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    The briefing room fell silent as the top brass of the Imperial Japanese Demon Army convened, over the course of the past several weeks, the Imperial Japanese Demon Army had been building up its forces at its headquarters in Shibuya prefecture - a heavily defended fortress that served as a staging ground for the Demon Army's main forces. Thousands of soldiers gathered at the fortress, with hordes of supplies and equipment being shipped in from almost every other branch in Japan. It was obvious that the Hiragi family, the head family in control of the Imperial Japanese Demon Army, was planning a large-scale operation, gathering more personnel than that has ever been gathered in one place before. High ranking officers of several branches sat in a conference room, staring at one another as General Tenri Hiragi sat at the helm of the massive conference table.

    "What the hell are we all sitting around here for?! I thought we agreed that we would be fighting a guerilla war against the Vampires! If we mass up like this, they will attack us and wipe us out with one swoop!" One of the commanders shouted, slamming his fist against the table.

    "That was before we had the Cursed Gears, I think it's time for us to strike back and show the Vampires who the livestock really is!" Another commander shrilled.

    As the commanders bickered with one another, Lieutenant Colonel Kazaki Sugihara sat amongst the senior officers, waiting for the units to receive their orders. Not even the Lieutenant Colonel knew what was about to happen. Thought it was clear that the Generals would have not organized this if they did not have a major operation already planned.

    "Silence. All of you." General Tenri Hiragi's commanding voice caused the bickering commanders to hold their tongues, an eerie silence overtaking the room, "I have gathered all of our major fighting forces here in Shibuya for an operation. I will not disclose the details of our operation just yet, but know that war is coming. Soon, we will take the fight to the Vampires so that we may drive them from Japan." Tenri Hiragi remarked with confidence. The commanders began to communicate with each other through hushed whispers. While they have fought a losing battle against the Vampires for several years now, never before had the Japanese Demon Army actually conducted actual war against the Vampires. The very thought of war was unnerving to them. "First, in order to ensure our operation is a success, we must do what we can to thin the enemy's ranks. We must disperse our forces in a way where the Vampires assume that this is not any special operation before we go for the killing blow. As such, small squads must be sent out so that we do not attract attention. Each commander has specific objectives they need to fill - see to it that they get done."

    As the meeting eventually drew to a close, manila folders containing orders and instructions were passed out to each company leader, one folder making its way into Kazaki Sugihara's hands. As the officers were dismissed, Kazaki Sugihara met one of his couriers outside the hallway, a private that was part of the Moon Demon Company's logistics branch, "I need my team and Yazumi's team to report to our briefing room immediately. Tell them to be prepared for a mission." The Lieutenant Commander ordered.

    "Of course, sir! I'll inform them right away!" The soldier snapped a salute and ran off to gather the two teams, leaving the Lieutenant Colonel in the hallway...

    "I wonder what the Hiragi's are planning this time..." Kazaki sighed before turning towards the briefing room.

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  2. As the meeting was ongoing, Major Shiranui Shinra was asleep in one of the royal couches of the headquarter's grand hall. He was called to the HQ early in the morning by his superior, Lieutenant Colonel Kazaki Sugihara. The blonde was told to wait until the meeting was over, but his patience wore thin. Slightly annoyed that he woke up just to wait for his "incompetent" boss, Shiranui fell to slumber again. An hour passed, with the meeting finally over.

    His snoring facial expression was covered by a gray handkerchief. He was asleep while sitting down. The Major's snores echoed throughout the hall, and this certainly gathered him some attention from the passerby soldiers. Kazaki's courier certainly didn't have difficulty finding him, as he approached the sleeping man.

    "M-major?" The courier tapped the blonde's shoulder lightly, though the only response he got was the man's perpetual snore. "Zzzzz..." He was unsure what to do to get his superior to wake up. With this, he just raised his tone albeit with a stutter and continued tapping the blonde's shoulder. "P-please wake up, sir!" Eventually, he woke up with an irritated groan, raising his body up from the couch with the handkerchief dropping to his lap. "Nnngghhh..." Shiranui rubbed his eyes, eyeing the rookie who woke him up. He picked up and wore his glasses afterwards. "What.. Meeting's over?" The courier answered with a nod. "Took them long enough.." He sighed and rose up from his seat. The rookie gave a salute before making his statement. "Major Shinra, the Lieutenant Colonel is calling for you. Please head to the briefing room immediately!"

    "Yeah... Alright. Thanks. You keep up the good work." The major gave a pat on the soldier's back as he released a yawn and made his way to the briefing room, passing by soldiers who gave him honorary salutes.

    Opening the doors to the briefing room, Shiranui noticed that he was second to arrive, with Kazaki Sugihara already seated down. It has been almost two weeks since they last saw each other, and the blonde greeted him with a playful smirk as he went to his own seat.
    "Yo, Patches. Long time no see. How's the eye?"
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  3. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kenzo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    The first of the two Yamakawa's stands in the officer planning room, looking at maps and charts. He was not yet of rank to ask, nor was it in his nature to question least openly. Pouring over charts he questions the facts before him. " offense..why else so many men..however.."
    Before Kenzo can ponder the issue further, a worn out private enters the room, snapping a salute. "Major Yamakawa, Sir! The Commander wishes to see you at once!" Waiting for the salute to be returned the man leaves as quickly as he had came, as Kenzo stares at the maps one final time. Suddenly he recites a Haiku, grabbing his hat, and checking on his..partner.. the demon arm at his side.

    "A mountain stands firm." Adjusting the brim, "Winds blow, vampires bane shall come." Pulling the hood up now, and narrowing his eyes, Kenzo sighs, finishing the haiku. "But shall who shall fall?"

    Making way for the briefing room Kenzo was slightly bothered that his officer was so young, but at least the man was willing to listen, and there was politics at work within the Army, knowing a mountain must stand firm, as it were, Kenzo is not very far behind Shiranui. Catching the latter's remark as he closes the door.
    "Patches?" Sighing a bit, he was a military man, and at times Shinra's laxness got to him. Though he was careful of going too far in regards to his opposite. "That is a funny choice of words for the Lieutenant Colonel." Giving a customary salute, Kenzo stands at ease, hands behind his back, as watchful and in a manner mysterious as ever. "What is your Orders sir? Are you well?"

    As the same tired Private finally finds the Sergeant in her barracks room he breathes a sigh of relief, knocking, then entering...and turns red in the face at once, upon what he sees.
    That being Yazumi with her shirt unbuttoned, with the center of her chest exposed, Sword on the ground in front of her, as she seemingly dries off her hair, with a pile of folders in front of her, service files for the new members of Team Two. She had yet to meet them and was looking forward to..having a little bit of fun. "Hmm..I'm a lovely lady, yes?" Smiling up at the private with her empty eyes, he starts to stutter, as if searching for words, and averting his eyes from her chest.

    " no Ma'am! T-the ...Commander Ka.." Standing up and approaching the private, Yazumi grabs him by the collar and smiles dryly. "You mean I'm very beautiful to the point you lost your words, and if I had to guess, the Lieutenant Colonel wants to see me? Very well..or do you want to keep me company." Moving her body against his, the Private nearly faints. Laughing a bit Yazumi makes a motion with her head as if telling him to get lost. It was fun watching the man squirm she had to admit, but orders were orders, and this one would likely faint before she even showed anything worth seeing. "Don't get lost..ehehe."

