoming off the entire party. ...but those Skarrathos soldiers were a surprise! Only a lunatic would invite such a violent race to a party, but now people better be thankful the Ambassador did! (then again, they might be even more mad cause a few nobles were killed during the crossfire with the pirates! oops!) SO, before her plans were totally ruined, the Sweet Lady's goons grabbed as many hostages as they could steal and beamed out with some pretty fancy-ass technology!

...And Now... With several kidnapped dignitaries, including royal figures... there is a big problem. >:D PAY THE SWEET LADY'S RANSOM DEMANDS OR HER PRISONERS WILL BE KILLED!

Or rescue them... IF YOU CAN. Bruuuhahahaha!
The Skarrathos use heavy calibre munitions, they avoid small calibres, though with the dude trying to blame the Skarrathos for everything and stage a coup against the Ambassador, im sure that error would be glossed over.

see, I'm not always a fucknut who likes to ruin peoples plans 8)
Just to be on the safe side, do we mean "hail" as in just greeting the ship or "hail" as in you wish to board it?

I'm assuming it's the former but the fact that Adrian is arming himself leaves me to wonder. XD
He's just prepping the guns...a jovial way to say hello on warmaster's planet :P Nah...he's just saying hello.

No worries Warmaster...I'm not couping the Ambassador...just the allied planet or federation I made up because there is no government that was defined. I'm sure you'll find a way out of it...but things don't look good for ya. I mean...sure the small calibur nonsense would be a big finger against the gun toting stormtroopers...but on the same hand, you did mow down a few slower nobles and without the shapeshifter bodies the right amount of words could turn this into a galactic event.

Now...not to be a wet blanket or anything.

But weren't those personal teleportation devices designed to bring bodies to the ship hanger when life signs terminated? Wouldn't they just teleport everyone to the belly of the same ship? I don't know how advanced teleportation is these days...but I assumed you needed at least a frequency or set of coordinates to teleport to...unless these are crazy AI teleport things that immediately teleport you to the safest possible location. The Overlord (assuming it's Warmaster's ship) Isn't nearly as close as my ship theory, using this device would just as soon put you in null space then in their warship.

As much as I appreciate Blaxdon's super heroism so far and unquestioned infiltration of the Shapeshifter ship (Poor guys can't tell each other apart when they take shapes...what an unfortunate ability) Ultra telepoting everyone to the safe ship kinda kicks plot in the ass...cause you're all fine now. And It was my understanding they were PERSONAL teleportation devices...if you can teleport people by just touching them then wouldn't one device have been sufficient for everyone?

Eh...I don't mean to be a stickler, but suddenly my character is talking to a ship with shapeshifters, no prisoners, and sitting ducks for Warmaster's death essence with that one move you've effectively set up all the 'bad guys' to be instantly obliterated and a roleplay concluded in record time...if this is ok, *thumbs up* But I was just pointing out what I saw as semi-bothersome.
YOUR telling HIM about kicking the plot in the arse?

admittedly Blaxdon's heroics are rather like some STD, the way you got them can be fun, but in the end everyone is left with a nasty rash, but surely your jking when you say that his teleporting antics aren't on par with your super stealth ship detecting their stealth ship and being better than them in most ways if not equal to them.

but enough ranting. I'm sure your all aware that this isnt Gaia and that I'm prone to flights of overreactive posting.

that said. the Coup individual is mentioned in Diana's post, a minister in the government who wants to further his political career by becoming the next ambassador.

oh do i have plans for that dude.
sick nasty gruelling horror filled plans.

finally, the Pirates still have hostages, it was never specified how many they took initially, surely your dude could want one of them even more, say a powerful ally in the feild of industrial production, someone to help finance your goals in this unnamed system.

why bitch when you can take action and fight for glory?

Edit: and don't worry, they wont be welcomed with open arms, at least not until Tharn recognises The Lady Ambassador, and the Overlord only usually enters the Interrogation chambers after the Interrogations are complete, on at least one subject.
Everyone isn't rescued. In fact, Blaxdon only got away with two people. >:D Those teleporting devices are gonna backfire hardcore. How and where they are used can be tracked by the Shapeshifters, so now that Sweet Lady is aware there was a sneak on board... it's not gonna be pretty! Blaxdon won't be able to do the same trick. So he only got away with: President of Irion's Daughter and Wife of Grand Duke Oshwald. The men she separated are still getting tortured, plus there is the group that Ziranova is now trying to sneak back to. (That would include Celix, a Princess, a Councilmen, and a few other unnamed hostages.) So everyone isn't safe yet. Many poor people are captured, including our Ambassador!

In fact, Blaxdon prolly made it worse for all those hostages. Sweet Lady separated those few people from the main group for "personal revenge" reasons that haven't been explained yet. o___o She's gonna be piiiiiissed.

We can assume Blaxdon had to fuss with the devices to get them to teleport OUT of the ship - and the only ship he'd be able to lock on to within reach would be the Skarrathos ship, because it doesn't use any cloaking devices. Zephyr might be closer, but the cloaking on it is prolly too badass for the teleporter to see through.

and Yes. >:D There is a Minister who is (or will be) making sure the Skarrathos will look as guilty as possible. Until the Lady Ambassador can clear their name - and if the Minister can help it, she won't be able to. So IF someone manages to rescue those hostages from Sweet Lady, there is someone who wants to make sure that most if any don't come back alive.

That should clear things up, yes? >:D
I know, I know... You wanted to blow up some ships. XD Don't worry... there's plenty of time for that!
So...what happened exactly? Did I just Powertalked?


I dunno what to write...I had a post halfway done...but I never actually got a conversation...there WAS no conversation.

I'm a bit confused.