    Shutting the room door closes, Yazumi hurriedly buttons her shirt, grabbing her katana with smirk, Yazumi speaks to the blade, briefly allowing her face to reflect in the blade. "Well Hime..looks like my games will have to wait..What a shame.." Setting the blade at her side, and grabbing the files, the young woman shoves them against her stomach underneath her shirt. "..oh well I guess I'll give him a bit of a hard time for that.."

    Setting her hair up, and grabbing her own hat and coat Yazumi makes way for the briefing hall. It would be unlikely she would hold the same level of..proper speech as her father.
  4. The poor private, after being subject to such out of the blue embarrassment, found next one of the newest members of Squad 2. It wasn't too hard. Honestly though, the courier was just checking out a commotion he had heard.

    "So... Am I in trouble for something...?"

    "I-I wouldn't know... A-Aren't you in a bit of trouble now though...?" The messenger questioned, having had acquired a cartoonish sweat mark on the back of his head from watching the currently transpiring situation.

    Yoshio, while listening and speaking to the even younger private, was pulling his head side to side as well as turning and twisting his body left and right. Why? Because Yoshio, in his short time having been here, had already aggravated someone else to the point of throwing a punch. Thankfully, being the smartass and loudmouth he was, he could actually more than back up his talk and the assailant in question was having quite the difficulty landing a hit. To be fair, this was one of the few cases in which the troublemaker could be somewhat justified. The one currently trying to break his jaw was a corporal, albeit someone not wielding a cursed gear, and appeared to get off on picking on the more soft-spoken privates like the one speaking to Yoshio currently. Hearing what was said, Yoshio pretty much guessed as to why the Corporal was so bitter and sadistic to those around him and--may have made an offhand comment regarding his theory. Judging from the man's reaction, his theory was pretty spot on.

    "Huh? Oh, you mean this loser. Nah, I'm-" With another fist whizzing narrowly past Yoshio's face, the angered corporal interrupted him, "Don't fuckin' ignore m-" Unfortunately, he was then cut off as well by a fist being planted squarely in his face with such an impact that the enraged superior's body simply froze in its movements. "There, you have my attention. Happy Princess?"

    "U-Um... I don't think..." With a flick to the messenger's forehead, Yoshio removed his hand from corporal's nose and waltzed passed him, nonchalant as he always was. "Don't worry about, just keep doing what you're doing. And you! Quit being such a pussy; letting people talk shit all they want. It's pathetic." He would most definitely pay for that later, but Yoshio didn't typically worry about things until they were immediately in front of him.

    "B-But..." Jumping a bit from an audible thud, the young private turned to stare at the sight that had everyone else in the immediate area captivated; the sight of the unconscious corporal on the ground. Apparently, he couldn't back up his mouth as well as Yoshio could.

    Soon enough, there was a quick knock on the door that lead to the briefing room followed by, "I'm comin' in."

    The now opened door revealed a young man, obviously a not above the rank of a private, with a scowl and an extremely noticeable red coloring on a part of his bangs. Looking around, he saw mainly officers in the room; and so he assumed what was the most likely to be the reason for him being called there. Then again, it was called the briefing room for a reason.

    Slowly closing the door with a look of caution in his eyes as he examined the various members of superior rank in the room, Yoshio finally voiced his thoughts. "So... Am I in trouble?
  5. Allora

    A knock came to the door of yet another room within the barracks. The poor private who had been delivering the messages was greeted by a nearly naked figure that was Allora, standing in nothing but her undergarments and wielding a naked sword, a katana to be exact, or rather, her cursed gear. The private, whom had already been through enough already, simply shut his eyes.

    "Doesn't any girl on this damnable base wear clothes inside their bedroom!"

    Allora stared at him blankly. The permanent neutrality exhibited on her face.

    "Did you need something, or did you come here to gawk?"

    The private straitened up, and nodded, opening his eyes, though making a point of keeping eye contact with Allora.

    "Er- yes.... The er... Lieutenant Colonel wishes to see you."

    She raised a skeptical eyebrow. She of all people certainly wouldn't have raised the attention of the colonel at all, so it must have been a prank or something pertaining to the squad she had been assigned.

    "The Colonel wished to just see me? Or are my squad members there as well?"

    Flustered, the man quickly spoke.

    "Uh.... well no, he wanted to see all of your squadmates and members from squad two as well."

    Allora nodded, and walked over to where her discarded pants and shirt was, quickly pulling them on, and placing the katana in it's sheathe, then carrying the weapon in one hand, she walked back to the door and past the private without a word, leaving him to his own devices. She moved silently through the halls to the briefing room, not attracting attention, other then through the sight of the weapon she bore in her left hand. She softly knocked and entered into the briefing room, standing with her back against the wall a few feet away from the doorway, and waiting to be addressed.
  6. Tallise Kikazumi

    Cursed Gears.

    Powerful weapons that mankind developed in it's hour of most dire need.

    When the vampires formed the new world order, the remaining bits and pieces of humanity were completely at their mercy. Possessing impressive longevity and regenerative abilities - not to mention their immense strength, the remaining humans all to often had no choice but to become subservient to them. Under the guise of protection, the humans taken by the vampires became nothing more than cattle - kept alive for the blood that vampire-kind so greatly covets.

    Therefore, certainly - without the Cursed Gears that allow a human to challenge a vampire in combat - then it could be said that our situation would be hopeless. Instead however, in this Imperial Japanese Demon Army instead of praying for salvation, we prepare for our counterattack. A counterattack to regain the many things that our people have lost.

    However, just how much would those words be worth to those of us whom have already lost everything?

    Just what is the value of the word 'hope' when it's become meaningless?

    I don't know.

    This existence of mine, forgot the meaning of hope a long time ago. But, l because this one knows nothing else but how to fight, this one thought that an answer could be found through that fighting. Whether that answer is recovering that definition of 'hope' or to find a definite end doing this only thing I know... I can lazily welcome whatever outcome fate decides.

    The sparks flew, brightly falling onto the grounds of the training area in their brief but brilliant shine.

    The clashing swords continued to bring fourth more sparks as they continued to maneuver and strike the opposing wielder - all too often getting in one anther's way before a true blue could be landed. Nonetheless, for this training student, victory was possible. All he had to do was put his all into this next strike. He would be able to overpower his foe with this tremendous blow!

    "...This is it!"

    An invested swing to the side. Dedicating his whole body to follow through with the motion. All of this force would naturally congregate towards his blade, and inevitably impact the Captain's Sword. The captain had gotten sloppy, maybe slowed from the students whom she had been skirmishing up until now. This was his time to shine!

    Before he know it, he sliding along the ground. As soon as he realized it, he pondered as to how his all out strike had turned into a slide. But of course, the answer was obvious.

    "...And there you have it everyone. Remember that against a vampire, their inherit strength will allow them to brush aside even the most dedicated strikes that you can throw against them."

    The boy's opponent, instructor and superior, carefully sheathed her sword back into it's scabbard, before unhooking it from it's belt. She displayed the sheathed weapon to the others in the group.

    "Your standard issue massed produced Cursed Gear will allow you to stand on relatively even footing against second class vampires. However, even among cursed gear there is a so-called top tier of weapons known as the 'black demon series'. The strength these give the regular human is plain to see. Be weary if you run encounter one of the Vampire Nobles. Even with this weapon, against a noble I'd likely be in the same situation as the Private down there. Therefore, in the event you do run into a noble, it is important to..."

    The female officer's voice trailed off as she saw another soldier intrude onto her lesson. Approaching her from the side.

    "Can you not you see I'm in a valuable lesson with my class, here? You have just intruded onto my training space without my permission."

    The circular training area that she and the other student where now at. The rest of the class were observantly watching from outside, religiously not allowing themselves to stray into it's borders.

    "...Do you have a death wish. scum?"

    "Sorry, Captain Kikazumi, Orders. Here."

    Taking the manila folder from the messenger's hand, the black haired instructor read through it.

    "So I'm getting replaced, huh?"

    The messenger remained silent. Himself not having read the orders himself. All he was supposed do was deliver it to her.

    "Fine then. I'm putting you in charge of their training until you're relived by my replacement."


    "We're doing their first Cursed Gear Proficiency Practicals Today, so make sure to do a good job."

    "Captain! I'm supposed go back to General...! ...Staff."

    Watching the captain walk away, the messenger awkwardly looked back at the class of students he had just been 'assigned' to.

    Adjusting and fixing the buttons of her uniform, Kikazumi approached the oak door of the briefing room one of her colleagues had just entered through. She wordlessly took a seat at the nearest available chair - a small respite given today's training schedule. She still wasn't particularly happy about being pulled away from her recruits. She had just managed to get them to stop tripping over their sword-work - she had been looking forward her little surprise she was going to throw at them for their accomplishment. On top of that, Kikazumi was still somewhat salty in her disposition towards some of the squad after the little incident from the their last deployment. It wasn't a really major thing, but it was enough to give her enough reason to justify giving squad 1 the cold shoulder until the briefing started.

    Though the truth was that she just wanted to avoid putting any more effort into interactions beyond the obligatory salutes and greetings she had to give. Sitting straight and proper in her seat, Kikazumi looked distinctly disinterested in everything as she waited for the meeting to start. One would think that if she wasn't an officer her pose would be that of someone whose head was lying in crossed arms on the desk.
  7. In a far off corner of the barracks, the sound of blades resonating and sparks flying could be heard. An old man fought against the new generation of members of the Extermination Unit. Namely, though, he was just fighting against one girl, but she was just as new to this as everyone else. Not new to the situation, per se, but new to the war.

    The battle went on for dozens of seconds until it finally ended up with the girl emerging victorious. A huge katana flew by the blank scenario, finding it's way into the ground not far. The scene was rather amusing, with the girl aiming her sword at the old man's neck. "Geez, I thought I was still having the upper hand." The old man exclaimed happily and chuckled. He wore the same uniform and coat as she did, with the distinctive mark of the Moon Demon Company. "Well, I'd say you're as ready as you can be, Yuume-chan." Walking over to pick up his sword, he looked towards her and noticed that the expressionless face was still there. Pulling the sword from the ground and placing it on it's sheath, the man walked over to her with a rather annoyed expression. "You still need to work on your teamwork, though. If you're fighting against a noble, not even three elite soldiers stand a chance. They fight together, though... They might end up like me." The man chuckled happily as he pointed to the scars on his face. He could be considered a veteran and though he looked very old and acted old, he wasn't really all that old. Yuume simply clicked her tongue and looked away towards the central area of the barracks. Her guardian walked towards her and stood beside her. The two were rather surprised at the sight of someone suddenly running his way to the devastated grounds.

    "Message for Miss Nozomi!" He exclaimed as he came closer. Yuume looked up to the old man as if questioning if this was his making, to which he simply shrugged in answer. "Miss, you've been assigned to a new team. Your paperwork is done and you already have a meeting to attend to, called up by Lieutenant Colonel Sugihara. If you could please follow me to the Briefing Room." Yuume once more turned her gaze to the old man. "Don't worry about me, I'll be going home by now. Good luck in there with the big shot of the Moon Demon Company." The old man once more chuckled loudly as he turned around and walked away. Yuume looked back to the courier and stood silent as she followed him.

    Yuume was as expressionless as usual, and it somewhat unnerved the poor courier, who suddenly had her to go alone to the Briefing Room, giving her just the directions.
    It was no trouble for Yuume, she was used to the location already.

    Arriving at the Briefing Room, she opened the door, saluted and quietly made her way to a seat. Yuume wasn't curious, there was no need to. She simply stood there, with the blank expression on her face. She wondered about the group as she took a brief look around the room, watching everyone, but she didn't say a word. So, these were her new comrades, huh. She wondered why it was even necessary for her to have worked her ability to work in teams. It was pointless. From what she heard, even five squads couldn't handle a high-ranking noble. She remembered the day when all of the children who were with her died, killed by a noble simply because he could do it. That's the feeling she had from vampires. Still, she had yet to fight one now that she had her weapon. The Cursed Gears were a marvel. If they allowed her to kill vampires, then she was going to use it to it's full potential. Once again, she was so lost in thought she didn't even took much notice to the meeting, which meant she was wearing her blank expression while looking onto the blade on her waist. She brought herself back to reality as she turned to face the Lieutenant Colonel and await everyone to arrive.
  8. [​IMG]
    Kazaki Sugihara was sitting at the end of the conference table when the first member of his squad stepped through the door. The Lieutenant Colonel said nothing as Major Shiranui entered, his gaze focused on the paperwork in front of him before a familiar voice rung out. Sighing, Kazaki Sugihara averted his single-eyed gaze up towards the Major, "I see that your sense of humor is as sharp as ever, Major Shiranui Shinra." Kazaki Sugihara replied sarcastically, "Tell me, Major, does my lack of an eye bother you?" The Lieutenant Colonel grinned, "Perhaps you would like to donate yours so that your beloved commanding officer will be able to see again." There was an aura of warmth that suddenly engulfed the room, as if the two officers were now sitting inside an oven. Sugihara glared at the Major, seemingly unaffected by the rising heat that was overtaking the room - emanating from his Cursed Gear. His focus was broken when Major Yamakawa Kenzo spoke. "Greetings, Major Kenzo. I am well. Your peer and I were simply catching up on old times."

    Eventually, the room was filled with more members of his squad, each one coming in at their leisure. With everyone in the room, there was a total of eight people in the room. Lieutenant Colonel Sugihara beckoned for each of the Demon Company members to take a seat, waiting for each to be seated at the conference table before continuing on. "As all of you know, things have been becoming rather... cramped here at our base in Shibuya." The Lieutenant Colonel began, his gaze making its way across the room before continuing, "There are over six thousand military personnel stationed here, the largest military build up that the Imperial Demon Army has ever seen. The Hiragis have gathered the senior officers and informed us of a new operation - one that they believe will wipe the Vampires from Japan and situate us to begin operations in other countries, however..."

    "The details of the operation are top secret. Not even I know what's in store for us." Kazaki Sugihara explained, taking a moment of pause before moving on, "Before the operation can begin, High Command has ordered us to do some prep work. They want us to assault and capture Shibuya airfield, an airport that the Vampires have been using for several years. If we can take control of the airfield, we will be able to land and refuel our planes that are bringing supplies from Shinjuku." The Lieutenant Colonel briefed, turning towards his folders, "The good news is that intelligence confirms it's only lightly defended right now, the bad news... they want us to accomplish it with no more than two squads. Any questions?" Kazaki Sugihara didn't even wait a moment before standing up, "No questions? Good." He grinned as he navigated towards the exit, "Fifteen minutes to gear up and get ready. I want every one of you in the courtyard ready to go before 1100." The Lieutenant Colonel ordered before exiting the room.

    In the courtyard of the Demon Army's Shibuya base, a military truck was revved up and prepared to go. The Lieutenant Colonel was in the driver's seat, his arm leaning against the open window as he waited for his team to arrive.
  9. Allora

    Allora sighed. This kind of an assault with so few soldiers. Two teams.... with the numbers she counted, probably no more then a ten man operation. She had no idea what her commanders had in store. She was only rank and file after all, not even a corporal, just a private. She was sure that as far as her commanders were concerned, they didn't need the details, just where they were fighting next. Fine with her. She'd enjoy being able to fight again. It was the only time she felt any real joy.... killing, nay murdering vampires. She didn't do it out of necessity, Allora killed in cold blood. She hated the vampires for what they had done to the planet. If she had no directives, and the military wasn't the one who fed and housed her, she might have just gone off on her own, struck low tier vampires, killing them with discretion. Of course, her parents didn't approve of her current actions. They believed the best place for her was at a refugee camp, helping raise and birth the next generation of humans, but she didn't think she could do that. No, the vampires had stolen a future from Allora she hadn't quite known she had yet, and she planned to make them pay for it. All of it.
    She turned on her heel and left the room, fire in her eyes and in her soul. She was prepared to kill yet again. She wanted.... nay she needed this. It was why she fit so well with her weapon, though she dare not let any of the instructors know. She had made her pact, and that's all they needed to know for now. The weapon was hers to command as far as they were concerned. Not one of them knew the actual deal she had made. None of them. She continued walking forward and turned down a corridor towards the courtyard. Over six thousand soldiers, all of them with either cursed, or mass produced cursed weapons. A battle was coming.... and if the vampires found out they were amassing forces in one spot, they were liable to wipe them out. An action like that would be a major blow, but retaking the whole of Japan would be well worth the risk. Particularly if it meant being left in a position where they could begin operations over seas.

    Allora made it into the courtyard. A large military truck was there, engine running. Allora never wore anything less then her full combat gear. It was light armor, but necessary for the way she fought. After all, her sword forms required maximum efficiency as far as body movement went. There was no room for error. She stopped a little distance away and stared at the truck quietly, assessing the method of transportation, and awaiting a command.
  10. [​IMG]

    The Major, amused, laughed heartily as he received that deadpan snark from his commanding officer. He replied in a calm and polite manner, brimming with deadpan as well. "Ahaha, nice joke. Perhaps you need a monocle so that you could see better? I don't mind donating my sockets... if you can take 'em from me, that is." Shinra grinned as well, and the two officers glared at each other with the thrill and intent of fighting one another. His twin Cursed Gears glow, as if reacting to his whims of combat. This was interrupted by the arrival of his fellow major, Kenzo Yamakawa. Glancing at his fellow co-worker, he greeted him with a smile in response to the military man's sigh over Shinra's laidback attitude. "Now, now, Mr. Poet. You do know I always call him Patches, right? No need for formality and crap."

    The two Majors sat down after that heated exchange as they awaited for at least half an hour for most of them to arrive. He observed the rookies as they entered, reviewing their personal profiles and embedding them with names, as they match the seeming personalities of the rookies, to call for his own leisure. He also wondered if these mixed ragtag bunch of misfits are even capable of harnessing the powers of the Black Demon Series weapons.

    Hearing the familiar creaking sounds of the opened oak doors, Captain Tallise Kikazumi arrived on the briefing room. The Major gave a friendly waving gesture, due to the time span that they haven't seen each other. He did know that she had a rather bitter disposition towards the squad during the last mission, and tried to cheer her up with his playfully positive demeanor. "Yoooo, Sensei-chan. It's been a long while! Did'ja miss me?", he teased. The black-haired woman gave no response and closed her eyes, giving him and the rest of the squad a seemingly cold and bitter attitude. "Ahahaha.." Shinra scratched his head and sighed in regards to that awkward moment.

    With only one more rookie to wait for, Shinra was whistling, with his arms behind his back. It was until that time when Lieutenant Colonel Sugihara started the briefing, despite the aforementioned rookie still not present. Shinra yawned as he listened intently, with a hint of doubt in their peer's decision to make details of the operation top secret. As the briefing reached its end, the Lieutenant Colonel left as he stood up and stretched his arms. Fully understanding the premise of the mission, he turned to Yazumi Yamakawa's incomplete squad.

    "Well then... It seems to me that one of you has a rather twisted understanding of time." He spoke as he approached the four. "Gorilla Boy." His name-calling pointed to Yoshio Shizuka, being the only delinquent-looking individual in their squad. Plus points for the major looking directly at him. "You asked earlier if you were in trouble, right?" Shinra asked, mixed with a tone of mischief. "Since I've heard that you've caused quite the havoc earlier, I'll have you and your squadmates punished. The details of which I will entail later on, after we've finished up in the airfield. For now, you should look for and inform your absent-minded squadmate. Then get your asses in gear and meet us in the courtyard in ten minutes. Dismissed." As he finished speaking, Major Shinra made a waving gesture and left the briefing room.

    Arriving at the courtyard, Shinra approached the military truck with Sugihara already on the driver's seat. He opened the side door, next to the driver's seat. He crossed his arms, looking at the window. After a brief moment of silence, he spoke. "I'm going to personally train those misfits. Sensei-chan already has enough rookies to teach and burden to bear. They don't look like they're ready for actual combat, but when the time I'm done with them comes, they'll be top-notch fighting units. And that is to say, in no time at all since it's me we're talkin' about." He yawned, in glee over operating in another mission. "Perhaps you'll meet your archnemesis again, huh Patches?" Shinra jokingly asked, knowing the fact that the topic of the Lieutenant Colonel losing his eye to the dreaded vampire known as Horace was just asking to pour salt on his wounds.
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  11. "I see Sir." Kenzo says in reply to his commander, in response to his peers reply, Kenzo simply lets out a soft sigh. This man was always difficult to work with, though the feeling was likely mutial, Kenzo was all business, Shinra was mostly pleassure, or so it seemed. Because of this basic difference the pair seemed to tolerate each other rather well, they had yet to threaten one another after all. Kenzo simply did not as he liked to observe the other mans antics, as the briefing is given Kenzo sits on his suscpessions, rather than voicing all the data he had peiced together, her had a general idea of what the operation was for. " they want the installation captured..if we could crater a runway I could solve this issue alone..well I need someone to play bait." With an Eye on Shinra its fairly clear who he meant by someone.

    "I know the area luckly, I was there a few times for Bombs from the former JSDF armory. If the Vampires have the area we should be on guard for Air attack." As Shinra moves on to his promise to train the new recruits a rare smile creeps over his lips, mostly as he knew had she been in the room, she would have taken issue with it. Hearing a loud bang from outside the room, the officer dismisses the sound as creeks in the ductwork, or some other construction task. "I'll make preperations and meet you outside, Sir." Bowing to Kazaki, Kenzo turns on his heel in military fashion and makes his way out of the briefing room, seemingly with no questions or nothing to say. He needed to study a map of the area and see what would be the best advice and points of Ambush that could be set up in the given timeframe. However as the mountain walks, he had a feeling in his gut this offense would be a mistake..or that he would once more see the Demon Armies pets at work..he feared those more than demons..

    Speaking of his own appears in his mind as Kenzo walks the halls, standing in front of him, it soon becomes clear where the source of the Haiku's came from. With a paper fan in hand the Tengu speaks with the accent of old Japanese, and in the slower orchistra like fashion.

    "o the mountain stares
    o his woes lament in breeze
    O the lords he serves.."

    Pausing a bit the Tengu was likely smiling behind his mask, his Haiku finished has one more remark. "Incompetents they be..Kenzo my friend, how much longer will the banner of Takeda falter in the breeze, my Lord Nobunaga and his uspurpers finished off many lords as they believed the Mountain would never fall, if you listen to me ho-"

    "ENOUGH! Not another word, Demon, in strategy you are sound and worthy, but in matters of my body and mind, I will be the judge. Begone.." The Tengu gives a breif laugh and vanishes into a fine mist, naturally no one else can see this. But fortunately the Major was alone. Carrying out his tasks, Kenzo approched the meeting point,

    "Hmph you over step mindful of your position. Though if we do, I nomiate you to stand in front of it, my fellow to that, the duty of training them belon--" Before he can finish a blade of Ice, or rather a slash made of ice freezes a patch of ground. Sighing a bit Kenzo knew what and who it was, and would let it play was best to let her unleash her anger after all.


    Sighing a bit, Yazumi knew she was late for the meeting, purposely avoids entering the room, a Princess should not show up at all if she will show up late, she would not give the peasants in that room the chance to laugh at her expense, nor to shame her father. Turning her back to the massive doors, she enters a room off to the side, climbing through a vent shaft, she reflects on the irony as her blade complains of how filthy this place will make them both. Non the less she would not have it said she heard nothing this day.

    Taking note of her own squad, one seemed to be a trouble maker, the other was a very silent girl, the rest seemed typical, naturally her father was standing as strong as always in the room, the Officer that commanded them all, it was hard to tell what he was thinking...then there was the lazy other officer, and..him..

    At the mention of group punishing her sqaud and dealing with them, she punches the vent causing the sound to vibrate through the corridor. Her father mommentarily glances to her direction, but as quickly seems to dismiss it. Climbing back out once she got the jest of the information, and where to go, Yazumi was slightly dusty, but more than that, pissed. Unlike her father she had no problems being confrontational. Wiping herself off a little, it would not be an issue if she missed the meeting, technically she was responsible for gathering provisions and various supply duties. As to how she knew the mission or where to be, well that was a secret.

    Approching the Truck with a box of MRE's She mistakenly drops it, drawing her blade at Shinra's last mention, a slash of ice impacts the ground near the truck, likely gathering some attention. "Opps..I thought I seen a bug. I detest them. And Major I insist, you leave the training and punishment of my unit to me. That is the Sergeants role is it not? After all you officers need to do paperwork, surely you are behind on that with how often you sleep, the higuragi's might take offense...and don't worry sir, I like training new people..its always fun..or at least I make it so..hehehe." Smiling lightly while putting her blade away, Yazumi was bordering on insubordination, though what she said was carefully constructed as a cryptic warning and some truth on the duties they have. However he eyes narrow with the laugh and last bit of her statement, as if highlighting the fact she was a sadist. And wasn't protecting her men, so much as taking offense someone else would dare take her fun. Voicing as much, she stares pointedly at the Major, much like a cat would a mouse.

    "Hmm, maybe I'll even wear a nice Bikini if you wish to watch after all." With a devilish wink she then turns her attention to the Lieutenant Colonel, she originally had planned to deal with him after all. "Ka-za-ki-san. Hmm is it Okay if I call you Kazaki?..I am a bit disappointed you didn't give me time for greeting my men..I even had a surprise planned for them..a nice little ambush.." Sighing a bit, the NCO shakes her head as if deeply disappointed. "Oh well..the meeting time also didn't help, I had to gather supplies, check weapons records, really..if Shinra-san worked more on his paper work then I would have been there, I am sorry for having not been there." still grinning with narrowed eyes, her father curiously seems to be looking off at the sky as if having seen a bird, humming a tune to himself, ignoring it.
    "Otou-sam..I brought MRE's and some food for cooking. We will have Curry tonight. I know you don't like Curry, but most do and its easy to fix. You will Eat some..yes."
    With how she said the last bit, it was clearly not a question, and likely showed a bit of the family dynamic, as Yazumi showcases some of her reported motherly nature.
  12. "As all of you know, things have been becoming rather... cramped here at our base in Shibuya."

    The massive amount of douchebags running around 'n puffing out their chests didn't give that away at all... A certain delinquent thought as he took his seat as beckoned, but it didn't take long for Yoshio to become sidetracked.

    Switching his focus instead to his supposed squad-mates, he was honestly a bit surprised that most were women--Actually, he seemed to be the only member of the opposite sex in the squad. It wasn't that he didn't think women could handle warfare. From his real mother to his savior, Yoshio knew that there were women aplenty that could make a worthy foe for anyone or just be downright scary. He just honestly assumed that the men would outnumber the women--at least in his squad. Yoshio wasn't going to complain though. They were all pretty cute, after all; and being a healthy, heterosexual member of the opposite sex meant he certainly wasn't going to go praying for any more guys to join his unit. Well, if he wasn't paying attention for a bit, at least he wasn't just pointlessly staring off into space.

    Finally going from checking out the pretty girls in the room back to what their commanding officer was saying, the boy managed to catch at least the last part of the spiel, which, luckily for him, was the most important part of it. Then, their CO inquired if there were questions and, without really giving time for a reply, took his leave.

    Pushing himself up and out of the seat, before Yoshio was able to leave, he was called on by one of the other senior officers in the room, this one seemingly in his early twenties, blonde and wearing glasses. He had an innocent kind of face--then there was the smartass mouth that was much akin to his own. "Gorilla? That's a new one," Yoshio admitted, taking a moment to ponder his various other titles. Then the CO brought about mention of punishment, which really only received a half-interested "Huh..." from the delinquent. It would have to be some punishment to have much of an impact on the Private's behavior; likely, wouldn't. Regardless, the matter of finding his late squad-mates would prove to be annoying, if he even attempted it, that is. "You do realize I've been in the city for, like, two months, right? And I have no friggin' idea what they look like." Unfortunately, the Major had already left and likely wouldn't have cared anyway.

    With a sigh, Yoshio left the room with a grumble, not much greeting the women in his squad that he had already managed to get in trouble.

    Later, Yoshio arrived at the meeting point. It didn't take too long. Not like he had much to bring. The heaviest of his possessions was the giant cleaver he used as a weapon, and that just phased out of existence when he didn't want to carry it. Thankfully, his uniform wasn't vandalized yet like some might call his hair--but he hadn't possessed the uniform that long. He'll get there.

    Regardless, hearing another young woman, presumably his squad's leader from how she spoke, and the Major having a conversation about the squad's punishment brought on them by the vagrant swordsman himself, Yoshio once again sighed. "Isn't the point of a punishment to teach someone not to do something again? ...Have you put in thought of how effective that's going to be on me? I'll give you a hint out of respect, Sir; not very," The trouble-making Private interrupted the conversation. It was true though. A month from now, if he caught someone doing something like that, he'd probably just deck them. Three months after that if the same thing happens, he'd do it again. He'd try using words first--but he's found over the past few months that most idiots need logic beaten into them.
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  13. Allora

    Allora, not receiving any orders yet seeing other members of the squad she was in and the commanding officers moving towards the truck, she took the hint and moved into the back of the truck silently. She did not flinch when the squad leader used her weapon on a "bug" on the ground. The punishment that the major had mentioned was unfortunate, but she doubted that it would matter, and in the end it would most likely help her work on her weapon forms. The current form she was working on would require major restraint and finesse as far as the combat form went, the punishment would only help her work on her restraint. Once in the back of the truck, she placed her weapon between her legs, and looked at her thumbs. If anyone looked at her hands however, they were clenching and unclenching, forming into tight fists around the sheathe of the weapon. She was barely containing her excitement at being able to finally kill the very things she hated. She was ready.
  14. [​IMG]

    The two officers were waiting for the others, and the first one to arrive was his fellow Major, who commented on the blonde’s “punishment”. “Ahahaha, don’t pretend as if you haven’t already seen me train the oth—“ Shinra’s statement was cut the moment the female sergeant arrived with quite the surprising entrance, activating her Cursed Gear and swinging the katana near the truck; a trail of ice following its path. “Ehhh…?” The Major slightly widened his usual bored gaze, surprised as the young lady approached him on the opened glass window and from there, gave him a face-to-face staredown. With his glasses lowered slightly at her empty stare, he realized at that moment that the “Gorilla Boy” wasn’t the only delinquent in that squad.

    The eye-to-eye contact lasted for quite some time as Major Shinra, cool and collected while smiling, listened to the rookie squad leader’s whims of training them herself in a casual yet threatening manner, even insulting him with not being able to do his paperwork (which was justified, as he barely even does them). He was taken aback by the rookie’s ability to mix both teasing and threatening in a single exchange. As she spoke, the delinquent private who had arrived interrupted them both, claiming that his superior’s “punishment” wouldn’t really be effective against someone like him.

    The Major adjusted his glasses after that long sclera staring contest, fully administering the rookies’ “complaints”. He perceived the duo’s bold statements as a challenge, in which he internally responded with imminent glee. After she finished addressing both the Lieutenant Colonel and his father, Shinra reopened the military truck’s side door and made his exit. He gave Yoshio a pat on the shoulder without a word, before approaching the Yamakawa duo.

    “Ouch… I do my paperwork once in a while, y’know? That really hurts.” The superior sighed, speaking in a sarcastic tone and letting the Sergeant’s trait of insubordination pass. Scratching his head in all that awkward embarrassment, he halted his playful movements then spoke again. “You have quite the ears AND the attitude, little rabbit. You certainly do have that “I’ll do whatever I want” image on your persona. Very unlike your dad here, a pure military-man who follows orders.” He gave a smile to his fellow major, before placing his gaze towards his daughter.

    “Fiiiine. I'll leave you in charge of training 'em, Sarge." He turned silent for a few seconds, turning around and taking a few steps forward. Then he broke that silence, turning around and looking down on the two rookies with an intimidating glare, complete with a giddy grin. "That is, if you two can defeat me." Shinra approached the rookies again, as he spoke in a completely different tone. "Y'see, rookies who can’t even follow simple orders and protocol from their superiors are nothing more than rabble who would easily perish in combat. The reason I took it upon myself to train your squad is due to your incompetence and lack of vision. One of you was absent, Gorilla Boy here started trouble earlier, and you seem to be quite bitter with me. Yes, yes. I know you punched that vent. Nothing gets past me, you know.” It was his turn to give her a staredown, and he gave a serious one at that in contrast to her playful yet empty stare.

    “Now, if you two can beat me using your Cursed Gears… I’ll accept the fact that you can lead your squad and let Patches give you full authority with them. If you can’t… I’ll be the one to personally train your squad. That sound fair enough for ya?”

    Shinra suddenly clasped his hands together, completely removing his intimidating form and reverting back to a cheerful pep. “And mind you, it isn’t so bad training under me! If you want to get stronger quickly that is.” He smirked, giving the woman a pat on her military cap and brushing the heated exchange with a childish smile before heading back towards the military truck with a waving gesture. [BCOLOR=#000000]“We do it after we come back alive. So here's your first mission... Don't die." The major headed back to the front seat, before stopping. "Oh, and uhh… It’s kind of unfair teasing me with topics like a bikini, little rabbit. I’m a guy, y’know?”[/BCOLOR] Shinra scratched his cheeks as if he were embarrassed. As he finished speaking, Shinra entered the military truck and closed the door, seemingly satisfied with his decision. It was almost time for them to leave, into the fray against the bloodsuckers who made their lives an absolute hell.
  15. "Oh..fighting you huh?..hmm..I'm afraid I don't have much to learn from you. They might however." Yazumi, was prideful, but she knew when someone had a point. Though she was unsure if she could be least not straight up. He had more power with these damnable weapons, much like her father, and his squad. Plus his two short axes were suited for defensive combat, though she had the advantage in reach and speed.. "And I am hardly incomptent. I simply like to watch. Blame father for that." Looking at the so called Gorrilla, and the other two, she brings forward her thoughts and memories of each. While her own teaching could be held as questionable, that didn't mean she didn't take some of her duties seriously.

    The male would be best left to drawing Shinra's attention when the time came, then she would wait for the right time to strike. Though truth be told she had fought vampires far more than humans. And Vampires while far stronger, were arrogant, and for the most part stupid. As if reading...well no, actually reading her thoughts, a beautiful woman of pale skin and a kimono "ohohohoh...I like this one..he needs a good walking on. Like fine carpet..if you start to falter too baddly girl, I'll be more than happy to give you power..for that body of yours. Not as lovely as mine, but it will do nicely. In fact.." Leaning in and whispering to the girl, the demon laughs, unseen to all. "..I might just bring some life to those dead eyes of yours." With a impish smile Yazumi seems to scoof at the demon, briefly lost in their conversation. Turning her attention back to the Major she tilts her head a little in reply to his..or rather both of their challenges. "We shall see old one. Though the Squad isn't me...nor will it be so easy...and of course you are Major..Thats why I made the offer. Deception and distraction are keys in the Art of War. " Letting her smile linger, the Sergeant reaches under her shirt, and likely to the relief and surprise of those around her, pulls out the files on the squad. Looking at the basic index it would be best to know them all by name. But that could wait for the ride.

    "Well you heard them, into the back of the truck, I'm your Squad Leader, You may call me Yazumi when we are in the field. Mostly as I don't want my throat getting cut as you call me Sergeant, or my father getting mixed up with which of us you are calling. At base around superiors outside of the unit, you will call me by my military title. Its a shame we cannot train or get to know each other much, but I will expect you all to live. And if you have the nerve of dying, you should do so with the utmost grace, befitting your occupation. I am around the same age as you, though I have battled the Vampires far longer, and with far less than this blade, I ask you treat me as an equal. Or a superior really..Heh..its fine to praise me if you wish." She says looking at the faces some as young as her, some a year or two older. But those war torn eyes of hers gave a truth somewhat. She had seen much, enough to haunt her for years, to the point she likely would kill without a thought given.

    Show casing her more motherly, or big sister side, she smiles a bit warmly, before motioning towards the truck. "I have prepaired the rations needed for your meals, and if you have questions feel free to ask. I hope most of you survive this battle. You'll be stronger for it. I have some rules, but you'll learn that as we go. Now lets move."

    Hopping into the back of the truck, she did plan to carry out some introductions if they did not, maybe see how they reacted to various situations..well more of to her trolling.

    For his part Kenzo simply sighs and lets the pair have it out, he knew better than attempting to talk sense into either, entering the truck, and taking a seat in the smaller cabin at the back, he seems slight..distruped...rather agrivated. The source becomes clear as he speaks to his superior. "Sir..its not proper for you to be the driver, you should be seated behind the driver, who is to take the first hit for you..but this army isn't very normal, so I leave that up to you. I also must advise you..I think this is very foolish..a bapitisim of fire..though I know the airfield will be needed, in the days to come."

    Turning his attention to Shinra that now enters, taking up the front passanger seat, the last member would likely be sitting in the reat seat there. Unless she jumped into the cargo section with the rest. "Comrade Major, you like to stir the pot it seems. I advise caution to you as well. Mostly as that lot may be stronger than they seem." Looking up and to his right, the Machine Gunners hatch was open, of course the weapon was removed some time ago, they weren't as useful as they used to be. It might have been silly but he wished they had it if only for appearance sake. "My daughter really has nothing to learn from you. The others do, but what she needs to learn can only come from within. I think all of us here in this truck, know the..problems these demons pose. The others however need the combat training for the most. And my daughter could use a bit of humility. I will simply watch what happens if we return..unless it becomes a problem..I trust you to know your limits." Leaving his own thoughts aside, the Major pulls a map out from the pouch on his belt. "Sir..what shall I call you?" Waiting for his answers on that Kenzo continues to speak, the question was mostly aimed at the commander, though he had a feeling they all would chime in. Units tended to operate a bit like friends or a family in private at least.

    "I Recommend we go behind the airfield to its clearance grounds. Its mostly swamp, we could sneak in, catch them unawares. Unless you want a more direct means of attack."
  16. As he waited, hands in pockets, Yoshio expected many things. A glare, possibly. A talking down to was pretty popular lately. Maybe even a threat of a higher punishment. He wasn't expecting, however, a simple pat on the shoulder for smartassery. It seems most of the attention was drawn to the other girl there, aside from the one that was already sitting in the truck quietly. Just his luck that the only girls he's encountered thus far are either seemingly antisocial or his Sergeant. For some reason, he didn't think going for her was such a good idea—and then there was also the fact that her father was apparently in the other squad. That wasn't good. He seemed the most calm out of the other CO's, though.

    Soon, however, his strategizing was interrupted by an interesting suggestion proposed by the four-eyed Major himself. Apparently, this would decide who would be in charge of training their squad; team one's Sergeant or the four-eyed Major from team two. Though the challenge itself was more important to Yoshio than who would end up training him.

    "So... you pat me on the shoulder when I'm a smartass and you solve insubordination and retorts with challenge and violence..." Pausing a moment, the one dubbed "Gorilla Boy" eventually nodded in acceptance and made his way over to the truck. "...I am okay with this. Hell, even if she doesn't feel like accepting, I'll take you on myself." Thankfully, this cocky-sounding statement wasn't due to Yoshio being cocky. A fight was a fight; his chances of winning or losing didn't really matter all that much. Besides, even if he had no chance at winning, Yoshio felt he'd still get more out of it that fighting someone like that damn Corporal early that day—that poor sob.

    Grabbing the side of the vehicle and placing one foot up on the bottom of it, Yoshio halted his entering for a few happenings. The first was the mention of a bikini; he was guy too. The second was the Sergeant reaching under her skirt to pull out—files; still a guy. Thirdly was the Sergeant's introduction of herself, to which Yoshio seemed to pay more attention to than the briefing, at least. Then he opened his mouth.

    "So... equal... Treat you like I treat everyone else. Roger that, Munchkin. I'm Yoshio. Call me whatever," He stated before pulling himself into the truck. To be fair, she did say to treat her like an equal at the least. Yoshio did treat everyone like that. It wasn't so much of a demeaning insult as just him screwing around as usual. "And when the hell was a bikini mentioned? Did I miss something because I actually went looking for whoever else is missing from my squad?"

    Sitting down across from the most silent person in his squad, that he's met, Yoshio glanced at how she seemed—either nervous or excited. He couldn't really tell that well since her expression couldn't resemble a stone more if it tried. Going off of the same dead-looking eyes that his Sergeant carried, he took a guess and made some kind of a remark to her anyway, mainly to check that she could actually speak. "Careful. Get too excited and you might actually crack a smile."
  17. [​IMG]

    Lieutenant Colonel Kazaki Sugihara was reclined back in his seat when the first members of the unit started to trickle in. First it was Major Shinra, who opened the door and greeted him with his arms crossed. The Lieutenant Colonel wasn't paying much attention as the Major mumbled something about training the new recruits. "You and I both know training doesn't mean shit on the field. The only thing that matters is experience. Whether they survive or die is on them." Kazaki's stoic gaze turned into a unamused glare at the mention of Kazaki's one sided rivalry. Horace, the 8th Progenitor, was a powerful vampire of the likes the JIDA has never seen before. To think that he was only 8th in the line of succession was the scariest thought of all. "Let's hope that nobody ever sees the faceless ghost again." Kazaki placed the butt of a cigarette between his lips, lighting the cigarette as he leaned backwards.

    It wasn't long for more members of the unit to come meet at the truck. Kazaki's gaze turned towards Yazumi, but he merely dismissed her disappointment in not having time to get to know her squad. "You probably don't want to get to know them too well, Miss Sergeant. By the time the sun falls, you will be lucky if half of us aren't dead." The Lieutenant Colonel grimly remarked. While he wanted to stay optimistic, it was obvious that this was a suicide mission. To take a key strategic point with only a handful of men was a ridiculous thought. When Kenzo jumped into the truck, Kazaki tossed the remainder of his cigarette out the door. "Tch. I don't need a human shield." Kazaki placed the key into the ignition, turning the starter as the engine rumbled to life. "As for our method of attack, I've already got a plan."

    While the officers were sitting in the front of the truck, the newbies would soon find that there was an armory's worth of explosives crated in the back of the truck. "Sorry for the mess back there! I've been living out of the truck these past few days!" Kazaki laughed as he waited for the entire team to get inside the truck before rolling out.

    Shibuya Airbase was only about an hour's drive away from their headquarters... right under the nose of vampire controlled territory. It made surgical and guerilla warfare tactics especially useful in the region, allowing for the JIDA to gain some major foothold. But now, it was their time to strike, and the Japanese Imperial Demon Army planned on striking hard. After about an hour passed, the truck rolled up just outside of view of the front gate. "Shinra, Kenzo, get everyone out of the truck quietly. I want a formation right next to the truck so I can give orders." Kazaki took out a pair of binoculars as he remained in the driver's seat, scanning the front entrance of the Airbase. He counted a total of four guards stationed at the entrance. "Intelligence was right for once. Security is light." He mumbled to himself before stepping out of the truck.

    Kazaki, hunched over, walked to where everyone was crouched, there was a group of bushes that masked the truck and their position, which gave them the opportunity to brief. "Listen up. I'm not going to repeat myself. We're going to send the truck loaded up with explosives into the front entrance. The blast wont kill any of them, so we need to charge in and finish the guards off once we're done. I want Yazumi's team to clear the control tower before they can radio for help, while my team is going to prevent any of the vampires from lifting off the runway. Are we clear?"
  18. Tallise Kikazumi

    Capturing an entire airfield with only two squads? Just what in the world was command thinking? With two squads they could, at best, scout out around the immediate area. But to actually seize it?

    Kikazumi didn't have any option to object however, as Squad Captain Sugihara went ahead and moved forward quickly. The two squads only had a short amount of time to prepare. They'd be off to the operation zone within the immediate future. All-in-all, this had the makings of a complete suicide mission. The only thing Kikazumi could do in protest was pinch the bridge of her nose - a habit of hers when she was internally dismissive of a topic.

    But who knows?

    The IJDA apparently had other assets aside from Cursed Gear. Maybe there was something more to this whole setup beyond what Squad Captain could fabricate from his briefing. To Kikazumi's pleasant surprise, they were at least getting a truck for the excursion. At the very least, if she had to die here she wouldn't come to her end with a pair of sore feet.

    Another airfield. The Shibuya Airbase.

    Exiting the truck, and forming up - Kikazumi listened to the squad leader's orders. Their plan of attack was as follows:

    "Listen up. I'm not going to repeat myself. We're going to send the truck loaded up with explosives into the front entrance. The blast wont kill any of them, so we need to charge in and finish the guards off once we're done. I want Yazumi's team to clear the control tower before they can radio for help, while my team is going to prevent any of the vampires from lifting off the runway. Are we clear?"

    What about vampires elsewhere on the base?

    The Shibuya airbase was a large area. It was rather naive to think that it would be, through just these steps, enough to satisfactorily get the airbase under control. Still, again, if it was going to be the Officer's infinite wisdom that kills her, then so be it.

    She responded in a way that eloquently summarized how she felt about all of this:


    For the first time in a while, Kikazumi looked at a certain bespectacled comerade. Adressing him directly.

    "Major Shinra." She said as she held her hand up. Appearing to hold an invisible peice of 'paper.' "That greeting you gave me earlier. Please take it back. I would prefer to not take the burden of bringing it along with me if I die here."

    She flicked her hand and the invisible greeting back towards the bespectacled major. As one could clearly guess, she was quite affectionate towards his sunny personality.

    But after this, Kikazumi's attention shifted to her sword. She did one final check, slightly popping the blade out of it's sword with one hand.

    Still immaculate as always. She was as prepared as she could be at this point.

    The quick access pack in her back, hidden under her cape, had a suite of tools ready to go, and of course, the one emergency hand grenade that could hopefully let her take a couple of them down with her if it came down to such a scenario.

    Kikazumi then eyes over the members of the strike force of two squads. In particular, the 'newbie' squad. She knew enough about them to at least know that they could tear through a few dozen second rate vampires without much worry. But, this would also be their first field test. Anything could happen. At the very least, maybe they were the throwaway squad that would cause enough chaos to allow her squad to accomplish it's objectives - maybe the ones who would give enough of a distraction to allow the veteran team to exfiltrate? Kikazumi wouldn't be surprised if that possibility was taken into account as the many possible 'plan b's' available to this operation.

    That was why it was probably best not to get too close. It was already too painful to see a comrade die. It would be better off for Kikazumi's own sanity that, if they died, that they just remain the same arbitrary strangers as they are now. It was just more bearable that way.

    "Well, I'm ready to go." Kikazumi said. "I'll presume we'll take whatever necessary adjustments on the fly in the event something comes up?"


  19. [​IMG]
    Lilith slowly exited the back of the truck where her riffle was set up. The hour long ride consisted of the Lieutenant laid out, eye to her scope and finger on the trigger just in case she spotted anything coming up behind them. Through the ride Lilith didn't bother speaking to any of the others. She had be to focused on making sure no one tried to ambush them from behind and going over all the scenarios in how this mission could end. So far she had come to the conclusion that there was a less then 25 percent chance that all of them would make it out of here alive. As well as less then 15 percent chance that the team would be able to take the airfield. Less then 5 percent for both of those things to happen together.

    Lilith sighed as she heard Lieutenant Colonel Sugihara informing two of her team members to get everyone in formation next to the truck. Grabbing her rifle she quickly fastened its straps across her front so the the large gun hung across her back. She then checked to make sure the handgun she kept in case of emergencies was secured to her hip. “This whole thing is such a waste.” She muttered before she made her way over to the side of the truck and waited for further instructions.

    "Listen up. I'm not going to repeat myself. We're going to send the truck loaded up with explosives into the front entrance. The blast wont kill any of them, so we need to charge in and finish the guards off once we're done. I want Yazumi's team to clear the control tower before they can radio for help, while my team is going to prevent any of the vampires from lifting off the runway. Are we clear?" Lilith stood there quietly as she mulled over the plan in her mind. She wasn't a fan of causing such a commotion and not even being able to kill one person with it. If they were going to raise an alarm Sugihara might as well let her get a few good shots in first. But like always Lilith would have to adapt to what she was given. “Sugihara Sir. If you're set on causing such a ruckus I request to stay back in the brush to cover you from here. I will try to assist team 1 as long as I deem it worthy before following after you.” Lilith's sharp golden eyes bore into Sugihara's one. It was almost a silent challenge for him to even try and go against her plan.

    In all honestly she felt like her request was suitable - she would make sure nothing happened to Sugihara as it was her job to watch his back from afar. She had even offered to watch over the rookies as long as she saw fit. Though their survival was none of her concern, she still offered. Lilith's main concerns were to simply to watch Sugihara's back, exterminate all vampires that came in sight, and complete the mission to the best of her abilities. Anyone who knew the sniper knew just how advanced she was as a strategist and just how capable she was on her own if she felt that she was being held back from completing her mission. It had been heard of happening more then once where the woman would go off on her own to get things completed the 'Correct way'.
  20. Allora

    Allora waited in the truck as everyone else mounted it, finishing there pissing contest with a challenge that Allora was sure they could not take. Though of course, if the officer insisted on the battle, Allora would offer her assistance to the squad leader. Though she soon came to regret that silent pledge, as the other squad member got in the truck and immediately cracked a joke, which Allora ignored. She wasn't here for jokes, she was here to murder vampires. Though this was not what made Allora regret her pledge, what did was her squad leader thinking that she would be training Allora. Allora's kind of training was the kind that could be offered by anyone but herself though. The combat style she had taken and rebuilt for her sword was the kind that required a self built regime with her own self discipline, not that of an officers. Indeed, the squad leader and the major may believe they could train her, but there training, even that which was physical, would have no effect on her combat efficiency. The second thing the girl said which irked her ire was the assumption that she had more experience when it came to fighting vampires. Allora herself had more then enough experience with them, even a bit fighting them. One didn't survive long without such experience on their own. And it had been a bit between her mothers death that night and her joining the IJDA that took every bit of that experience for her to survive.... Of course, it wasn't like they would know this. The shrink she had spoken to upon finding her way here had cleared her simply because of the fact she had lied to him. After all, how would she ever have gotten her hands on a black demon weapon if they knew that there were..... cracks in her psyche. There were things so dark that Allora locked them far away in the recesses of her mind in an effort to never remember it, so that it wouldn't consume her.

    The very thing I seek to use against you, little swordswoman. What a wonderful memory it is! The "safety" that you found wasn't really safety at all! And the marks on your arms that you hide by wearing that coat.... Wouldn't it be fascinating if they found out that you hadn't told them everything? If they found out about our deal? How fun would that be? Oh yes, our deal shall be very satisfying, particularly when I finally get control of this.... succulent body of yours. Are you ready to give in early? To set me free? Are you prepared to watch as I kill every being that you cherished? Of course, that would mean the vampire you seek to kill would live-

    Silence! I will not be antagonized by you Kona, you wind demon! We have made our deal, and yet you still seek to torment me with it. Wait patiently, your time upon the earth will come. Relish this upcoming battle, as it brings me one step closer to the goal I seek to attain. I will make her pay for every mark upon my arm.

    Of course, there was another part of the sergeant's speech that did not apply to her either, as Allora wasn't going to die. That was part of her deal. She was granted power to kill the one she wanted killed, and in exchange the demon would get the reward it was looking for. After all, her revenge is what she lived for, what she strove for.

    As the truck rolled further along, Allora continued to be silent, staring into the black metal of her sheathe at her own eyes, and the crimson color they were. A trait she had received from her father, though some had been skeptical about it simply because of how rare a color it was to have. It had lead to more then a few problems back when she had joined the IJDA, but those problems never arose now, simply because she had learned to carry around identification at all times now. The I.D. helped end fights before they started. When the truck came to a stop she got out and moved to the assembly area, then listened to the plan, at which she nodded, and drew her sword, the weapon eerily making virtually no sound as it slid out of the sheathe, the black blade not gleaming at all, instead, the blade almost seemed to be sucking in light, as none of the blade shone at all. She remained silent, and waited for the order to move out. She was itching with anticipation, wanting to feel her blade slice into a vampire's flesh.
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